William Carter Collection - PP115

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ca. 1900-1917

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Finding aids created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, July 1999



William M. Carter (1880-ca. 1917) was most likely the son of Hiram and Mary Carter. Hiram Carter was a Baltimore Commission Merchant, his firm Carter and Co. located at 10 E. Camden St. From 1889, the family lived at 718 N. Fulton Ave, and William M. first appeared in the Baltimore City Directory at that address in 1897, listed as a student. In 1898, William was listed as a clerk, perhaps in his father’s business, and his profession alternated between clerk and bookkeeper until 1915. Between 1911 and 1915, William M. Carter lived in Waverly at 628 Fairoak Ave. (now 31st St.); in 1916, he became a salesman and moved to 511 Franklin Terrace (now 41st St.). William is said to have died in the flu epidemic of 1916-1917.

Collection Origin

Gift of the Mint Museum of History (Charlotte, N.C.), 1984 (001728).

Scope and Contents

The collection, housed in 2 boxes, consists of 2 photograph albums containing ca. 162 and 444 gelatin silver photoprints, respectively, and just over 500 loose photographs. The photographs in the albums and about 460 of the loose photographs are thought to have been made by William M. Carter in ca. 1900-1917, primarily of Baltimore scenes: buildings (houses, stores, churches, schools, and other public buildings), construction and destruction in the city, bridges, night and winter scenes, landscapes and seascapes, animals, parks (Druid Hill, Patterson, River View, and others), railroads, festivals and sporting events. There are also many unidentified portraits of groups and individuals, including children. Another set of ca. 50 photoprints (gelatin silver, tintype, and albumen prints including cabinet cards and cartes de visite) are studio portraits of unidentified men, women and children.

Very few of the photographs are captioned or dated.

Note: See also PP 22, a related collection of photographs made by William M. Carter, ca. 1906-1917. That collection consists of 238 glass plate and nitrate negatives with 146 modern prints.


The photographs are organized by subject, and arranged in folders according to PP catalog numbers.

Container List

2 Boxes

Box 1: 23 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP115.1-.4 – Group portraits of students. 4 items.

PP115.5-.7 – Flowers in bloom. 3 items.

PP115.8-.12 – Foreign scenes. 5 items.

Box 1, Folder 2
PP115.13-.17 – Views of a fort and cannons. 5 items.

PP115.18-.28 – Cities at night: Hoboken, H.J., a Baltimore festival, the Washington Monument (Baltimore), fireworks, and a city skyline. 11 items.

Box 1, Folder 3
PP115.29-.44 – Washington D.C. 16 items.

Box 1, Folder 4
PP115.45-.61 – Sporting events: action shots of baseball, football, pole-vaulting, acrobatics, and swimming. 17 items.

Box 1, Folder 5
PP115.62-.83 – Animals: cows, horses, squirrels, deer, elk, chickens, ducks, and dogs. 22 items.

Box 1, Folder 6
PP115.84-.117 – Portraits, unidentified. 34 items.

Box 1, Folder 7
PP115.118-.139 – Portraits, unidentified, adults and children. 22 items.

Box 1, Folder 8
PP115.140-.161 – Portraits, unidentified. 22 items.

Box 1, Folder 9
PP115.162-.189 – Group portraits. 28 items.

PP115.190-.191 – Photographs of prints: "A Jolly Christmas", and "Well Done Lord Baltimore". 2 items.

Box 1, Folder 10
PP115.192-.197 – Destruction and Construction. 6 items.

PP115.198-.199 – Monuments. 2 items.

PP115.200-.217 – Bridges. 18 items.

Box 1, Folder 11
PP115.218-.231 – Winter scenes. 14 items.

PP115.232-.235 – Railroad scenes. 3 items.

Box 1, Folder 12
PP115.236-.251 – Fishing, shipping, and ships. 16 items.

Box 1, Folder 13
PP115.252-.272 – Festivals and events: human flag, Flag Day, hot air ballooning, decorated buildings and streets, parades, "Great is Baltimore", floats, crowds. 21 items.

Box 1, Folder 14
PP115.273-.301 – Scenic views: streets, towns, cities, skylines, industries; particularly Baltimore. 29 items.

Box 1, Folder 15
PP115.302-.341 – Buildings: houses, stores, public buildings, churches, and schools. 40 items.

Box 1, Folder 16
PP115.342-.370 – Parks: Druid Hill Park, Patterson Park, River View Park, and others. 29 items.

Box 1, Folder 17
PP115.371-.381 – Landscapes and seascapes. 11 items.

Box 1, Folder 18
PP115.382-.415 – Landscapes and seascapes. 34 items.

Box 1, Folder 19
PP115.416-.459 – Landscapes and seascapes. 44 items.

Box 1, Folder 20
PP115.460-471 – Studio portraits, unidentified. 12 items.

Box 1, Folder 21
PP115.472-.480 – Studio portraits, unidentified. 9 items.

Box 1, Folder 22
PP115.481-.500 – Studio portraits, unidentified. 20 items.

Box 1, Folder 23
PP115.501-.508 – Studio portraits, unidentified. 8 items.

Box 2: 2 Albums

28 x 39 cm. without cover, by William M. Carter, with ca. 162 photographs (gelatin silver prints). Scenic views of Baltimore area, festivals, portraits, winter scenes, and houses.

26 x 32 cm. with leather cover, by William M. Carter, with ca. 444 photographs (gelatin silver prints). Animals, parks, portraits, Baltimore city, houses, festivals, and scenic views. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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