The Charles Edward Hilgenberg Archive

The Charles Edward Hilgenberg Archive
Digitizing Der Deutsche Correspondent
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Der Deutsche Correspondent at Crowley ImagingMr. John Hilgenberg, representative of the Charles Edward Hilgenberg Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation, approached the Maryland Historical Society (MdHS) with the idea to produce a special archive relating to Maryland German history.

MdHS proposed a digital archive of the Baltimore-based German-language newspaper, Der Deutsche Correspondent. MdHS’s holdings of the newspaper is by far the most substantial known collection. The collection is near complete from the year 1880 through 1918, totaling 84,000 pages of news.

German historians have commented that this is one of the most important German newspapers in existence. The newspaper was in print during the European Revolutions of 1848, the American Civil War, World War I, etc., providing the latest world and local news for its German readers.

MdHS has digitized half (roughly 40,000 pages) of the Der Deutsche Correspondent collection and plans on continuing the digitization process as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR would index each file so that each page is searchable on the web.

MdHS is proud to partner with Loyola University Maryland in order to sustain the archive. Together, MdHS and Loyola University will seek additional grant funding in order to support the remaining tasks, including a Hilgenberg Archive-specific web site. Loyola University’s strong German-language program is a great platform for the Hilgenberg Archive, which will be made available to its students as well as outside researchers.

For more information, please contact Joe Tropea, Digitization Coordinator: [email protected]

Special Thanks to: Mr. John Hilgenberg & Family, the Baltimore Community Foundation, Enoch Pratt Library for microfilm loans, The Crowley Company, Loyola University Maryland.

The Baltimore Sun article by Frederick N. Rasmussen

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