Following the Civil War Trail in Maryland - The Hill Rag

Do not leave Baltimore without visiting the Maryland Historical Society. The name is off -putting, conjuring up images of $5 annual dues and monthly erudite lectures.

But the reality is anything but. The167-year-old institution is one of the country’s finest, most fascinating and most comprehensive, museums and research centers. Its Civil War exhibition, “Divided Voices: Maryland in the Civil War,” is stunning.

Split into three ‘acts’ -- The Romantic War, The Real War and The Long Reunion --you will be in no rush to make your way through. .Many of the artifacts have never been on public display before and all give an emotive insight.

The one that will leave most people slack-jawed in awe is the military jacket worn by Baltimorean architect, Confederate Major Richard Snowden Andrews. Parts of it are tattered, torn, where the bullet that virtually disemboweled  Andrews, tore through. The sight of the jacket, with the grubby, brown stains of his blood, forcefully rams home the message that the Civil War was more than brutal. Like his jacket, Andrews also miraculously survived, despite being wounded again. And until his death 41 years later, he traveled extensively lecturing about those grim days - always showing-off his battle-ravaged jacket.


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