Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection, PP209

Finding Aid to the Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection, PP209

H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society

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Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection


Baltimore City

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This collection consists of four albums of photographs relating to the 1930s construction of the Montebello‑Druid Conduit, including Baltimore rowhouse neighborhoods Charles Village, Remington, and Waverly. 

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H. Furlong Baldwin Library

Maryland Historical Society

201 W. Monument St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

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City Hall, Robert Dietrich, Chief of Technical Services, December 1977

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Processing begun ca 1990s; Processed completed by Damon Talbot, August 2014

Scope and Content

The Montebello-Druid Conduit Photograph Collection consists of four albums of photographs relating to the 1930s construction of the Montebello‑Druid Conduit, including Baltimore rowhouse neighborhoods Charles Village, Remington, and Waverly.  The photos were evidently taken to show pre-existing damage to buildings along the construction route. Many show entire buildings, but a significant number show only details, the rear view, or backyard. They date to April‑July 1931 (dated in photo).  Photographs are identified. The original negative numbers on reverse of photo, but MdHS does not have the negatives. The photographer is "A.L.H."  of Holloway & Brown.

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Container List

Image ID/Description

Album I

PP209.1-.3      Construction photos

PP209.4          3023 Remington Ave.;

PP209.5          3031 Remington Ave

PP209.6          3037 Remington Ave

PP209.7-.9      3200 Saint Paul St.

PP209.10        3203 Saint Paul St.

PP209.11        3205 Saint Paul St.

PP209.12        3209 Saint Paul St.

PP209.13        3211 Saint Paul St.

PP209.14        3213 Saint Paul St.

PP209.15        3215 Saint Paul St.

PP209.16        3219 Saint Paul St.

PP209.17        3223 Saint Paul St.

PP209.18        3225 Saint Paul St.

PP209.19        3229 Saint Paul St.

PP209.20        3233 Saint Paul St.

PP209.21        402 West 29th Street

PP209.22        408 West 29th Street

PP209.23        410 West 29th Street

PP209.24        416 West 29th Street

PP209.25        418 West 29th Street

PP209.26        336 West 30th Street.

PP209.27        253 West 30th Street.

PP209.28        255 West 31st Street

PP209.29        259 West 31st Street

PP209.30        261 West 31st Street

PP209.31        269 West 31st Street

PP209.32        279 West 31st Street

PP209.33-34   283 West 31st Street

PP209.35-.36  299 West 31st Street

PP209.37-.42  Johns Hopkins University, Psychology Lab (31st & Remington)

PP209.43        723 East 34th Street;

PP209.44-.45  312 E. University Parkway

PP209.45        334 East University Parkway

PP209.46        336 East University Parkway

PP209.47        346 E. University Parkway

PP209.48        348 E. University Parkway

PP209.49        350 E. University Parkway

PP209.50-.51  354 E. University Parkway

PP209.52-.53  3318 Westerwald Ave.

PP209.54        313-315 Wyman Park Drive

PP209.55        317-319 Wyman Park Drive

PP209.56        321 Wyman Park Drive

PP209.57-.58  323 Wyman Park Drive

PP209.59-.54   Johns Hopkins University (Boiler Room).

Album 2

PP209.65        Chas. & 33rd Streets

PP209.66        101 East 33rd St.

PP209.67        102 East 33rd St.

PP209.68        106 East 32nd St.

PP209.69        107 & 109 East 32nd St.

PP209.70        3200 N. Calvert St.

PP209.71        3202 N. Calvert St.

PP209.72        3204 N. Calvert St.

PP209.73        3205 N. Calvert St.

PP209.74        3206 N. Calvert St.

PP209.75        3208 N. Calvert St.

PP209.76        3209 N. Calvert St.

PP209.77        3210 N. Calvert St.

PP209.78        3212 N. Calvert St.

PP209.79-80   201 East 33rd St.

PP209.81        203 East 33rd St

PP209.82        205 East 33rd St

PP209.83        209 East 33rd St

PP209.84        213 East 33rd St

PP209.85        Union Memorial Hospital  boiler room(34th & Calvert)

PP209.86-.88 308 East 33rd St

PP209.89        213 East 33rd St

PP209.90        215 East 33rd St

PP209.91        223 East 33rd St

PP209.92        229 East 33rd St

PP209.93        Union Memorial Hospital  boiler room(34th & Calvert)

PP209.94-.95 Gardner’s Garage, SW corner Barclay & 33rd

PP209.96-.97 600 East 33rd St

PP209.98       602 East 33rd St

PP209.99       604 East 33rd St

PP209.100     605 East 33rd St

PP209.101     606 East 33rd St

PP209.102     608 East 33rd St.

PP209.103     610 East 33rd St.

PP209.104     612 East 33rd St.

PP209.105     614 East 33rd St.

PP209.106     618 East 33rd St.

PP209.107     620 East 33rd St.

PP209.108-109     622 East 33rd St.

PP209.110     627 East 33rd St.

PP209.111-.112     640 East 33rd St.

PP209.113     627 East 33rd St.

PP209.114     700 East 33rd St.

PP209.115     723 East 33rd St.

PP209.116     Waverly M.E. Church

PP209.117     819 East 33rd St.

PP209.118     826 East 33rd St.

PP209.119     827 East 33rd St.

PP209.120-.121     828 East 33rd St.

PP209.122     831 East 33rd St.

PP209.123-.124     Baltimore Stadium

PP209.125     831 East 33rd St.

PP209.126     833 East 33rd St.

PP209.127-.139     Baltimore Stadium

PP209.140      Church of our Savior, 33rd St. & The Alameda

PP209.141     1524 East 33rd St.

Album 3

PP209.142     3201 Abell Ave.

PP209.143     3205 Abell Ave.

PP209.144     3213 Abell Ave.

PP209.145     3216 Abell Ave.

PP209.146     3225 Abell Ave.

PP209.147     3227 Abell Ave.

PP209.148     3229 Abell Ave.

PP209.149     3231 Abell Ave.

PP209.150     3233 Abell Ave.

PP209.151     3235 Abell Ave.

PP209.152     3237 Abell Ave.

PP209.153     3239 Abell Ave.

PP209.154     3243 Abell Ave.

PP209.155     3244 Abell Ave.

PP209.156     3246 Abell Ave.

PP209.157     3247 Abell Ave.

PP209.158-.160     3301 Abell Ave.

PP209.161     3309 Abell Ave.

PP209.162     3200 Avon Ave.

PP209.163     3204 Avon Ave.

PP209.164-.165     3202 Barclay Street

PP209.166     3204 Barclay Street

PP209.167     3206 Barclay Street

PP209.168-.169      3208 Barclay Street

PP209.170     3210 Barclay Street

PP209.171-.172     3212 Barclay Street

PP209.173-.174     3214 Barclay Street

PP209.175-.176     3218 Barclay Street

PP209.177     3224 Barclay Street

PP209.178     3226 Barclay Street

PP209.179     3228 Barclay Street

PP209.180     3240 Barclay Street

PP209.181     3244 Barclay Street

PP209.182     3304 Barclay Street

PP209.183     3311 Barclay Street

PP209.184     3313 Barclay Street

PP209.185-.188     Barclay Street & 33rd St. (Hoppe’s Garage & Stenerson & Cole Pontiac)

PP209.189     2908  Bernard Street

PP209.190     2912  Bernard Street

PP209.191     2914  Bernard Street

PP209.192-.193     2916  Bernard Street*

PP209.194     No Photograph

PP209.195     2918  Bernard Street

PP209.196     2920  Bernard Street

PP209.197     2922  Bernard Street

PP209.198     2924  Bernard Street

PP209.199     2926  Bernard Street

PP209.200     2928  Bernard Street

PP209.201     2930  Bernard Street

PP209.202-.203     2932  Bernard Street

PP209.204     2934  Bernard Street

PP209.205     2936  Bernard Street

Album 4

PP209.206-.207     301 Birkwood Street

PP209.208     321 Birkwood Street

PP209.209     323 Birkwood Street

PP209.210     327 Birkwood Street

PP209.211-.212     329 Birkwood Street

PP209.213-.214     3000  Cresmont Street

PP209.215     3002  Cresmont Street

PP209.216-.220     3010  Cresmont Street

PP209.221     3018  Cresmont Street

PP209.222     3019  Cresmont Street

PP209.223-.224     3200 Ellerslie Ave.

PP209.225     3230 Ellerslie Ave.

PP209.226     3201 Frisby Street

PP209.227     3203 Frisby Street

PP209.228-.229     515 Gorsuch Ave.

PP209.230     519 Gorsuch Ave.

PP209.231     525 Gorsuch Ave.

PP209.232-.233     3211  Greenmount Ave.

PP209.234     3221  Greenmount Ave. (Peoples Drug Store)

PP209.235     3222  Greenmount Ave.

PP209.236     3202  Greenmount Ave.

PP209.237     3210 Guilford Ave.

PP209.238     3219 Guilford Ave.

PP209.239     3220 Guilford Ave.

PP209.240     3221 Guilford Ave.

PP209.241-242     3301 Guilford Ave.

PP209.243     3021  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.244     3023  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.245     3025  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.246     3031  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.247     3033  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.248     3042  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.249     3043  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.250     3045  Huntingdon Ave.

PP209.251-.252     3047 Huntingdon Ave

PP209.253-.254     Keen Memorial M.P. Church

PP209.255     400 Merryman's Lane (The Boulevard Shoe Shining Parlor)

PP209.256     402 Merryman's Lane

PP209.257     404 Merryman's Lane

PP209.258     406 Merryman's Lane

PP209.259     408 Merryman's Lane

PP209.260     410 Merryman's Lane

PP209.261     412 Merryman's Lane

PP209.262-.263     414 Merryman's Lane

PP209.264     432 Merryman's Lane (confectionary)