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ca. 1890s

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Richard James Gittings (1830-1882) was a noted criminal attorney, an associate and legal advisor of Oden Bowie, first Governor of Maryland under the Constitution of 1867. He married Victoria Sellman Gittings (1837-1884), who was born on the Woodlawn plantation in Anne Arundel Co., the granddaughter of Revolutionary War hero Gen. Jonathan Sellman. The couple lived in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore and had six children, some of whom were still quite young at the time of their deaths. The care of the younger children fell to their brother, D. Sterrett Gittings (1861-1948), and the family lived on the family estate Roslyn (also spelled Roslin) in Baltimore County and at a townhouse on Park Avenue.

D. Sterrett Gittings, an 1883 graduate of Johns Hopkins University, entered the insurance business although his main interest was horses. He was widely known as a rider and national authority on thoroughbred horses and racing. He was the founder of the Maryland Jockey Club, and its director from 1918-1948; his experiences there are described in Victoria Gittings' memoir Riding Straight, which incorporates his writings and reminescences. His sister Victoria Gittings (1879-1965) was a writer, publishing the biography of her brother and contributing frequent letters to Baltimore newspapers on political subjects. She was an accomplished pianist and a member of the Maryland Historical Society. Another sister was Anna Sellman Gittings (1863-1943), also a member of the Maryland Historical Society and the creator of the photographs in this collection.

Collection Origin

Gift of Victoria Gittings, 1958 (55940).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 3 folders containing 34 photoprints, some of which are modern prints made from negatives created by Anna Sellman Gittings, and several of which are vintage photoprints. Created ca. 1890s, the photographs primarily depict the Gittings home called Roslyn (also spelled Roslin) near Kingsville (Upper Falls) along with members of the Gittings family, friends and domestic servants (including African Americans). There are many rural scenes along the Gunpowder River including Little Falls and Great Falls, and the vicinity of Joppa, Belair, and Philadelphia Roads in Baltimore and Harford Counties. Some images depict people at the Philadelphia Gunning Club.

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 2526, the Richard J. Gittings Collection; MS. 2548, the William Bose Marye Collection; MS. 563.1, the Marye Collection; and MS. 563.2, the Victoria Gittings Papers.


The photographs are arranged according to PP catalog numbers. The collection was formerly known as B2, so catalog item numbers as written on the photoprints (B2.1, B2.2, etc.) coincide with the descriptions for PP77.1, PP77.2, etc. Image descriptions including identification of sites and persons were written on the original negative envelopes; these are available for all images, filed in a folder following the photoprints.

Container List 

1 Box

Box 1: 3 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP77.1 - "Bellevue" house, formal box garden and old stone dairy (E. side of Joppa Rd. btwn. Kingsville and Upper Falls, Baltimore Co.). Neg ZN14.601.B2.

PP77.2 - White oak tree, "Bellevue" looking toward St. John's Church, Kingsville. Neg Z7.741.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.33.B2dn.

PP77.3 - Covered bridge, probably at Gunpowder Falls, Harford Co. Neg Z9.1480.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1487.B2dn.

PP77.4 - Dieter's Mill on Little Falls at Gunpowder River, looking toward B&O Railroad bridge, Baltimore Co. Neg Z9.1481.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1488.B2dn.

PP77.5 - Great Gunpowder Falls btwn. Bel Air and Philadelphia Roads, Baltimore Co. Neg Z9.1482.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1489.B2dn.

PP77.6 - Great Gunpowder Falls btwn. Bel Air and Philadelphia Roads, Baltimore Co. Neg Z9.1488.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1490.B2dn.

PP77.7 - Great Gunpowder Falls btwn. Bel Air and Harford Roads. Neg Z9.1484.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1491.B2dn.

PP77.8 - (Same as Neg Z9.1482.B23). Neg Z9.1485.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1492.B2dn.

PP77.9 - House on the Hill next to Old Salem Church, Upper Falls. Neg Z7.742.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.34.B2dn.

PP77.10 - Boating near Philadelphia Gunning Clubhouse, Back River; Elizabeth E. Gilder, Mary T., D. Sterrett, and Victoria E . Gittings, ca. 1890. Neg Z7.743.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.35.B2dn.

PP77.11 - Philadelphia Gunning Clubhouse, Back River, Gunpowder Neck, Baltimore Co. Neg Z9.1486.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1493.B2. (see also PP11.453mp; see also GP PPVF Dove Cove, Bush River)

PP77.12 - Group ca. 1895 at Philadelphia Gunning Club. Neg Z9.1487.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1494.B2dn.

PP77.13 - Old pear tree, Roslyn Farm, E. side of Joppa Rd., Baltimore Co. Neg ZN14.602.B2.

PP77.14 - The Locks of the Lane (trees), Roslyn Farm, Joppa Rd. upper Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg Z7.744.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.36.B2dn.

PP77.15 - Old Barracks, Roslyn Farm, near Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg ZN14.603.B2.

PP77.16 - Old Hickory tree, Roslyn Farm, near Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg Z7.745.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.37.B2dn.

PP77.17 - Fireplace in parlor, Roslyn Farm, Baltimore Co. Neg ZN14.604.B2.

PP77.18 - Parlor, Roslyn Farm. Neg Z7.746.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.38.B2dn.

PP77.19 - Parlor, Roslyn Farm. Neg Z7.747.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.39.B2dn.

PP77.20 - Parlor, Roslyn Farm. Neg Z7.748.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.40.B2dn.

Box 1, Folder 2
PP77.21 - Stone wall near old tenant house, looking toward Bellevue, Roslyn Farm. Neg Z9.1488.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1495.B2dn.

PP77.22 - Stone wall and old tenant house on Roslyn Farm. Neg Z9.1489.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1496.B2dn.

PP77.23 - Old Rumsey house, Joppa Farm, Gunpowder River, Harford Co. Neg Z9.1490.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1497.B2dn.

PP77.24 - Old Rumsey house, Joppa Farm, Gunpowder River, Harford Co. Neg Z9.1491.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1498.B2dn.

PP77.25 - Interior of St. John's Church, Kingsville (1891?). Neg Z9.1492.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1499.B2dn.

PP77.26 - West side of Sherwood near Upper Falls. Neg Z9.1493.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1500.B2dn.

PP77.27 - West side of Sherwood near Upper Falls. Neg Z9.1494.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1501.B2dn.

PP77.28 - Sherwood near Upper Falls, looking east. Neg Z9.1495.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1502.B2dn.

PP77.29 - Old Forge Bridge on Philadelphia Rd. looking downstream at Great Falls on Gunpowder River, ca. 1891. Neg Z9.1496.B2; dup/copy neg Z6.1503.B2dn. 2 items.

PP77.30 - Entrance lane, Roslyn Farm near Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg ZN14.605.B2.

PP77.30 - Entrance lane, Roslyn Farm near Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg Z7.749.B2; dup/copy neg Z5.41.B2dn.

PP77.31 - Exterior of St. John's Church, Kingsville, 1891. Neg Z7.750.132; dup/copy neg Z5.42.B2dn.

PP77.32 - Roslyn, NE side Joppa Rd., between Kingsville and Upper Falls, Baltimore Co.

PP77.33 - Roslyn, NE side Joppa Rd., between Kingsville and Upper Falls, Baltimore Co.

PP77.34 - Roslyn Farm, rear view of porch and carriage with Mary Sterrett Gittings.

Box 1, Folder 3
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