Special Collections: Ephemera

Baseball card, American League 1966 Home Run Leaders, Ephemera Collection, Sports O – Z, Baltimore Orioles, 13 cards 1958-82, MdHS.

Baseball card, American League 1966 Home Run Leaders, Ephemera Collection, Sports O – Z, Baltimore Orioles, 13 cards 1958-82, MdHS.

How to Find Ephemera

The ephemera collection consists of over one million items containing obsolete money and lottery tickets, playbills, invitations, billheads, menus, tobacco labels, match books, bottle caps, and countless other types of materials. The collection is arranged arranged chronologically or alphabetically within series. Request items from the ephemera collection in special collections.  

Baltimore City Government

Hoen & Co. Imprints Schools and Colleges

Businesses and Manufacturers



CalendarsLottery Tickets and AdvertisementsSports




Concerts and Entertainment

Maryland State Government 


Dance Programs

MenusTrade Cards

Embossed Items



Financial Documents

OrganizationsUnited States Government

Fine Arts


Greeting Cards

Political Valentines

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Businesses and Manufactureres  

Includes business cards, advertisements, price lists, billheads, business stationery

B1 A

B2 Bac - Bay

B3 Be–Bo

B4 Br - Cen

B5 Ch–Cu

B6 D–E

B7 F–G

B8 H_Hur

B9 Hurs-J

B10 K–L

B11 Ma–Mez

B12 Mi–P

B13 Mencken Cigar Co.

B14 Q–Sc

B15 Se–Sz

B16 T–U

B17 V–Z

B18 Baltimore Hotel Collection


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Calendars—includes calendars published by business companies

C1 Undated, 1867–1906

C2 1918–1969

C3 1970


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Churches—includes confirmation certificates, lecture announcements, mass tickets

D1 A–D

D2 E–F

D3 G–R

D4 S–Z


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Baltimore City Government

 E1 Baltimore City

E2 Baltimore Chamber of Commerce City Hall Maps and Guides

E3 Baltimore City Events

E3a Baltimore City Events

E4 Counties A–Do

E5 Counties Fr–Z


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Concerts and Entertainmentannouncements and programs, etc.

F1 A–Bu

F2 Bv–C

F3 D–L

F4 M–P

F5 Q–V

F6 W–Z

F7 Academy of Music, before 1890

F8 Academy of Music, 1890–1899

F9  Academy of Music, 1900–1909

F10  Academy of Music, 1910–1925

F11  Academy of Music—Bound, 1897–1901

F12  Academy of Music—Bound, 1901–1904

F13  Academy of Music—Bound, 1904–1908

F14  Academy of Music; bound, 1908–1909

F15 Baltimore Symphony, 1897–1942

F16 Baltimore Symphony, 1943–1949

F17 Baltimore Symphony, 1946–1951

F18 Baltimore Symphony, 1951–1955

F19 Baltimore Symphony, 1956–1975

F20  Baltimore Symphony, 1976–1978

F21  Baltimore Symphony, 1979–1982

F22  Baltimore Symphony, 1983–1987

F23  Baltimore Symphony, 1988–

F24 Music Hall, 1894–1903

F25 Oratorio Society, 1883–1914

F26 Paint and Powder Club, 1894–1916

F27 Paint and Powder Club, 1922–1953

F28 Paint and Powder Club, 1960–

F29 Wednesday Club

F30 Baltimore Opera Co., 1971–1980

F31  Baltimore Opera Co, 1981–


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Fine Arts—invitations and programs for exhibits

H1 A–C

H2 D–N

H3 O–Z


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Greeting Cards—all greeting cards except for valentines (see below)

I11 Christmas, 1870–1930 (dated)

I12 Christmas, 1951 (sealed until 2051)

I13 Christmas, 1930–1950 (dated)

I14 Christmas, 1880s–1900s (undated)

I15 Christmas, 1880s–1900s (undated)

I16 Christmas, 1900–1930 (undated)

I17 Christmas, 1930–1950 (undated)

I18 Christmas, 1950– (undated)

I18a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, 1970s–1990s

I19 Birthday

I20 Easter

I21 Religious and Misc.

I22 New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween


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Maritime—material pertaining to ships and shipping lines

J1 A-Z


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Maryland State Government K1 A–L K2 Maryland Day, Maryland anniversaries (tercentary, etc.), Maryland State Archives, Maryland State Fair K2a Maryland Department of Economic Development (tourism), Maryland Homecoming Week K3 M–Z (excluding Maryland)

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Menus—menus and winelists of dinners given for famous persons and/or dinners given by organizations

L1 A–B

L2 C–E

L3 F–H

L4 I–Mar

L5 Mas–R

L6  S

L7  T–Z

L8 Henry Powell Hopkins, 1950–1955

L9  Henry Powell Hopkins, 1956–1959

L10  Henry Powell Hopkins,  1960–

L11 Miller Bros.

L12 Wine and Food Society

L13 Wine and Food Society


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M1 General Military

M2 Civil War envelopes


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Organizations—programs, invitations, membership lists

O1 A

O2 B–Baltimore G

O3 Baltimore H–Col.

O4 Com–E

O5 F

O6 G–Ha

O7 Hc–K

O8 L–Maryland G.

O9 Maryland Historical Society

O10 Maryland Historical Society

O11  Maryland Historical Society

O12  N–O

O13 Pa–Po

O14 Pr–R

O15 S–Sn

O16 Soc

O17 Sod–U

O18 V–Z


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Personalcalling cards, invitations, marriage certificates

Q1 A–Bross

Q2 Brown–C

Q3 D–E

Q4 F–G

Q5 H–J

Q6 K–M

Q7 N–Ri

Q8  Ro–S

Q9 T–Wa

Q10 We–Z

Q11 Harry S. Scott Collection

Q12 Louise Kerr Hines African-American Ephemera

Q13 Arthur D. Gans Collection (magician; formerly PP136) 

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Politicalelection tickets, campaign literature

R1 1753-1879 (1 of 2) 

R1 1753-1879 (2 of 2)

R2 1880–1899

R3 1900–1929

R4 1930–1979

R5 1980–2002


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Schools and Colleges—diplomas, brochures, commencement programs

T1 A–G

T2 H–L

T3 M-P

T4 R-S

T5 T-Z

T6 Johns Hopkins University

T7 College of Notre Dame Alumnae Association, 1897–1923

T8  College of Notre Dame Alumnae Association, 1924-1993

T9 Peabody Institute, before 1862-1929

T10 Peabody Institute, 1929-1983

T11 University of Maryland


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Scrapbooks—clippings, monogram albums

U1  Cocheco Extra Fine Saltines(trade cards) 64961 Fannie Boyer (trade cards and stickers) 64184

U1a Anne Gordon Thom - Monogram Album Lithographers proofs 62307

U2.1a+b Faust

U2.2 Abercrombie

U2.3 Bragonier

U3 Theatre ephemera 65357

U4 Political Ephemera 74591

U5 Baldwin 74583

U6 Adele A. Smith(Mrs. Baldwin) w/PP69 76219

U7 Blanche Hungerford  with PP58  76488

U8 Teacher’s rollbook, advertising p.e., valentines, business cards  76695

U9 Carroll A. Hill (Was MD 970)  55000

U10 Freeburger (Was MD 970)   55322

U11 Fusco  001440

U12 Marbury/Fendall  001476

U13 [Annabel George] MSS transfer 75361

U14 Rosa Rand 001662

U15 John F. Hancock & Son  69932

U16 Elizabeth Taylor Goodwin (Mrs. Charles E.  Rieman) embossed designs scrapbook  003240

U17 Tradecards (Mr.& Mrs. William Merrick) 003088

U18 Samuel T. Morgan  003510

U19 J. Winfield Henry  Postcard Album  003776

U20.1-.5 Entre Nous Dance Club  003884

U21 Harry Scott  004108

U22 Birkhead Civil War, Nov. 1916

U23 Baltimore Tradecards (Frances A. Baldner) 1883

U24 a-c Symington 

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Sports—tickets, programs, baseball and football cards

V1 A–Z

V2 G–N

V3 O–Z

V4 Baltimore Colts football

V5 Naval Academy Football

V6 University of Maryland football


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Theatres—programs, playbills

W1 Albaugh’s Lyceum 1889–1924

W2 A

W3 B–E

W4-W5 Center Stage

W6-W32 Ford’s Theatre and Grand Opera House 1871–1919

W28  F–R (includes Front St. (1845–1877), Garden (1915), Guild (1926–1933), Hilltop (1947–1950), Holliday St., (1856–1911), Kelly’s Front St. (undated), Fernan's 1892-1898, Lyceum, Hagerstown and Baltimore, Rivoli, People’s, Playhouse, Pythian and others)

W31 Lyric 1903–1912

W32 Lyric  1913–1916

W33 Lyric 1917–1924

W34 Lyric 1925–1935

W35 Lyric 1936–1949

W36 Lyric 1950–

W37 Maryland  1905–1943,

W38 Morris Mechanic, 1963–1976

W38a Morris Mechanic, 1977–1983

W38b Morris Mechanic, 1984–

W39 S–Z: Stanley 1927, “Theatre” 1798, Vagabond 1917–1956; various theatres, 1781–1796

W40 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1809–1813

W41 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1814–1816

W42 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1822–1824

W43 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1817–1821

W44 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1825–1827

W45 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1825–1858

W46 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1866–1892, 1889–1895

W47 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1869, 1888–1895

W48 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1872, 1880, 1895–1919

W49 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1873–1889, 1892–1900

W50 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1875, 1884–1889

W51 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1885–1898, 1890–1893

W52 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1890–1944

W53 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1891–1907

W54 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1902–1905, 1909–1917

W55 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1910–1938

W56 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1910– 1925

W57 Scrapbooks for various theatres, 1921–1951

W58 Scrapbooks: Theatre Reviews, 1864–1864, 1888–1889 (2 volumes)

W59 Scrapbook: Theatre Reviews, 1894–1899 (1 volume)

W60 Scrapbooks: Theatre Reviews, 1891–1892, 1905–1906 (2 volumes)

W61 Dowell Collection: Baltimore theatres1931, 1941–1942, 1956, 1960s–1975 acc. No. 72394 (box 1 of 2) 

W62 Dowell Collection: Baltimore theatres1931, 1941–1942, 1956, 1960s–1975 acc. No. 72394 (box 2 of 2)

W63 Palace, 1917–1918   001662

W64-W69Durkee Theatre Collection


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Transportation—tickets, schedules and advertisements

X1 #-Ma (Except Baltimore and Ohio Railroad)

X2 Me-R

X3 S-Z

X4Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, #-R

X5 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, S-Z


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US Government

Y1 A–I

Y2 J–Z


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Z1 1845–1860s

Z2 1870s–1899

Z3 c. 1870–1899

Z4 1900–1950

Z5 1950–


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Juvenalia—Items made especially for children



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Embossed items (diecuts?)



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Dance Programs



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Lottery Tickets and Advertisements



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Tobacco—trade cards, advertisements

GG1  A-Z


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Financial Documents



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Trade Cards

KK1 Not illustrated

KK2 Illustrated


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Hoen & Co. Imprints



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