Four Centuries of Maryland History

"Stone Axe Heads," Late Archaic Period, 4000-1000 BCE, MdHS, Gift of J. Holmes Smith, J. Holmes Collection 1973.2

Maryland, America's oldest border state and the third original colony, possesses a unique history.

Not quite southern and not quite northern, one historian has described Maryland as a "middle temperment" shaped by not only its geography, but its diverse peoples.

Maryland's story is not just local. It is, for better or worse, the story of America, its struggles and its triumphs, from its colonization by British soldiers in 1634 to the present day.

This eclectic exhibition of objects from The Maryland Historical Society's Collection offers viewers a "sampler" of Maryland's stories.

Charles Calvert II, Herman van der Mijn, Circa 1732, MdHS, Baltimore City Life Museum Collection, BCLM-MA.4175


It is a glimpse into four centuries of events and people that shaped "The Old Line State."

As one of the oldest historical societies in the country, the Maryland Historical Society cares for over 600,000 artifacts.

Each artifact tells a story of the place where it was used, the people who bought it, used it and/or made it.

Discover these stories and glimpse how Maryland has always meant many things to many people.