Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company Record Book 1904-1908, MS. 2841

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Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company Record Book, 1904-1908
Maryland Historical Society

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Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company
Record Book, 1904-1908

Maryland Historical Society

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Williamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company Record Book, 1904-1908

MS 2841

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674



* Some names appear on more than one policy; however, on this index they are each listed only one time.

A. Hoen and Company

A.L. Webb and Sons

A.S. Abell Company

Aaron Ward and Sons

Abell, Edwin F.

Albaugh, John W.

The Allston Company of Baltimore City

Ambrose, Mrs. S. C.

The American Agricultural Chemical Company

American Can Company

American Coat PAD Company

American Ice Company of New Jersey

American Tobacco Company and Carl Casey, trading as Platt Can Company

Ancker, Walter and Archibald H. Taylor

Armstrong, Cator and Company

Atkinson, Eliza W.

Atkinson, M.S.

Atlas Assu. Company (Strouse and Brothers)

Atlas Construction Company

Aumen Machinery and Supply Company of Baltimore City

The B.C. Bibb Stove Company of Baltimore City

Baker, Mrs. Elizabeth E.

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

The Baltimore Butcher's Abattoir and Live Stock Company

Baltimore Chrome Works Company

The Baltimore Cooperage Company

Baltimore Medical College

Baltimore Newspaper Union

Baltimore Pearl Company

Baltimore Pulverizing Company of Baltimore City

Baltimore Ship Building and Dry Dock Company

Baltimore Trust and Guarantee Company and Henry C. Kennard, Trustees

Barrett, Mrs. Caroline D.

Baugh and Sons Company

Beck, William C.

Bernheimer Brothers

Blackburn, C.P.

Board of Foreign Missions

Board of Foreign Missions of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States America and The Marion J. Kline.

Brancker, Mrs. Anne Caroline

Brent, Robt. F.

The Broadbent and Davis Mantel Company of Baltimore City

Brooks, Isaac Jr.

Brundige, Thomas W., Trustee

Byrd, William Page and J.T. Owings

C. West and Sons

C.A. Gambrill Manufacturing Company

C. West and Sons

Cahn, Coblens Company (Incorporated)

Callow, Albert H.

The Canton Box Company

The Canton Iron and Steel Company, Incorporated

Carey Machine

Carroll, Adams and Company of Baltimore City

Carrolls Island Company

Central Foundry Company

Charles Pracht and Company

Chas. C. Fulton and Company

Chas. England and Company

Chas. H. Ross and Company

Chatard, Joseph Albert, William M. and Josephine M. Trustees of the Estate of Dr. F.E. Chatard, Jr. deceased

Chipman, Henry C.

Chipman, Henry C. /Trading as George Chipman and Son

Citizens Insurance Company

Coffin, Charles E.

Company of Baltimore City

Conrad Hamp and Company

Cooper, Mary Louisa

The Crown Cork And Seal Company of Baltimore City

D. Levy and Sons Company

Daniel Miller Company of Baltimore City

Davidson, Isaac

Davidson, Isaac and Wm. B. Fallon, trading as Uriah A. Pollack

Davison, George W. (Executor)

The Detrick and Harvey Machine Company

Dickerson, C.W.

Dickerson, C.W. and John Gill, Jr.

Diggs Brother

Dixon-Bartlett Company

Dreyer, Henry D.

Dufur and Company and George J. Dufur

Dufur, William G.

Duke, Montague and Gillet Company

Dulin, Mary Bowie

Dulin, Mary Bowie, Caroline Dulin Barrett and Louise Dulin Henry

Dulin, Mrs. C.S. (Estate of)

E. Eising and Company

Eigenbrat, Henry and wife

Eisenberg, Abraham

Ellicott, Caroline

Epstein, Jacob

Erlanger Brothers

Erlanger Underwear Manufacturing Company

The Erlanger Underwear Manufacturing Company and Erlanger Brothers

Faber, Ella Marran, widow; Edwin J. Farber; John H. Farber; Walter M. Farber; and Ella M. Farber and Edwin J. Farber, guardians of Leo M. Farber, Joseph F. Farber and P. Allan Farber

Ferguson, Mrs. Fannie F.

The Fifth Regiment Armory, Board of Trustees

The First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, (Trustees of)

Fisher, D.K. Este

Fisher, D.K. Este Trustee of John W.S. Brady, deceased

Fisher, Gill

The Fleischmann Company

Florence W. MacCarthy Company

Foos, Frederick E.

Ford, John T. (Estate of)

The Foster Brother's Manufacturing Company

Foundation Hotel

Foundry, Curtis Bay

Frederick Walpert and Company

Freedom Oil Works Company

Frick, James Swan

Frick, William F.

The Friedenwald Company of Baltimore City

Furst Brothers and Company

G. Ober and Sons Company

Gallagher and Burton

Gallagher, Helen M.P.

Ganter, F.X.

Garett, Mrs. Charlotte D.

Garrett, Alice W. and Chas. Nitze, Trustees

Garrett, Harrison (The Estate of)

Gelston, Mrs. Florence B.

General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States of America and Marion J. Kline, (Board of Foreign Missions of the)

Geo. A. Zirckel and Company

The George Blome and Son Company of Baltimore City

Gibbs Preserving Company

Gildersleeve, B.L.

Gillorly, Mrs. Margaret

Gilpen, Henry B.

Gilpin, Langdon and Company, Incorporated and the Henry B. Gilpin Company.

Goodkind Brothers

The Gottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Brewing Company

Gottschalk, Levi

Grieneisen, C.E.

Griffins, Mrs. M.A.

Griffith and Boyd Company

Griffith and Turner Company, Incorporated

Grotjan, Lobe and Company

H. Ambach and Company

H. Gamse and Brother

H. Rosenheim and Son

H.D. Dreyer and Company

H.F. Radecke and Sons

Hall, Thomas William, The heirs of the late loss if any, payable to Clayton C. Hall their attorney and agent

Hamburger Brothers and Company Incorporated

Hammond and Snyder

Harez, Mrs. Alice

Hartwig and Kemper

Harvey and Company

Harvey, William P.

Hecht Brothers and Company

Hecht, Jacob (Estate of)

Heise-Bruns Lumber and Mill Company

The Henry B. Gilpin Company

Henry Keidel and Company

Henry Marcus and Son

Henry McShane Manufacturing Company of New Jersey

Henry Oppenheimer and Company

Henry Seim and Company

Henry Sonneborn and Company

Henry, Mrs. Louise D.

Henry, Mrs. Louise D. and Miss M.B. Dulin

Henry, Mrs. Louise D., Miss M.B. Bulin and Mrs. Caroline D. Barrett

Hermann, Oscar

Hess and Brother

Hewson, Henry and Leda M.

Hewson, Leda M.

Hochschild, Kohn and Company

Hodges, Cora R.

Hodges, Cora R. and Wm. Hanson Hodges

Hodges, Robert B.

Hodges, William Hanson

Hoen Building Company of Baltimore City

Hoen, August, Mrs. Caroline V. Hoen, Mrs. Agnes C., Gibier Hoen, Miss H.L. Hoen, and Albert E. Hoen, (Estate of)

Holliday, J.H. and Howard Rieman, Trustees for N.C. Early

Hoos, John

Hopkins, Charlotte S.

Hopkins, Mary F. and Mrs. Catherine A. Stehman

Hopkins, Mrs. Mary F. and Mrs. Catherine A. Stehman and the B.C. Bibb Stove Company of Baltimore.

The Hotel Rennert Company of Baltimore City

The Hughes Furniture Manufacturing Company of Baltimore City

Hutzler Brothers

Isaac Hamburger and Sons

J and J Eager Company

J. Seth Hopkins and Company

Jacobs, Mrs. Mary F.

Jacobs, Mrs. Mary F. and J.W. Bishop Company

Jacobs, Mrs. Mary F. and L. Alavoine and Co., as their respective interests may appear.

James Baily and Son

James Bate's Sons

James Robertson Lead Company and/or United Lead Company

James Robertson Manufacturing Company

James Walsh and Company

James, Charles J.

Jas. Bates' Sons

Jas. Corner and Sons

Jas. Robertson Lead Company

Jenkins, George C.

Jenkins, Mrs. Clara V.

Jewett, George M. and Hugh Judge Jewett

Jewett. George M.

Joel Guttman and Company

John A. Horner and Company

The John Boyle Company

The John C. Graffin Company of Baltimore City and Whitridge, White and Company

John E. Hurst and Company

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johnson, Boyd and Company

Juvenal, Mrs. Anna D.

Keyser, R. Brent Trustee of Estate of William Wyman

King, Ms. Rebecca L.

King, Wallace (Estate of)

Kingan Provision Company

Kraus and Company

Krauss, Leopold

Kuhle and Love

L. Grief and Brother

L.H. Miller Safe and Iron Works of Baltimore City

Lane, J.G.

Langdon, Drusilla C.

Lauber, Carl F.

Lavis, H.D.

Lentz, Frederick

Lerch Brothers

Leydecker, C.W.

The Little Joe Wiesenfeld Company

Louis Dohme and Sharp and Dohme

Louis Muller Company

Louis, Henry D.

Lucy W. Brady and Company

Lynch, Eugene

Maconn, Mrs. N.E.

Malcolm, Crichton

Manchester Assoc. Company

Manly, Mrs. L. Tyson

Marburg, William A.

March, John S.

Marcus W. Wolf and Company

Martin Wagner Company

Maryland Agricultural College, Trustees of

The Maryland Club

Maryland Elevator and Machine Company

Maryland Steel Company

Mayor and City Council of Baltimore

McAndrews, Bartholomew

McCulloh, Anna Greene

McDowell and Company of Baltimore City

McEvoy, P.J.

McGinley Company

McIver and Piel

McLane, James L.

MD Bible Society Inc.

The MD Hospital for the Insane, Board of Mangers

Meeker, Kate C.

Mendels Brothers

Mengers, Charles F.

Merchantile Trust and Deposit Company of Baltimore

Merrick, Dr. S.K.

Merryman, Ridgeway

Mill, S. Caroline St.

Miller and Graham

Minch and Eisenberg

Monticello Distiling Company

Moritz Witz and Company

Muller, Mrs. Mary E.

Muller, Mrs. Mary E. Mrs. Alma Bucholtz and Miss Annie M. Hoen

Murphy, Frank J.

Muth Brothers

N. Hess and Brother

N. Reese Owens

Nathan Gutman and Company

The National Food Supply Company

Norris Company

North Brothers and Strauss

Northern Central Railway Company

Norton, Laura C.

Oliver, Elizabeth

Oppenheim, Oberndorf and Company

Otto Mergenthaler Company, Incoporated

Otto Stuede and Company

The Outbridge Horsey

P. Dempsey and Company

Page, William Byrd

Parr, Henry A.

Parrish Brothers

Paul and Berney

Pfaff, H.C

Platt and Company

Platt and Company and H.S., W.D., J.B. and H.S. Platt, Jr.,

Potts, Mrs. Alice G.

Price and Herald

Pumphrey, Bettie C. and Rosa M. Pumphrey

Pumphrey, Mrs. E.J., Bettie C. Pumphrey and Rosa M. Pumphrey.

R. Starr and Company

R.M. Sutton and Company

Radecke and Louis

Rasin-Monumental Company

Records and Goldsborough

The Red C Oil Manufacturing Company

Reisinger, John C. trading as William Reisinger and Son

Rennous, Kleinle and Company of Baltimore City

Rosenbaum Bros.

Rouse, Hempstone and Company

Ryan, Thomas Jr.

S. Balto. Steel Company and Foundry Company

S. Ginberg and Company

S. Hale Sons

S. Hecht, Jr., and Sons

S. Kann, Sons and Company

S. Lowman and Company

S.F. and A.F. Miller and Company

Safe Deposit and Trust Company of Baltimore, Trustee under will of Arunah S. Abell

Safe Deposit and Trust Company, of Baltimore City, Trustee for Frances D. Lurman

Safe Deposit and Trust Company of Baltimore Trustee

Samuel Elder and Company

Samuel Kirk and Son Company

Saunders, Mrs. Mary F. and Mrs. Catherine A. Stehman

Saunders, Mrs. Mary F. and Mrs. Catherine A. Stehman and the B.C. Bibb Stove Company of Baltimore City

Scharf, John Thomas (Estate of)

Scharf, John Thomas and/or Schloss Bros. and Company

Scherer, John C. Jr.

The Sea Gull Company

Sea Gull Specialty Company

Shaw, Charles

The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, (Trustees of)

The Sherwood Distilling Company

Sherwood Whiskey

Siegel, Rothchild and Company

Sien, Chas. J.

Silberman and Todes

Silvermann, Harris

The Simpson and Doeller Company

Sinn, C.J.

Skinner Ship Building and Dry Dock Company of Baltimore City

Slaysman and Company

Slingluff, Ann M.

Slingluff, Horace

Smith, J.M. and VHB Smith (Estate of)

Smith, J.M. (Estate of)

Smith, Virginia H.B.

South Baltimore Steel Car and Foundry Company

Sparrows Point Store Company

Spear Brothers Company

Stabler Jr., F.

Starr, D.D.

Starr, D.D. and Aurelia H. Starr, his wife.

Starr, Donaldson D. and Amelia H. Starr

State of Maryland

Stehman, Mrs. Catherine A.

Stehman, Mrs. Catherine A. and Mrs. Mary F. Saunders

Steuart, Robert S.J.

Stevens, Samuel A., deceased (Estate of)

Stewart and Company (a corporation)

Stewart Paton and Frances Margaret Paton

Stewart, Josephine Lurman and her children

Tapscott, Rosa R.

Taylor, Robert A. Katherine A. Taylor and Mary Evers Tucker

The Terminal Warehouse Company

Tertor, Anton

Thomas J and T Edgar Fluharty trading as the Maryland Lithographing Company

Thomas M. Reese and Son

Thomas, Mrs. Alice W.

Thompson, Elizabeth and Mrs. A.L. Gorter

Thompson, Elizabeth G.

Thomsen Chemical Company of Baltimore City

Thomsen China Company

Thomsen, Herman J.

Thomsen, John J.

Thomson, Alonso L. John J. Thomson and Norman I. Thomson Trustees for Mary Sizer

Torsch Packing Company of Baltimore City

Townsend, Grace and Company

Tregallas, Hertel and Company

Turner, Edward J. and Rebecca Turner

Tyler and Brothers

Union Tust Company of Maryland

United States Rubber Company

The University Club of Baltimore City

Veteran Corps.

W.D. Gill and Son

Weber, Henry

Weeks, Thomas C.

Whitridge, White and Company

William A. Tottle and Company

William D. Gill and Son

William E. Woodall and Company

William G. Scarlett and Company

The William H. Towels Manufacturing Company

The William Koch Importing Company of Baltimore City

The Wilson Distilling Company

William Steele and Sons, (contractors), Robert A. Taylor, Katherine A. Taylor

Williams, Edward G.

Willims and Willims

Winchester, William

Witz Brothers and Company

Woodall, James

Ziegler, Saml. F.