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Special Collections Department, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society

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*Indicates cross-reference
MF numbers are catalog numbers that can searched in the catalog for more information.



Abbott, Julia M. (Hanshew ), fl. 1860-1915. 1 print.

Abell, Arunah S.; Simmons, Azariah; Swain, Mr. 2 prints, 1 negative. Abell in center. See also: Cased Photographs Collection #233. Copy Negative: Z24.472.

Abell, Elizabeth L., 1888. 1 print.

Abell family. 4 prints.

*Abel, John Jacob, 1857-1938. See MF 179. A13. 9W. Frontpiece.

Achey, Charles F. 1 print.

Acton, Joseph, Polk. 1 print.

Actors and actresses, unidentified. 5 prints.

Adams, Charles F., 1807-1886. U.S. Minister to England, Harper's Weekly April 20, 1861. 1 negative.

Adams, Etta H., Baltimore, Maryland (Mrs. William W. Franz), ca 1890s. 1 print

Adams, John Q. 1 print.

Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848. Md. Historical Magazine, Fall 1971. 1 print, 1 negative.

Adams, John, Painting by G. Stuart, Restricted: Library of Congress. 1 print.

Adams, Mrs., engraving, Restricted: Library of Congress. 1 print.

Adams, Professor Herbert B., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 1 print.

Adams, Professor Herbert B., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 1 print.

Adams, Rt. Rev. William Forbes, 1835 - 1920, Bishop of Easton. 1 print.

Addison, Eliza Girault. 1 print.

Addison, Hayes Merrill. 1 print.

Addison, Col. John, See MF 179. A22M, Frontpiece. 1 print.

Addison, William Meade. 1 print.

Adler, Peter Herman. 1 print.

Adreon, William Tell. 1 print.

Agnew, Spiro T., 4 photos . Restricted: Miami Herald, acc. no. 71084. 5 prints.

Agnew, Spiro T., 1969. 3 prints, 1 negative.

Agnus, Gen. Felix. See prints collection. 1 print, 1 negative.

Aiken, Honorable William. From the Brady Collection 1 print.

Albert, Jenny. (2 yrs.). 1 print.

*Albert, Mrs. William J. People on The Lawn ca.1883. See Folder- Maryland Club. 64183.

Albert, Wm J. (1816-). Steel Engraving from MF 180.B61. MdHS coll. See prints coll. 1 negative.

Albert, William J. (1816-1879). Steel Engraving. H. B. Hall and Sons. 1 print.

*Albert, William J. see: PP52 Brantz/Mayer Hayden Collection.

*Aldridge, Andrew Jr. see: PP57 Frick Family Collection; Stewart , C. Morton.

Alexander, Thomas Stockett. 1810-1872. 1 print.

Alexander, Thomas S. (1808-1872). 1 print.

Alexander, William. 1 print - carte-de-visite)

Alford, A. G., Capt. 1 print.

Allen, Barbara Ellen. 1 print.

Allen, Paul. (Solomon Fitz Quizz). MS 284, Delphian Club Papers, vol.3 (p196). 1 negative.

Allison, [Jacob]. 1 print.

*Alsop, George. See prints collection.

Amelung Family.; Silhouttes, Orig. and very early copy. Owner- Mrs. Kemp. (1951-52). 1 print, 3 copies, negative # 45-46.

*Ames, E. R. See prints collection.

Anderson, Gen. C.S.A. 1 print.

Anderson, Captain James, ca. 1862. 1 copy print.

Anderson, Captain James, ca. 1862. 1 copy print.

Early, Gen. Jubal Anderson and Wife ? See also: oversize file.

Anderson, Judith. 1 print.

Anderson, Nellie C. 1 print.

*Anderson, Pricilla. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Andre, Major. Drawing of a woman. See prints collection, P142.

*Andrews, John D. See Prints Collection.

Anderson, Gen. Robert, U.S.A. 1 print.

Angel, William W. 1 print (Fragile). 1 copy front, 1 copy back.

Anne, Princess Royal, Daughter of George II. 1 negative. Copy.

Applegarth, Rev. Albert C. First cataloguer of; Maryland Historical Society 1 print.

Appleton, Eben.; Letter of 1880. 4 prints, 2 negatives.

Appold Family. 5 prints.

Appold, Caroline. 1 print.

Appold, George. 1 print.

Appold, Mrs. George Julius nee Sarah Mackall Mackenzie. 3 prints.

Appold, George Julius. 1 print.

Appold, Nellie Bland. 1 print.

Archer, Dr. George W., M.D. 1824-1907. 3 prints.

Archer, Gen. J.J. 1 Print. Copy Negative: Z24.1668. 1 print.

Archer, Henry. From D'Arcy Paul Estate. 1 print.

*Archer, Samuel. See Prints Collection.

Archer, Stevenson. From engraving by H. B. Hall and Sons. See also: Print Coll. 1 print, 1 negative.

*Archer, Stevenson. See Prints Collection.

Arkwright, Richard (1732-1792). 1 print.

*Armstrong, Alexander. See Ritchie, Albert C.

*Armstrong, Annie. See MF 179. A72 E; Frontpiece.

Armstrong, Richard. On platform of B&O train, 1858. 1 print.

*Arnold, Maj. Gen. Benedict. See Prints Collection.

Artist At Work. Unidentified. 1 print.

Ashby, Hon. James Mitchell of Ohio. 1 print.

Ashby, Gen. Turner. Carte de visite

Ashley, Mr. (1863). 1 print.

Ashley, Gen. Turner. 1 print.

*Astor, John. See: Small prints.

Atkins, Mr. 1 print.

Atkinson, Dr. Issac Edmondson. 3 print.

"Major Atom" [Midget]. 1 print.

Atwell, William. 1 print.

Auld, Mrs. Hugh, Jr. nee Zipporah Wilson. 1 print.

*Augustine, Mother Mary.; See MF 179. S49. Bl pg.463.

Aulick, Commander. 1 print.

Aydelott,William J. and wife. Member of Legislature, 1878. 1 print.



Babcock, Dr. M. D. Babcock, Maltbie Davenport See MF 179. B11 S Frontpiece and MF 179. B11 R Frontpiece. 1 print.

Backus, Rev. John Chester. See Prints Collection. See M.F. 179. B12M. Frontpiece. 1 print.

Baile, Nathan Haines. 1846. 1 print.

*Bailie, David. See MF 179. W265. H1 Frontpiece.

Baird, Thomas D. 1 print.

Baker, Anna Wyatt. (1879-1908) -[ca. 1905] 1 print.

*Baker, Charles J. See PP 52.

Baker, Sen. Edward. Baker ,Col. Edw. D. See Prints Collection under Union Generals. 1 print.

*Baker, Rev. Francis A. See MF 179 B166 Frontpiece.

Baker, Frank A. 1 print.

Baker, M. 2 prints.

Baker, Miff. 1 print.

Baker, Mr. 1 print.

Baker, William George. 1 print.

Baldwin, Dr. Charles W. 1 print.

*Baldwin, Juliet Sewell. See MF 179. B179B. Frontpiece.

Baldwin, Summerfield. See LF 179. B179B pg. 22 and MF 179. B18B. Frontpiece. 2 prints.

*Balfour, Lord.; See MF 179. M31A Pg. 123.

*Balthis, Edna. See Oversize Photos.

Balthis, Edna. 1 print.

Balthis, Elizabeth Leonard. 1 print.

Balthis, Elizabeth Leonard. 1 print.

Balthis, Lewis Hall. 1 print.

*Balthis, Mary Evelyn. See Oversize File.

Balthis, Mary Evelyn. 1 print.

Balthis, William Leonard. 1 print.

Balthis, William Leonard Jr. 1 print.

Baltimore, Lord. Being given credit by Lycurgus for establishing religious liberty. 1 print.

Baltimore - Children.

Baltimore Orioles- individual portraits of players from 1962

Baltzer, Mrs. 1 print.

*Baltzer, Mrs. Eleanora. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Bancroft, Elise Milligan. (Mrs. Robert Bancroft). 2 prints.

Bandel, I. W. 1 print.

Bandel, John W. 1 print.

Bandel, Luke. 2 prints.

*Bankard, H. S. See Prints Collection.

Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss. See Prints Collection. 2 prints.

*Barbauld, Mrs. Anna Lastitia. MF 179. P74. P55 pg. 724.

Barclay, McClelland. 1 negative.

Barker, Capt. Abram. (1863). 1 print.

*Barker, Jacob. See Small Prints.

Barker, Lewellys F. 2 prints.

*Barnes, Mrs. Robert. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Barnett, George Ernest. 1 print.

*Barney, Mrs. Charlotte. See MF 179. B26A pg. 100.

*Barney, Everette Hosmer. See MF 179. B26A Frontpiece.

*Barney, George M. See MF 179. B26A pg. 200.

*Barney, Capt. John. See MF 179. B26P14 pg. 48.

*Barney, Josephine Carter. See MF 179. B26A pg.108.

Barney, Joshua. See Prints Collection; Barney, Commodore. See MF 179. B26B. Frontpiece. 1 print/1 negative.

*Barney, Louis. See MF 179. B26A pg. 90.

*Barney, William. See MF 179. B28W Frontpiece.

*Barney, William Joshua. See MF 179. B26A pg. 100; Barney, William. Son of Mrs. Charlotte Barney. See MF 179. B26A pg. 100.

*Barney, William Stevenson. See MF 179. B26A pg. 75.

Barns, Bertha Wentz. Ca. 1920. 1 print.

Barns, Bertha Wentz and Charlotte. Ca. 1916. 1 print.

Barns, Bertha Wentz and Charlotte. Ca. 1916. 1 print.

Barns, Charlotte. Ca. 1919. 1 print.

Barr, Dr. and Mrs. D. Miller. 2 prints.

Barr, Mrs. D. Miller. (nee Susannah L. Dickson) 1 print.

*Barrell, Lawrence. See Medium Photos.

*Barrett, Lawrence. See Large Photos.

*Barry, John. See Prints Collection.

*Barry, Philip. See Jackson, General Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.

*Batthis, Edna. See Medium Photos.

*Batthis, Mary Evelyn. See Medium Photos.

Bartholomee, Theodore M. 1 print.

*Bartol, James Lawrence. See PP52.

*Berry, John S. See PP52.

Barton, Carlyle. 1 print.

Barton, Randolph. 1 print.

Barton, Robert. 1 print.

Baruch, Bernard M. 1 print.

*Batchellor, William. See War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore. Druid Hill Park 1880.

Batdorff, Sallie. 1 print.

Bates, Hon. Edward. From the Brady Collection. 1 print.

Bates, Mr. 1 print.

Baughman, Gen. L. Victor. 1 print.

Bauernschmidt, Mrs. William (Maria). 1 print.

*Baxley Family. See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Emily Rolston. (1852-1941). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, George. (1771-1848). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, George William. (1851-1869). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Gertrude Hyne Minifie. (1837-1891). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Henry M. (1868-1950). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Henry W. (1803-1876). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Jackson Brown. (1814-1896). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Jackson Brown. (1856-1891). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Jackson Brown - Family. See PP 48.

*Baxley, Mary Merryman. (1775-1834). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Maude Tonge. (1871-1958). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

*Baxley, Rebecca Jane. (1797-1875). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

Baxley, William Brown. (1894-1918). 1 print.

*Baxley, William Brown. (1894-1918). See PP48 Trimble Collection of Hack-Maslin Family.

Bayard, James A. Wood Engrav. From The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812 by

Benson J. Lossing. 1 print/1 negative.

Bayard, Hon. Richard H. Chief Justice of Delaware, Sept. 1839 to March 1841.1 print.

Bayard, Thomas. 1 print.

Bayley, Most Rev. James Roosevelt. See Large Photos. See MF179. S49. B1 pg.498; see MF179. B34Y Frontpiece. 1 print.

*Bayley, Dr. Richard. See MF; 179. S49 D pg. 58.

*Baynard, Eliza Heide. See Baynard, Mrs. John.

*Baynard, George. See Cased Photographs Collection.

Baynard, Dr. George Heide. 2 prints, 1 negative.

Baynard, Mrs. John (Eliza Heide). 3 prints, 1 negative.

Beal, John T. 1 print.

Beall, John Yeats. 1 print.

Beall, Lemon Jr. 63903. Selby Pho. 1 print.

Beale (General?). 1 print.

Beall, Henry D. 1 print.

*Beall, Lula. See Gough Thompson Wedding Party.

Bear, John. 1 print.

Bear, Mrs. John. 1 print.

Beard, Daisy and Belle. 1 print.

Beatean, R. F. Member of Legislature, 1878. 1 print.

Beattie, Fountain. 1 print.

Beatty, Emily Trapnell (Mrs. Edward Beatty). 1 print.

Beatty, Joseph Edward (Lieut.). 2 prints.

Beauregard, Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant. 3 prints.

*Beck, Lewis Addison. See Medium Photos.

Becke, A. D. 1 print.

Becker, Mary. 1 print.

Bell, John. Campaign Poster 1860.1 print.

Bell, John"Potter". Silhouettes of John, wife, and son, John. 1 negative.

Bell, John. Eng. By A. H. Ritchie. 1 print.

Bell, Sen. John of Tennessee. (1797-1869). 1 print.

Bells, John Minor of Virginia. (1802 1869). 1 print.

*Bend, Mrs. B. Duke. See Cased Photographs Collection.

Bendann, David, not dated. 2 prints. (one print: David Bendann and unidentified man; may be brother and partner Daniel Bendann). Located in Medium Photographs. Acc#: 2011-029-LIB; See also: SVF – Baltimore – Streets – Baltimore St. – 105 East – David Bendann Art Gallery.

Bendann, Pauline and David. 2 prints.

[Bennell ?], Katie. 1 print.

*Bennett, Joan. See Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson Movie Stills (In Subject File).

*Bennett, Susannah Maria. See Lowe, Mrs. Henry. Tombstone in Subject Vertical File.

Benson, Carville D. 1 print.

Bentham, Jeremy. (1748-1832). 1 print.

Bentley, Charles William. See Prints Collection. 1 print.

Berger, Rev. A. J. 2 prints.

Berger, Rev. and Mrs. A.J. 1 print

Berger, Bertha. 1 print.

Berkley, Henry J. 2 prints.

Berkley, Margaret. 1 print.

Berry, John S. 1 print.

*Berry, H. C. See Cased Photographs Collection.

Berry, T. W. 1 print.

Best, Lt. Col. Emory F. 1 print.

Betsy, the finger painting chimpanzee [?]. not dated. 1 print.

Biddle, J. Wilmer; 1 print.

Biddle, Mrs., J.Wilmer; 1 print.

Biddle, Letty and Charles; 1 print.

Biddle, Letitia Glenn; 1 print.

Bierne, Frank; 1 print.

Billop, Hon. John A.; 1 print.

Bingham, Hon. John A. 1 print.

*Bingley Family. See Gordon Family.

Bishop, George W.; 1 print.

Bishop, James; 1 print.

Blackford, Lucy; 1 negative.

Blackwell, Adela Metcalfe; 2 prints, ca. 1900. (Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Shearman S. Dance, June 29, 1990, acc# 003085)

Blair, Francis P.; 1 print.

Blair, Montgomery; Restricted: Library of Congress; 1 print.

Blake, George Jr.; 1 print.

*Blake, Henry; See Prints Collection.

*Block, Meta; See: Photography Box I-5.

*Bloodgood, Joseph C. Dr.; (See Johns Hopkins Hospt., Operation 1904).

Boardley, Mrs. John Beale. Wife of Artist; Negative. of Miniature. 2 negatives.

Boardley, John Beale, III; 1 print.

Boatwright, Fredrk. W.; 1 print and 1 negative.

Boden IV, Mrs. Harry Clark.; MdHi Coll. Feb. 1973; 2 prints and 2 negatives.

Bodine, A. Aubrey.; See Oversize File. 1 print.

*Boehm, Rev. Henry.; See MF 179. B67B; frontpiece.

Boettinger, William G.; 1 print.

Bokel, Martha.; 2 prints and 1 negative.

*Bokel Family.; See: Historic Houses - Bokel; Family Home.

Bolewicki, Anna. ca 1900-1936. (wife of Michael Bolewicki). 1 framed print. Acc#2017-031-LIB. Located in Framed Storage, Aisle 173, Shelf B8.

Bolewicki, Michael. ca 1900-1936. (husband of Anna Bolewicki; saloon owner, corner of Boston Street and Elwood Avenue, Canton). 1 framed print. (Some genealogical information on rear of frame). Acc#2017-031-LIB. Located in Framed Storage, Aisle 173, Shelf B8.

Bonaparte (Family) See also Day, Ellen C. (Family); See also Day, Ellen C.; 6; prints.

*Bonaparte, Betsy Patterson. See Group Portrait Vertical File; Motion Picture Stills. "Glorious Betsy".

*Mrs. Charles Bonaparte. See: PP 70 Patterson-Bonaparte Collection.

Bonaparte, Mrs. Charles J. (nee Ellen Channing Day); 1 print.

Bonaparte, Chas. Joseph and Mrs. (Ellen Channing Day) (b.1852-d.1924). Chas. J. (b.1851-d.1921); 1 print.

Bonaparte, Charles Joseph (b. 1851-d. 1921); 8 prints and 6 negatives.

Bonaparte, Mrs. Charles Joseph (Ellen Channing Day 1852-1924) See MF 179. B69B3 page 212.; MF 179. T94T page 16. 5 prints.

*Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson. See; Group Portrait Vertical File Motion Picture Stills. "Glorious Betsy.

Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon; Son of Betsy Patterson and Jerome Bonaparte (1805 - 1870). See also Glass Negatives and Prints; See Prints Collection. 4 prints.

Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon (1830-1893); 2 prints and 2 negatives.

Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon Charles; Age 9 Months (1878-1945); 1 print.

Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon Chas. (1878-1945) Son of Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, 1830-1893. See also: Graphics Case # 51. 3 prints, 1 negative.

Bonaparte, Joseph (1768-1844); Portrait; 1 print.

Bonaparte, Louise Eugenie; (Daughter of Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, 1830-1893) (1874-1923).

*Bonaparte, Malthide; See: Demidoff, Princess; Portrait: xx.5.62.

Bonaparte, Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul. (also known as Prince Napoleon and “Plon Plon”)

Bond, Anna Laura; 2 prints.

Bond, Carroll T.; 5 prints.

Bond, Dr. Thomas; 2 prints.

*Bond, Rachael; See Mrs. George Harryman.

Bondinof, Mrs.; Cabinet; photo by Beinmuller of Nice. Acc. no. 70098; 1 print.

Bonner, Alice; 1 print.

Bonsal, Caleb. From Glass Negatives; 1 print.

*Booker, William David; See Oversize File.

Booker, William David.; Prince Edward Troop., 1863; 1 print.

*Boone Family of Oak Hill House; See: Shelf 1, Box I-5.

Boone, Ada; 1 print.

Boone, Agnes (?); c. 1890; 1 print.

*Boone Family; See PP 18.

*Boone, Sally; (See Middendorf, Mrs. Harry).

Booth, Edwin.; MF 179. B72; R9 Page 132,164,165; Also MF 179. B72 Frontpiece. 5 prints and 1 negative.

Booth, John Wilkes. MF 179. M94M; Page 240.; 65073; "Myself by Myself; J.W.B., 1862". Miniature Picture.; MF 179. B72 R9 page 165.; 7 prints and 3 negatives.

Booth, John Wilkes. Polaroid copyphotos.; Acc no. 71064; 2 Prints.

*Booth Family; See: Medium; Photographs.

Booth, Junius; MF 179. B72; R9 page 132; Booth, Junius Brutus MF 179. B72 R9;; page 165.; Also MF 179. B72W page 12; MF 179.; P74.; P55; page 836.

Booze, Capt'n Billy.; From the Baltimore News, October, 1903; 3 prints and 1 negative.

*Borden, Mary.; See McKean, Mrs. Thomas.

*Borders, Archbishop; See: Medium Photographs.

*Borders, Rev. William; See: Baltimore - Churches - Cathedral of Mary Our Queen - 1974.

Bordley, Dr. James; 1 print.

*Bordley, John Beale See MF 179. P357S; v.I; Page 278. See also Daguerreotype Coll.

Bordley, Mrs. John (Ellen Fisher); 1 print.

Bornschein, Franz; 3 prints.

Borch, Maria; 1 print.

Bose, Wiillliam; 1 print.

Bosley, Daniel - Portrait; 1 print.

*Boss, George; See War of 1812; Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore; Druid Hill Park 1880.

*Boucher, Jonathan, M.A.

Bourne, Virgil Franklin (1882-1941) - [ca. 1920]; 1 print.

*Bovell James; See MF 179. 083. C; page 69.

Bowen, J[esse] N.; 1 print.

*Bowen, Jesse N.; See also: Medium Photographs - Orgs. - Lawyers Round Table.

Bowen, John; Acc.No. :000881; 1 print.

*Bowen, John; See MF 179. S852.; G; Page 16.

Bowerman, Biays Shannon (1895-1965); Bowerman, Mary Alice Moore, Wedding, Sept. 19, 1919; 2 prints.

Bowerman, Gen'l Richard N.; Civil War Photo; 1 negative.

*Bowerman, Gen. Richard N.; See Prints Collection.

Bowers, Blanche Wagoner; 4 prints.

Bowers Family, see also Wagoner; 15 prints.

*Bowers, Sussane Cromwell; See: PP 80.

Bowers, James W.; 2 prints.

*Bowie, Anna Maria Haskins; See Large Photos.

Bowie, Mrs. C. W.; 1 print.

Bowie, Mrs. L. of Baltimore; 2 prints.

*Bowie, Mrs. Mary G. See Cased Photographs Collection.

Bowie, Owen; (1826-1894); -- [1881}; Acc. No. :001049; 1 print.

Bowie, Judge Richard Johns; 1 print, 1 negative.

Bowie Family; 41 prints.

Bowie Family; 1 print; See also: Cased Photographs Collection - Mrs. Mary G. Bowie.

Bowie, Walter; 1 print, 1 negative.

*Bowley, Ann McKim; See Mrs. George Murray.

*Bowly, Daniel; See Prints Collection.

Bowman, Harry C.; 1 print.

*Boyce, James; See Prints Collection.

*Boyd, William A.; See prints Collection.

*Boyle, Sister Bernard; See MF 179. S49. B1; Page 487.

Boyle, Dr. John Brooke; 1904; 1 print.

Boyle, John Brooke, Dr. 1 print; See also Medium Photos.

*Boyle, Mother Elizabeth; MF 179. B792. G; Frontpiece.

Boyle, Thomas; 1 negative print.

Brackenridge, A.; 1 print.

Brackenridge, William Dunlop; 5 prints.

Brackett, Glennand Jessop of St. Paul's Church, Balto.; 1 print.

*Braddock, General Edward; See Prints Collection.

Braddock, Augustus W. (1806-1881), Governor of Maryland 1862; 3 prints, 1 negative.

Bradford, Josephine; 1 print.

Bradley, Emma 1 print.

Bradley, Nettie; 12 prints.

*Bradley, R. D.; See Prints Collection.

Brady, Arunah Shepherdson Abell; 1 print.

*Brady, Arunah S.A.; See Kiplin Hall.

Brady, Miss Lucy; 1 print.

Brady, Mrs. M. B.; (Juliette Handy); 2 Prints.

Bragg, General C.S.A.; 1 print.

Branch, Gen. C.S.A.; 1 print.

Brand, Rev. William F.; St. Mary's Church, Emorton (or Bel Air), MD.

Portraits Rev. W.F.Brand; See also: Oversize Photos-restricted; 5 prints.

*Bransbie, John; See MF 179. P74 . Q2; Page 74.

*Bransbie, Rev. Dr.; See MF 179. P74; G; Page 30.

Brattan, R.L.; March 1980; 1 print.

Bray, Rev., Thomas, D.D.; 1 print and 1 negative; See MF179. B826. T4; Frontpiece.

Breathed, Major James; 1838-1870; 1 print.

Breckenridge, John C.; 1 print.

Breckinridge, John C.; (1821-1875); 1 print.

*Breckenridge, Robert J.; See Prints Collection; Portraits.

Brennan. John C.; 1 print; Portraits.

*Brennan, Martha Susannah; See MF 179. P74. P55; Page 887.

Brent, Margaret, By Tunis; 1 print and 3 negatives.

Brent, Margaret .Comes Before Colonial Council at St. Mary's .1648; not MdHi coll.

Painting on Wood by J.Carroll (Carson) Mansfield; MdHi Deposit #401; Restricted: Enoch Pratt Free Library; 1 negative.

Brent, Robert F. Family, Photographs FromGenealogical Coll. G 5007; see also Daguerreotype Coll. 42 prints and 3 negatives.

*Brent, Robert F.; See Cased Photographs Collection #65007.

Brent, Judge ; Court of Appeals, MD.; 1 print.

*Brent, Mrs. Robert.

*Brent, Robert F.; See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore - Group Photo.

Brent, Robert; James ; Photographer: Manly; 2 prints.

Brent, Wm. Leigh ; Photographer : Manly; 2 prints.

Brent, Mrs. Wm. Leigh ; Photographer : Manly; 1 print.

*Bresse, O.F.; See Prints Collection.

*Brewer, James R.; See Prints Collection.

*Brewer, Hon. Nicholas; See Prints Collection.

Brewer, Hon. Nicholas; 2 prints.

*Brewer, Rachael; See Glass Negatives under Peale, Mrs.

Brewington, Marion; 1 print.

Brewington, Marion V.; 1 print.

Brewster, David and Isabel Klotz. Rochefort en Terre, France. 1993. 1 print. Acc#2017-006-LIB

*Brian, John Merryman; See Medium Photos.

*Briand, Aristide; See MF 179.; M3.; 1A; Page 187.

Briarly, Mrs.; 1 print.

*Bride, James; Ca. 1864; See:Printed Ephemera - Case 38; Large Certificate - Head; Qrs.; 8 Md Vol. Infantry.

Briggs, Charles F.; See MF 179. P74. P55; Vol. 11; Pp. 983.

Bright, James W.; 1 print.

*Bright, Mary; See Riggs, Mrs. Mary.

Brinkley, Joseph Bain; 1 print.

Brinkley, Mrs. Joseph Bain.

*Briscoe, Dr. Phillip M.D..; See Ritchie, Gov. A.C.

*Broening, Mayor William F.; Portraits; See Oversize Photographs.

Brogden, Emma Findlay; (Mrs. A.,); 1 print.

Brooke, Maj. Edmund H.; 1 print.

*Brooke, Elizabeth; See Carroll, Mrs. Charles, of Annapolis.

Brooke, Lloyd I.; 1 print.

*Brooke, Mary; See MF 179. B86; Frontpiece.

Brooke, Rev. Robert Dunbar; 1 print.

*Brooke, Thomas Alexander; 2 prints.

Brooke, William Dent; 1 print.

*Brooks, Mr. Isacc (sic); See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore, Group Photo.

Brooks, Nathan Covington A.M.; Brooks, Nathan Covington , see Prints Collection.

Brooks, Dr. Nathan Covington; MF 179. P74. P55; Page 567 Covington; MF 179. P74. P55; Page 567.

;Brooks, Dr. William K; Corner Collection.; Painting by T.C.Corner. 2 prints and 2 negatives.

*Broque, Mr. See: PP25.

Brounlou, P. 1 print.

Brown, Mrs. (of Baltimore) acc. no. 70025 carte de visite of Reger, Phila. 1 print.

*Brown, Alexander. See Prints Coll.

Brown, Alexander. (1764-1834). See also MF206.B31. 1 print. Copy Negative: Z24.622 / Z24.623.

Brown, George William. Judge and Civil War Mayor of Baltimore. 2 prints, 1 negative. Copy Negative: Z24.1596.

Brown, George; William. 1 print.

*Brown, George William. See PP52.

Brown, George. (1787-1859). 1 negative.

*Brown, Channey and Family. See: Photography - Box I-5.

Brown, Edwin H. Judge, Queen Anne's County. 1 print.

Brown, Esther (Allison?) 1 print.

Brown, Hon. Frank. 1 negative. from Oversize File. See also Governors of Maryland.

*Brown, Mrs. Frank. See Prints Collection.

Brown, Frederick. 1 print.

*Brown, Dr. George. See Prints Coll. and Large Photos.

*Brown, Harriet Carrington. See MF 179. B877. B Frontpiece.

*Brown, J.A.H. See Prints Collection.

*Brown, Rev. Dr. Jas. Lockhart. See MF 179. P74. Page 138.

*Brown, Rev. Joel. See Cased Photographs Collection.

*Brown, Mrs. Joel. See Cased Photographs Collection.

Brown, John.1 negative.

*Brown, Rev. John. See MF 179. S33. R page 45.

Brown, Mrs. J. Willcox. 1 print.

*Brown, Martha Browne (1788-1864). Unattributed Photos. 42.4.2. See Medium Photographs.

Brown, Rev. McLane and Family. (Head of Sassafrass, Kent County, MD). 1 print.

*Brown, Robert Davidson. See Cased Photographs Collection, Large Photos.

*Brown, Dr. Tom. See MF 179. B877. B Frontpiece.

*Brown, Dr. William Hand. See Large Photos.

*Browne, Lewis L. See PP26.

*Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. See MF 179. P74 55 V. 11, page 1076.

Browning, Robert. 1 print.

Browning, Mrs. and; Son.1 print.

*Brownlow, William G. 1863. See prints under Union Generals.

*Broydrick, Thomas J. See MF 179. B893 G Frontpiece.

*Bruce, Hon. Charles. MF 179 B894.B.

*Bruce, David. See James, Macgill.

*Bruce, Dr. James Douglass. See MF 179. B894. B page 14.

*Brucem, William Cabell. See MF 179. B894. B Frontpiece.

*Brueil, Mrs. See Oversize File.

Brune, Frederick William (1894-1972) 2 prints by Leonard Grief.

Brune, Judge Frederick W. 1 print.

Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore. 1 print.

Brunner, Major. 2nd MD Vol. 1 print.

*Brush, Dr. Edward N. by T.C. Corner 1919. See Glass Negatives.

*Brute, De Renur, Bishop. See MF 179. S49. B1, pg. 269; M5 pg.140; D pg. 234.

*Bryan, William S. See Prints Collection.

Bryan, William S. 1 print.

Bryarly, Dr. Wakeman (?) 1 print.

Bryson, Mr. Robert. 1 print.

Buchanan, Mrs. Andrew; From Glass Negative. #G13; 2 prints.

*Buchanan, Mrs. Anne Catherine Lloyd; See MF 179. B918.; L; Page 74.

Buchanan, Admiral Franklin; 3 prints.

Buchanan, Admiral Franklin: 1929 by J.H.Schaefer for F.B.Owen for use in book by C.L.Lewis "Life of Adm. Buch." 2 prints and 1 negative.

Buchanan, Adm. Franklin and Commodore Tatnale; 2 prints.

Buchanan, Franklin; Admiral and Family from Glass Negative. John Eager Post Coll. 1 print.

*Buchanan, Adm. Franklin; See Glass Negatives.; See Prints Coll.; See Oversize File.

*Buchanan, George Redwood; See : G.P.V.F. Churches - Church of the Good Shepherd.

Buchanan, Mrs. George from Glass Negatives. By Hegenroeder, Emilia ; Md Hi- Old Copy Portraits; XX. 4. 223.; 2 prints.

Buchanan, James; Engraving by Smith; See Print; 1 print.

Buchanan, James Madison ; See Daguerrotype Coll.; 1 print.

*Buchanan, James Madison; See also : PP 52.

Buchanan, Thomas M.; 3 prints.

Buchanan Family; 65674; 8 prints

*Buchanan Family; See Glass Negatives.

Buck, Albert H.; 1 print.

Buck, Miss; Olivia; 1 print.

Buck, W. H.; 1907; 1 print.

Buckler; 1 print.

Buckler, Dr.; 1 print.

Buckler, Eliza Ridgely; (Mrs. Wm. Buckler); 1 print.

Buckler, Dr. Thomas; 1 print.

Buckler, William Hepburn; 1867-1952; 1 print.

*Buckley, Alice W.; See Dr. Lawrence Thomas and Family ; John; C. Thomas Coll.

*Buckley, Effingham; See Dr. L. Thomas Coll.

Buckner, Lieut. Gen. Simon B. Carte de visite

Buddeche, Janey; 1 print.

*Buell, Brig.Gen. Don Carlos; 1863; See Prints Under Union Generals.

Buell, Family; carte de visite by Bachrach; acc. no. 70025; 1 print.

Buettner, Carrie Ann - ca. 1919; (1882- 1962); 1 print.

Buettner, Robert - ca. 1919; 1 print

Bull, Edmund; 1 print.

Bull, Rachael; 1 print.

*Bullus, Charles G.; 1815/4 - 1850; AET 35; See: Farms and Farming - Joppa Farms.

Burch, Dr. William B.; 1 print.

*Burdick, Dr.; See Group Portraits, Playground Athletic League.

Burger, Captain W.; 2 prints.

*Burke, Glandy; See Prints Coll.

*Burke, Virginia C.; 1828-1876; Daguerreotype,Tintype, and Carte Daguerreotype coll.

Burkhardt, Levin H. ; Fifth District Engineer * Fire Dept., during Balto. Fire; 1 negative.

Burman, Borah; 1 print

*Burman, Howard A.; (Hamilton Owens; H.L. Mencken); see Medium Photos.

Burnap, Miss E.W.; 1 print.

Burnap, Rev. Dr. George; 1 print.

*Burnap, George W.; See Prints Coll.

Burnap, Miss; 1 print.

Burnap, Mrs. Nancy; 1 print.

Burns, Miss Bessie; 1 print.

*Burns, William F.; See Prints Coll.

*Burnside, Brig. Gen. Ambrose, 1863. See Prints Coll. under Union Generals; See: SM Prints under Portraits.

Burnsides, General; 1 print

*Burr, Aaron; See MF 179.; W 655.

*Burr, Charles Chauncey, D.D.; MF 179.; P74.; P55; vol.11 page 1423.

*Burr, Miss Theodosia; 1796; See Glass Negatives.

Burroughs, Eve Angela; 1 print.

*Burton, William Evans; MF 179. P74.; P55; P55; page 574; Burton, William E. MF 179. 0(?) 0(?) page 10.

*Busey, Samuel C.; MF; 179.; B97.; B; Frontpiece.

*Bushman, Francis; See: Medium Photographs; (From Bushman Coll.).

Bushman, Francis X.; 4 prints.

Busick, Harry; 1 print.

*Busk, Ellen; (Mrs. Frederick Uthoff); See Uthoff, Frederick.

Butler, B.J.; 2 prints.

Byron, Gilbert , Maryland author; 18 prints ; 2 negative. strips 35mm.

*Byron, William Devereux;; MF 179.; B996.; U; Frontpiece.



Cabel, Dr.; (Grandfather of Gov. Ritchie); 1 print.

*Cabel, Elizabeth; See: Mrs. Albert Ritchie.

*Cadwalader, Gen. John and Fam.; See Prints Coll. ; See MF 179. S62. S; page 72.

*Cadwalader, Mary;; See Ringgold, Mrs. Mary.

*Cadwalader, Dr.Thomas; See Prints Coll.

Cain, M. Bessie; 1 print.

*Calhoun, James; See also: Small Framed Prints.

Calhoun, James, First Mayor of the City of Baltimore. Accession number 59452. 1 print. 

Calligan, Livy - [ca. 1868]; 1 prints.

Caldwell, Mrs. Josiah; ca.1873; by Sarony of; N.Y.C. ; acc. no. 70098. 1 print.

*Calvert Family Members, Unidentified.; See Medium Photos.

*Calvert, Anne.; See: Stuart, Anne Calvert; Album I-10.

*Calvert, Benedict; (of Mr Airy ); See: Album I-10.

*Calvert, Benedict Leonard; (2); See: Oversize Photos.

Calvert, Cecil.; Second Lord Baltimore. Engraved by Abraham Bloteling (or Blooteling) (1634 - after 1698) Dutch; 3 prints; 1 negative.

*Calvert, Cecilius Baltimore, Dr. (of Mt. Airy); See: Album I-10.

*Calvert, Caroline; See: Eden, Lady R.

Calvert, Cecil. Second Lord Balto., Allegorical Engraving by James Barley, London 1793. 3 prints, 1 negative.

*Calvert, Cecil. Portraits by Gerard Zoest.; See: Oversize Photos; Print Coll.; Glass Negatives.

*Calvert, Charles, 5th Lord Balto.; See: Oversize Photos; Print Coll.; Glass Negatives.

*Calvert. Charles, 5th Lord Balto.; See: Album I-10.

Calvert, Charles, 5th Lord (1699-1751).; Engraving and Carte de Visite; 2 prints, 1 negative.

*Calvert, Elisabeth; See: Album I-10.

*Calvert, Eleanor; See: Album I-10.

*Calvert, Elizabeth; See: Print Collection.

Calvert, Eugene; 1863; 1 print.

Calvert,Florence E. Jackson. (1882-1951)-[1899]. 1 print..

*Calvert, Frederick See Prints Collection, Oversize Photos.

Calvert, Frederick; 6th Lord Baltimore. 5 prints. 3 negatives.

*Calvert, Frederick. See Medium Photos.

Calvert, G. H. 1 print.

*Calvert, George. See Prints, Oversize Photos (Unknown artist).

*Calvert, George Henry. See MF 179. C16. E9 Frontpiece.

Calvert, Leonard. Signature from manuscript . 1 negative.

*Calvert, Rebecca. See Album I - 10.

Calvert, William. 1863. 1 print.

Campbell Family. See also: Group Portraits: Schools and Colleges, Classroom. 17 prints.

Campbell, George Stuart. 2 prints.

Campbell, Grace H. (Appold) 4 prints.

Campbell, Louisa F. 1 print.

Campbell, Mary. 1 print.

Campbell, Mrs. George Stuart. (Nee Grace H. Appold). 1 print.

*Campbell, Mrs. Patrick. See Smith, Mrs. James.

Campbell, Peter J. 1 print.

Campbell, Tacy N. 4 prints.

*Capron, Mary. See Stewart, Mrs. John A.

*Cardozo, Hon. Benjamin Nathan. See Oversize File.

Carey, John L. See Glass Negatives., Cased Photographs Collection. 2 prints.

*Carey, Margaret. See Cheston, Mrs. Galloway.

*Carey, Martha. See Tintypes.

Carlton, Capt. 1 print.

Carmichael, Mr. Father of Judge Carmichael. 1 print.

Carmichael, Mrs. ( Miss Powell of Richmond).1 print.

Carmichael, Richard Bennett. 1808-1884. 1 print.

Carmichael, Judge. 2 prints.

Carmichael, William. See Prints Collection. 1 negative. from Hayden Collection.

Carpenter, Hester. MdHS # 56232.1 negative.

Carpenter, Lenore E. 2 prints.

Carpmail, Walter. 1880. Cabinet Photo by J. Bruce of Toronto, 70098. 1 print.

*Carrington, Henrietta Penniman. See Clubs - The Brown Veil 1860-1865.

*Carroll, Alex. See Gough Thompson Wedding Party.

Carroll, Anna Ella (1815-1894). See MF 179. C28. B Frontpiece. Also MF 179. C28.G8. Frontpiece. 4 prints. 2 negatives. Copy Negative: Z24.2206.

Carroll, Charles. Barrister.1 negative.

*Carroll, Charles (of Carrollton). See Small Framed Prints. B-13.

Carroll, Charles. (Annapolis). 1 print. 1 negative.

Carroll, Charles Of Carrollton. Copy of Thomas Sully Portrait in State House. 1 print. 2 negatives.

Carroll, Charles of Carrollton. 1 print.

*Carroll, Daniel. See Prints Collection.

Carroll, Daniel. 1 negative.

Carroll, Mrs. Charles Jr. (Harriet Chew). 1 engraving.

Carroll, Henry Dorsey Gough Jr. 1 print.

Carroll. John Lee (1830-1911). Governor of MD 1876.2 prints. 1 negative. See also Prints Collection.

Carroll, John Nicholas and son Douglas Gordon. 2 prints. 8 negatives. See Tintype.

Carroll, John. 4 prints. 3 negatives.(engraving).

Carroll, Archbishop John. 2 prints. 2 negatives. See also MF 179. C35. B Frontpiece: MF 179. C35. M Frontpiece: MF 179. S49. B1, pg. 239. (Print - copy of G. Stuart Painting).

Carroll, Archbishop John. (1735-1815). 2 negatives. (by John Sartain).

Carroll, Archbishop John. Unknown engraver - 1 negative.

Carroll, Sally and Others. 1 print. (see Group Portrait Vertical File)

Carroll, Thomas King (1793-1873). From The Governors of Maryland by H.E. Buchholtz (facing pg. 109). 1 print.

Carter, Bernard and his 6 sons. 1 print.

Carter, Bernard. 1 print.

Carter, John M. 1 print.

Carter, John and Sarah Shoemaker. 1800-1877 (John), 1812-1858 (Sarah).

Carter, Shirley. Lawyer.1 print.

Cartlidge, Ann Margaret. 1 print.

Cartwright, Edmund. (1743-1823). 1 print.

*Cary Family. Ida, James, and unidentified woman. See Photography - Box I-5.

Cary, Hetty. 1 print.

*Cary, Jane Margaret. See Monuments Mt. Royal Ave., Unveiling of.

*Cashmeyer, Henry. See Oversize File.

Cass, Lewis. 1848. Lith. By Currier and Ives. 1 print.

*Cassard, Jesse L. See Medium Photographs.

Cassard, Reese. Theatres, Actors, Actresses. See Brady, Arunah * Shepherdson Abell. 1 print.

Cassell, William H. ca 1900. 1 print. See also Oversize File.

Caster, Capt. Robert. 1 print.

Cathcart, A. R. 1 print.

Cathcart, Mrs. 1 print.

Caton, Elizabeth. (Lady Stafford). 1 negative.

Caton, Louise. Duchess of Leeds. 2 negatives. See Prints Collection.

Caton, Richard. 2 prints. See Prints Collection.

Caton, Mrs. Richard. (Polly Carroll). 5 negatives. See also Print Collection.

Chancelor, J. 1 print.

*Chandlee Family. See Photo Collection B-55.

*Chapman, I. G. See Prints Collection.

*Chapman, John Lee. See Prints Collection.

Chapman Family. 65664. 7 prints. See also Historic Houses Caroline-Felix House, MD.

Chapman, James V. 18 prints.

Chapman, John Lee. (1811-1880). 1865. 1 print.

*Chapman, Rev. Thomas A. See Prints Collection.

Clarke, J. Lyle. (1834-1898)-1893. 1 print.

Carpenter, Madame Adele C. and daughters. Acc.No. 69.93.1-7. 1 print.

Charles I. King of England. 1 print. 1 negative. See Print Collection.

Chase, Algermore Sydney. 1 print.

Chase, Jeremiah Townley. 1748-1828. 57.101.1(?). 1 print. See Prints Collection.

*Chase, Mrs. Jonathan. See MF 179. S654. S pg. 14.

*Chase, General Jonathan. See MF 179. S654 S pg. 12.

Chase, Samuel. Etching by Samuel Rosenthal. 1 negative.

Chase, Samuel. Engraving by J.B. Forrest from Portrait by Jarvis. 1 print. 2 negatives.

Chavannes, F.S. (?) 1 print.

*Chaworth, Byron and Mary. MF 179. P74. P55. Pg.282.

Chesneau, D.P. 1 print.

Cheston, Mrs. Galloway. (Margaret Carey). 1 print.

*Cheverus, Cardinal. See MF179. S49. D pg.234; MF 179. S49. B1. Pg. 197.

*Chew, Mrs. Anna Maria Tilghman. See Mrs. Bennett Lloyd Chew.

Chew, Benjamin Jr. 1 print.

Chew, Beverly. 1 print.

Chew, Beverly (2) 1 print.

*Chew, Charles Ridgely. See Daguereotype Collection.

Chew, Henry Banning. See Daguereotype Collection.

Chew, John. 1 print.

Chew, Dr. Samuel C. 1 print. See Daguereotype Collection.

Childers, Rev. and Melvin. 1 print.

Children - Portraits (1918). 1 print.

Children and Small Animals - 1896. 1 print.

Childs, George W. 1 print.

*Childs, William Talbot. MF 179. M13. C Frontpiece.

Chisholm, Dr. J.J. 1 print.

*Chisley, John F. See PP48.

*Chivers, Dr. Thomas Holley. MF 179. P74. P55. Pg.637.

*Chlancy (?) Gran. See PP57.

Church Family. Montgomery County. 1 print.

Chyba, Frank J. 2 prints.

*Civil War Officers. U.S. See Lincoln, Abraham.

Claggett, Darius. 1 print.

*Claggett, Rev. Thomas John. See Glass Negatives, Prints Collection, MF 179. C58. U. Frontpiece.

Claggett, Thomas West. 1 print.

*Claiborne, Ferd. O. See Prints Collection, Daguereotype Collection.

Claiborne, William C. C. Wood Engraving from The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812 by Benson J. Lossing. 1 print. 1 negative.

Clark, H.B.; 1894; 1 print.

Clark, Miss Margaret; 1 print.

Clarkk, J. Davis; 1 print.

Claus, Mr. Edward Conrad; 2 prints.

Clay, Henry; May 2, 1844; Portraits; Campaign Ribbbon from Nat'l Whig Conv.; 1 print.

Clay, Henry and wife; 1 print.

Clay, Mr.; 1 print.

Clayton, John C.; 1867; 1 print.

*Clem, Maria; See: Mf 179. P74. Q2, Page 606 and MF 179. P74. R6, page 135; MF 179.; P74. L5, page 53; MF 179. P74. P55; Vol. 11, page 1590.

Clemenceau : Visit to Baltimore, 1922; 30 prints.

*Clemenceau, Georges; See Also Maryland Historical Society Visitors.

Clements, P.P.; (Virginia); 1 prints.

*Clemm, Wiliam, Jr. See: MF 179. P74. P55, page 415; Clem, Maria; See: MF 179. P7. P55; Vol. 11, page1564; MF 179. P74. G, page 182.

Cleveland, Miss Cynthia Eloise, cabinet; photo; acc. no. 65360; 1 print.

Cleveland, Grover; 1892, from a Sarony photo, Library of Congress; 1 print.

Clews, Mrs. Henry; (nee: Morris); 1 print.

Clinton, Sir Henry; ca.1791; Drawn by C. Corbould, Engraved by Chas. Warren; 1 print.

*Close, Mrs. Drusilla T.; See Daguerrotype Coll.

Close, James; See Daguerrotype Coll.

*Cloud, Charles Feree; MF 179. P74. P55, page 448.

Coale, Anna; by St. Memin; from glass negatives.; XX.4.232; 2 prints.

Coale, Anne Laetitia; 1871-56 (Mrs. J. C. Brune); xx.4.234; 1 print.

*Coale, Carolina Donaldson (Dorsey); See Glass Negatives.

Coale, Col.; 2 prints.

Coale, Mrs. Dorsey; 1 print.

Coale, James M.; d.1882; See Glass Negatives.; 1 print.

Coale, Josepha Rebello;; See Glass Negatives.; 1 print.

Coale, Mary (Mrs. William Tower Proud), from Glass Negatives.; ?xx.4.213; 1 print.

Coale, R. Dorsey; 1 print; See Glass Negatives.; See Pleasants, Mrs. Richard; 1 print.

*Coale, William; From Glass Negatives.

*Coates, John; See: PP 52.

Cochran, Mrs. Caroline; 2 prints.

Cochrane, Adm. Alexander; Engraving in the book Naval History of Great Britain by; Breton, 1825; 1 print.

*Cochrane, Lord; See MF 179. B26. P14, page 349.

*Cochrane, Sir George; See MF 179. B26. P14, page 385.

Cockburn, Sir George; 1772-1853; See also Star Spangled Banner Books; 4 prints.

Cocke, Louise Wilton; 1 print.

*Coe, B. Nadal; See: PP48.

Cofper, William; 1 print.

Cogswell, Mrs.Andrew K., nee Virginia Latrobe; 1 print.

Cohen, Benjamin S. (and Mrs. Benj.); 3 prints and 1 negative.

Cohen, Eleanor S.; (1858-1937-[ca. 1930]; 1 print.

Cohen, Miss Eleanor S.; 2 prints.

Cohen, Miss Emily; 2 prints.

*Cohen,Georgia; See Daguerrotype Coll.

Cohen, Israel; (1820-1875; 1 print and 1 negative.

Cohen, Jacob I.; (1789-1869); 2 prints and 3 negatives.

Cohen, Dr. Joshua I.; See Oversize File and Daguerrotype Coll.; 2 prints and 1 negative.

Cohen, Miss Maria; Not 62.104.1; 1 print.

Cohen, Mendes I.; 1796-1879; 1 print and 1 negative.; [Bendann photo in Oversize; 1/77].

Cohen, Mendes; 1831-1915; 2 prints and 1 negative.

Cohen, Rachael Etting; 2 prints.

Cohen, Solomon Etting; (1822-1878); [folder noted "empty" by C.A.R. 11/17/82]

*Coke, Rev. Thos. LL.D; See Prints Coll.

Cole, William P., Jr.; Judge Portraits; 3 prints.

*Coleman Family - various family members; See: Photography - Box I-5.

Coleman, J. W., Jr.; 1 print.

Coleman, Leighton; Bishop of Deleware; 1 print.

Coleman, Mrs. Sarah; (nee Jerdone); 1 print; ?Louisa Counts, Virginia?

Colson, Madame; 1 print.

Colston, Frederick C., Capt.; 1 print.

*Compton, Barnes; See; Prints Coll.

Cone, L.H.; See Prints Coll.

Conn, William T.,U.S.N.; Conn Jane Rider; 62820; 5 prints.

Conner Brothers - George, Ben, Joseph, Nathan. acc. no. 71280. 1 print.

*Contee, Jane. See Mrs. John Hanson.

Contee, Capt. John. 1816 - 1864. 1 print.

Cooch, Caroline. 1 print. 1 negative.

Cook, Ellen/Eliza M. Lynch?, ca. 1870. 1 tintype. (Gift of Mrs. Harold Martin, 1991, acc# 003718)

Cooke, Addison. 1 print.

*Coolidge, Pres. Calvin. See Graphics Case 51 under Annapolis Celebration - 5/10/1928.

*Cooper, Hugh A. See PP52.

Cooper, Jane Agnes. 1 negative.

Cooper, Samuel and William. Hughes Collection. 1 print.

Coriell, Mrs. Louis D.(nee Elizabeth; Johnson). 1 print.

*Cornell Family (various members). See Photography - Box I-5.

Corner, Thomas C. 3 prints, 1 negative.

Corwin, Thomas. Engraving by A.H. Ritchie. 1 print.

Cottrell, Roseann. 1 print.

*Coulter, Carleton. See Dugan Family. acc. no. 65632.

*Coulter, Nancy. (Dugan) See Dugan Family. acc. no. 65632.

Coulter, Mrs. Charles. (nee Elizabeth Bordley). 1 print.

Counselman, Lieut. Col. Jacob Henry. 3 prints.

Crawford, Bessie. 1 print.

Crawford, Clinton Lee, Harriet Wells, Charlotte Golding. 3 prints. 3 negatives.

Crawford, Eliza Jane. (Campbell). 2 prints.

Crawford, Frederick B. 1 print.

Creswell, John Angel James. 1 print.

Crittenden,John J. (1787-1863). 1 print.

Cronise, Titus. 1 print.

*Cromwell, Deborah White. See PP 80.

Cromwell, George. 1 negative.

Cromwell, John. 1 negative.

*Cromwell, Nimrod. See PP 80.

*Cromwell, Parthenia. b.1825. See PP 80. Thyson, Parthenia Cromwell.

Cromwell, Richard. 3 negatives.

*Cromwell, Sussane. B.1821. See PP 80. Bowers, Sussane Cromwell.

Cromwell, William Kennedy. (Corner Collection). 1 print.

*Crothers, Governor and Staff. 1908. See Medium Photos, Group Portraits.

Cullen, Vincent. 1 print.

*Culver Family. (various members). See Photography - Box I-5.

Cummings, Nathan. 1 print.

Cunningham, Ruth. 1 print.

Curley, John M. Jr. 1 print.

Curley, William E. 1 print.

Curry, J.L.M. 1 print. 1 negative.

Cushing, C. 1800-1879. Engraving by A.H.Ritchie. 1 print.

Cushing, Joseph, Jr. 3 prints.

Cushing, Joseph Jr. and Sister, Rebecca Cushing Edwards of Newton, Mass. 1 print.

Cushing, Joseph M. 2 prints.

Cussard, Mr. and Mrs. Howard. 1 print.




*Daddisman, Sr. Martha. See MF 179. S49. B1 pg. 487.

*Dagastino, James. See GPVF. Ships, City of Norfolk.

Dahlgren, Rear Admiral John A. 1 print.

Daily, Annie E. acc. no. 000871. 1 print.

*Dale, Richard Esq. See Prints Collection.

Dallam, John. 1 print.

*D'Alesandro, Thomas Jr. - Mayor. See Group Portraits-City Hall Converted from Manual to Dial Phone.

D'Alesandro, Thomas Jr. - Mayor. 2 prints. 1 negative.

D’Alesandro, Thomas Jr. With President John F. Kennedy, ca 1961-1963, 1 print;  Copy Negative: Z24.1674.

D’Alesandro, Thomas Jr. at political events in front of Baltimore City Hall, (Theodore McKeldin also in photographs), not dated. 2 prints.

D'Alesandro, Thomas III - Mayor of Baltimore. 1 print.

D'Almaine, George. 1 print.

Dalrymple, Dr. A.J. 1 print.

Dalrymple, Rev. Edwin A. 5 prints.

Dalrymple, Dr. and Mrs. Steven. 1 print.

Dame, Judy Robson. 1 print.

Dame, Rev. William Page. 1 print.

*Danaker, Edward. See War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Baltimore.(Druid Hill Park- 1880).

Dance, Private E. Scott. CSA. Died 1945. Age 102. 1 print.

*Dandridge. See Prints Collection.

Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. From In the Critical Period of American History by John Fiske. E.303.F54.1898, pg. 313. 2 prints. 1 negative.

*Daniel, John M. See MF 179. P74. P55 Vol. 11, pg. 1305.

Daniel, John Warwick. 1 print.

Daniel, Robert. 1 print.

Daniel, Mrs. Robert. 1 print.

*Daniels, Josephus and Mrs. See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

*Danmead, Helen. See PP 58.

*Danmead, Talbot. See PP 58.

*D'arcy, Amelia Didier. See Prints Collection.

Darnall Family. 1 negative.

Darville, Camille. 1 print.

Dashiell, Cassius M. 3 prints.

*Dashiell, Henry. See Prints Collection.

Dashiell, Dr. Nicholas L. (1814-1895). -ca. 1880. 1 print.

*David, Bishop. See MF 179. S49. B1, pg. 269.

David, Henry Winter. See PP 52, also Oversize. 3 prints. 2 negatives.

*Davidson, Willie. See Tintype Collection.

Davies, Henry Gassaway. 1 print (Library of Congress).

Davis, Varina. 1 print.

Davis, William Wilkins. 2 prints.

Davis, Capt. 1 print.

Davis Family. See also Tintype Collection: Unidentified; Davis Family Coll. 14 prints.

Davis, Esther W. 1 print.

*Davis, Henry Gassaway. See MF 179. D24. P . Frontispiece.

*Davis, Henry Winter. See Group Portraits (Frick Bros.); Large Photographs.

Davis, Jefferson. See Oversize File. See Prints Collection. 3 prints. 1 negative.

*Davis, Jim. See Tintype Coll.

Davis, Dr. John Staige. 6 prints. 1 negative.

Davis, Col. Lynn Lackland. 1 print.

Davis, Mary D. 1 print.

Davis, Mary Dorsey. 1 print.

Davis, Mary Jane. 2 prints.

Davis, Mary Winter. 4 prints.

*Davis, Sol B. See PP 57; Stewart, C. Morton.

*Davis, Van Buren Family. See PP24.

Davis, William Blackford. 3 prints.

Davis, Gen. William Watts Hart. 1 print.

Davison, Sally G. 1 print.

Dawkins, Judge Walter. (Ptg. By R. McGill Mackall for Baltimore City Courthouse). 1 print.

Dawson, Edith. 1 print.

Dawson, Mary Kerch. ca 1860s – 1900. 1 print.

*Day, Ellen, C. See Bonaparte, Mrs. Charles.

Day, Mary Forman. 1860-1950. 1 print.

Dayton, Jonathan. 1760-1824. 1 print.

*Deacon, Harriet Magez. See MF 179. P14. P pg. 11.

DeBarrill, Robert. 1 print.

De Barril, Mrs. Robert. 1 print.

Decatur, Stephen. Engraving. 1 print. 1 negative.

Decker, Charles. 1 print.

*Deford, B. See PP 52.

Deford, B. 1 print. Copy Negative: Z24.1726.

*Deford, B. See Prints Collection.

DeFord, Nancy Hollingsworth. (Mrs. Edward Carrington Venable). 1 print.

*DeHuff, Wilmer A. See PP 28.

*Delaplane, Dr. James B. See Daguereotype Collection.

De Levis, Chevalier. See MF 179. S52. E pg.180.

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Dennis, John M. 2 prints. 1 negative.

Dennis, Ida. (Mrs. James Teackle - nee Ida Wade). 1 print.

Dennis, Mrs. James Teackle. 3 prints.

Dennison, Mrs. Wednesday Club. 5 prints.

*Denny, Gov. See State of Virginia. (Ships). Launching Party.

*DePeyster, Elizabeth. See Glass Negatives. under Peale, Mrs. Charles W.

deRoth, Lydia Howard. 15 prints.

Devereux, Brig. Gen. James P.S. 1 print.

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Dickinson, Willard. 1 print.

Dickinson, Ann E. 1 print.

Dickinson, John. Engraving. 1 print.

Dickson, Dr. Issac N. 1 print.

*Dickson, Susannah L. See Barr, Mrs. D. Miller.

Didier, Mme. (as Azucena in "Il Trovatore"). 1 print.

*Didrikson, "Babe" Zaharias. See Dr. Royal Somers.

*Dielman, Frederick, Works of. See Early Train Wreck: Western MD RR Watercolor.

Dielman, Louis Henry. 7 prints.

Dielman, Henry. 1811-1882. 1 print (tinted).

Dielman, Mrs. Louis. 2 prints.

Dieterick, Louis P. 1 print. 1 negative.

*Diffenderfer, H. See Prints Collection.

Dilworth, T.F., 1 print

Disoway, Louisa. 1 print.

Disoway, William W. 1 print.

Donaldson, D. Frank. 1 print.

Donaldson, Robert Montgomery. 2 prints.

*Donnell, Mrs. John.See Glass Negatives.

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Douglas, Mrs. S. 1 print.

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*Duche, Rev. Jacob. See Small Framed Prints, B-13.

Duker, Mrs J. Edward. 1 print

Duer, Belle. 1 print

Duer, Douglass. 2 prints.

*Dugan, Agnes (Markoe). See Dugan Family.

*Dugan, Charles Nelson. See Dugan Family. acc. no. 65632.

*Dugan, Cumberland. See Dugan Family. acc. no. 65632.

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Dugan Family. ca. 1897. 1 print.

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Dulany, Daniel-the elder, Engraved by W.G. Armstrong; 1 negative.

Dulany, John M. 1 print

Dulany, John Mason. *from MS 762

Dulany, Mrs. Joseph. Nee: Mary Emma Merritt; 1 print

*Dulany, Daniel; (The Younger). See: MF 179. D87. LA, Page 228

Dulany, Margaret Eodale (1875-1959). Photo by Russell of Baltimore, print

Dulany, Walter. 1 print

Duld, M.P.; 6 prints

Dulge, Leewis R. - 1865, 69th Regiment.; 1 print

*Dunbar, Prof. T.R.W. Principal of Balto. Medical Institute. See: Prints Coll.

*Duncan, Rev. John M.; See: Daguerreotype Coll.

*Dundee, Mr. See Ships: Constellation - crew 1951

Dungaan, Thomas.; 1 print

Dunn, Jack. Manager of Balto.Orioles. 1921; prints

*DuPont, Com. Samuel F. 1863; See: Prints Coll. under Union Generals

*Dushand, Cecelia. See: Daguerrotype Coll.

*Dushane, Mrs. V. See: Daguerrotype Coll.

*Dushane, Valentine.; See: Daguerrotype Coll.

Duval, Mrs. Grafton.; From: Glass Negatives. 49.4.4; Unattributed.; 1 print

Duvall, Dr. Joseph Isaacs. 1 print

Duvall, Mary Amanda Mitchell.; 1 print

Duvall Family. Card Photographs-Cabinet Size. 62967; prints

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Duyer, Mrs. John. See Oversize Photos. 1 print

Dyke, James H. Cartes de visite and tintype

Dyson, Mrs. (St. Mary's Co.); 1 print.