A Tale of Three Coffins: Living and Dying in 17th Century St. Mary's City

The Maryland Historical Society proudly presents a new exhibition, entitled ‘A Tale of Three Coffins: Living and Dying in 17th Century St. Mary’s City’ that will open on Maryland Day, March 25, 2015. The coffins, which are made of lead, held members of the Calvert family and represent the only physical remains of Maryland's founding family scholars have ever recovered. The exhibition contains the coffins in the exact arrangement as they were discovered in the foundation of the Jesuit Chapel, the oldest brick building in Maryland. 

Visitors will gain vivid insights into seventeenth-century life from what settlers ate to the often gruesome medical practices they faced to their religious and burial customs that present a complete view of the harsh reality of seventeenth-century living. In addition, ‘A Tale of Three Coffins’ will highlight the process of archeological investigation, including film footage of the surprising discovery made in 1990. The exhibition will run through the fall of 2015; after which time, the coffins will be reinterred beneath the chapel in St. Mary’s City. For more details, click here.