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Not date and ca. 1870s-1930s


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Benjamin Franklin Newcomer (1827-1901) was born in Washington Co., Md. Elected president of the Safe Deposit and Trust Company of Baltimore in 1868, he also served at times as president of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company, of the Union Railroad Company, and of the Maryland Institution for Instruction of the Blind. He married Amelia Ehlen (d. 1881) and their children included Nannie (1855-1901), Hattie N. (1861-1942), Waldo (1867-1934), and Mary L. (d. 1935). Their home in Baltimore was 1211 St. Paul Street.

Mary L. Newcomer married James M. Maslin of the firm Henry, Maslin and Co. Nannie Newcomer married Frederick Home Hack (1846-1915), a member of the Baltimore bar. Hattie N. Newcomer married Henry Brooke Gilpin, a drug manufacturer. Waldo Newcomer was a financier who married Margaret Vanderpool of New York City.

The children of Nannie and Frederick Home Hack included Waldo (1881-1940), Frank Newcomer, Frederick Home, Jr., and Amelia (Emily). In 1910, Amelia married Douglas Gordon Carroll, a prominent Baltimore stock broker, and their home was in Brooklandville, Md.

Collection Origin

Gift of Mrs. William C. Trimble, 1982 (76465).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with ca. 150 photoprints, including 2 albums, which are undated or made in ca. 1870s-1930s. Subjects are portraits of Newcomer, Hack, and Maslin family members and friends. One image depicts a child with an African American nurse, and some images depict children dressed in colonial costume. There are three framed portraits of groups at Manor Glen, ca. 1928. A set of 55 images are scenes from the French and Belgian fronts during World War I.

Album 1 contains cabinet and carte-de-visite format studio portraits which are mostly identified. Album 2 contains unidentified informal portraits of groups of people and views, possibly taken at a rural home called Linwood.

Note: The collection also includes 3 folders of printed ephemera.

Note: Framed photographs not found 5/4/2000.

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society Library: MS. 1018, the Newcomer and Co. Accounts.


The photographs are arranged by PP catalog numbers in folders of two sizes. Two albums are intact.

Container List

1 Box

PP48.1 - Colonial Day (festival), Annapolis, 1928.

PP48.2 - Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, ca. 1905.

PP48.3 - Marston's University School for Boys, Baltimore, 1899-1904. Portrait of theatrical group: "A Dream of Fair Women", F. Home Hack, Jr. standing left. (same image as PP48.88)

PP48.4 - Marston's University School for Boys, Baltimore, 1899-1904. View of building on Cathedral St.

PP48.5 - Safe Deposit and Trust Co. of Baltimore, 1904. After the Fire.

PP48.6 - 1211 St. Paul St., Baltimore, n.d.

PP48.7-.62 - World War I, 1914-1918. (Scenes from the French and Belgian fronts.)

PP48.63 - Amelia Louise Hack Carroll (Mrs. Douglas Gordon Carroll) at Atlantic City, N.J., n.d.

PP48.64 - Douglas Gordon Carroll at 502 N. Charles St., Baltimore, ca. 1890.

PP48.65 - Alex. R. Hack, 1885.

PP48.66 - Amelia Hack with Cazia (African American nurse), 1889.

PP48.67 - Amelia Louise Hack, ca. 1890.

PP48.68 - Amelia L. Hack in colonial costume, ca. 1905.

PP48.69 - Andrew Hack (1780-1845), n.d. Reproduction of portrait in another medium.

PP48.70 - Anita Hack in colonial costume, ca. 1905.

PP48.71 - Frank Hack, ca. 1890. Dup/copy neg Z24.2102.

PP48.72 - Frank Hack, (ca. 1905?).

PP48.73 - Frederick Home Hack (Sr.), ca. 1870.

PP48.74 - Frederick Home Hack (Sr.), 1879.

PP48.75 - Frederick Home Hack (Sr.), 1911.

PP48.76 - Frederick Home Hack (Jr.), ca. 1910.

PP48.77 - Waldo, Frank and Home Hack, ca. 1895.

PP48.78 - (NOT FOUND)

PP48.79 - Nannie Newcomer Hack, ca. 1890.

PP48.80 - Nannie Newcomer Hack, ca. 1890.

PP48.81 - Nannie, Waldo, ___?, and Frank Hack, ca. 1900.

PP48.82 - Masline and Hack families, ca. 1890.

PP48.83 - Nannie Newcomer, ca. 1860.

PP48.84 - Louisa White Schenk? at Atlantic City, N.J., ca. 1920.

PP48.85-.87 - (NOT FOUND - Framed photographs of groups at Manor Glen?)

Large folders
PP48.88 - Marston's University School for Boys, ca. 1900-1904. Portrait of theatrical group: "A Dream of Fair Women", F. Home Hack, Jr. standing left. (same image as PP48.3)

PP48.89 - Dinner group portrait, ca. 1910 (University of Maryland School of Law?). Photograph by Hughes Co.

PP48.90 - (B.F. and ___? Newcomer?), ca.1865.

Album 1
28 x 23 cm. Brown leather cover with metal and leather lock. 43 photoprints, n.d. and ca. 1870s-1880s. Includes cabinet and carte-de-visite format studio portraits and reproductions of European art works. Most are captioned with person's names. Identified individuals include George Halberstadt, Emilie Hinckley, Queen Mercedes of Spain, Meta McLaws, Frank Maslin, A.P. Nazo, Harry Walters, Anna McAtee (Mrs. Eben Sutton), Hattie Newcomer Gilpin, Lucy Finlay (?), Dr. Kemp, Mamie Webb, Lizzie Shumaker, Lillian Bramer, Amelia Dawson. Many photographs have been removed from album.

Album 2
23 x 19 cm. Textured leather cover in brown and black with gold stamped design. 17 photoprints, n.d. (ca. 1880). Informal photographs of family members including children at house in rural setting. One image captioned "Linwood - Md.". Images include children and adults, with some landscape views including farm animals. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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