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Not dated (1860s-1916)

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Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, May 2000


Although most of the portraits in this collection are unidentified, the collection documents the institution of studio portrait photography in Maryland, and especially in Baltimore, in the last part of the 19th and in the early 20th century.

Before people had easy access to their own cameras, studio portraiture was especially popular for those who could afford it. Elaborate background sets for formal posed portraiture were the norm, and people certainly donned their best outfits to be photographed. Popular formats included the cabinet card and the carte-de-visite. For a period during the Civil War (Sept. 1, 1864 to Aug. 1, 1866), a tax was levied on photographs, indicated by stamp adhered to the reverse side of the photographs mount; these are most often found on carte-de-visite mounts.

The cards on which portraits were mounted were often elegantly designed and imprinted with the photographer’s or studio’s name and address, making it possible to trace the geographic distribution of the profession in the city over time.

Collection Origin

Various sources, including gift of Catharine Armitage, 1989 (002712).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 2 boxes containing 61 photoprints, undated or thought to be made between the 1860s and 1916. The majority are studio portraits of unidentified subjects made by photographers in Maryland, mostly in Baltimore, although there are a few photographs from outside Maryland, and a few non-portrait images by Aubrey Pearre. Most of the photographs are mounted on cards imprinted with the photographer’s or studio’s name and address.


Photographs are arranged alphabetically by name of photographer or studio.

Container List

2 boxes

Note: Photographers are located in Baltimore unless otherwise noted.

Box 1 (folder level list; a folder contains 1 item unless otherwise noted. )


Bachrach and Bro. 7 items.

Bachrach, David. 2 items.

Baltimore Photographic Co.

Bell, E.C. (Hagerstown).

W.C. Bell (Frederick). 4 items.

Bendann. 4 items.


Blessing and Co. (J.P. Blessing and Henry Fenge).

W.A. Burger (Frederick). 2 items.

Busey, N.H. 2 items.

Busey, Norval H. 6 items.

Butler Bros.

Byerly (Frederick). 3 items.

Central Photo Co.

R. Clay Crawford (Chestertown). 3 items.

Clinedinst Photo. Co. 8 items.

Cox and Ward. 5 items.

Cummins. 3 items.


Dinmore and Wilson. 2 items.

J. Edkin’s. 3 items.

The Excelsior Art Studio.

Fischer and Bro.

Egbert Guy Fowx. 2 items.

Freeburger, A.

Gordon, D.J. (Pocomoke City).

Getz. 2 items.

Gruber (Hagerstown).

Hagerstown photographers (unidentified). 3 items.

Harris and Ewing (Washington, D.C.).

Hayman Studio (Annapolis).

Hebbel. 6 items.

J. Holyland.

Hunter, P(leasant) C. (Martinsburg, Va.).

Israel and Co. 3 items.

Jeffres and Rogers.

Box 2 (folder level list; a folder contains 1 item unless otherwise noted. )

Kibler (Hagerstown).

King and Co. (Hagerstown). 4 items.


Kuhn and Cummins. 3 items.

Kuhn and Cummins.

Langley (Belair).

Leach and Edkins.

London Studio. 2 items.

London Studio – Ilgenfritz.

Lytle, J.S. (Belair).

McGune (Hagerstown).

Markens and Bielfeld (Frederick).

F.J. Metzung.

Miller, W.J. 2 items.


Mosher, C(alvin) S.

Mueller Bros.


Pearre, Aubrey. 4 items (modern photoprints from glass negatives, n.d. and ca. 1900).


H.L. Perkins.

J.W. Perkins. 3 items.

P.L. Perkins. 2 items.

Phreaner, B.W.T. (Hagerstown). 3 items.

Pollock. 4 items.


E.M. Recher (Hagerstown). 3 items.


Rogers, A.L.

Russell. 2 items.

Selby Studio. 3 items.

M. Stahn.

Stanton and Butler. 2 items.

Torsch, Henry F.

M.D. Trainor. Subject is Dr. Rood.


Wagner and Sons.

J.H. Wagoner (Hagerstown). 2 items.

Walzl’s Imperial Portrait Studio.

Walzl, J.H. -Southern Photographic Temple of Art.

Walzl, John T.

Walzl, Louis.

Watson, W.T. (Pocomoke City).

W.H. Weaver.

Whitehurst. 2 items.


G. Edwin Williams Co. (Pasadena, Ca.).

J.H. Young. 2 items.
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