World War I Collection, 1917-1919, MS. 1900

World War I Collection, 1917-1919
Maryland Historical Society


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World War I Collection, 1917-1919
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

World War I Collection, 1917-1919

MS. 1900

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674 Collection of materials dealing specifically with World War I. Includes correspondence, diaries, personal remembrances, discharge papers, and poetry.

Container List

1)   Diary, unknown soldier; 1918; describes soldier's life,
     duties, where traveled, battles, meals; also describes life
     on board ship to Europe and the homecoming into New York

2)   Howard Metcalfe Diary; 1918-1919; kept while on board ship in
     the Navy; describes trip to Europe, excursions in English
     Channel and North Sea, the return trip to United States;
     gives weather, work details, sightings.

3)   Diary, unknown soldier; January 4, 1919 - April 6, 1919;
     written during flu epidemic;describes life in hospital
     confinement, inspections, drills, meals, physical

4)   John E. Evans to Dr. Randolph Winston; describes horror of
     war and medical work needed to be done. 1917 August 2.

5)   Correspondence of Morris Casper Chester Sparks to brothers
     Harris Sparks, Erwood Richardson Sparks, and John Walker
     Sparks; 1918; deal with the life of a soldier in France,
     German soldiers, thank yous for letters and food from home.

6)   Frederick C. Colston to H.L. Mencken; 1918 November 8;
     describes war life and thoughts on the end of the war.

7)   Woodrow Wilson to Albert C. Ritchie; 1918 June 4; thanking
     him for consenting to serve on the War Industries Board.

8)   Navy Department to Leo Keene; 1918 July 17

9)   Miscellaneous letters of commendation for excellence in
     battle  and for good appearance at inspection and review;
     between officers in the Army. 1918 - 1919.

10)  John J. Pershing to Louis H. Fisher; 1919 April 6;
     concerning Headquarters Band of American Expeditionary

11)  Personal remembrances of Virginia Latrobe, a war nurse in
     France; 1918-1919.

12)  Narrative of loss of USS Alcedo on November 5, 1917; by
     commanding officer W.T. Conn Jr..

13)  Papers giving movements of Troop A, 1st Maryland Cavalry,
     Maryland National Guard;1917-1919.

14)  Roster of Battery F, 110th Field Artillery in American
     Expeditionary Forces; application for furlough, 1917
     February 12, Russel R. Lord.

15)  Papers of Bernard W. Figgins; Certificate of commission and
     qualification, orders for active duty, transfer papers,
     re-enrollment papers as provisional lieutenant, commission
     as ensign and lieutenant 1917-1920.

16)  Enlistment record and Honorable discharge papers of Leopold
     Scharinger; 1918.

17)  Discharge notice of Morris Sparks, 1919.

18)  Discharge papers of John R. Taylor, 1918.

19)  A.S. Abell Co. to Margaret H. Evans, 1917, Liberty Loan

20)  J. Carroll Mansfield, Scars and Swipes, newspaper of
      Battery  D, 1918.

21)  Adalbert Gordon Botts; songs of World War I, written by
     Botts. 1917-1919.

22)  Who Indeed - poem

23)  Woodrow Wilson- to the people of the country.