Spafford Family Papers, 1785-1934, MS. 1788

Spafford Family Papers, 1785-1934

Maryland Historical Society


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Spafford Family Papers, 1785-1934
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Spafford Family Papers

MS. 1788

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674




Chase, Samuel



1808-Feb. 8

Receipt ofr land sale to Samuel Spafford




1808 April 6

Settlement of loan from Samule Spafford





Stansbury, Jarrett



1815 June 15

Acknowledgement of receipt of money for slave by Samuel Spafford




1817 July

Terms of buying a slave from Jarrett Stansbury





Alderson, William C.




to Miss Ann Spafford




1823 May 27

Settlement of loan from Elizabeth Chatfield; bill of sale to Elizabeth Chatfield




1825 June 20

from John Purviance. Account of William C. Alderson's bill of sale of--a slave




1830 May 30

William C. and Charity Alderson. Separation agreement




1835 May 7

to Ann Spafford




1838 Jan 6






Ann Spafford



By Ann Spafford




Account Book





To Ann Spafford



1822 May 30

From Pernambucco (ship?) to Mrs. Ann Spafford




1840 Ap. 9

_____ to Mrs. Ann Spafford




1845 Oct. 31

Robert Purviance to Ann Spafford





From Christopher Todd to Ann Spafford



1841 - M rch 25




1841 - Nov. 20





From Ann Gawne to Mrs. Ann Spafford (her daughter)



1840 Dec. 20 to 1846 July 24

eight letters




1846 Oct. 6

(but addressed to George H. Spafford)





From Elizabeth Virginia Spafford - to Ann Spafford



1844 March 6





From Eliza Coolidge to Ann Spafford




Two letters






To Elizabeth Virginia Spafford



From Mary Eliza Coolidge



1846 June 17, August 10





From Susan Coolidge



No date

eight letters





From Susan Wetherill



No year

two letters




1844 June 18 - 1849 Oct. 6





1840 July 26

Poem To Virginia, sent by Mrs E V Spafford




1840 Sept. 3

from M Thompson




1841, 1849

Poems and Valentines




1832 Dec. 21

Unsigned letter and calling card from Charles L. English




1845 March 4

Democratic Inauguration Ball invitation




1849 March 15

Invitation from Young Men's Private Fancy Assembly (from Mr. Griffiths?)




From O. H. P. Jones - proposal and courtship; termination 1840 August 6 to 1842 Dec. 11 eight letters








Miscellaneous Receipts and business papers




Miscellaneous envelopes and birth dates




Letter scraps



No date

Spafford, Eliza Isabella -form of an account of sales




No date

Terms of payment for a house




1807 Ap. 18

Chatfield, Joseph. Estate of




1808 Feb. 10

Chatfield, Capt. Joseph to his wife




1809 June 27

Olfson, Charles. Proof of Swedish citizanship




1810 June 30

Marine Bank of Baltimore - stocks




1812 Aug. 10

Spafford, Simon to City of New Orleans




1815 April 7

Account of Massacre at Dartmoor Depot




1821 Sept. 24

Field, George B. to Wm C. Alderson. Deed




1830 March 13

Stansbury, E. to John Bouldin




1830 May 31

Wright, George to John Sims




1841 Aoril 2

Spaford, G. to Miss Sarah Spafford




1851 April 7

Hague, Caroline. Deed from Baltimore Cemetary Co.




1869 Sept. 9

Marriage Certif. Mary O. Spafford and John Foos




1932 Jan 25

Balt. Sun report of attempted break at Dartmoor Prison




1934 Mrch 15

Anonymous letter to family about travelling in Italy.