Perine Account and Record Books, 1798-1885, MS 654

Perine Account and Record Books, 1798-1885

Maryland Historical Society


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Perine Account and Record Books, 1798-1885
Maryland Historical Society

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Perine Account and Record Books, 1798-1885

MS 654

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Some Material On Microfilm.

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Business records of Peter Perine Western Potteries, Perine and Aquilla Jones, and M. Perine and Co. all of whom were engaged in the pottery business. The records fall into nine categories which are:



Reel 1

ACCOUNT BOOK, 1798-1831. Book bought 10-12-1798 by Peter Perine. Miscellaneous purchases of Peter Perine, 1809. Pottery sales records 1815. Pottery sales and purchase records, 1827-1831. Miscellaneous receipts for remedies for various physical ills.

1 vol


REEL # 1




Reel 2

DAY BOOKS, 1839, 1839-1841, 1844-1846, 1846-1848, 1848,-1852, 1852-1855, 1855-1859, 1859-1864, 1864-1866, 1882-1885. Records day-by day sales of pottery products, giving dates of transaction, name of purchaser and often address, and the number, name and price of each item bought.

10 vol.




SUMMARY DAY BOOK, 1836-1840. Statement of cash intake, 11-1-1836 through 1-31-1837; summary giving date of transaction, name of purchaser and amount carried, 2-1-1837 throughlo-20-1840.

1 vol.




WORK BOOKS, [1840-1857,] 1859-1885. Records of workmen at Perine Pottery, giving name, dates of computation and amounts to be paid, often length of working time computed, and cash drawn against work. Books overlap in date, the four covering 5-20-1840 through 8-29-1846, 5-9-1846 through 5-18-1850, 2-9-1850 through 11-[UNK]-1857,] and [9-16-1859, through 8-31-1872.] The last workbook also contains come record of Thomsonian medical practices (see below).

4 vol.




ACCOUNT BOOK, 1842-1854. Running account of debit and credit with each customer, giving name of customer and date and amount of each transaction, 7-15-1842 through 7-11-1854.

1 vol.

Reel # 4




HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNT BOOKS, 1864-1876. Personal account books with running account of income and expenditures. Vol. 4. covers 1-2-1864 through 10-31-1872, vol. 5. covers 11-1-1872 through 9-30-1876.

2 vol.




RECORD BOOK, 1860-1882. Miscellaneous records of sales and purchases at Pottery, 1860-1882. Some records of Thomsonian medical societies. (see below).




RECORDS OF THOMSONIAN MEDICAL PRACTICES, 1831-1852. Loose page in 1. account Book, 1798-1831, gives The manner of Administering a course of Thomsonian Medicine without the Steeming, signed and dated by Maulden Perine, 1-1-1831, and again signed and dated by Maulden Perine, 4-18-1852. Minutes of the Trustees of the Thomsonian Friendly Society of Maryland, 2-18-1833 through 3-3-1836, are contained in. Record Book, 1860-1882.

Box 8




Box 2

REEL # 3

[UNK] 1854-1872

[Constitution and minutes of The Third Branch of the Thomsonian Friendly Botanic Society of Maryland, 3-9-1835 through 4-11-1835, are contained in the last work book,] 9-16-1859 through 8-31-1872.




MASON COMMONPLACE BOOK. Genealogy of John Mason (1752-1822); mathematical exercises; miscellaneous Mason records; 638 lines of Virgil's AEneid Lib [UNK], Translated by W. L.

1 vol.






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