John Campbell White Papers, 1798-1926, MS 1005

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John Campbell White Papers


MS 1005




John Campbell White, late 1700s-1862










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MS 1005




Provenance:                 Mr. John Campbell White donated The John Campbell White Papers to the Maryland Historical Society Library in September 1954.  Mr. White was the great-grandson of John Campbell White, after whom the collection is named.  This collection is the first in a series of three collections relating to John Campbell White.  An unknown donor donated the second collection (MS 1005.1), White Papers, 1835-1892.  The third collection (MS 1005.2), entitled John Campbell White Papers, 1764-1928, was in part acquired by exchange in 1962 (Accession number 58001).  The donation of the remaining papers within MS 1005.2 is unknown. 



Size:                            12 linear feet (25 document boxes)



Access:                        Access to this collection is unrestricted.



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John Campbell White Papers

MS 1005


Table of Contents


                                                                                                Page                Boxes


Biographical Sketch                                                                   1


Scope and Content Note                                                           2-3


Series Description:


            Series I: Correspondence (1816-1926)                          4-5                1-12

            Series II: Legal Documents (1772-1869)                       5-6                13

            Series III: Financial Documents (1797-1898)                6                   13-16

            Series IV: Bank Documents (1816-1865)                      6-7                16-21   

            Series V: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery

                           (1806-1854)                                                    8                   21-22

            Series VI: Genealogical Material (1803-1923)             8                    22

            Series VII: Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material

                              (c.1870-1900)                                               9                  

            Series VIII: Commonplace Books (c.1803-1880)         9                  

            Series IX: Diaries-Travel Journal (1823)                        9                   22

            Series X: Literary Manuscripts-Poetry (1863-1874)      9                   22

            Series XI: Copies of Medical Articles (1798-1800)      9                   22

            Series XII: Maps and Charts ([1831-1833])                  10                 22

            Series XIII: Printed Ephemera (1818-1909)                  10                 22


Container List                                                                            11-15                                                                                                                                   

Appendix A: White Family Tree                                               


Appendix B: Bank of the United States: A Register of

                      Its Records in the Library of Congress                                    



                                                                                                Total Boxes:        25


                                                                                                Linear Feet:         12







John Campbell White Papers

MS 1005


Biographical Sketch


This collection contains the business and personal papers of both John Campbell White as well as the White family.  The collection covers the years 1772-1926 and consists of 25 boxes. About one third of the collection was processed in the mid-1960s, and then again only partially processed in 1996.  The entire collection has now been fully arranged and described.


                     Dr. John Campbell White (1757-1847) came to the United States with some of his several sons in 1798 from Ireland.  After becoming a successful doctor, he founded White and Sons Distillery.  The collection is named after one of these sons, John Campbell White.


                     John Campbell White (1700s-1862), also referred to as John White throughout this collection, became Cashier of the Second Bank of the United States on September 18, 1821.  The Baltimore branch of the Bank of the United States opened in 1792.  This branch operated under a charter from Congress until 1811, when a new charter from the State of New York was issued.  The Congress created a new charter in 1816, when the bank became known as the Second Bank of the United States.  The Baltimore branch of this bank opened in the same year.  This second charter lasted until 1835, when the charter expired and the local bank, Merchant’s Bank of Baltimore, takes over the affairs of the Baltimore branch.  Since then the bank name and ownership has changed several times, and currently exists as Allfirst Bank.  See also Appendix B for information on the history of Bank of the United States. 


                     In addition to being the Cashier of the bank, John White was a partner of his father’s distillery business John Campbell White and Sons, which was in business from about 1814-1835.  John White was also apparently a partner in a real estate business with his brother Henry White (1793-1882).  See also Appendix A for a White family tree.  The majority of this collection centers on business documents concerning John White.


                     For more information on the White family, see the collections MS 1005.1 and MS 1005.2 of the Special Collections Department in the Library of the Maryland Historical Society.  There is also a White family collection at Hampton National Historic Site located at 535 Hampton Lane, Towson, Maryland 21286-1313.  The phone number there is 410.823.1309.  









John Campbell White Papers

MS 1005


Scope and Content Note


The John Campbell White Papers are a collection of correspondence, legal documents, financial documents, the Second Bank of the United States documents, John Campbell White & Sons Distillery papers, printed ephemera, maps and charts, genealogical material, copies of medical articles, poetry, a travel journal, scrapbooks and scrapbook material, and commonplace books.  The entire collection is arranged chronologically, within each series, ranging in date from 1772 to 1926.  The collection, consisting of 25 boxes, has been reprocessed since the 1960s and placed in acid-free folders and boxes.


The bulk of the material concerns John Campbell White (1700s-1862) the son of Dr. John Campbell White (1757-1847).  The majority of this material spans the years 1816-1870, the greater part of which is business and personal correspondence.  Most of the correspondence relates to the business of John Campbell White while he was employed as Cashier at the Bank.  There is also a large amount of business and personal correspondence to and from Henry White, John’s brother.  Correspondence between individual members of the White family and either John or Henry is included in the correspondence subseries for John or Henry, while the remaining White family correspondence can be found in the “Correspondence-White family” series.  The correspondence of those other than White family members is in the “Correspondence-General” series.


Next to correspondence, financial documents and bank documents constitute a substantial portion of the collection.  Receipts constitute a large part of both the Financial document series and the Bank document series.  The Financial document series includes both personal and business transactions, primarily activities of the Second Bank of the United States. 


The materials in the Bank series, such as minutes, financial documents, legal documents, and correspondence provide a comprehensive look at the overall operations of the Bank itself.  The current Bank series is the same Bank series that was created by the archivist in the 1960s.  Due to time restraints, no additional Bank documents were added to this series.  The researcher is advised there are documents related to the Bank in almost every other series in this collection. 


While there are materials in the Distillery series related to the operations of the distillery, more can be gleaned from the family legal papers within this series.  The legal documents in this series document a legal case among White family members over the ownership of the distillery and the estate of Dr. John Campbell White.


Though the remainder of the collection is smaller, the materials offer insight into what was deemed socially and medically important during the second half of the nineteenth century.  This can be seen through what items were collected and saved, such as scrapbooks, commonplace books, a travel journal, poetry, copies of medical articles, maps and charts, and printed ephemera. 


Genealogical material related to the White, Buckler, Eichelberger, Lyde, and Ridgely families will be found in Series VI.  Researchers interested in the White family should also look at the “Correspondence- White family” subseries as well as “Legal Documents-White family” and “John Campbell White & Sons Distillery-Legal Documents”.  A major difficulty for the researcher may be that numerous “John Campbell Whites” flourished simultaneously.


The arrangement of these papers, then, defines the scope of this collection.  The papers preserved in this collection are a significant source of Maryland history.  The history of the Second Bank of the United States and the White and Sons Distillery, along with the information regarding the White family leave much of value to the researcher. 


            See also the following related collections in the Special Collections Department: 

            MS. 1005.1     White Papers, 1835-1892

            MS. 1005.2     John Campbell White Papers, 1764-1928      

























John Campbell White Papers

MS. 1005


Series Description


The John Campbell White Papers consist of 13 major series: 1.) Correspondence 2.) Legal Documents 3.) Financial Documents 4.) Bank Documents 5.) John Campbell White and Sons Distillery 6.) Printed Ephemera 7.) Maps and Charts 8.) Genealogical Material 9.) Copies of Medical Articles 10.) Literary Manuscripts-Poetry 11.) Diaries-Travel Journal 12.) Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material 13.) Commonplace Books.  The Papers in this collection range from 1772-1926.  Each series is arranged chronologically.  All undated material is filed after the dated material in each series.  


Series I:  Correspondence, 1816-1926 (Boxes 1-12, 151 folders)

This series is the largest in the collection and includes the correspondence of John White, Henry White, members of the White family, as well as people outside of the White family.  Miscellaneous notes are also included in this series.  Due to time restraints, business and personal correspondence were not separated. The majority of the correspondence falls between the dates 1820 and 1860.


            Subseries 1:  Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal  (Boxes 1-5; Box 6, Folders 1-6)

            Many of the letters in this subseries involve John White’s business as cashier of the Bank of the United States.  The majority of the letters are addressed to “John White, Cashier” or to “John White, Esq.”  The date range for this subseries is 1818-1861. 


            Subseries 2:  Outgoing Correspondence-John White Business and Personal  (Boxes 6, Folders 7-13; Box 7; Box 8)

            This subseries contains only letters written by John White.  Like subseries 1, most of the correspondence relates to the business of the Bank of the United States, in the context of John White’s position as Cashier.  If the handwriting of unsigned letters indicated that the author was most likely John White, the letter was placed in a folder where John White’s name is in brackets [John White].  The dates for this subseries are 1820 to 1862.


            In both subseries 1 and subseries 2, John White corresponded heavily with the following people: Nicolas Biddle, John A. Brown, J. Mason Campbell, Langdon Cheves, R. L. Colt, Robert B. Magruder, Elizabeth Patterson, Charles Streaker, and Campbell P. White.


            Subseries 3:  Incoming Correspondence-Henry White Business and Personal  (Box 9; Box 10, Folders 1-5)

            Like John White’s correspondence, both Henry White’s incoming and outgoing correspondence makes up a considerable section of the correspondence series.  The correspondence in this subseries is addressed to Henry White, brother of John White.  The dates in this subseries are from 1816 to 1871. 


            Subseries 4:  Outgoing Correspondence-Henry White Business and Personal (Box 10, Folders 6-11)

            Henry White is the correspondent in this subseries and the date range is from 1830 to 1869. 


Some frequent correspondents of Henry White, for both subseries 3 and subseries 4, include J. Mason Campbell, John Glenn, Eliza Ridgely, Campbell P. White, and John G. White.


            Subseries 5:  Incoming Correspondence-John White and Henry White Business and Personal  (Box 10, Folders 12-14)

            The letters in this subseries are addressed to both John White and Henry White, many of which were written by White family members.  The dates of these letters range from 1816 to 1860.


            Subseries 6:  Correspondence-White Family  (Boxes 10, Folders 15-18; Box 11)

            This subseries contains correspondence of White family members, except for the correspondence of John White and Henry White, which are in subseries 1-5 of the Correspondence Series.  Most of this subseries includes personal correspondence among members of the White family, and in particular Eliza Ridgely White, whose first marriage was to John Campbell White, John White's nephew.  This subseries spans the dates 1799 to 1926.


            Subseries 7:  Correspondence-General  (Box 12, Folders 1-15)

            The correspondence in this subseries concerns people other than White family members.  Some of the correspondents include Nicolas Biddle, James Bosley, Alexander Brown, Louis and William Buckler, John Donnell, John Glenn, Reverdy Johnson, Richard Magruder, Samuel Ogden, William Patterson, and Nathanial Williams.  The materials include both business and personal correspondence and fall within the date range of 1805 to 1903.


            Subseries 8:  Correspondence-Miscellaneous Notes  (Box 12, Folders 16-17)

            This subseries was created for incomplete sent and unsent letters and notes.  Most of the items are undated due to the nature of the material, except for two items dated 1848 and 1851.


Series II:  Legal Documents, 1772-1869  (Box 13, 10 folders)

This series includes legal documents such as deeds, wills, settlements, trustee indentures, power of attorney assignments, and promissory note protests.  The series is broken down into a White family subseries, a miscellaneous subseries, and a miscellaneous notes subseries.


            Subseries 1:  Legal Documents-White Family  (Box 13, Folders 1-6) 

            This subseries contains any legal documents that involve White family members.  Any White family legal document related to lawsuits within the White family, and those related to Dr. John Campbell White’s estate and the distillery partnerships in particular, are filed in Series 5 entitled “John Campbell White and Sons Distillery.”  A number of the legal documents in this series have to do with John White’s role as a trustee for his clients at the bank.  The documents in this subseries range from 1816 to 1869.


            Subseries 2:  Legal Documents-General  (Box 13, Folders 7-9)

            This subseries contains both business and personal legal documents concerning people outside of the White family, from 1772 to 1863.


            Subseries 3:  Legal Documents-Miscellaneous Notes  (Box 13, Folder 10)

            The items in this subseries are legal in nature but are simply notes, and do not constitute complete legal documents.  Lawyers relating to cases in which they were involved wrote many of these notes. 


Series III:  Financial Documents, 1797-1898  (Boxes 13-16, 44 folders)


Subseries 1: Financial Documents-General (Box 13, Folders 11-16; Box 14, Folders 1-5)

The majority of the documents in this subseries include balance sheets, accounts, mortgage documents, auction lists, stock transfers and vouchers.  These documents have to do with both business and personal financial transactions, though most of them were created by the Second Bank of the United States.


Subseries 2: Financial Documents-Receipts (Box 14, Folders 6-15; Box 15; Box 16, Folders 1-7)

This subseries contains both business and personal receipts.  Most of the receipts are for items that were purchased or ordered.  Other materials in this subseries considered receipts are work estimates, bills, and promissory notes.  Some of the receipts document the transactions of businesses and organizations such as the Baltimore Water Company, the Baltimore Equity Society, and the Baltimore Orphan Asylum.


Series IV:  Bank Documents, 1816-1865  (Boxes 16-21, 43 folders that include 9 account books)

Bank documents, or documents relating to the Bank of the United States, constitute the second largest series in the collection.  This series was initially created when the collection was first processed in part in the mid-1960s.  No documents, however, have been added to this series since that time, due to staff time restraints.  While most of the bank documents in this collection can be found in this series, there are bank documents in other series as well.  Some of the materials in this series include minutes, proceedings and reports, financial documents, legal documents, correspondence (both internal and external), printed material, and items related to the production of gold and silver.


            Subseries 1:  Bank Documents-Correspondence (Box 16, Folders 8-10)

Most of the correspondence in this subseries is internal to the bank; much of the external correspondence is with the bank’s clients.  The date range for this subseries is 1819-1841.


Subseries 2:  Bank Documents-Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports (Box 16, Folders 11-14; Box 17)

The materials in this subseries document official bank business, proceedings, and resolutions mainly through the meetings of the President and Board of Directors and meetings of the stockholders.  These items include the Merchant’s Bank resolution to purchase the Bank of the United States at Baltimore, made in 1835.

There are also four minute books of the bank that run from 1818 to 1835.  The inclusive dates of this subseries are 1819 to 1854.


Subseries 3:  Bank Documents-Financial Documents (Box 18; Box 19; Box 20, Folders 1-9)

Mortgages, trust accounts, blank checks, cancelled checks, check registers, and receipts comprise the majority of this subseries.  There are also worksheets, internal bank statistics, and bank budgets.  The dates in this subseries include 1820-1865, n.d.


Subseries 4:  Bank Documents-Legal Documents (Box 20, Folders 10-15; Box 21, Folders 1-2)

This subseries contains legal documents such as lawsuits re: client accounts, debts owed the bank, promissory note protests, land indentures, powers of attorney, state documents re: bank clients, papers related to property and real estate.  Includes a document dated February 20, 1855 entitled “An Act to close finally the Trusts of the late Bank of the United States.”  The dates of these documents include 1816-1855, n.d.


Subseries 5:  Bank Documents-Printed Material (Box 21, Folder 3)

This subseries contains only one newspaper clipping of an advertisement for the sale of John Morton, Jr.’s  house by auction.  John White is listed as the trustee of Mr. Morton’s Estate.  This clipping has n.d.


Subseries 6:  Bank Documents-Miscellaneous Items Related to the Production of Gold and Silver (Box 21, Folder 4)

            All of the items are handwritten financial figures and notes relating to the value of gold and silver in various countries, quantities, prices and shipments of gold and silver, and narrative accounts of gold and silver production.  There also appear to be rough drafts of the narrative accounts.  The materials in this subseries have no dates.

Series V: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery 1806-1854 (Boxes 21-22,

12 folders)

This series correlates to the Baltimore distillery, John Campbell White and Sons, founded by Dr. John Campbell White around 1814.  A number of Dr. White’s sons were involved at one point or another, including John White who withdrew from the partnership in 1819 when he received the position as Cashier at the Second Bank of the United States.  The Distillery partnership seems to have dissolved around the year 1843.  Any document that explicitly mentioned the Distillery was placed into this series.  Therefore, there may be other documents, within the entirety of the collection, related to the Distillery that are not in this series.  Correspondence, financial documents and legal documents constitute this series, the majority of which are legal documents relating to a long and divisive White family legal battle over Dr. White’s estate, namely the ownership of the Distillery.  


Subseries 1: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Correspondence (Box 21, Folder 5)

            This subseries consists of five letters pertaining to subjects of distillery inventory, deliveries, payments, and ownership, among others.  The date range covers the years 1843-1854.


            Subseries 2: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Financial Documents (Box 21, Folders 6-7)

Accounts, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and a work invoice are included in this subseries.  The dates for these financial documents are 1806-1807, 1835, 1850 and n.d.


Subseries 3: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Financial Documents-Receipts (Box 21, Folders 8-9)

This subseries contains receipts for measurements, deliveries, and purchased items.  The dates of the materials in this subseries are 1843, 1851, 1853-1854, and n.d.


Subseries 4: John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Legal Documents (Box 21, Folders 10-12; Box 22, Folders 1-4)

Documents such as power of attorney, petitions, court of appeal statements, bills of complaint, court proceedings, and settlement papers are found in this subseries.  All of the documents are directly related to the ownership of the Distillery or Dr. John White’s estate.  Most of the papers relate to a White family legal dispute regarding the ownership of the Distillery.  The dates range from 1831-1850, and include n.d. items.


Series VI: Genealogical Material 1803-1923 (Box 22, Folders 9-10)

The materials in this series concern the genealogy of families related to the White

family.  There are naturalization papers for John White and Henry White, obituaries,

vestry papers related to the Dorsey and Ridgley families, an

act concerning naturalization, and genealogical notes about the Buckler, Dorsey,

Eichelberger, and Lyde families.  The date range for this series is 1803-1923 and n.d.


Series VII: Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material c.1870-1900 (Box 23)

There is one scrapbook in this series along with one folder.  The chapter titles in the scrapbook are as follows: “Political/Literary/Historical and personal reminiscences/Religion/Interesting facts or jokes about animals/Inventories/Hygiene/Theatrical/Jokes.”  There does not appear to be a creator/author of this scrapbook, which is mostly newspaper clippings, and the date is c.1870-1900.  The folder contains two undated instructions for preserving tomatoes and for making artificial mineral water.  


Series VIII: Commonplace Books, c.1803-1880 (Boxes 24-25)

There are two large commonplace books in Box 24, that were created c.1803-1813 by unknown creators/authors.  The smaller of the books has a general index and contains information related to many of the liberal arts, including history, medicine, and politics.  The larger book entitled “Commonplace Book 1805” was probably created by Dr. John Campbell White, since it has extensive information on medical cures and various aspects of distillation, in which both subjects Dr. White was involved.  This book includes an alphabetical index of assorted subjects. 


Box 25 contains six Commonplace books ranging from c.1813-1880.  The six books can

be described as followed: Book 1-1853-November 29, 1880; Book 2: n.d.; Book 3:

Recipe Book [Elizabeth White]; Book 4-“Proceedings of the Maryland Convention,

1774-76”; Book 5-“Common Place book of John White Baltimore” contains recipes and

“Hints on Health by John Campbell White”-c.1837; Book 6-n.d.


Series XI: Diaries-Travel Journal 1823 (Box 22, Folder 14)

There is one partial, travel journal in this series dating from 1823.  Places such as Rio Janerio, Buenos Ayres, Cape Horn, Lima, Chili, Santiago, Callas, San Francisco, Peru, Mexico, and San Pedro are mentioned.  The culture, living conditions, food, and climate of these areas, among other characteristics, are described as well.


Series X: Literary Manuscripts-Poetry 1863-1874 (Box 22, Folders 12-13)

This series contains what appears to be both copied and original poetry.  All of the poetry

is handwritten and most of the poems are undated.  There are two poems dated 1863 and

1874, respectively.


Series XI: Copies of Medical Articles 1798-1800 (Box 22, Folder 11)

This series contains handwritten copies of two medical articles.  The first is entitled

“Account of a new Method to sure and prevent the Plague, as practised at Smyrna.

Published by Count Von Berchtold. From the Verkundiger, Nov. 8, 1798.”  The other is

entitled “Philosophical Magazine No. 21--February 1800—On the Efficacy of Yest in the

Cure of those Diseases known by the name of Putrid.”



Series XII: Maps and Charts [1831-1833] (Box 22, Folders 7-8)

This series consists of a “Plan of the Floor of the House of Representatives”, plats, house

floor plans, and a partial map of a few mid-Atlantic states.  All of the items have n.d. except the “Plan of the Floor of the House of Representatives” which is from c. 1831-1833.


Series XIII: Printed Ephemera 1818-1909 (Box 22, Folders 5-6)

This is a series of miscellaneous items that were printed, and not handwritten.  Some

of the types of materials include newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, calling

cards, business cards, articles, and advertisements.  Most of the items have no date,

though the others range from 1818-1909.








































John Campbell White Papers

MS 1005


Container List


NOTE:  Folder titles equate to Series titles in this collection. 



1-1 to 1-12                  Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1818-1823


2-1 to 2-13                  Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1824-1830


3-1 to 3-11                  Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1831-November 1837


4-1 to 4-9                    Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1838-1845


5-1 to 5-10                  Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1846-November 1849


6-1 to 6-6                    Incoming Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, February 1850-1861; n.d.


6-7 to 6-11                  Outgoing Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1820-1857; n.d.


6-12 to 6-13                Outgoing Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1819-1820


7-1 to 7-10                  Outgoing Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1820-1824


8-1 to 8-12                  Outgoing Correspondence-John White Business and Personal, 1825-1862; n.d.










9-1 to 9-12                  Incoming Correspondence-Henry White Business and Personal,



10-1 to 10-5                Incoming Correspondence-Henry White Business and Personal,

                                    1864-1871; n.d.


10-6 to 10-9                Outgoing Correspondence-Henry White Business and Personal,

                                    1830-1865; n.d.


10-10 to 10-11            Outgoing Correspondence-[Henry White] Business and Personal,

                                    1854-1869; n.d.


10-12 to 10-14            Incoming Correspondence-John White and Henry White Business and Personal, 1816-1860; n.d.


10-15 to 10-18            Correspondence-White Family, 1799-June 1842


11-1 to 11-14              Correspondence-White Family, July 1842-1926; n.d.


12-1 to 12-15              Correspondence-General, 1805-1903; n.d.


12-16 to 12-17            Correspondence-Miscellaneous Notes, 1848; 1851; n.d.


13-1 to 13-6                Legal Documents-White Family, 1816-1869; n.d.


13-7 to 13-9                Legal Documents-General, 1772-1863; n.d.


13-10                                                      Legal Documents-Miscellaneous Notes, 1824; n.d.


13-11 to 13-16                        Financial Documents, 1802-1846


14-1 to 14-5                Financial Documents, 1847-1864; n.d.


14-6 to 14-15              Financial Documents-Receipts, 1797-1829


15-1 to 15-16              Financial Documents-Receipts, 1830-June 1864


16-1 to 16-7                Financial Documents-Receipts, July 1864-1898; n.d.


16-8 to 16-11              Bank Documents- Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports, 1819-1854; n.d.






16-12  to 16-13                        Bank Documents-Financial Documents, 1825-1865; n.d.


16-14 to 16-18            Bank Documents-Financial Documents- Mortgages and Trust Accounts, 1822-1836


17-1                                                          Bank Documents-Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports, 1818-1820


17-2                                                          Bank Documents-Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports, 1820-1822


17-3                                                          Bank Documents-Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports, 1822-1827


17-4                                                          Bank Documents-Minutes, Proceedings, and Reports, 1827-1835


18-1 to 18-4                Bank Documents-Financial Documents-Mortgages and Trust Accounts, 1821-1860


19-1 to 19-8                Bank Documents-Financial Documents-Blank and Cancelled Checks, Check Registers, 1820-1844; n.d.


19-9 to 19-17              Bank Documents-Financial Documents-Receipts, 1821-1856; n.d.


20-1 to 20-6                Bank Documents-Legal Documents, 1816-1855; n.d.


20-7 to 20-8                Bank Documents-Legal Documents-Property Papers, 1821-1836; n.d.


21-1 to 21-3                 Bank Documents-Correspondence, 1819-1841, n.d.


21-4                             Bank Documents-Printed Material, n.d.


21-5                              Bank Documents-Miscellaneous Items Related to the Production

of Gold and Silver, n.d.


21-6                             John Campbell White and Sons Distillery Correspondence, 1843-1854


21-7 to 21-8                John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Financial Documents, 1806-1850; n.d.


21-9 to 21-10              John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Financial Documents-Receipts, 1843-1854; n.d.






21-11 to 21-13            John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Legal Documents, 1831-1848


22-1 to 22-2                Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material, c.1870-1900; n.d.


23                                Commonplace Books, c.1803-1813 (2 books)


24                                Commonplace Books, c.1813-1880 (6 books)


25-1 to 25-4                John Campbell White and Sons Distillery-Legal Documents,



25-5 to 25-6                Genealogical Material, 1803-1923; n.d.


25-7                             Diaries-Travel Journal, 1823


25-8 to 25-9                Literary Manuscripts-Poetry, 1863; 1874; n.d.


25-10                            Copies of Medical Articles, 1798-1800


25-11 to 25-12                        Maps and Charts, [1831-1833]; n.d.  


25-13 to 25-14                        Printed Ephemera, 1818-1819, n.d.