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Finding Aid to the Eubie Blake Sheet Music Collection, MS 2800.1H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerI'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.02.005 Song Blake, Eubie I'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.04
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Jack O' Lantern One Step 104.01.230 Instrumental Part Caryll, Ivan
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer K.C.
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer La Bella Cubanera 104.02.095 Instrumental Part Lake, M.L.
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerLonesome Man (1933) 060.04.002 Song Blake, Eubie Lonesome Man (1952) 111.01.018
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Ma 097.04.022 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerMelodie #12A 070.02.008 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie Melodie #1A (1918) 101.04.008
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerMirandy (1918) 049.01.008 Song Blake, Eubie; Europe, James Reese Mirandy (1919) 013.01.016 <
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerNagasaki 026.05.021 Instrumental Part x Napoleon 066.05.008 Song
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Odd Cases Of Voicing 040.04.002 Notes x Ode
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerPack A Little Love In Your Heart 093.02.016 Lyrics x Paddle-Addle 105.01.189 I
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerRace Horse Blues 092.01.032 Song Smith, Russell Race Horse Blues 011.02.011 Instrum
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Sac-cha-rine 086.03.008 Song Blake, Eubie Sad,
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerSince Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley 104.01.147 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W. Since Maggie Dooley Lear
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerStage Door (1954) 113.01.002 Song Blake, Eubie Stage Door (1954) 108.03.021 Ly
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer T.V. Song - No.
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerTickle The Ivories (1928) 006.04.004 Rag Blake, Eubie Tiddle-De-Wink 081.03.053
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerUbangi (1941) 066.04.009 Song Blake, Eubie Ubangi Opening (1941) 066.04.003 So
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerValse 098.04.003 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, Eubie Valse 099.04.016 Piano So
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerWade In De Water 083.01.001 Piano Solo (non-rag) x Wade In De Water 036.07.001
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerWhen Day Is Done 026.01.022 Instrumental Part x When Day Is Done 011.01.001
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerYaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo 106.02.081 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W. Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo <
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerZa Zu Zay 087.03.001 Song Miller, Margaret Zissy Ze Zum Zum (1898) 007.02.003
 22nd Regiment March 113.03.012 Song Lamb, Joseph E. 1947 090.09.016 Song Riley, Bob 1961 070.02.005
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Accompaniement Sketches 118.09.007 Miscellaneous Blake, Eubie
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerBaby Be Smart 074.04.004 Song Blake, Eubie Baby Be Smart 093.01.012 Song
TitleBox-Folder-ItemTypeComposerCabin Door (1930) 065.05.025 Lyrics x Cabin in the Sky 063.01.001 Song
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Daddy Won't You Please Come Home 079.01.012 Song Blake, Eubie
Title Box-Folder-Item Type Composer Ease on Down 043.01.011 Song Blake, Eubie Ea