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*This page is currently under construction. Additional portions of the collection will be added as they become available*


Admission ticket for The World of Baltimore, October 25 to November 30, 1912. Held at the Lyric Theatre and Exposition Hall. "Worker's Season Ticket.,” BCLM Works on Paper Collection, MD8721, MDHS.


Constructed in 1814 as the Peale Museum at 225 North Holliday Street, Baltimore, the building served other uses after 1831 until it reopened in 1931 as the Municipal Museum of the City of Baltimore. In 1985, the name was changed to the Peale Museum of the Baltimore City Life Museums (also known as Baltimore City Life Museum or BCLM) to reflect its inclusion in a group of several associated historic sites and museums. 

The Baltimore City Life Museums collected and exhibited objects pertaining to the history of the city of Baltimore and its people. In addition, at its Peale site, it maintained a Museum Reference Center with particularly strong holdings of historical prints and photographs. 

In 1997, the Baltimore City Life Museums closed due to lack of funding. The collections were transferred to the Maryland Historical Society in 1998. 

Collection Origin

Transferred from the Peale/Baltimore City Life Museum to the Maryland Historical Society in 1998.

Scope and Contents

The Peale/BCLM maintained a significant collection of historical material on Baltimore. Totaling about [fill-in] Works on Paper, and dating from [fill-in], the collection includes prints, manuscripts, maps, posters, and ephemera. The particular stengths of the collection are[fill-in].


The collection has been kept in the original order/numbering system it was in when received from BCLM.

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Inventory Lists

The inventory lists are an ongoing project. Due to the number of items in the collection, the inventory lists will be uploaded as they become available. We apologize for splitting up the inventory lists; finding aids have limited space so it cannot be avoided. 

BCLM Works on Paper 8x10 - download pdf of full inventory

Boxes 1-3

Boxes 4-6

Boxes 7-9

Boxes 10-12

Boxes 13-15

Boxes 16-18

BCLM Works on Paper, Legal - download pdf of full inventory

Boxes 1-3

Boxes 4-6

Boxes 7-9

Boxes 10-12

Boxes 13-15

Boxes 16-18

Boxes 19-21

Boxes 22-24

Boxes 25-27

Boxes 28-30

Boxes 31-33

Boxes 34-36

Boxes 37-39

Boxes 40-42

Boxes 43-45

Boxes 46-49

Boxes 50-52

Boxes 53-56

BCLM WORKS ON PAPER, 11x14 - download PDF of full inventory

Boxes 1-32

BCLM WORKS ON PAPER, 16x20 - download PDF of full inventory

Boxes 1-31

BCLM WORKS ON PAPER, 20x24 - download PDF of full inventory

Boxes 1-26

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