John Appleton Wilson Collection - PP3


Maryland Historical Society
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Special Collections Department
201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
410-685-3750 x359;


1868-1920 (bulk 1890s)

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Finding aid by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, July 1999 

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John Appleton Wilson (1851-1927) was a professional architect and historic preservationist who served on the Baltimore Municipal Art Commission, and was a corresponding secretary of the Maryland Historical Society. He was also a deputy governor of the Society of Colonial Wars, vice-president of the Sons of the Revolution, and historian for the Society of the War of 1812. Wilson was in partnership with his cousin, William Thomas Wilson, and their architectural firm known as J.A. & W.T. Wilson, Architects designed many buildings, primarily houses, in Baltimore at the end of the nineteenth century. J.A. Wilson also worked on restoration projects, notably the old Senate chamber in Annapolis, Maryland.

Born in Baltimore, the son of the Rev. Franklin and Virginia Appleton Wilson, John Appleton Wilson attended private schools, and trained for his profession at Columbian College (Washington, D.C.) and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He married May Wade and their home was at 1013 St. Paul St. in Baltimore. They had a daughter, Virginia Appleton Wilson.

Collection Origin

Gift of the estate of Miss Virginia Appleton Wilson, 1958 (55970).

Scope and Contents

The collection is housed in 5 boxes, and spans years 1868-1920, with the bulk of the images made in the 1890s. There are approximately 800 images which are predominantly photoprints, with a few negatives. Most of the photographs are captioned, and many include a date. One album is present containing 486 images; due to the brittleness of the album pages, reseachers should use a photocopy of the album for reference (provided in the same container).

The collection is strongest in images made in the late 19th century of buildings in Baltimore city, including many historic houses and churches. There are also sites and structures from Maryland counties including Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Cecil, Frederick, Howard, Prince Georges, and Washington. The collection forms an excellent record of turn of the century Baltimore buildings, from newly-built 1880s townhouses (many designed by Wilson), to estates such as Evergreen, to examples of historic and vernacular architecture. Both exterior and interior views of many buildings are featured. Included are domestic scenes at Oakley, the Wilson family residence. The album documents Wilson's American and European travel, as well as Baltimore scenes including the President St. Station.

Other subjects include Wilson family portraits, roller-skating, the Sons of the Revolution organization, Civil War battlefields and reunions, the 1904 Baltimore Fire, and 1890s fire-fighting equipment.

Note: A related collection is the papers of J. Appleton Wilson, part of the Wilson Family Papers, MS833 in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society. Other related collections are MS 1066, MS 1149, and MS 2278.

Note: The collection includes 1 folder of miscellaneous materials, including clippings and a letter.


Some of these photographs were previously part of a vertical file, having been re-compiled into this collection. They are arranged in approx. 168 folders according to PP catalog number; a PP catalog number and folder contains from 1 to 12 images. There are recurrent topical headings throughout the collection, but these are not the basis for arrangement; subjects and dates from the collection's whole time span scattered throughout. Following the PP catalog folders is the album and 1 folder labelled "Odds and ends". The overall collection dates apply to all containers.

Container List (5 boxes)

Folder level list: 

Box 1

PP3.1 - Wilson, J. Appleton. Portrait. 1 item.

PP3.2 - Wilson, J. Appleton. Portraits. 2 items. See also Prints Collection - Wilson, J. Appleton.

PP3.3 - Wilson, Franklin. Portrait. 1 item.

PP3.4 - Wilson, Thomas. Portrait. 1 item.

PP3.5 - Wilson, Thomas J. Portrait. 1 item.

PP3.6 - Wilson, Virginia Appleton. Portraits. 2 items.

PP3.7 - Sons of the Revolution at State House (Annapolis, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.8 - Historic buildings. Statehouse (Annapolis, Md.). Senate Chamber. 6 items.

PP3.9 - Historic buildings. Old Treasury (Annapolis, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.10 - Historic houses. Acton House (Annapolis, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.11 - Historic houses. Cashier's House. Bank (Annapolis, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.12 - Historic houses. Gov. Paca House (Annapolis, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.13 - Historic houses. Pickney House (Annapolis, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.14 - Street views. Conduit St. (Annapolis, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.15 - Doorway. Courtland St. (Baltimore, Md.). Architectural details. 1 item.

PP3.16 - Doorways. St. Paul and Pleasant Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). Architectural details. 5 items.

PP3.17 - Ironwork (Baltimore, Md.). Architectural details. 1 item.

PP3.18 - Churches. Associate Reformed Church (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. See also Prints Collection - Associate Reformed Church.

PP3.19 - Churches. Brantley Baptist Church, Edmonson Ave. and Schroder St. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.20 - Churches. Colored Church, Park Ave. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.21 - (NOT FOUND) Churches. Emanuel Church.

PP3.22 - Churches. First Colored Baptist Church, Caroline and McEldery Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1956.

PP3.23 - Churches. Fulton Avenue Baptist (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.24 - Churches. Grace Baptist Church, Caroline and Preston Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.25 - Churches. Maryland Avenue Presbyterian Church (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.26 - Churches. Otterbein Church, Conway St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.27 - Churches. Trinity P.E. Church, Trinity St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.28 - (NOT FOUND) Baltimore street views. (Old) Maryland Club (Baltimore, Md.)

PP3.29 - Mt. Washington Casino (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.30 - Baltimore street views. Baltimore Club, Charles St. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.31 - Baltimore Court House, Lexington St. and Monument Square (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.32 - Baltimore street views. Baltimore St. (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.33 - Baltimore street views. Biddle St. near Charles St (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.34 - Baltimore street views. Biddle St. and Maryland Ave (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1018.

PP3.35 - Baltimore street views. Calvert St. (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.36 - Baltimore street views. Calvert and Biddle Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.1019 and Z24.1014.

PP3.37 - Baltimore street views. Calvert St. between Chase and Biddle Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1015.

PP3.38 - Baltimore street views. Calvert St. near Chase St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.38A - Baltimore street views. Calvert St. north of Eager St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.39 - Baltimore street views. Calvert and Lexington Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.40 - Baltimore street views. Cathedral and Centre Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.41 - Baltimore street views. E. Mt. Vernon Place (Baltimore, Md.). Group of people. 1 item.

PP3.42 - Baltimore street views. 1119 N. Charles St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.43 - Baltimore street views. Courtland and Pleasant Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.44 - Baltimore street views. Edmonson Ave. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.45 - (NOT FOUND) Baltimore street views. Exchange Place (Baltimore, Md.)

PP3.46 - Baltimore street views. John St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.47 - Baltimore street views. W.Lafayette Ave. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.48 - Baltimore street views. Lexington St. (Baltimore, Md.). Shows elephant. 1 item.

PP3.49 - Baltimore street views. Maryland Ave. and Biddle St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.50 - Baltimore street views. Maryland Ave. and Preston St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1016.

Box 2

PP3.51 - Baltimore street views. Mt. Royal Ave. between St. Paul and Charles Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1017.

PP3.52 - (NOT FOUND) Baltimore street views. North Ave. (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.53 - (NOT FOUND) Baltimore street views. Beethoven Terrace (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.54 - Baltimore street views. Pleasant and St. Paul Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.55 - Baltimore street views. Pratt Street (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. See also Baltimore harbor views, Piers. See also Prints Collection - Baltimore street views, Pratt St. and Baltimore street views, Wharves.

PP3.56 - Baltimore street views. St. Paul St. near Saratoga and Pleasant Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.57 - Bank of Baltimore (Baltimore, Md.). Interior. 1 item. See also Oversize File.

PP3.58 - Baltimore Stock Exchange (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. See also Group Portraits.

PP3.59 - Fidelity Building (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.60 - Old Record Office (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.61 - Hotels, inns, tavern. Albany Apartment House (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.62 - The Colonial Apartment House, Charles St. near Eager St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.63 - Hotels, inns and taverns. Harford Rd. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.64 - Historic houses. Oakley (Baltimore, Md.). 12 items.

PP3.65 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Oakley (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.66 - Historic houses. Oakley (Baltimore, Md.). Exterior photos with people. 13 items.

PP3.67 - Historic houses. Oakley (Baltimore, Md.). 7 items.

PP3.68 - Historic houses. Wilson, James S. residence, Charles and Biddle Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1009.

PP3.69 - Historic houses. Wilson, William residence, Charles St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.70 - Historic houses. Wilson, William, Sr. residence, E. Baltimore St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.71 - Historic houses. Albert, Jacob residence, Homeland Ave. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.72 - Historic houses. Anderson, F.T. residence, N. Charles St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.73 - Historic houses. Bentley, Dr. Harry J. residence (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.74 - Historic houses. Bonaparte, C.J. residence, Roland Park (Baltimore, Md.). Garden summer house. 1 item.

PP3.75 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Buckler, Mrs. Thomas residence (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.76 - Historic houses. Bruce, E.B. residence, Calvert St. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.77 - Historic houses. Carroll House, E. Lombard St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.78 - (NOT FOUND) Stables. The Causeway (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.79 - Historic houses. Colston House, St. Paul St. (Baltimore, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.80 - Historic houses. Denmead House, North Ave. and Calvert St. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.81 - Historic houses. Evergreen "Garrett" (Baltimore, Md.). 5 items.

PP3.82 - (NOT FOUND) Churches. Christ Church (Baltimore, Md.).

Box 3

PP3.83 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Homewood (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.84 - Historic houses. Huntingdon (Baltimore, Md.). 4 items.

PP3.85 - Historic houses. Lee House, Charles and Preston Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1008.

PP3.86 - Historic houses. McKim House, N. Calvert St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.87 - Historic houses. Newcomer's House, St. Paul St. near Biddle St. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.1011.

PP3.88 - Historic houses. Oakenshawe, Cold Spring Lane (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. See Graphics Case 51 for b/w neg.

PP3.89 - Historic houses. Okenbrow (near Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.90 - Historic houses. Reese House, Charles St. near Biddle St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1010.

PP3.91 - Historic houses. Stewart, David residence, Charles and Preston Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.1012.

PP3.92 - Historic houses. Taney House, Lexington St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.93 - Historic houses. Watters, M.R. residence, Charles and 29th Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.94 - Historic houses. Williams, E.C. residence, St. Paul St. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.95 - Historic houses. Wilkins House, St. Paul and Biddle Sts. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item. Dup/copy neg Z24.1013.

PP3.96 - (NOT FOUND) Water pump. Fells Point (Baltimore, Md.).

PP3.97 - Fort McHenry (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.98 - Patterson Park (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.99 - Snow storm, 1899 (Baltimore, Md.). Christ Church; Calvert St.; 1013 St. Paul St. 4 items.

PP3.100 - Fire engine , 1890 (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.101 - Roller skating rinks (Baltimore, Md.). Biddle St.; Carrollton and Mulberry Sts. 2 items.

PP3.102 - Tombstones and memorials. Gen. James R. Herbert, in Loudon Park (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.103 - Historic houses. Hughs, Samuel J. residence, Old Frederick Rd. (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.104 - Washington Profile Rock, Falls Rd. (Baltimore Co., Md.). 1 item.

PP3.105 - Bladensburg views, 1932 (Prince Georges Co., Md.). 5 items. See also Prints Collection - Bladensburg.

PP3.106 - Boonsboro. Main Street, 1916 (Boonsboro, Md.). Bullet-marked houses. 1 item.

PP3.107 - Historic houses. Glen Alpine (near Catonsville, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.108 - Historic houses. Gorter residence (near Catonsville, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.109 - Historic houses. Lurman, Gustav residence (near Catonsville, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.110 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Lurmas, Theodor G. residence (Catonsville, Md.).

PP3.111 - Historic houses. Wilson, W.T. residence (near Catonsville, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.112 - Veasy, J. Parker stable (near Catonsville, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.113 - Historic houses. Yearley House (Catonsville, Md.) 2 items.

PP3.114 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Bohemia Manor (Cecil Co., Md.).

PP3.115 - Historic houses. Mother Seaton Cottage (Emmettsburg, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.116 - Court houses (Fairfax, Va.). 4 items.

PP3.117 - Historic houses. Gittings, James C. residence (near Finksburg, Md.). 3 items.

PP3.118 - Churches. Reformed Church (Frederick, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.119 - Mill Aley (Frederick, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.120 - Historic houses. Marye House (Fredericksburg, Va.). 1 item.

PP3.121 - Churches. St. Thomas' Church (Garrison Forest, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.122 - Historic houses (Germantown, Pa.). 2 items.

PP3.123 - Battlefield scenes (Gettysburg, Pa.). 11 items.

Box 4

PP3.124 - (NOT FOUND) Reunions. Cavalry fighters at Rummel's Farm, 1863.

PP3.125 - Hotels, inns and taverns. Herr's Tavern (Gettysburg, Pa.). 1 item.

PP3.126 - Monuments (Gettysburg, Pa.). 4 items.

PP3.127 - Monuments (Gettysburg, Pa.). The Confederate Infantry. 1 item.

PP3.128 - Historic houses. Bruce, Fred W. residence (Green Spring Station, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.129 - Ulman, A.J. stable (Green Spring Valley, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.130 - Hotels, inns and taverns. Avalon Inn (Green Spring Valley, Md.). 4 items.

PP3.131 - Historic houses. Folly Quarters (Howard Co., Md.). 4 items.

PP3.132 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Mitchell, Robert residence (Howard Co., Md.).

PP3.133 - Middletown Valley (Frederick Co., Md.). 3 items.

PP3.134 - Historic houses. Bond, A.W. residence (Millersville, Md.). 4 items.

PP3.135 - Schools and colleges. Millersville Academy (Anne Arundel Co., Md.). 3 items.

PP3.136 - Historic houses (New Orleans, La.). 2 items.

PP3.137 - Historic houses. Jones House, Patapsco Neck (Baltimore Co., Md.). 2 items.

PP3.138 - Historic houses. Grey Rock (Pikesville, Md.). 5 items.

PP3.139 - Historic houses. Hamsin, Charles H. residence (Pikesville, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.140 - Historic houses. Teackle House (Somerset Co., Md.). 4 items. See also - Postcards.

PP3.141 - Schools and colleges. Wake Forest College (Wake Forest, N.C.). 1 item.

PP3.142 - Historic houses. Murray House (near Relay, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.143 - Historic houses. Ruxton cottages (Ruxton, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.144 - Historic houses. Hoffman House (Ruxton, Md.). 7 items.

PP3.145 - Historic houses. Hall, Thomas W. residence (Ruxton, Md.). 8 items.

PP3.146 - (NOT FOUND) Battlefields. Antiedam, 1891.

PP3.147 - (NOT FOUND) Battlefields. South Mountain, 1891.

Box 5

PP3.148 - Historic houses. Turnbull, Lawrence residence ("La Paix") (Sheppard Station, Md.). 5 items.

PP3.149 - Monuments. Rumsey Monument (Sheppardstown, W.Va.). 2 items.

PP3.150 - Historic houses. Highlands (Towson, Md.). 7 items.

PP3.151 - Churches. Trinity Church (Towson, Md.). 4 items.

PP3.152 - Churches. Prince of Peace, Walbrook (Baltimore, Md.). 2 items.

PP3.153 - Fort Frederick (Washington Co., Md.). 5 items.

PP3.154 - Historic houses. House where Pres. Lincoln died (Washington, D.C.). 1 item.

PP3.155 - Historic houses. K Street near 17th St. (Washington, D.C.). 1 item.

PP3.156 - (NOT FOUND) Historic houses. Taylor House (Washington, D.C.).

PP3.157 - Theaters. Ford's Theater (Washington, D.C.). 1 item.

PP3.158 - (NOT FOUND) Potomac River view, 1890.

PP3.159 - Cannon (Valley Forge, Pa.). 1 item.

PP3.160 - Carriage of unidentified men. 1 item.

PP3.161 - Civil War. Devil's Den (?). 1 item.

PP3.162 - First National Bank (Hancock, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.163 - Historic houses. Site of Col. Colgate House, near North Point (Baltimore, Md.). 1 item.

PP3.164 - Historic houses. Fisher, Chas. D. residence, Lake Station, N.C.R.R. (Baltimore, Md.?). 2 items.

PP3.165 - Historic houses. Heathcote (Cobourg, Ontario, Canada). 1 item.

PP3.166 - Historic houses. Pitts, Sullivan residence, Avalon Station, B&O Railroad (Baltimore Co., Md.). 3 items.

PP3.167 - Mill buildings, Franklin Rd. (Baltimore Co., Md.). 1 item.

PP3.168 - (NOT FOUND) ???

PP3.169 - (NOT FOUND) Ships, barges.

1 folder labelled "Odds and ends" - Unidentified or illegibly captioned photographs, clippings, one letter from R.C. Ballard Thruston. 8 items.

1 album containing 486 photoprints of sites in the United States and Europe, and of Baltimore scenes including the President St. Station. The photographs are in good condition, but the album pages are brittle to the point of being unusable. A photocopy has been made of the entire album which should be used for reference (included in this container).