Workers of the state, unite! (Labor Day 2013)

Workers of the state of Maryland, unite! It’s the last three-day weekend of the summer!

PP141.274 Communists Celebrating Z4.141, MdHS.

Communists Celebrating, PP141.274 (Z4.141), not dated, MdHS.

In honor of the first Monday of September also known as Labor Day, this week we bring you, our loyal worker-readers, a selection of photographs of your fellow historic laborers plying their respective trades. From ditch digger to pencil pusher, each did his or her part, though admittedly not always in equal measure. May these photos remind you why we really celebrate this federally recognized holiday.



MdHS images:

HEN.00.A1-102 Four unidentified women working in factory. Paul S. Henderson, not dated.

MC8179 Hollingsworth Building, 227 Holliday Street. Unknown photographer, ca. 1900.

PP79.294.2 Launching a ship. Robert F. Kniesche, not dated.

PP79.299.1 Launching ship. Robert F. Kniesche, not dated.

PP79.351 Unidentified worker at loom, Hooper Mills. Baltimore, Maryland. Robert F. Kniesche, not dated.

PP79.405 Crop pickers, Fallsway and Madison.  Robert F. Kniesche, September 17, 1959.

PP230.706 Unidentified fort wall being constructed by African Americans. Civil War Photograph Collection, 1861-1935.

SVF Baltimore – Custom House, interior view, ca. 1965.

SVF Distilleries – Baltimore Distilling Company, 1925.

Z24-1326 Edwin H. Bennett Queensware Factory Employees, ca. 1875.

Z24.1535 World War II 1939-1945, Industry – War Worker.




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  1. These are wonderful images. Thank you. I’ve just submitted an op-ed piece to the Baltimore Sun on the deignity of work and wish I had had these to send as an illustration – especially four unidentified women and the group waiting for the job detail pick-up under the Fallsway. The Robert F. Kneische photograph of the man at the loom is a masterpiece. Thank you for my Labor Day gift.

    Posted by Ellen Marshall | 29. Aug, 2013, 5:35 pm

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