Election Recollection

Election Recollection: Albert C. Ritchie, 1928

Gov. Ritchie runs for President.

“Governor Albert C. Ritchie runs for President, 1928,” MdHS, MC7898.1.

“Election Recollection” is a series we’ll run from now through January’s Presidential inauguration (or so). Here we’ll feature political/election-related items from MdHS’s  photograph, manuscript, and ephemera holdings.

This first installment takes us back to the Roaring Twenties, a time when Marylanders were, for the most part, as committed to state’s rights as they were committed to their opposition to the Eighteenth Amendment, which established Prohibition.

Staunch supporter of the wet cause Albert C. Ritchie was sworn in for his third term as Governor of the state of Maryland on January 12, 1927. He did not wait long to start campaigning for the office of President as evidenced here in this photo from MdHS’s Hughes Company photo collection. (Joe Tropea)


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