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Not dated and 1873-1900

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Turnbull Murdoch (1868-1927) was president of the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Company, the Baltimore and Virginia Steamboat Company, and the Baltimore and Eastern Shore Railroad Company. Born in Baltimore, he married Alice Neilson, daughter of Albert and Louisa G. Wright Neilson in 1896.

Albert Neilson was the son of James Crawford Neilson (1816-1900) and Rosa Williams Neilson. James Crawford Neilson was the Maryland architect who, in partnership with John Rudolph Niernsee, designed many buildings in Baltimore including the Academy of Music on Howard St. and the Grace and St. Peter’s Protestant Episcopal Church at Park Ave. and Monument St. The Neilson family home was at Priestford, on Deer Creek in Harford Co.

Alice Neilson Murdoch’s sister was Louisa Wright Neilson Ford, married to Dr. William Weber Ford, a professor of bacteriology at the John Hopkins School of Hygiene. Louisa was an artist who also taught art classes and a charter member of the Baltimore Watercolor Club. At one point she operated the Country House Studio at Charles St. and Bellona Ave., a gallery and gift shop. Among her other interests were labor and animal welfare.

Note: Several names related to this collection have variations in spelling. Neilson is sometimes spelled Nielson or Nelson; and Murdoch is sometimes spelled Murdock. Correct spellings are Neilson and Murdoch.

Collection Origin

Gift of Dorothy Ford Montgomery (75588).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 1 folder containing 13 photoprints. Subjects include portraits of Neilson and Murdoch families, including a cabinet photograph of Albert Neilson in China, 1873, captioned: "arranging for coolies to work on the railroad". There is a photograph of the Murdoch home near Towson, Md., possibly now on the grounds of Sheppard Pratt Hospital. Other identified individuals are Turnbull Murdoch, Alice Neilson Murdoch, and Louisa W. Neilson Ford.

Note: The collection also contains several pieces of ephemera, including a James Crawford Neilson seal.

Note: Related materials are found in the Cased Photographs Collection of the Prints and Photographs Division of the Maryland Historical Society: portraits of James Crawford Neilson and Albert Neilson.


Photoprints are arranged according to PP catalog numbers.

Container List

PP16.1 – Riverview Hotel, n.d.

PP16.2 – Murdoch House, near Towson, Md., n.d.

PP16.3 – Albert Neilson, n.d.

PP16.4 – Turnbull Murdoch (?), n.d.

PP16.5 – Home of Turnbull Murdoch, near Towson, ca. 1890-1900.

PP16.6 – Mike, dog of Alice Neilson Murdoch, n.d.

PP16.7 – Turnbull Murdoch and dog at Greenway stables, n.d.

PP16.8 – Turnbull Murdoch and Louise (Luli) Neilson Ford, n.d.

PP16.9 – Albert Neilson, Louise (Luli) Neilson, and Alice Neilson (Mrs. Turnbull Murdoch), with Mike (dog), n.d.

PP16.10 – Turnbull Murdoch on porch of house.

PP16.11 – Alice and Louise Neilson, n.d. Color added to photograph.

PP16.12 – Albert Neilson, 1873. Portrait made in Hong Kong; caption reads: "arranging for coolies to work on railroads".

PP16.13 – Medallion, n.d. Caption reads: "Inherited by Albertus Backer, 1740; Inherited by Albert B. Neilson, 1857".

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