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The Rieman Family Photograph Collection contains photographs, prints, and negatives featuring members of the Rieman family, a prominent Baltimore family. There are also two images of railroad executive Solomon Davies Warfield and opera singer Rosa Ponselle.

The Rieman family of Baltimore is descended from Daniel Rieman (1755 – 1829), a German immigrant who operated a sugar refinery in Baltimore City.  His son, Henry Rieman, was a provision dealer and commission merchant in the meat market, importing pork and bacon to Baltimore from the western states.  His firm, Henry Rieman and Sons, prospered during the nineteenth century.  Henry Rieman’s son, Joseph Henry Rieman, continued his father’s business in partnership with his brother Alexander Rieman.  Alexander also served as a president of the Maryland-Pennsylvania Railway Company, while Joseph Henry expanded his business investments into real estate, until his holdings in Baltimore City represented some of the best properties in the downtown business district.  In 1864, Joseph Henry purchased Dumbarton Farm in Baltimore County near Towson for the family seat, as he had recently married Annie Lowe of Dayton, Ohio.  Dumbarton remained in the Rieman family until 1954, when the Baltimore County Board of Education purchased the property from Charlotte Rieman McIntosh in order to build an urgently-needed new junior high school for Towson.  The house, as a historic landmark, was preserved, and is currently occupied by the Baltimore Actor’s Theatre Conservatory. 

Charles E. Rieman, a long-time Baltimore banker and the son of Joseph Henry, was interested in the family’s history and genealogy, and in the 1890s, began researching both the Lowe and Rieman family roots.  Charles’ nephew, Joseph Rieman McIntosh, continued these genealogical investigations, collecting most the papers that are contained in this collection.  Other members of the family mentioned in the collection are Margaret Kalbfus, the daughter of Daniel Rieman and the sister of Henry; Mary Jones Rieman, Henry’s wife; Peter Lowe, Annie Lowe Rieman’s father; Elizabeth Taylor Goodwin Rieman, the wife of Charles; Perlee Lowe Rieman, Charles brother and the son of Joseph Henry and Annie Lowe; and Charlotte Rieman McIntosh and David G. McIntosh, Jr., parents of Joseph Rieman McIntosh, the collector of this collection.  J. Rieman McIntosh died in 1988 without children.  For a fuller explanation of the relationships of the various Rieman and McIntosh family members, see J. Rieman McIntosh, Genealogy and history of the Rieman family of Baltimore, descended from Daniel Rieman 1755 – 1829, a native of Germany, (Baltimore: private printed, 1986), in the Main Reading Room.

Collection Origin

The Rieman Family Photograph Collection was donated to the H. Furlong Baldwin Library on the Maryland Historical Society along with the Rieman Family Collection, MS 3045 in several stages from 1971 to 2002, by Mr. J. Rieman McIntosh, and after his death, by his widow, Mrs. Joseph [Elizabeth] Bryan III nee McIntosh. The collection was created by various Rieman family relatives, and includes genealogical information about the family. 

Scope and Content

The Rieman Family Photograph Collection consists of 1 box of photographs, prints, and negatives spanning the years 1927-1983. Most of the items are undated images of members of the Rieman family. Folder 10 contains a typed letter referencing two photographs, PP 252.8 and PP 252.9, located in folders 8 and 9, of figures including railroad executive Solomon Davies Warfield and opera singer Rosa Ponselle.

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See also the following works in the Maryland Historical Society’s Main Reading Room:

            McIntosh, Joseph Rieman.  Genealogy and history of the Rieman family of Baltimore,  descended from Daniel Rieman 1755 – 1829 a native of Germany, (Baltimore: private printed), 1986.

            McIntosh, Joseph Rieman.  McIntosh Family Genealogy (Baltimore: private printed), 1990. 

            Rieman, Charles Ellet.  Lowe Family Genealogy, ed. J. Rieman McIntosh, (Baltimore:  private printed), 1990.

Container List

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Item ID





PP 252.1

Daniel Rieman

Photograph of a painting of Daniel Rieman, 1755-1829



PP 252.2

Joseph Henry Rieman

Photograph of  Joseph Henry Rieman, 1822-1897



PP 252.3

Annie Lowe Rieman

Photograph of Annie Lowe Rieman



PP 252.4

Henry Rieman and Mary Jones, his wife and their three sons

Copy from a daguerreotype



PP 252.5

Henry Rieman and Mary Jones

Mounted print of Henry Rieman, 1786-1865, and his wife Mary Jones Rieman, 1788-1860



PP 252.6

Commerce and Farmers National Bank

Photograph and negative of bank which was later the office of Henry Rieman & Sons



PP 252.7

Freemont - West Baltimore

Photograph of a painting of the home of Henry Rieman and Mary Jones Rieman



PP 252.8

Milking Contest

Photograph of various figures including Rosa Ponselle and Solomon Davies Warfield



PP 252.9

Solomon Davies Warfield and Rosa Ponselle

Photograph (by the Hughes company)




Mrs. Elayne Duke to ?

Transcript copy of letter



PP 252.11

Towson, Maryland - Cross

Postcard showing a painting of a World War I Memorial in Towson



PP 252.12


unidentified negative of a portrait with handwritten note



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