Family and Local History: Books

How to Find Books and Pamphlets

The H. Furlong Baldwin Library has an extensive collection of books and pamphlets dating from the 1600s. Nearly all the books and pamphlets are included in the Library Catalog, which may be searched by title, author, keyword, etc. Do a keyword search for the important terms in the title. Be sure to check variations on the spelling of an author’s name.


Where to Find Books and Pamphlets

  1. Published before 1850 or noted as being in Special Collections. Request in special collections. Click here for a link to a PDF listing of the items.
  2. Published after 1850: Books and pamphlets published after 1850 likely will be in the collection of the Main Reading Room. If the call number begins with:

A through F72.E7E7 (except CS71)—request at reference desk

CS71.A through CS71.C6—self-service in the main reading room

CS71.C6 1922 through CS71.Z—self-service in Family History Hallway

F72 through F516—self-service in the main reading room

F517 through Z (except MF, Micro, PAM, and REF)—request at reference desk

MF—probably self-service in Rhodes Reading Room; if you can’t find it, ask for help at the reference desk

Micro—self-service in the Microfilm Reading Area

PAM—request at reference desk

REF—self-service in Reference Room North or South