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ca. 1850s-1969 (bulk 1860-1900)


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The Rider family was owner of a Baltimore County tract of land known as Riderwood, in the vicinity of which the area known as Ruxton originated. The name Ruxton appears in connection with the area in the late 1880s, when the Northern Central Railway built a station by that name from which people traveled to Baltimore city for work, shopping, and entertainment. In 1906 the railroad ran 37 local trains each day between Baltimore and Parkton, Cockeysville, and Greenspring Junction, as well as Harrisburg and York, Pa. The line was later taken over by the Pennsylvania Railroad, and operated until 1959.

Around 1880, the Rider family had numerous plots in the area, including Edward Rider's estate called "Malvern", just east of the railroad tracks and slightly northeast of Lake Roland. On the west side of the railroad, and south of Joppa Road, the McConkey family had a place. Other families in the area included Ellicott, Finnan, Kapp, Meyers, and Hooper, as well as Haslup and Coale. William B. Rider, born in 1857 to Edward and Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider, married Kate A. Bateman.

Various members of the Bateman family resided at 1021 York Rd. in Waverly; during the 1880s and 1890s, Clinton, Clara, Ernest, Leonard and James are listed in the Baltimore Directory at this residence. In the 1870s and 1880s, James S. Bateman operated a grocery at 1023 York Rd., which was taken over by William Joesting in the 1890s. W. Ernest Bateman was a photographer with an establishment at 116 So. 4th Street (this address may have been in Minneapolis, Minn.).

Collection Origin

Gift of Ethel C. Rider, 1980 (75813).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 50 photographs, including daguerreotypes, tintypes, and albumen cartes de visite studio portraits, primarily from years ca. 1860 through 1900, with a few earlier and later items. Subjects are Rider, White, McConkey, Haslup and Bateman family portraits, with pictures of their houses and other sites in the Ruxton area of Baltimore County. There is a group portrait of "The Literary Club of Ruxton at Thornton".


The photographs are arranged in folders according to PP catalog number.


Container List

1 Box

Box 1: 6 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP40.1 - Rachel White, nee Leonard (1797-1867), n.d. 2 items.

PP40.2 - Goran White (1804-1862), n.d. 2 items.

PP40.3 - Kitty Leonard (sister of Rachel White), n.d. 1 item.

PP40.4 - Unidentified woman. 1 item.

PP40.5-.9 - Unidentified men, women, and children, n.d. 7 items.

PP40.10 - The Literary Club of Ruxton, at Thornton (Edward Rider's house, later "Aunt Lizzie Stevenson's house"), n.d. 1 item.

Box 1, Folder 2
PP40.11 - Unknown couple, daguerreotype, n.d. 3 items (1 daguerreotype and 2 copy photoprints)

PP40.12 - Unidentified house with snow and people, n.d. 2 items.

PP40.13 - Home of great-grandfather Rider, 1911. 1 item.

PP40.14 - Train at Ruxton, n.d. Photograph by W. Ernest Bateman. 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.739.

PP40.15 - Lake Roland (?), n.d. 1 item.

PP40.16-19 - Unidentified sites: farm building and other structure, railroad tracks, and house, n.d. 5 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.740 and Z24.741.

PP40.20 - Advertisement board for W. Ernest Bateman, n.d. 1 item.

Box 1, Folder 3
PP40.21 - Rachel Leonard White, n.d. 1 item.

PP40.22 - Goren White, n.d. 1 item.

PP40.23 - Negatives of documents, n.d. 6 items.

PP40.24 - Negatives of documents, n.d. 7 items.

PP40.25 - Photoprints of documents, n.d. 7 items.

Box 1, Folder 4
PP40.26 - George W. McConkey and Eliza Coale McConkey, ca. 1850s. 2 items: 1/4 plate daguerreotype and modern copy print.

PP40.27 - Edward Rider, Jr. and Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider and three of their children, ca. 1860s. 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1652.

PP40.28 - Edward Rider, Jr., ca. 1880s-1890s. 1 item.

PP40.29 - Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider, ca. 1880s-1890s. 1 item.

PP40.30 - Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider, ca. 1870s-1880s. 1 item.

PP40.31 - Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider, ca. 1909. 1 item.

PP40.32 - Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider and four of her children on porch of Edward Rider, Jr. home on Locust Ave., Ruxton, ca. 1900. 1 item.

PP40.33 - Haslup home on Malvern Ave., Ruxton, ca. 1885. 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1660.

PP40.34 - Mary Rider (Haslup), ca. 1870. 1 item.

PP40.35 - Mary Rider (Haslup), ca. 1873. 1 item.

PP40.36 - Mary Rider (Haslup), ca. 1926. 1 item.

PP40.37 - Eight children of Edward Rider, Jr. and Rebecca Anne McConkey Rider: William Bryson, Rachel, Florence, Annie Ready, Ella, Mary, Edward, and Eliza, 1890s. 1 item.

PP40.38 - Barn on Young Man's Adventure land grant, 1969. 1 item.

PP40.39 - James S. Bateman, ca. 1870. 1 item.

PP40.40 - James S. Bateman, ca. 1880s-1890s. 1 item.

PP40.41 - James S. Bateman, ca. 1880s-1890s. 1 item.

PP40.42 - Jimmie Bateman, ca. 1860. 1 item.

PP40.43 - Clara Bateman, ca. 1860. 1 item.

PP40.44 - Estella Bateman, ca. 1860. 1 item.

PP40.45 - Clinton Bateman, ca. 1860. 1 item.

Box 1, Folder 6
PP40.46 - Clinton Bateman, ca. 1880. 1 item.

PP40.47 - James S. Bateman on porch of house on York Rd., probably photographed by W. Ernest Bateman, ca. 1900. 1 item.

PP40.48 - James S. Bateman with Clinton, Estella, and Clara Bateman, and unidentified child and older woman on porch of house on York Rd, probably photographed by W. Ernest Bateman, ca. 1900. 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1661.

PP40.49 - Bateman house and former shop on York Rd, probably photographed by W. Ernest Bateman, ca. 1900. 1 item.

PP40.50 - Woodrow Wilson and Charles Evans Hughes. 1 item. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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