Maryland Historical Magazine

The Maryland Historical Magazine promotes scholarship in Maryland history and culture by publishing innovative, high-quality research that connects emerging and established researchers, enthusiast and scholarly audiences, and contributors from local and international backgrounds.

Founded in 1906, the Maryland Historical Magazine is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal published by the Maryland Historical Society. Dedicated to disseminating the best scholarship on Maryland history in the broadest sense, the Magazine covers all periods from precolonial times to the present day. It also embraces a range of perspectives, from local histories, stories of the United States told through the lens of Maryland, to the roles that Maryland and Marylanders play in the global international context. 

Reaching over 3,000 subscribers per issue, the Magazine has strong ties to the scholarly community as well as general readership throughout the United States and beyond, including the United Kingdom and Australia. Academics and archivists, students and library patrons, genealogists and independent researchers all take part in the conversation about social, cultural, and political history within the pages of the Maryland Historical Magazine.

Authors who wish to submit their articles for publication are asked to follow the Contributor Guidelines and consult previous issues of the Magazine, available online, free of charge. Collectible printed copies are a benefit of membership at the Maryland Historical Society. 


Editor: Martina Kado, Ph.D., Director of Publications

Contributing MdHS staff: Katie Caljean, Micah Connor, Sandra Glascock, Mallory Herberger, Alexander H. Lothstein, Catherine Mayfield, Jennifer Michael, Francis O’Neill, Allison Tolman, Joe Tropea

Publications Committee: Charles W. Mitchell (Chair), John S. Bainbridge, Jean H. Baker, Robert J. Brugger, Suzanne E. Chapelle, Vivian Fisher, Elizabeth Kelly Gray, Peter B. Levy, Edward C. Papenfuse, Lawrence Peskin, Jean B. Russo, James F. Schneider, Robert W. Schoeberlein, William C. Trimble, Jr.