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    Descriptive Summary MOUNT VERNON DISTRICT IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION RECORDS, 1938-1992 MS. 2827 Maryland Historical Society Baltimore MD 21201-4674     Biographical Notes
Collection summary   Title The Mrs. W. Wallace Symington Ephemera Collection  Creator Mrs. W. Wallace SymingtonCall number MS 3096
Finding Aid to the Fendall Family Papers, MS 2207 H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society   Collection summary   Title Fendall Family Papers, 1762-1961Creator
The sheet music collection is arranged alphabetically. Click on a letter below to browse, or download the complete pdf here A  (Accompaniement Sketches - Avis Hesitation Waltz) B  (Baby Be Smart - Bye Lo) C  (Cabin Door - Cycles)
I'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.02.005 Song Blake, EubieI'm Getting Nowhere Fast (1945) 078.04.001 Song Blake, EubieI'm Going To Go Somewher
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerJack O' Lantern One Step 104.01.230 Instrumental Part Caryll, IvanJack O' Lantern One Step 1
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerK.C.
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerLa Bella Cubanera 104.02.095 Instrumental Part Lake, M.L.La Bella Cubanera 105.02.052
Lonesome Man (1933) 060.04.002 Song Blake, EubieLonesome Man (1952) 111.01.018 Song Blake, EubieLonesomeness 060.04.003
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerMa 097.04.022 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, EubieMa (1953 Nov.
Melodie #12A 070.02.008 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, EubieMelodie #1A (1918) 101.04.008 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, EubieMelodie #1A (1937)
Mirandy (1918) 049.01.008 Song Blake, Eubie; Europe, James ReeseMirandy (1919) 013.01.016 Instrumental Part Blake, Eubie; Europe, James Reese
Nagasaki 026.05.021 Instrumental Part xNapoleon 066.05.008 Song Blake, EubieNapoleon (1940) 067.04.001
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerOdd Cases Of Voicing 040.04.002 Notes xOde To A Hamburger 095.01.003
Pack A Little Love In Your Heart 093.02.016 Lyrics xPaddle-Addle 105.01.189 Instrumental Part Snyder, TedPaddle-Addle 106
Race Horse Blues 092.01.032 Song Smith, RussellRace Horse Blues 011.02.011 Instrumental Part xRace Horse Blues 011.02.012
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerSac-cha-rine 086.03.008 Song Blake, EubieSad, Sad Blues 075.04.014 Song
Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley 104.01.147 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W.Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley 104.02.078 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W.
Stage Door (1954) 113.01.002 Song Blake, EubieStage Door (1954) 108.03.021 Lyrics Blake, EubieStage Door (1954) 113.01.020<
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerT.V. Song - No. 1 077.03.004 Song Blake, EubieT.V.
Tickle The Ivories (1928) 006.04.004 Rag Blake, EubieTiddle-De-Wink 081.03.053 Instrumental Part Morris, MelvilleTiddle-De-Winks
Ubangi (1941) 066.04.009 Song Blake, EubieUbangi Opening (1941) 066.04.003 Song Blake, EubieUbanji Baby 066.04.017
Valse 098.04.003 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, EubieValse 099.04.016 Piano Solo (non-rag) Blake, EubieValse Amelia (1971 Nov.
Wade In De Water 083.01.001 Piano Solo (non-rag) xWade In De Water 036.07.001 Piano Solo (non-rag) xWade In De Water 095.
When Day Is Done 026.01.022 Instrumental Part xWhen Day Is Done 011.01.001 Instrumental Part Blake, EubieWhen Day Is Done
Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo 106.02.081 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W.Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo 081.03.038 Instrumental Part Meyer, George W.
Za Zu Zay 087.03.001 Song Miller, MargaretZissy Ze Zum Zum (1898) 007.02.003 Rag Udall, LynZombie 010.01.005
 22nd Regiment March 113.03.012 Song Lamb, Joseph E.1947 090.09.016 Song Riley, Bob1961 070.02.005
Title Box-Folder-Item Type ComposerAccompaniement Sketches 118.09.007 Miscellaneous Blake, EubieAct I, II (List of Songs) 095.01
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