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The Mason and Dixon Line (or Mason-Dixon Line) runs for 233 miles along parallel 39°43’ in the eastern United States, marking the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The line was surveyed by English astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in 1763-1768 to settle property disputes between the Penns and the Calverts, proprietors of Pennsylvania and Maryland, respectively. Mason and Dixon also surveyed the boundary between Maryland and Delaware.

The line was marked with crownstones at 5 mile intervals, displaying the coat-of-arms of the Calverts on the south and of the Penns on the north side. Intermediate miles were marked with stones having an initial "M" facing Maryland and "P" facing Pennsylvania.

Dr. Allie L. Trussell (d. 1970) was an optometrist and history buff, a Virginia-born resident of the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore. He developed a special interest in the Mason-Dixon Line in the late 1940s, leading him to travel nearly 30,000 miles a year to locate and document the stones which mark the line. In 1950 he was funded by the Maryland General Assembly and the State Board of Natural Resources to conduct a survey of markers on the portion of the line dividing Maryland and Delaware, working with Gwynn Reel, a physics student at the Johns Hopkins University. Trussell also spent time tracking down markers which had been removed to other locations, restoring them to their proper positions where possible, and making many photographs of them.

Collection Origin

Gift of the estate of A.L. Trussell, 1970 (63316).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 2 boxes. Box 1 contains 624 items (166 negatives) which are undated or made in 1937-ca. 1950. Box 2 contains an undetermined number of 35mm color slides depicting Mason-Dixon Line markers and other Maryland subjects. Many are grouped and identified. Box 2 also contains 4 rolled photoprints and 1 folder with ca. 12 photographs of airplanes.

Other Maryland subjects include county line markers, covered bridges, rivers, dams, a ferry, a tobacco farm and market, and rural views including various landmarks. There are also views from the Baltimore area: the Jones Falls Expressway during construction, and a streetcar in Towson.

Note: Related photographic materials are found in PP37, the Harwood Mason-Dixon Line Marker Collection, in the Maryland Historical Society Library.


Some of the photographs have been sorted by subject, although arrangement in containers varies; overall container inventory not available.

Container List (2 Boxes)

Box 1

Pocomoke River and Dr. Truitt residence, n.d. 17 items.

Port Tobacco, Md., n.d. 25 items.

Sugar Loaf Mountain, 1937. 3 items (2 negatives).

Monocacy River and C. and O. Canal Viaduct, n.d. and 1948. 26 items (13 negatives).

Fort Frederick, n.d. and 1949. 50 items (18 negatives).

Wye Oak, Talbot Co., n.d. 8 items (4 negatives).

Nassawanco Iron Furnace, Eastern Shore, n.d. 9 items (2 negatives).

Maryland county line markers, 1949. 16 items.

Maryland county line markers, n.d. 40 items (all negatives).

Maryland county line markers, n.d. 41 items.

Maryland county line markers, n.d. 28 items.

Maryland county line markers, n.d. 27 items.

County line markers (Somerset, Wicomico, Worchester), n.d. 13 items (7 negatives).

Covered bridges, n.d. 22 items. Includes polaroid prints.

Arcadia Fair, n.d. Arcadia Fair, n.d. 33 items (1 negative).

Tobacco Farm, Maryland, n.d. 4 items.

Old Behemia Church, n.d. 16 items (8 negatives).

Maryland Optometric Association, n.d. 7 items.

Wedge and Blue Ball Tavern, n.d. 10 items.

Tobacco Mart, Marlboro, Md., n.d. 18 items (4 negatives).

Whiter’s Ferry, n.d. 9 items (3 negatives).

Topiary at Weikert House, Boonsboro, Md., n.d. 25 items (13 negatives).

Streetcar in Towson, ca. 1950. 4 items (1 negative).

Jones Falls freeway, building of, n.d. 22 items.

Booten’s Cap on Appalachian Trail, n.d. 34 items.

Baltimore water supply dam, n.d. 24 items (10 negatives).

Prettyboy dam, n.d. 15 items (8 negatives).

Savage River dam, n.d. 6 items.

Carrollton, n.d. 21 items (10 negatives).

Lancelot Jacques historical marker, n.d. 16 items (8 negatives).

Libertytown, hailstorm, 1948. 35 items (14 negatives).

Liberty Dam, n.d. 8 items.

Box 2

Medium sized flat box (non-archival) containing undetermined number of 35mm color slides depicting Mason-Dixon Line markers, and other Maryland subjects. Many are grouped and identified. Box also contains 4 rolled photoprints and 1 folder with ca. 12 photographs of airplanes. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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