Ridgely Papers, 1840-1919, MS 1908

Ridgely Papers, 1840-1919
Maryland Historical Society


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Ridgely Papers, 1840-1919
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Ridgely Papers, 1840-1919

MS 1908

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Gift of John Ridgely, III, Hampton Lane, Balto., Md. - 1972



Box I

4 large ledgers: John Ridgely of Hampton, Private Herd Register-1 vol.; [UNK] House Expenses ; list of bulls ; cows, 1854-1904, 1 vol.; [UNK] [UNK] [UNK] 1854-1904, house expenses, 1872-75 including pay to house [UNK] [UNK] [UNK], 1880; Hampton Farm, Cash Account Book, 1897-[UNK], 1 vol.; and Hampton Farm, Cash Account Book, 1907-1919, 1 vol.




Box II

Satchel containing letters, receipts, accounts, etc. primarily involving William Hawkin ; C. W. Humrichouse ; families, as follows:



1. 1 small account book, 1847-1848, noted on front in faded ink William Hawkin's Cash... ; in pouch 3 miscellaneous accounts relating to Hawkin




2. 1 leather pouch containing 17 items, 1801-1842; 12 items such as bil receipts, etc. of William Hawkin, 1823-38; 2 items (n.d.) on gun-making (the gun barrels); 1 item listing birth ; death of Juliann Hawkin (1759-1827) n.d.; 1 a.l.s. (4 pp.) Nov. 7, 1842, Sarah to Mary Hawkin; 1 d.s., Indenture - Richard Purdy bound to Alexander McCleland 1801.




3. 1 leather pouch containing 12 items, 1809-1824: 11 items such as receipts, accounts, etc. for various members of the Hawkin family - William, Christian ; George and for Henry Realhofer, 1809-24; 1 item which is a notebook, 1816-18:




4. 1 leather pouch containing 4 items, 1834-1850: 4 receipts, accounts checks of William Hawkin 1834-39, 1838, 1848, 1850




5. 1 leather pouch (2 pockets) containing 47 items, 1823-1852: 26 items are accounts, receipts, checks, etc. of William Hawkin, 1823-52 and 21 items are accounts, receipts, checks, etc. of William Hawkin, [UNK].




6. [UNK] the same [UNK] [UNK] and 2 of the same woman. Also an envelope of the [UNK] Md. R.R. including a pass for the Director, C. W. Humrichouse ; family for 1879 and a card listing standing committees of Western Md. R.R. ; meeting days of Board of Directors for 1879.






7. 1 newspaper - The Hagerstown Mail, May 8, 1846,

4 pp.




8. 1 letterfile containing 17 items, 1846-1880: 1 newspaper The (Hagerstown) Pledge, May 12, 1846 (4 pp.) in very poor condition; 11 misc. items mostly accounts ; receipts for 1870's and 1880's for Humrichouse primarily; 4 printed items including 2 broadsides, one 7 p. pamphlet in German; receipt of William Hawkins (sic). 1862.




9. 1 item which is receipt of taxes (county and state) paid by C.W. Humrickhouse (sic for 1875 (see No. 12)




10. Small pocket diary, 1872. About 10 lines are entered daily noting the weather, business, etc. Also a cash account for 1872 and miscellaneous notes.




11. Small pocket diary, 1875. Very few entries and these mostly concern family health and the weather.




12. Approximately 100 loose items originally in bottom of satchel, now in [UNK] folders:



1. Approximately 60 (58) letters (most with envelopes) of Humriohouse family, primarily 1860(s-1870's though some earlier (1840's) and later and 12 empty envelopes. Approximately 28 of these letters were written by [UNK] [UNK] Humrichouse to his father, Charles W. Humrichouse in 1877 from Europe.



These letters in separate folder.






2. 35 items such as receipts, accounts, checks of Humrichouse and Hawkin: 15 receipts for taxes paid state, county ; city in 1870's ; 1880's by [UNK] 11 miscellaneous receipts, checks, accounts for 1870's for Humrichouse ; [UNK] 7 similar items for 1860's; 1 account for 1852 by Hawkin and one Hawkin account for 1842.




3. 15 miscellaneous items including telegram between Hawkin and Humrichouse, 1877 life insurance policy, 2 income tax reforms, receipts of firms, 2 poems, material relating to 2 female seminaries, 2 plats, and 5 printed items (including certificate of Humrichouse as member of war medical advisory board)