Samuel Shoemaker Papers, 1868-1887, MS 1877

Samuel Shoemaker Papers, 1868-1887

Maryland Historical Society


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Samuel Shoemaker Papers, 1868-1887
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Samuel Shoemaker Papers, 1868-1887

MS 1877

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Container List

Letterbook, one volume, letterpress, 1879-83. Letters written by Samuel M. Shoemaker (per his secretary A. D. Keener) pertain to his business affairs (esp. in re the Adams Express Co. and the Adams White Lead Co.), his personal affairs (e. g. contributions he made), and his work for the Expressmen's Mutual Benefit Association.




Box. One

Letters (11 folders), 1875-1881




Box Two

Letters (8 folders), 1881-1882




Box. Three

Letters (15 folders), 1883-1887, and [UNK]




Box Four

Checkbooks (6 volumes), 1867-1875




Box Five

Checkbooks (6 volumes), 1876-1881




Private Record of Collection Payments - [UNK], 1873-1877




SMS's private [UNK] Index




Box Six

Bank Books (2 volumes), 1868-1879




Cash book (Gilmour House, 1870-1871




Ledger (indexed), 1870-1871




Bills, Cancelled Checks (1 folder, 6 packets), 1880-81, 1883




Box Seven

Bills, cancelled Checks (13 packets), c. 1884




Box Eight

Materials relating to: Alexandria and Washington Railroad Co. (esp. render="italic"in re Hay vs. Alex.-Wash. RR) 1872-1884




Locke and Conway (Co.), 1877-78




North Central Railroad Co., 1880-81




Rawlesburg Lumber and Iron Co., 1880-81




Washington and Ohio Railroad




Property in Alexandria, Va. 1868




Property in Balt. Co., Md., 1872




Property in Preston Co., Va. 1855-58




Property in West Virginia, 1877-78




Final Execution of the will of Ann C. Tilghm




Papers relating to William Cloud Boyleston




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1. Membership ticket, YMCA perhaps, No date.




2. An Appeal for the Aged Colored Poor, pamphlet - 4pp, No date.




3. The Undersigned, a committee appointed by the Vestry of St. Thomas Parish Balt, County...




4. Catalog of Choice Alderney Cattle..., 1881 (advertisement)




5. This year, 1883, is the One Hundredth Anniversary of the organization of the old diocese of Maryland.... 1883




6. [UNK] issued from the supt. office of the Balt. Div. of the Adams Express Co., March 10, 1881




7. Printed Bill, Balt. City Tax Collector, 1880


(further note, removed from MS 1877.2 advertisement, The Balt. Vertical [UNK] Filter, No date)