Poster Collection

Nixon/Agnew Campaign poster, 1968                      Nixon/Agnew campaign poster, 1968, Poster Collection, MdHS.

The Maryland Historical Society’s poster collection consists of over 1300 posters from the 20thcentury and early 21st century. These range from propaganda posters, advertisements for cultural events in Baltimore and Maryland, political campaign posters, and more.

The earliest posters in the collection feature Leonora Jackson, one of the first female violinists to gain international fame, ca 1900-1915. The most recent poster is a 2013 poster commemorating Maryland Archaeology Month. In between is everything from a 1968 Nixon/Agnew campaign poster, to Baltimore City Fair Posters from the 1970s, to a poster from the U.S. Pro Cycle Championship held in Baltimore in 1982.

The bulk of the posters in the collection, over 1000, are World War I and World War II era propaganda posters. Most were produced by the U.S. Government; the collection also consists of privately printed posters, both from the United States and abroad.

The collection is organized chronologically by decade and by size. Digital reference photographs have been taken of each poster in the collection and are available for viewing in the main reading room of the Maryland Historical Society’s H. Furlong Baldwin Library.

Download a PDF of the entire Poster Collection inventory