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Not dated and 1898-1925

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Frederick W. Mueller (d. 1963) was a builder, inventor, and photographer who lived on Ashland Ave. in Baltimore. He developed early panorama and cyclorama cameras, including one which was patented that could take "dome" pictures of the sky and horizon. The Navy Department of the U.S. Government tested a camera developed by Mueller for use in World War I and for a later polar expedition, but did not use it. In addition to photography, Mueller also did contract building work, alterations and fire wood work.

Collection Origin

Gift of Mrs. Isabella Coons, 1971 (63694).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 3 boxes of photographs which are undated or originated ca. 1903-1925.

Box 1 contains 2 folders with 31 photographs including 2 negatives. Folder 1 contains 8 modern photoprints made in the 1980s at the Maryland Historical Society from vintage glass negatives which are undated. The subjects are not identified, but include men, women, children with toys, a church and a road. Folder 2 contains 21 photoprints which are Mueller family portraits, some by Fred Mueller, and 2 negatives which are unidentified portraits.

Boxes 2 and 3 are flat boxes containing rolled panoramic photographs and negatives, undated or ca. 1903-1925. The images are approx. 8 to 12 inches high and up to 8 feet long. Many of the panoramic prints and negatives are labelled with the text "Section of Photography, Smithsonian Institution" and a catalog number, so these may duplicate holdings at that institution.

Box 2 is a smaller box with 9 items (5 prints, 1 poster, and 3 negatives). Box 3 is a larger box with 22 items (16 prints and 6 negatives). The panoramic photographs depict Baltimore and vicinity: downtown and the harbor, Fort McHenry, Hanover Street Bridge under construction, Western Maryland Railroad yards, Port Covington, the Back River sewage disposal plant, and ruins of the 1904 Baltimore Fire. Some of the images are related to individuals or organizations: restaurateur Walter Hasslinger's home on the Magothy River, the Bohemian Club at Bohemian Manor in Cecil Co., and the Oriole Lodge at the Recreation Pier.

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 1951, the Mueller Camera Collection.


The smaller format photographs in Box 1 are arranged in 2 folders according to PP catalog numbers. The glass negatives are arranged according to negative catalog numbers, the scheme for which incorporates the size of the negative. Duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services Department of the Maryland Historical Society.

Panoramic photographs and negatives in Boxes 2 and 3 have not been given PP catalog numbers; arrangement within the boxes is variable.

Note: Collection was formerly known as B13; some items may labelled with this number.

Container List

3 Boxes

Box 1: 2 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP42.1 - Unidentified woman and child on porch. Neg Z7.1337.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.196.PP42.

PP42.2 - Unidentified girl in front of flag. Neg Z7.1338.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.197.PP42.

PP42.3 - Unidentified man and child with toys. Neg Z7.1339.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.198.PP42.

PP42.4 - Unidentified child with dollhouse. Neg Z7.1340.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.199.PP42.

PP42.5 - Unidentified man and two children. Neg Z7.1341.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.200.PP42.

PP42.6 - Unidentified little girl and grocery box. Neg Z7.1342.PP42; dup/copy neg Z4.201.PP42.

PP42.7 - Unidentified land or road. Neg Z9.2189.PP42; dup/copy neg Z6.1929.PP42.

PP42.8 - Church interior (unidentified). Neg Z9.2190.PP42; dup/copy neg Z6.1930.PP42.

Box 1, Folder 2
PP42.9 - Portrait of the Mueller family: William Mueller (father), Justus Mueller and Isabella Mueller (children), 1905. Shows interior of sitting room with desk/bookshelf, children's toys, funny papers, and autoharp. Print is stuck to board with another print underneath showing a building exterior. Photograph by Fred Mueller.

PP42.10 - Ashland Ave., 1600 block ("across from shop"), n.d. Shows Logue Chewing Gum Factory.

PP42.11 - Damage from cyclone of July 12, 1903, Baltimore Md. Shows J.W. Grook (grocer) building at corner of Broadway and Eager St. with second story front façade demolished; spectators include men and children. Cyanotype.

PP42.12 - Justus Mueller, n.d. (ca. 1905?)

PP42.13 - Justus F. Mueller, 1903 (baby with doll house).

PP42.14 - Unidentified woman with Isabella and Justus Mueller (children) at Ashland Ave., n.d. (ca. 1903).

PP42.15 - Oliver Mueller (infant), n.d. (ca. 1906).

PP42.16 - Oliver Mueller (baby in high chair), n.d. (ca. 1907).

PP42.17 - Fred Mueller, n.d.

PP42.18 - Boy and girl with miniature train ride at Pen-Mar, n.d.

PP42.19 - Justus Mueller (infant), n.d. (photograph also has "Isabel" written on verso).

PP42.20 - Fred W. Mueller, 1898.

PP42.21 - Isabella Mueller, n.d. (ca. 1904). Photograph by Fred Mueller.

PP42.22 - Unidentified woman painting, holding palette, n.d. Negative.

PP42.23 - Unidentified man standing in water with Hock's Hotel in background, n.d.

Box 2

Baltimore harbor seen from Power Plant, ca. 1914. 1 item.

Western Maryland Railroad yards, ca. 1908-1910. 1 item.

Sewage Disposal Plant, Back River, n.d. 2 items.

U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 1 item.

Business section of Baltimore, n.d. 1 item (poster printed by Thomas & Evans).

Unidentified negatives, n.d. 3 items.

Box 3

Baltimore Fire, 1904. 5 items. Dup/copy negs Z24.469, Z24.470, and Z24.471.

Bohemian Club (N.E.) at Bohemian manor, Herman's Park, Cecil Co., 1914. 2 items (print and negative).

Port Covington and the Western Maryland Railroad, n.d. 1 item.

Fort McHenry, 1904. 2 items.

Fort McHenry with troops, 1903. 2 items.

Mr. Walter Hasslinger's place at Long Point, Pasadena on the Magothy River, 1925. 2 items (print and negative). (Hasslinger was original owner of Hasslinger's Seafood Restaurant.)

Baltimore seen from Emerson Tower, ca. 1912. 2 items.

Building of the Hanover Street Bridge, n.d. 1 item.

"Oriole Lodge" at Recreation Pier, n.d. 1 item.

Bromo seltzer building, ca. 1910, section of circuit negative. 1 item (negative).

Unidentified, n.d. 1 item (negative).

Large group portrait in park, n.d. 1 item (negative).

Unidentified institution, ca. 1920. 1 item (negative). © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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