Neilson Record Books, 1798-1900, MS 613

Neilson Record Books, 1798-1900

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Neilson Record Books, 1798-1900
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Neilson Record Books, 1798-1900

MS 613

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Microfilm: Antebellum Southern Plantations,

Reel 10



Neilson Record Books, 1798-1899, Harford County, Maryland,

MS. 613


James Crawford Neilson (1806-1900) spent his early years in England and Belgium, returning to Baltimore in 1833. He worked as an engineer and surveyor for several railroads and the U.S. Coast Survey before commencing business as an architect in Baltimore. The earliest volume is in Dutch. Volumes 2-5 were probably kept by Neilson's father-in-law, James W. Williams, relating to Priestford farm in Dublin District, Harford County. These journals, 1824-1844, record average yields and the amount of slave work required in wheat harvests, farm equipment, and cultivation of corn, clover, fruit and berries, locust trees, garden crops, and livestock. Also noted are camp meetings, social visits, and political meetings. Subsequent volumes document the architecture, surveying, and agricultural affairs of James Crawford Neilson.



0529 Introductory Materials.





0531 Neilson Family, Volume 1, Ledger Book, 1798-1800.





0552 Neilson Family, Volume 2, Priestford Farm Journal, 1824-1831.





0771 Neilson Family, Volume 3, Priestford Farm Journal, 1831-1835.





0963 Neilson Family, Volume 4, Priestford Farm Journal, 1835-1836.







Reel 11

0001 Neilson Family, Volume 4 cont., Priestford Farm Journal, 1836-1839.





0099 Neilson Family, Volume 5, Priestford Farm Journal, 1839-1845.





0250 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 6, Deer Creek Survey, Baltimore and Philadelphia Rail Road, 1835.





0267 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 7, Survey Notes, Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, 1838-1861.





0327 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 8, Survey Journal, 1842-1848.





0394 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 9, Memoranda of Property and Improvements at Priestford, 1823-1899.





0501 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 10, Priestford Farm Notes, 1862-1900.





0600 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 11, Private Ledger, 1864-1896.





0700 James Crawford Neilson, Volume 12, Architectural Notes, 1864-1899.





0731 Mrs. Rosa Neilson, Volume 13, Ground Rents in Baltimore, 1862-1879.





0750 Loose Pages Taken from Volume 11, James Crawford Neilson, Private Ledger, 1864-1900.





0770 Loose Pages Taken from James Crawford Neilson, Survey Journal, 1842-1848.








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