Student Research Center for History

What is SeaRCH?

SeaRCH is a unique opportunity for students in grades 6-12 to work with original primary source documents alongside professional researchers in the Maryland Historical Society. Programs develop content knowledge through the use of important research and analytical skills. See samples of student work done at SeaRCH by visiting

Middle school students will learn to identify and analyze primary sources through exploration of the variety of archival material available at the MdHS. Programs for high school students further develop research skills increasingly important for college coursework, while reinforcing US history and government content. See our guidelines for preparing your students for a visit to SeaRCH.

To schedule a visit or for more information, call 410-685-3750 ext. 334 or email [email protected].

Introduction to Primary Sources: An introduction to the definition, handling, and analysis of primary source manuscripts and images, using original primary sources from the MdHS archives. Teachers can choose from topics such as the Underground Railroad, the Great Baltimore Fire, the Civil Rights Movement, or may identify their own topics. $4 per student.

Conducting Historical Research: An opportunity for classes to conduct in-depth research using original primary sources on a variety of topics in Maryland and U.S. history; program tailored to the specific needs of each class. $6 per student, $5 per student for 3 sessions or more.

Individual Student Research: A chance for individual students to conduct original primary source research under the guidance of an MdHS educator; ideal for Maryland History Day projects. $10 per session.

Individual Teacher Research: Teachers are also invited to use SeaRCH to find and copy resources for use in the classroom. Service is free, but by appointment only.

To schedule a visit or for more information, call 410-685-3750 ext. 346 or email [email protected]

What are some ways that SeaRCH can help my students?

The program is especially useful for students working on Maryland History Day projects, International Baccalaureate Extended Essays, Advanced Placement United States History projects, or projects for local history courses. For more information regarding Maryland History Day, contact the Maryland Humanities Council at 410-685-0095 or at [email protected].

Students can use SeaRCH to complete an entry for the annual Maryland Day history essay contest sponsored by the Maryland Colonial Society and the Maryland State Archives. For theme and more information, contact [email protected], or visit the Maryland State Archives web site at


Call 410-685-3750 ext. 334 or email [email protected] for reservations or more information.