James [Teackle] Dennis Collection, 1651-1917, MS. 233


James [Teackle] Dennis Collection, 1651-1917
Maryland Historical Society  

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James [Teackle] Dennis Collection, 1651-1917
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS. 233

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Melinda K. Friend

7 June 1990



Biographical Sketch of James [Teackle]Dennis

James Teackle Dennis was born 6 October 1865 to James Upshur Dennis, a Somerset County, Maryland lawyer, and his second wife Mary Wilson (Teackle) Dennis. Educated at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Dennis became an attorney and for a short time served as the State's Attorney of Somerset County, Maryland, leaving that office to return to private practice.

He became interested in Egyptology and according to Who Was Who in Egyptology, Dennis travelled to Egypt in 1903-04 and 1905-06 as Henri Edouard Naville's volunteer assistant at Deir el-Bahri, a excavation sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Fund. In addition, Dennis travelled with his wife throughout Europe most notably to England, Italy and France as well as to Turkey in 1895. Furthermore, he was a member of the University Club located in Baltimore and an autograph collector.

About 1892 James married Ida Lee Wade daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wade of Baltimore, formerly of Bedford, Virginia. There were no children of that union. Mr. Dennis died 31 March 1918 at his home, Tyrconnell, at Woodbrook.

Scope and Content

The James T[eackle] Dennis Collection spans the years 1651-1917. Box One consists of Mr. Dennis' collection of autographs and the general correspondence, 1768-1913. These autographs and autographed letters were written by contemporary and historical persons, mostly congressmen, representatives, senators, judges, and governors from Maryland. Other famous persons included in the collection are governors of various states, Revolutionary War dignitaries, Civil War combatants, United States presidents, French painters, and many other prominent men of the time. Some autographed letters also have contextual value such as the letter from H[enry] Knox to General Richard Butler dated 1787 discussing Knox's idea of holding a general council of Indians. Letters from 1774, 1815, and 1854 cover slaves and the institution of slavery. In addition, the 1854 document mentions the Kansas-Nebraska bill. Fluctuations in the tobacco market are discussed in the correspondence from J[ohn] H[oskins] Stone to Andrew Buchanan, 1972, and in the letter written by Tho[ma]s Swann, 1834. Finally, an import slip signed by P[eter] Muhlenberg for Colmarna wine, a Colmar being a type of pear, provides information on the wine trade of 1802. In the general correspondence are letters to Mrs. William W. Spence, Jr. from Francis Hopkinson Smith and letters written to Mrs. Spence's sister, Mrs. Ida W. Dennis, and other persons.

Box Two contains correspondence written to James Teackle Dennis, 1880-1917, n.y., n.d.; James Upshur Dennis, 1867-91; Robert Franklin Bratton, 1888, 1891; Reverend Franklin Wilson, 1862-92; and John Appleton Wilson, 1892-93. James Teackle Dennis' letters consist of replys to his requests for autographs; dialogue with his fellow Egyptologists concerning excavations, hieroglyphics, publication of articles, and European travel; and a letter dated 1899 from Henry Page who was fighting in the Spanish-American War. The general topics for the other correspondence include political appointments and nominations; compensation for slaves; the deeding of the streets, lanes, and alleys on the Edmondson Estate by Mr. Latrobe to the City of Baltimore; architectural books; and the problem of Roman fever when visiting Rome, Italy.

The remainder of Box Two and the Oversize File contain land records dating 1651-1831, n.d. These deeds and grants are for land that was directly deeded to or became the property of the Dennis family. A majority of the land was located in Somerset and Worcester Counties, Maryland while a small portion was in Accomack County, Virginia. Included in the Oversize File also is a contemporary copy of a Maryland Act of Assembly, 1786, and passports dated 1895 and 1914 for James Teackle Dennis and his wife, Ida.



Container List


Autographs and General Correspondence, 1768-1913; n.y.; n.d.


Miscellaneous Autographs--signature only, n.d.


Miscellaneous Notes, Receipts, etc., n.d.


Facsimiles, v.d.



Correspondence to James Teackle Dennis, 1880-1917; n.y.; n.d.


Correspondence to James Upshur Dennis, 1867-91; n.y.


Correspondence to Reverend Franklin Wilson, 1862-92


Correspondence to John Appleton Wilson, 1892-93


Correspondence to Robert Franklin Bratton, 1888, 1891


Land grants and deeds, 1651-1831; n.d.



Land deeds and grants


Calvert, Cecil to Robert Houstone for Assurance, 1671


Calvert, Charles to William Stevens for Line Lott, 1676


Calvert, Charles to Benjamin Cottman for Cottman's Point, 1681


Jenkins, Mary to Samuel L. Marchment for Convenience, 1710


Brittingham, John to William Brittingham for Williams Desire, 1711


Calvert, Charles to Samuell Hunter for Hunters Forrest, 1718


Calvert, Charles to Jonathan Tipton for Selsed, 1727


Calvert, Charles to Abraham Whiteacre for Whiteacres Lott, 1729


Wharton, William to William Brazier for Wharton, 1731


Marchment William and Sarah to Robert Jenckins Henry for Conveniency, 1734


Calvert, Charles to William Wilson for The Long Valley, 1742


Calvert, Frederick to Isaac Merrell for Merrells Good Will, 1753


Harford, Henry to Simpson Merrill for Merrills Conclusion, 1754


Calvert, Frederick to Littleton Dennis for Black Acre, 1754


Brittingham, Levi to Littleton Dennis for Corely, 1755


Ramsey, Wilbourn to Littleton Dennis for Carters Lott, 1758


Calvert, Frederick to Littleton Dennis for Smiths Chance, 1758


Calvert, Frederick to Benjamin Cottman for Cottman's Freehold, 1762


Merrill, Jacob to Littleton Dennis for Littletown, 1764


Brittingham, Nathaniel to Littleton Dennis for Carters Lott, 1765


Fairfax, Lord Thomas to George Mason, 1767


Calvert, Frederick to Littleton Dennis for Pittsborough, 1769


Merrill, Simpson to Littleton Dennis for Merrills Priviledge and Delight, 1773


Harford, Henry to Daniel Cresap for Indian Purchase, 1774


Resurvey of Dennis's Union, 1799


State of Maryland to John Dennis for Dennis's Union, 1800


State of Maryland to Robert Peter for Carderrock, 1802


Knox, George and Hetty to Thomas Merrill for Aracoco and Pittsborough, 1803


Henry, Robert Jenckins to Littleton Dennis, Sen[io]r for Conveniency, 1806


Dennis, John and Elinor to Littleton Dennis, 1806


Dennis, John to Littleton Dennis, Sen[io]r for Pocomoke Plantation, 1806


Other items

1786 Act of Maryland Assembly (contemporary copy)


1895 Passport for James Teackle Dennis and wife


1914 Passport for James Teackle and Ida W. Dennis


List of Autographs and Correspondents

Allen, Ethan A., fl. 1852



Alvey, R[ichard] H[enry], fl. 1888


Archer, Stevenson, fl. 1841


Austin, Ben W., fl. 1892


Aycock, Charles B[rantley], fl. 1903


Barber, E[dwin] A[tlee], fl. [18]85


Barnard, E[dward] E[merson], fl. 1893


Barnes, Rich[ar]d, fl. 1782


Bayley, J[ames] Roosevelt, fl. 1876


Bell, Alexander Graham, fl. 1888


Berrien, [John] Macpherson, fl. [18]53


Biggs, B[enjamin] T., fl. 1890


Bislesi,__________, n.d.


Bissell, Geo[rge] E[dwin], fl. 1895, 1899


Blair, Montgomery, fl. [18]79


Bonaparte, J[erome] N[apoleon], fl. 1822


Boni, C., n.y.


Bonnat, L[eo]n [Joseph Florentin], fl. 1895


Bowie, Oden, fl. 1888


Bowie, Rich[ar]d J[ohns], fl. [18]52


Bowie, Rob[er]t, fl. 1812


Breasted, James Henry, fl. 1900


Briscoe, John P., fl. 1913, 1915


Brown, Frank, fl. 1891


Budge, E[rnest] A[lfred] [Thompson] Wallis, fl. 1899


Burgwyn, W[illia]m H. S., fl. [18]88


Burr, A[aron], fl. 1804


Burritt, Elihu, fl. 1862


Calvert, Bened[ic]t, fl. 1773


Carmichael, Rich[ar]d B[e]n[ne]tt, fl. 1876


Carroll, Ch[arles] of Carrollton, fl. 1823


Carroll, Thomas King, fl. 1852


Carter, Bernard, fl. 1892


Carter, Jesse Benedict, fl. 1912


Catron, John, n.d.


Chaille-Long, Ch[arles], fl.1899, 1903-04, 1911, 1916, 1917


Chambers, E[zekiel] F[orman], fl. 1828


Clark, [Sir] C[aspar] Purdon, fl. 1908


Closson, W[illia]m B., fl. 1913, n.d.


Coke, Richard, fl. 1890


Cook, Dr. F[rederick] A., fl. 1891


Cragin, [Dr.] E. B., fl. 1910


Crisfield, J[ohn] W[oodland], fl. 1884


Crouch, F[rederick] [William] Nicholls, fl. [18]88


Currelly, C[harles] T[rick], n.d.


Curtis, B[enjamin] R[obbins], n.d.


Cushing, Frank Hamilton, fl. 1900


Cuyler, Rev. Theo[dore] L[edyard], fl. [18]88


Dallas, G[eorge] M[ifflin], n.d.


Dana, James D[wight], fl. 1880


Danforth, Elliot, fl. 1894


Daniel, Peter V., n.d.


Daniel, W[illia]m, fl. [18]88


Davis, David, fl. 1882


Davis, H[enry] Winter, fl. [18]53


Davis, Noah K[nowles], fl. [18]76


Davis, Theo[dore] M., fl. 1894


Deiher, F. A., fl. 1912


Dennis, Geo[rge] R[obertson], fl. 1879


Dennis, J[ames] Upshur, n.y. May 9


Dennis, John, fl. 1794, [ca. 1797-1804]


Denny, J[ames] W[illia]m, fl. 1902


Du Chaillu, Paul [Beloni], fl. 1900


Dulaney, Dan[ie]l, fl. 1770


Dussauce, Professor H., fl. 1867


Duvall, G[abriel], fl. 1815


Ellis, Tristam, fl. [18]96, 1898, [18]99


Erman, [Jean Pierre] Ad[olphe], fl. 1901


Everett, Edward, fl. 1854


Fearn, J[ohn] Walker, fl. [18]96


Fisher, William, A., fl. 1892


Fleming, F[rancis] P., fl. 1890


Ford, J. T., fl. [18]68


Gibbons, J[ames] Card[inal], n.y. June 29


Gibson, Char[le]s H[opper], fl. 1890


Gildersleeve, B[asil] L[anneau], fl. 1901


Gilmor, Rob[ert], fl. 1891


Gist, Mordecai, fl. 1774


Goldsborough, C[harles], fl. 1813


Goldsborough, P[hillips] L[ee], fl. 1911


Goldsborough, Rob[er]t H[enry], fl. 1813


Gorman, A[rthur] P[ue], fl. 1892


Graham, Robert P[atterson], fl. 1912


Grason, W[illia]m, fl. 1841


Greeley, Horace, fl. [18]59


Grenfell, B[ernard] P[yne], fl. 1908


Gresham, W[alter] Q[unitin], fl. 1895 (oversize)


Grier, R[obert] C[ooper], n.d.


Griffith, F[rancis] Llwewllyn], fl. 1904


Grundy, Felix, fl. 1836


Hall, H[enry] R[eginald] [Holland], fl. 1905


Hambleton, Sam[uel], fl. 1869


Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804


Hampton, Rich[ar]d, n.d.


Hampton, W[ade], fl. 1813


Hand, E[], fl. 1784


Handy, Levin Irving, fl. 1897


Harper, Robert Francis, fl. 1904


Harris, W[illiam] T[orrey], fl. 1893


Harrison, Benj[amin], fl. 1782


Haupt, Paul, fl. 1898, 1899, n.y.


Haymerle, [Heinrich Carl?] Fr[eiherr], n.d.


Henry, Daniel Maynadier, fl. 187[7?]


Henry, Jo[h]n, fl. 1793


Herbert, H[ilary] A[bner], fl. 1893


Holmes, Oliver Wendell, fl. 1903


Houston, Sam, fl. 1855 (missing 5/1990)


Howard, George, fl. 1823


Howard, J[ames], fl. 1890


Howard, J[ohn] E[ager], fl. 1791


Howell, Joseph, fl. 1794


Hughes, Charles E[vans], fl. 1911


Huntington, Eben[ezer], fl. 1827


Irving, L[evin] T[homas] H[andy], fl. 1865


Jackson, A[braham] V[alentine] Williams, fl. 1901


Jackson, C[laiborne] F., fl. 1843


Jackson, E[lihu] E[mory], fl. 1890, [18]91, 1892


Jackson, Sheldon, fl. 189[8 or 2]


Jastrow, Morris, Jr., fl. 1903


Jeter, J[eremiah] B[ell], fl. 1874


Johnson, J[ohn], fl. 1782


Johnson, Jo[h]n M., n.y. November 18


Johnson, Jo[h]n, fl. 1821


Johnson, Reverdy, fl. 184[9?], 1867


Jones, Arnold E., n.d.


Jones, Isaac D[ashiell], fl. 1868


Jones, J[ohn] W[illiam], fl. [18]90


Kelly, H[oward] A., fl. 1906


Kennedy, John P[endleton], fl. 1838


Kent, Jos[eph], fl. 1828


Kerr, John B[ozman], fl. 1854


Kerr, John Leeds, fl. 1841


Key, F[rancis] S[cott], fl. 1841


Key, Philip B[arton], fl. 1810


Knox, H[enry], fl. 1787


Kunz, George (F.?), fl. 1907


L'Estrange, Val[], fl. 1912


Latrobe, Ferdinand C[laiborne], fl. [18]91


LeCompte, E[dward] W., fl. 1890


Lee, H., fl. 1782


Lee, Richard Henry, n.y. March 10


Lee, Tho[ma]s S[im], fl. 1794


Ligon, T[homas] Watkins, fl. 1857


Lincoln, B[], fl. 1801


Lloyd, Edw[ard], fl. 1824


Lloyd, James, fl. [18]20


Lowe, E[noch] Louis, fl. 1854


Lowndes, Lloyd, fl. 1896-98


Lythgoe, A[lbert] M[orton], fl. 1904


Mahool, J[ohn] Barry, fl. 1911


Marshall, J[ohn], fl. 1800


Martin, Alex[ande]r, fl. 1801


Martin, Luther, fl. 1803


Maspero, G[aston] [Camille Charles], fl. 1899, 1902,1904-05


McBurney, Charles M., n.y. November 28


McElroy, [J. M.], n.d.


McGuire, Hunter, fl. 1893


McHenry, James, fl. 1798


McLean, John, n.d.


Melville, Geo[rge] W[allace], fl. 1887


Mendenhall, T[homas] C[orwin], fl. 1892


Miller, Joaquin, n.d.


Miller, William, fl. 1888


Milne, John, fl. 1898


Mitchell, [Dr. S.] Weir, fl. 1910


Morris, Robert, fl. 1781


Muhlenberg, P[eter], fl. 1802


Muller, W[ilhelm] Max, fl. 1901


Murray, W[illiam] V[ans], n.d.


Naville, Ed[ouard], fl. 1905, 1906, 1910, n.y. October 27


Nelson, Samuel, n.d.


Nicholson, Joseph H[opper], fl. 1806


Nicola, Col[onel] Lewis, fl. 1781


Offord, Joseph, fl. 1904, 1913


Ogle, Ben[jamin], fl. [17]86


Page, Henry, fl. 1892, [18]99


Page, Walter Hines, fl. 1914 (oversize)


Pattison, Rob[er]t E[mory], fl. 1890


Patton, F[rancis] Landey, fl. 1901


Petrie, W[illia]m M[atthew] Flinders, fl. 1903-1915, n.d.


Pilkington, Ernest, fl. 1912


Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, fl. 1800


Pinkney, W[illiam], fl. 1819


Poe, John Prentiss, fl. 1888


Poller, James, fl. [17]85


Potter, James, fl. [17]85


Pratt, Enoch, fl. 1891


Pratt, Thomas G[eorge], fl. 1852


Price, Ira M., fl. 1901


Quibell, J[ames] E[dward], fl. [19]04


Randall, James R[yder], fl. 1887


Rayner, I[sidor], fl. 1892


Remsen, Ira, fl. 1903, 1906, 1909, [19]11-12


Ricaud, J[ames] B[arroll], fl. 1849


Ridgley, C[harles] [Carnan] of Hampton, fl. 1826


Ridout, John, fl. 1773


Robinson, Charles, n.y. Dec[ember] 27


Ross, Duncan C., fl. [18]88


Russum, George M., fl. 1878


Sayce, A[rchibald] H[enry], fl. 1908-09


Seddon, Ja[me]s A[lexander], [Jr.], fl. [18]87


Seth, Joseph B., fl. 1891


Shiras, George, Jr., fl. 1892


Shryock, T[homas] J[acob], fl. 1889


Smith, [Francis] Hopkinson, fl. [190]9


Smith, John Walter, fl. 1912


Smith, R[ober]t, fl. 1801


Smith, S[amuel], fl. 1824


Smith, Truman, fl. 1853


Spence, John S., fl. 1839


Spencer, W. A., fl. 1855


Spinner, F[rancis] E[lias], fl. 1889


Sprigg, Sam[ue]l, fl. 1820


Stake, Edward, fl. 1891


Stanford, H[enry] L. D., fl. 1912


Steindorff, Georg, fl. 1901


Stevens, Samuel, Jr., fl. 1823


Stockbridge, H[enry], fl. 1881


Stone, J[ohn] H[oskins], fl. 1792


Stone, J[ohn] M[arshall], fl. 1892


Sutphen, Dr. Morris C., d. 1901


Sutphen, W. G. van Tassel, fl. 1901


Swann, Tho[ma]s, fl. 1834


Swayne, N[oah] H[aynes], fl. [18]79


T[ilghman], Mat[thew], 1783


Talbott, J[oshua] Fred[erick] C[ockey], fl. 1914


Taney, R[oger] B[rooke], n.d.


Tasker, Benjamin, fl. 1768


Terrell, A[lexander] W[atkins], fl. [18]96


Thayer, Dr. W[illiam] S., fl. 1905


Thomas, James, fl. 1834


Thomas, Philip F[rancis], fl. 18[6?]5 (see Spencer, 1855)


Tissot, James, fl. 1900


Todd, Thomas, 1817


Tompkins, Daniel D., fl. 1812


Trippe, A[ndrew] C[ross], fl. 1914


Tryon, J. R., fl. 1893


Tyndale, Walter, fl., 1907-09, 1911-12, n.y.


Veazey, Tho[mas] W[ard], fl. 1838


Verne, Jules, fl. [18]87


Vickers, George, fl. 1868


Vignaud, Henry, fl. 1899


Wallis, S[evern] Teackle, fl. 1887


Ward, John, fl. 1905


Warfield, Edwin, fl. 1904


Washington, Bush[rod], fl. 1824


Webster, Edwin H[anson], fl. 1890


White, And[rew] D[ickson], fl. 1872


Wilson, E[phraim] K[ing], fl. 1890


Wilson, Francis, fl. 1903


Wilson, L. A., fl. 1898


Wilson, W[illia]m L[yne], fl. 1893


Wilson, Woodrow, fl. 1912


Winder, Ch[arles] H., fl. 1842


Winder, Lev[in], fl. 1813


Winslow, W[illia]m C[opley], fl. 1900


Wirt, W[illia]m, fl. 1821


Wright, Robert, fl. 1821


Yates, Rich[ar]d, fl. 1854




Akam, 1745


Aracoco, 1802, 1803


Archaeology--Egypt, 1898-1917, n.y., n.d.


Arrocor, 1665


Assurance, 1671


Autograph Collection, 1768-1917


Autographs, 1768-1917


Beckford, 1697, 1698


Black Acre, 1754


Bolton, 1659


Bratton, Robert Franklin, 1845-1894


Brazier, William, fl. 1731


Brittingham, John, fl. 1711


Brittingham, Levi, fl. 1755


Brittingham, Nathaniel, fl. 1765


Brittingham, William, fl. 1711


Calvert, Cecil, fl. 1651, 1659, 1665, 1671


Calvert, Charles, fl. 1676, 1681


Calvert, Charles, fl. 1718, 1727, 1729, 1742


Calvert, Frederick, fl. 1753-54, 1758, 1762, 1769


Carderrock, 1802


Carter, George, fl. 1674


Carters Lot, 1674


Carters Lott, 1758, 1765


Cattle breeding, 1826


Chase, Samuel, fl. 1804


Clubs--Baltimore, 1890s-1910s


Convenience, 1710


Conveniency, 1734, 1806


Corely, 1755


Cottman's Freehold, 1762


Cottman's Point, 1681


Cottman, Benjamin, fl. 1681


Cottman, Benjamin, fl. 1762


Crespa, Deniel, fl. 1774


Delight, 1773


Dennis's Union, 1799, 1800


Dennis, Elinor, fl. 1806


Dennis, Ida Wade, 1868-1952


Dennis, James Teackle, 1865-1918


Dennis, James Upshur, 1823-1900


Dennis, John U[pshur], fl. 1823


Dennis, John W., fl. 1831


Dennis, John, fl. 1800


Dennis, Littleton, fl. 1754-1806


Dennis, Littleton, Jr. (of Henry), fl. 1806


Dennis, Littleton Purnell, fl. 1813


Dennis, Littleton, Sen[io]r, fl. 1806, 1813


Dennis, Littleton W., 1831


Dent, Peter, fl. 1697, 1698


Dickerson, Thomas, fl. 1823


Dred Scott Case, n.d.


Edmondson Estate, [18]68


Egypt--Archaeology, 1898-1917, n.y., n.d.


Egypt--Description and Travel, 1894-1915, n.y., n.d.


Egypt Exploration Fund, 1900-1906


Egyptology, 1898-1917, n.y., n.d.


Europe--Description and Travel, 1874, 1894-1915, n.y., n.d.


Fairfax, Lord Thomas, fl. 1767


Fairfax, W., fl. 1751


Frederick County, Md.--Land, 17th-19th centuries


Gale, George, fl. 1745


Gale, Matthias, fl. 1745


Gerrard, Thomas, fl. 1651


Harford, Henry, fl. 1754, 1774


Henrey, John, fl. 1714


Henry, John, n.d.


Henry, Robert Jenckins, fl. 1734, 1806


High Land, 1714, n.d.


Hill, Francis, fl. 1665


Houstone, Robert, fl. 1671


Howard, Edmond, fl. 1697, 1698


Howard, Margaret, fl. 1697, 1698


Hunter, Samuell, fl. 1718


Hunters Forrest, 1718


Indian affairs, 1787


Indian Purchase, 1774


Indians--Economic conditions, 1787


Indians--Government relations, 1787


Industry--schooner, 1773


Jenkins, Mary, fl. 1710


[Kansas]-Nebraska bill, 1854


Kell, [Thomas], n.d.


Knox, George, fl. 1803


Knox, Hetty, fl. 1803


Land--Frederick County, Md., 17th-19th centuries


Land--Somerset County, Md., 17th-19th centuries


Land-Virginia, 17th-19th centuries


Land--Worcester County, Md., 17th-19th centuries


Line Lott, 1676


Little, 1665


Littletown, 1764


Lloyd, Richard, fl. 1665


L[l]oyds Grove, 1665


Long Valley', 1742


Marchment, Samuel L., fl. 1710


Marchment, Sarah, fl. 1734


Marchment, William, fl. 1734


Mason, George, fl. 1767


Merrel, Thomas, fl. 1665


Merrell, Isaac, fl. 1753


Merrells Good Will, 1753


Merrill's Conclusion, 1754, 1813


Merrill's Priviledge, 1773, 1813


Merrill, Jacob, fl. 1764


Merrill, Simpson, fl. 1754, 1773


Merrill, Thomas, fl. 1802, 1803


Oriental Exploration Fund, 1904


Oriental Institute, 1900


Peter, Robert, fl. 1802


Phillippine Islands--Spanish-American War, 1899


Pittsborough, 1769, 1803


Pittsborough Correct, 1813


Pocomoke Plantation, 1806


Public opinion--Md., 1806


Rachel--ship, 1803


Ramsey, Wilbourn, fl. 1758


Robertson, James, fl. 1745


Rutherford, Robert, fl. 1751


Selsed, 1727


Skinner, Andrew, fl. 1665


Slavery, 1854, 1862


Slaves and Slavery, 1774, 1815, 1854, 1862


Slaves, 1774, 1815, 1862


Smiths Chance, 1758


Somerset County, Md.--Land, 17th-19th centuries


Spanish-American War--Phillippine Islands, 1899


Spencer, Nicholas, fl. 1659


Stanley, Hugh, fl. 1663


Stevens, William, fl. 1676


Stocks--United States, 1806


Timber Neck, 1665


Tipton, Jonathan, fl. 1727


Tobacco--Growing, 1792


Tobacco--Investments, 1792


Tobacco--Prices, 1834


University Club, 1890s-1910s


Virginia--Land, 17th-19th centuries


Wharton, 1731


Wharton, William, fl. 1731


Whiteacre, Abraham, fl. 1729


Whiteacres Lott, 1729


Whittington, J. William, fl. 1714


Williams Desire, 1711, 1823


Wilson, Franklin, 1822-1896


Wilson, John Appleton, 1851-1927


Wilson, William, fl. 1742


Wine--Industry and trade, 1802


Worcester County, Md.--Land, 17th-19th centuries


Wright, Richard, fl. 1659





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