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Moffett Papers, 1862-1917 Maryland Historical Society      (Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, March 1999.)
Finding Aid to the Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection, PP209 H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society Collection summary Title Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection Creator Baltimore City
Collection finding aids of Photograph Collections in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Maryland Historical Society Library
    Descriptive Summary MOUNT VERNON DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION RECORDS, 1938-1992 MS. 2827 Maryland Historical Society Baltimore MD 21201-4674     Biographical Notes
Finding Aid to the Mrs. W. Wallace Symington Ephemera Collection H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society  Collection summary Title The Mrs. W. Wallace Symington Ephemera Collection   Creator
Finding Aid to the Fendall Family Papers, MS 2207 H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society   Collection summary   Title Fendall Family Papers, 1762-1961 Creator
Finding Aid to the Eubie Blake Sheet Music Collection, MS 2800.1H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerI'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.02.005 Song Blake, Eubie I'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.04
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Jack O' Lantern One Step 104.01.230 Instrumental Part Caryll, Ivan
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer K.C.
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer La Bella Cubanera 104.02.095 Instrumental Part Lake, M.L.
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerLonesome Man (1933) 060.04.002 Song Blake, Eubie Lonesome Man (1952) 111.01.018
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Ma 097.04.022 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerMelodie #12A 070.02.008 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie Melodie #1A (1918) 101.04.008
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerMirandy (1918) 049.01.008 Song Blake, Eubie; Europe, James Reese Mirandy (1919) 013.01.016 <
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerNagasaki 026.05.021 Instrumental Part x Napoleon 066.05.008 Song
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Odd Cases Of Voicing 040.04.002 Notes x Ode
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerPack A Little Love In Your Heart 093.02.016 Lyrics x Paddle-Addle 105.01.189 I
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerRace Horse Blues 092.01.032 Song Smith, Russell Race Horse Blues 011.02.011 Instrum
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Sac-cha-rine 086.03.008 Song Blake, Eubie Sad,
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerSince Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley 104.01.147 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W. Since Maggie Dooley Lear
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerStage Door (1954) 113.01.002 Song Blake, Eubie Stage Door (1954) 108.03.021 Ly
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer T.V. Song - No.
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerTickle The Ivories (1928) 006.04.004 Rag Blake, Eubie Tiddle-De-Wink 081.03.053
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerUbangi (1941) 066.04.009 Song Blake, Eubie Ubangi Opening (1941) 066.04.003 So
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerValse 098.04.003 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie Valse 099.04.016 Piano So