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Robert E. Lee Hall Collection, 1885-1952
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Robert E. Lee Hall Collection, 1885-1952
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS. 2475

Maryland Historical Society

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Robert E. Lee Hall, Maryland pharmacist, doctor, and lawyer, was born in Sullivan Co., Missouri on March 19, 1862 and died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1939. Hall received his pharmacy license in Missouri in 1881 and graduated with an M.D. from the Physicians and Surgeons College of Baltimore in 1884. From 1884 to 1894, he practiced pharmacy in Baltimore. Within this period, however, Hall decided to prepare for the bar and entered the Baltimore University School of Law. He graduated in 1894 and was admitted to the legal profession that same year. Since that time, he remained identified with the Baltimore City and Maryland State Bar Association. Among other duties, he served as the attorney and director of the Montebello Permanent Building & Loan Association.

In addition to his extensive legal practice, Hall served on a number of political and community organizations. He actively supported the state and national Democratic Party organizations. In 1904, he was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates and served a single term within that body. In 1913, Hall was made a member of the State Central Democratic Committee. In addition, he was the director of the City-Wide Congress, the president of the Homestead League & Improvement Association, and a member of the Baltimore Reform League.

The clubs in which Hall participated include: the Star-Spangled Banner Association; the 5th Regiment Veteran Corps; Concordia Lodge No. 13, A.F.&A.M.; Concordia Chapel No. 1 Royal Arch.; Jerusalem Council No. 2, R.&S.M.; the Maryland Commandery No. 1, K.T.; and the Boumi Temple of the Mystic Shrine.

Little is known of Hall's personal life. He married Amy Shortt and they had at least two children, Alice Hall Timanus (fl.1965) and Reginald Irving Hall (1895-1965). Reginald followed his father's example and became a prominent Baltimore attorney.


Scope and Content

Collection consists of the papers of Robert E. Lee Hall (1862-1939), a Baltimore pharmacist, doctor, and lawyer. The papers depict not only Hall's legal career but his involvement in numerous political and community organizations as well. In addition there are several items belonging to individuals whose relationship to Hall is unclear. Perhaps they are papers of clients, relatives, or neighbors. At any rate, they are included in the collection and described as detailed as possible.

BOX ONE contains incoming correspondence (1892-1939) beloging to Robert E. Lee Hall. There are approximately 300 items, most of which fall between 1907-1920. Included among his correspondents are various political organizations such as, the Democratic State Central Committee (c.1914), the Young Men's Lee League (c.1915), the Md. Democratic Party (c.1912), and the City-Wide Congress (c.1911). In addition, there are a number of letters from insurance companies, railroads, electric companies, hospitals, and banks.

BOX TWO contains personal account books, bills, receipts, scrapbooks, and school-books of Robert E. Lee Hall. Several account books deal with Waverly and Friend-[farms] in Baltimore Co. The two scrapbooks (1936-1955) contain clippings and articles concerning various aspects of tax law. They were compiled by Robert E. Lee Hall and his son Reginald Irving Hall.

BOXES THREE AND FOUR contain copies of over 200 deeds and mortgages for properties located in Baltimore and presumably handled by Robert E. Lee Hall. They provide some clue as to type, number, and location of Hall's clients. (1864-1953)

BOX FIVE contains reports, account books, membership lists, etc. for several of the political and civic organizations to which Hall belonged. Items related to the Democratic Party organization, eg. census records, membership lists, voter registration books, etc. are included. Moreover, there are a ledger and a membership list for the Homestead League & Improvement Association, an organization in which Hall served as president, as well as an account book for the Montebello Permanent Building & Loan Association, a bank for which Hall was director and attorney. The remaining items concern the [Baltimore Retail Druggists Associations], the Suburban Civic Federation, American Locomotive Company, and the Francis Scott Key Carnival Association of Md.

BOX SIX contains two groups of materials. First, there are rentbooks and misc. notes belonging to Robert E. Lee Hall. Secondly, there are several items belonging to three separate individuals whose relationship to Hall is uncertain. Perhaps these individuals were clients, relatives, or neighbors. Within this second group are receipts, a passbook, an account book, and a cash book.

BOX SEVEN, like the preceeding box, contains the papers of individuals whose relationship to Hall is unknown. For example, there are logbooks (1903-1907) and a journal [1885?] for the Baltimore schooner, the “Kate Darlington”. The ship was built around 1887 and remained in operation for approximately 50 years. The second group of papers concern a Chinese family by the name of Lang or Fang. Envelopes addressed to the family contain an address on Gorsuch Ave., the same street where Hall resided only many blocks away. A laundry supply order book contains a listing of Chinese characters with their English meanings as well as a listing of addresses. In addition, there is a bank passbook and several photos, the later transferred to the Prints and Photos Division.


Janice E. Ruth

November, 1980


Container List



Robert E. Lee Hall incoming correspondence, 1892; 1905-1939; n.d.

[ca.300 items]

Alice May Hall incoming correspondence, 1896

[1 item]

Dr. Richard Martin incoming correspondence, 1950-1952

[4 items]


Robert E. Lee Hall cash book re: Waverly and Friendship [farms] in Baltimore Co., 1880-1882

[1 vol.]

Robert E. Lee Hall household account book, 1899

[1 vol.]

Robert E. Lee Hall bills and receipts, 1900-1933; n.d.

Robert E. Lee Hall schoolbooks, c.1904

[3 vols.]

Robert E. Lee Hall scrapbooks re: taxation (compiled w/Reginald I. Hall), 1936-1955

Robert E. Lee Hall contsitutional law notes, n.d.

[4 items]


Deeds and mortgages of property located in Baltimore and presumably handled by Robert E. Lee Hall, 1864-1915

[ca.100 items]


Deeds and mortgages of properties located in Baltimore and presumably handled by Robert E. Lee Hall, 1916-1953

[ca.100 items]


Democratic Party Organization 1890 Census 22nd Ward 2nd Precinct, 1890

[1 vol.]

Democratic Party Organization membership lists, 9th Ward 2nd Precinct, c.1911

[1 item

Democratic Party Organization voter registration book, n.d.

[1 item]

Democratic Party Organization misc. notes on Mayor Preston, Maryland Dem. Party, and Hall's intention to run for office, n.d.

Homestead League and Improvement Assoc. treasurer's ledger, 1892-1905

[1 vol.]

Homestead League and Improvement Assoc. membership list, 1915

[1 item]

Montebello Permanent Bldg. & Loan account book, 1894-1905

[1 vol.]

[Baltimore Retail Druggists Assoc.] minute book, 1898-1899

[1 vol.]

Suburban Civic Federation resolutions and info. on “Annex” taxation, 1908-1924

[2it. [UNK]

American Locomotive Company stockholders report, 1913-1914

[2 items]

Francis Scott Key Carnival Association of Md. “By-Laws”, c.1914

[2 items]


Robert E. Lee Hall rent book, 1894-1913

[1 vol.]

Robert E. Lee Hall rent book, 1906-1919

[1 vol.]

Robert E. Lee Hall rent book, 1909-1910; 1926

[1 vol.]

Robert E. Lee Hall misc. notes, n.d.

[ca.50 items]

[Josephine Grob] passbook for David Reus Perm. Loan & Savings Co., 1904-1908

[1 item]

George M. Crook estate accounts, 1909-1910

[20 items]

William J. Porter/Horace H. Porter cash book, 1917

Misc. receipts not belonging to Robert E. Lee Hall, 1881-1919

[ca. 75 items]


“Kate Darlington”, schooner, journal, 1885

[1 vol.]

“Kate Darlington”, schooner, logbooks, 1903-1908

[4 vols.]

Misc. letters, envelopes, bankbook, dictionary, and address book belonging to a Chinese family by the name of Lang or Fang whose relation to Hall is unclear, c.1919-1936

[12 items]




The following listings correspond to the headings on the subject cards filed in the New Card Catalogue in the Manuscript Division.

American Street Lighting Company, c.1905

Anti-Sewer Rental Association, c.1912

Baltimore Press Club, c.1916-1926

Baltimore Reform League, c.1915

banks- Maryland, c.1905-1925

Boumi Temple, c.1921

Chinese- Baltimore, c.1920's-1930's

City-Wide Congress, c.1911

deeds-land, c.1864-1953

Democratic Party, c.1890-1930's

Democratic State Central Committee, c.1915

drugs and druggists, c.1880-1930

electric companies, c.1905-1925

Fifth Regiment Veteran Corps, c.1920's

Francis Scott Key Carnival Association, c.1914

Hall, Reginald Irving-(1895-1965)

Hall, Robert E. Lee- (1862-1939)

Homestead League & Improvement Association, c.1914

hospitals- Maryland, c.1905-1925

insurance companies, c.1905-1925

“Kate Darlington”- schooner, c.1885-1907

land-deeds, c.1864-1953

lawyers, 1894-1939

Lee, Blair Senator- (1857-1944)

Maryland General Hospital, c.1919

Maryland House of Delegates, 1904

Maryland League of Building Associations, c.1920's

Masons (Fraternal Organizations), c.1900's

Montebello Permanent Building & Loan Association, c.1894-1925

pharmacy, c.1884-1894

politics- Maryland, c.1890-1930's

Preston, James H. Mayor- (1860-1938)

railroads, c.1905-1925

real estate c.1905-1925

ships and shipping, c.1885-1907

Skin and Cancer Hospital, c.1916

Star-Spangled Banner Association of MD, c.1914

Suburban Civic Federation, c.1905-1925

taxation, 20th century

United Railways & Electric Company, c.1905