Worthington Family Papers, 1713-1884, MS. 924

Worthington Family Papers, 1713-1884

Maryland Historical Society


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Worthington Family Papers, 1713-1884
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Worthington Family Papers, 1713-1884

MS. 924

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Correspondence, receipted bills, land and estate papers of four generations of the Worthington family, residents of Baltimore Co., Md. The correspondence deals with land and financial transactions, health and family news, slavery and religious sentiments. The letters of Noah Worthington contain details of access to a private railway on his property. Receipted bills include furniture, household items, livestock, farm produce and labor, slaves, tobacco, timber, rents and mortgages. The papers of Noah Worthington, Rezin Worthington and Mary Worthington Fite contain inventories of slaves. A letter in Rezin Worthington's papers discusses the status of children of slaves and a letter in Noah Worthington's papers mentions compensation for slaves serving in the army during the Civil War. A large section of land papers contains deeds, mortgages, plats, etc. for property acquired in Baltimore County.

Of particular interest in the Thomas Worthington papers are a detailed account of the sale of his property (1821) and a memo book recording the details of his son Joshua's illness and death (1804). The memo book also contains a list of sermons heard from 1804-1805.

The miscellaneous correspondence includes information on land transactions, slaves, and the naturalization of Christian Mayer (1819). One letter gives a detailed description of Washington Place in New York City.


Container List


John Worthington, Sr.



Will, 1764




Will of stepfather, John Brice, 1713





Nicholas Worthington. Receipted Bills, 1755-1763, n.d.




Thomas Worthington



Correspondence, 1786-1798




Correspondence, 1804-1819




Correspondence, n.d.




Memoranda Book, 1804-1805




Receipted Bills, 1771-1824




Receipted Bills, n.d.




Bonds, 1770-1794




Agreements and Assignments, 1770-1821




Court Cases (Summonses), 1792




Notes, 1806, n.d.




Estate Papers



Administration Papers, 1842; 1847




Executor's Accounts, 1822-1830 (1842). (see also oversize)




Account of Sale, 1821




Receipted Bills, 1823-1835




Agreements Between Heirs, 1821-1843




Memoranda and Notes, n.d.






Marcella Owings Worthington



Correspondence, 1823-1826




Correspondence, 1830-1839




Correspondence, 1840




Receipted Bills, 1821-1844




Bank Book, 1821-1838




Cancelled Checks, 1832-1838




Promissory Note, 1825




Articles of Agreement, 1823




Will and Codicil, 1836-1842




Estate Papers



Administration Papers, 1842




Executor's Accounts, ca. 1842




Receipted Bills, 1842




Receipted Bills, 1843




Receipted Bills, n.d.




Agreements Between Heirs, 1843




Power of Attorney to Henry Fite, 1843




Notes, 1843, n.d.






Noah Worthington



Correspondence, 1824; 1827




Correspondence, 1836-1839




Correspondence, 1840-1846




Correspondence, 1851-1857




Correspondence, 1864-1869




Receipted Bills, 1821-1825




Receipted Bills, 1833-1839




Receipted Bills, 1840-1846




Receipted Bills, 1850-1858




Receipted Bills, 1860-1869




Receipted Bills, 1871, n.d.





Confederate Accounts, 1864




Bank Book, 1837-1853




Cancelled Checks, 1837-1871




Promissory Notes, 1817-1864




Articles of Agreement, 1829-1862




Court Cases, 1836-1853




Leases of Land for Railroad, 1840-1846




Mortgage for Evans Mill, 1833




Draft Notice for Slave John Norris, 1864




Inventories of Slaves, 1864-1865, n.d.




Memoranda and Notes, 1858-1863, n.d.




Estate Papers. Executor's Third Account (see also oversize)





Rezin Hammond Worthington



Correspondence, 1828-1854, n.d.




Receipted Bills, 1834-1877




Inventory of Slaves, n.d.




Cancelled Check, 1879




Agreements and Assignments, 1855; 1873




Bond of Conveyance from Mary Weer, 1830




Leases of House, 1845; 1861




Bond, 1848




Plan for a Lime Kiln Designed by Thomas Kenny, n.d.




Memoranda and Notes, n.d.





Mary Owings Worthington Fite



Inventory of Slaves, [1864]




Correspondence, n.d.





Henry and Mary O. Worthington Fite



Receipted Bills, 1859-1869, n.d.




Promissory Note, 1859




Articles of Agreement, 1859-1863




Lists of Furniture, n.d.




Estate Papers, 1862-1869





Thomas Dye Worthington Estate



Administration Papers, 1845




Receipted Bills, 1835-1846




Elder vs. Worthington, Fite et al.




Note, n.d.





John T. H. Worthington. Correspondence, 1833




John T. Worthington. Court Case: Wm. B. Norris vs. John T. and Nicholas D. Worthington, 1846




Thomas Chew Worthington



Correspondence, 1872-1884




Receipted Bills, 1874-1878, n.d.




Poem, n.d.





Rezin Hammond Worthington, Jr. Estate Papers, 1872-1873




Worthington Family. List of Land Patents, n.d.




Land Papers



Airy Hills/Pleasant Springs, 1733-1856 (see also oversize)




Amsterdam/Ambrose's Lot/Randall's Meadow, 1837




Belt's Park, 1772-1832 (see also oversize)




Brice's Share, 1857




Cockermouth, 1732




East Lothian (Lothain), 1750 (see also oversize)




Fells Forrest, 1745




Gilchresse's Discovery, 1829




Griffith's Adventure, 1747-1755




Harpwell, 1798




Harrison's Meadow, 1751




Howard's Fancy, 1796




Jacob's (Jack's) Delight, 1811-1829 (see also oversize)




Jeopardy/Addition to Jeopardy, 1720-1829




Last Choice, n.d.




Level Union/Jones's Lot, 1793




Lurgan, 1780; 1861 (see also oversize)




Murphay's Delight, n.d.




Nathaniel's First Choice/Stinchcomb's Hills, n.d.




Nathaniel's Park. Copy (1857) of Patent, 1704




Norris's Chance, 1796




Orrick's Retirement, 1806 (see also oversize)




Peddicoart's Benefit, 1717-1777 (see also oversize)




Prospect, 1814





Railroad, 1828, n.d.




Rehoboth, 1720




Roborarum Resurveyed, 1851-1852




Rowles (Rolles) Care, 1743-1752




Shiloh, 1749-1793




Shipley's Adventure, 1795




Swingle's Place, 1822




Traton, 1740-1777 (see also oversize)




Wester Ogle, 1757




William the Conqueror, 1729-1805 (see also oversize)




Wiltshire, 1741-1753




Wons Lot, 1777




Woon's Chance, n.d. (see also oversize)




Worthington's Neglect, 1791 (see also oversize)




Yates Delight, 1719




Unidentified, 1829





John Orrick. Will, 1745




John Welch. Will, 1786




Jacob Rowles. Will, 1794 (copy, 1818)




Ephraim Lewis. Will, 1818




Stinchcomb to Walters. Bill of Sale for a Slave, 1796




Cornelius Howard. Bill for Road Work, 1823




Joseph P. Evans. Release, 1822




Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1791-1880, n.d.




Miscellaneous Receipted Bills, 1790-1833




Miscellaneous Agreements, 1803




Miscellaneous Land Papers, n.d.




Poem; Sermon, n.d.




Home Remedies, 1852-1856, n.d.




Horsebreeding Record, 1852-1857




Miscellaneous Memoranda, 1826-1865, n.d.




Fragments, 1791-1852, n.d.




Envelopes, n.d.





Thomas Worthington Estate



Executor's Third Account, n.d.





Land Papers



Airy Hills/Pleasant Springs, 1796-1836




Arabia Felix, 1788




Belt's Park, 1821




Cockey's Regulation, 1852-1853




East Lothian (Lothain), 1789-1792




Fountain of Friendship, 1749




Jacob's (Jack's) Delight, 1793




Leon New, 1793




Lurgan, 1780-1793




Orrick's Retirement, 1785




Peddicoart's Addition/Peddicoart's Benefit, 1723-1765




Plains of Parran, 1828




Randall's Lot, 1793




Scheaming Defeated, 1777




Shiloh Completed, 1793-1828




Traton, 1777




William the Conqueror, 1761-1775




Woon's Chance, 1771




Worthington's Neglect, 1769




Miscellaneous, 1795-1845




Milford Enlarged, 1790