Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers 1878-1889, MS. 2752

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Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers, 1878-1889

Maryland Historical Society


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Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers, 1878-1889
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers, 1878-1889

MS. 2752

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674




Rev. Libertus Van Bokkelen

-incoming letters

-from his fifth child, Etta

-17 May, 1870 - letter concerning her Confirmation

-14 Nov., 1870 - a reply to her father's letter

-1 April, 1871 - letter concerning her First Communion

-from J.B.K.

-1 Sept., 1875 - a letter to inform Rev. LVB he cannot make it to his daughters' wedding

-outgoing letters

-11 July, 1887 (Amelia Virginia and Elizabeth Deborah)

-10 Oct., 1888 (Milly Thode)

-9 March, 1889 (Amelia Thode)

-15 March, 1889 (Amelia Thode)

-2 April, 1889 (Amelia Thode)

-4 April, 1889 (Amy and Bessie)

-13 April, 1889 (Amelia Thode)

-4 June, 1889 (Amelia Virginia and Elizabeth Deborah

Louis Muller

-a letterbook, 1872-1874

(1 vol.)

Rev. David Prescott Allison

-travel diary (Journal of events during the trip to the Southern states) 16 Feb., 1878-25 March, 1878 (Also contains a list of travel expenses, 1878)

Rev. Libertus Van Bokkelen

-sermon notes

Legal Documents

-Articles of Partnership (C. Morton Stewart, James E. Tate, Louis Muller, Clarence C. Whiting under the name of Tate, Whiting and Company) 8 Oct., 1869, five year limited partnership

-Deed of land from John Eager Howard to August Muller, 22 June, 1850; St. Paul and Centre Sts.

(John Eager Howard was a decorated war hero of the Maryland Line, a regiment noted for its courageous fighting during the Revolutionary War. He also served three times as governor of Maryland and was a U.S. Senator.


The Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers contain the writings of three prominent Baltimoreans: Rev. Libertus Van Bokkelen, Rev. David Prescott Allison and Louis Muller.

Rev. Libertus Van Bokkelen was born in 1815. He rose to prominence as an educator when in 1845 at the suggestion of Bishop Whittingham of Maryland he went to Catonsville and established a church military school known as St. Timothy's Hall. In 1859 he was appointed the School Commissioner for the District of Baltimore County, a position he held until 1865. After being noticed as a major contributor to the enhancement of the Baltimore County schools system, Rev. LVB was appointed President of the National Teachers Association in 1869. After years of service to the public schools system and his congregation, Rev. LVB retired, preaching as a guest to various congregations in Europe, the American West and Alaska. He died in 1889.

The Reverend had six children with his wife, Amelia: Amelia, who married William Thode; Benjamin Ogden, who married Clara Conkey; Libertus Morris, who married Helen Cushman; Bertha, who died as a child; Etta, who died unmarried at the age of 27; and Ross Cambell, who married a woman from New York.

Rev. David Prescott Allison was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, 1857. After arriving in Baltimore in 1894 and having charge for a short time of the John the Baptist Chapel, he went to St. Michael and All Angels P.E. Church as an assistant pastor. Rev. DPA remained assistant pastor for 30 years until his death in 1925. He was the husband of Amelia Virginia Thode, daughter of Amelia and William Thode.

Louis Muller was born August4, 1844 in Baltimore, the son of August S. and Eliza Regina Muller. As a well known grain exporter he was a partner in the firm C. Morton Stewart and Company. Mr. Muller was also a former director of the Merchant's National Bank and the National Bank of Commerce. He was one of the early members of the Maryland Club and the Merchant's Club. He died on December 6, 1933 and was survived by his wife, Amelia Virginia Allison, the widow of the Rev. David Prescott Allison.


Scope and Content Note

The Muller-Van Bokkelen-Allison Papers contain the correspondence of Rev. Libertus Van Bokkelen, the travel diary of Rev. David Prescott Allison, a letterbook and legal papers of Louis Muller and a deed of land from John Eager Howard to August Muller.

The correspondence of Rev. LVB is divided into incoming and outgoing letters. The incoming letters are from his fifth child, Etta, concerning her Confirmation and First Communion; and from someone with the initials JBK, who wrote to inform he/she cannot attend the reverend's daughters' wedding.

The outgoing letters were addressed to his daughter and granddaughters. The letters Rev. LVB addressed to his daughter, Amelia Thode, were written when he visited the Western states and Alaska after his retirement. The Reverend was a guest preacher at various congregations during his visit. He gave descriptive accounts of the climate, environment, landscape and scenery of California and Alaska and the occupants of those places. During the 1880's the American West was just beginning to develop and the Reverend mentions the progression and increased value of land in his letters.

The Reverend on his visit to the West coast also wrote letters to his granddaughters. He gave detailed accounts of the living standards of the inhabitants, the climate and landscape of the West and Alaska. He wrote of the living standards of the Indians in Alaska, of the [UNK] of oranges in California and of Chinese and Mexicans being used as laborers.

The Rev. David Prescott Allison travel diary chronicles the events of the trip the Reverend took to the Southern states during February and March of 1878. It gives a descriptive account of the cities he visited; noting the actions of the people, the architecture of the buildings and the landscape patterns of the cities. He started out each entry with the weather conditions. The Reverend wrote in an eloquent manner describing life on and off board ship. He also wrote of his experience of being introduced to President Rutherford B. Hayes. Along with the travel diary is a list of travelling expenses made by the Reverend.

The legal documents are those of August (father) and Louis (son) Muller. The first document is a deed of land from John Eager Howard to August Muller signed 22 June, 1850 pertaining to a piece of property along St. Paul and Centre Streets. The second document lists the Articles of Partnership among C. Morton Stewart, James E. Tate, Louis Muller and Clarence C. Whiting signed 8 October, 1869 under a five year limited partnership.

The collection also contains a letterbook of Louis Muller (1872-1874). The letterbook was written primarily in German. The entries in English, though, include invoices for the brig Mathilda and Irmaas, the S.S. Nurnburg and the S.S. Nestorian. It also contains instructions on the artificial manufacture of saltpetre, a letter asking a partner not to resign because of the disastrous year in the sugar business, a letter rehiring a bookkeeper, a letter discharging a bookkeeper for irregularities in the books, a request to a man to keep up payments on his life insurance policy and a letter to a woman warning her that the man she hired had stolen from his company.