Finding Aid to the William Henry Winder Papers, 1807-1879, MS 919

Finding Aid to the William Henry Winder Papers, 1807-1879, MS 919

H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society


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William H. Winder Papers


Winder, William Henry, 1775-1824

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MS 919

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Contains military papers and correspondence of General William H. Winder relating to his activities during the War of 1812 and subsequent court martial after the defeat at Bladensburg. Posthumous material consists of his son’s correspondence concerning his father.

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H. Furlong Baldwin Library

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Deposited by Johns Hopkins University, January 20, 1948

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Biographical Note

William Henry Winder, a Baltimore lawyer, volunteered to serve in the army during the War of 1812. He was given the rank of colonel and sent to the Niagara frontier early in the war. Within a year, he became a brigadier general. In July 1813, he and fellow commander John Chandler were captured at the Battle of Stoney Creek in Ontario.

A prisoner exchange in 1814 brought Winder back to Washington. In early July, when rumors that the British would soon invade the capital seemed credible, Winder was given command of the Tenth Military District that included the cities of Washington and Baltimore.  This is likely to have been politically motivated (his uncle was Governor of Maryland, and it was hoped that he would send troops aid in the defense of Washington) rather than a sound military decision. Winder’s appointment was strongly opposed by Secretary of War, John Armstrong, who provided Winder with little logistical support.

At the Battle of Bladensburg on August 24, 1814, Winder’s forces were soundly defeated by the British. That evening the capital was invaded by the British who set fire to the unfinished capitol and other buildings. A court martial later acquitted Winder of blame; Secretary of War, John Armstrong, was forced to resign.

After serving in the defense of Baltimore, September 12-14, 1814, Winder returned to the northern frontier for the remainder of the war. He was discharged in 1815 and resumed practicing law in Baltimore. Nine years later, at age 49, he died from tuberculosis.


Scope and Content

The collection contains military papers and correspondence of General William H. Winder relating to administrative and military activities during the War of 1812.  Included are Winder’s commission as Brigadier General (signed by President Madison and Secretary of State James Monroe), and communications from Monroe in his role as Secretary of War. Later papers consist of Winder’s obituary and correspondence of William H. Winder, Jr. regarding his father. Correspondence with J. Thomas Scharf, 1849-1850s, concerns Scharf’s research on General Winder, and includes notes and related documents compiled by Scharf.


Container List 











Robt. Wright

1807 August 5




Col. Alexander Smyth

1812 March 16-April 2




Gen. Wm. Eustis, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Col. Thos. Parker, Wm. Simmons, Robt. Brent,

1812 March 12-April 2



includes notice of Winder's appointment as Lt. Col. U.S. Army Infantry, printed list of recruiting regulations; list of infantry officers in Maryland, Delaware, and DC noting rank and place of residence

D. Parker, Col. Alexander Smyth, Capt. Thomas Montgomery, Lt. Edw. Wilson, Lt. Peter Magruder, Ens. Wm. G. Sanders, Ens. P. Luckett

1812 April 3-9




Lt. Jos. S. Nelson, Capt. Samuel Lane, Dr. Daniel Hudson, Lt. John Waring, Lt. John W. Thompson, Col. Alexander Smyth, Thos, Gist.

1812 April 19-13




Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Col. Alexander Smyth, Capt. Samuel Lane, Dr. Jos. Kent, Capt. Nathan Towson, Rev. Jas. Jonas Wilmer, G. W. Wright, Lt. Peter Rich, Wm. G. Mills, Lt. Thos. Gist

1812 April 14-20




Samuel Young, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Col. Alexander Smyth, Capt. Nathan Towson

1812 April 21-26




Lt. George Murdock, Lt. Thomas Gist, Lt. Jas. McDonald, Capt. Thomas Montgomery, Capt. Nathan Towson

1812 April 28-29




Col. Alexander Macomb, Capt. Nathan Towson, Col. Alexander Smyth, Rev. Jas. Jonas Wilmer, Capt. Henry Grindage, Lt. John Waring, Capt. Thos. Langster, Col. J. B. Nourse, Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, Capt. Thos. Montomery, Sameul Young

1812 May 1-9




Capt. Thos. Luckett, Capt. Clement Sullivan, Lt. Saml. Young, Col. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Nathan Towson, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Col. Alexr. Macomb, Robert Brent, Lt. Thos. Gist,

1812 May 10-21



includes list of those recruited since May 10

Capt. Clement Sullivan, Lt. Thos. Gist, Wm. G. Mills, Capt. Nathan Towson, Col. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, Capt. Thos. Langston, W.G.D. Worthington, Capt. Thos. Montgomery

1812 May 23-30



includes rough draft of "return of the recruiting practices in the Baltimore + Eastern District Department No. 3 under the command of Lt. Col. Wm. H. Winder of the 14th Rgt. of Infantry to the 23rd May 1812"

Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, Rebecca Hewitt, Wm. G. Mills, Capt. Nathan Towson, Robt. Brent, Chas. Gwinns, Wm. G. Sanders, Capt. Thos. Montgomery

1812 June 2-12




Capt. Nathan Towson, Wm. Simmons, Col. Alexr. Smyth, Col. Thos. Langster, Dr. John Young, Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, Mrs. Caton

1812 June 13-19



includes list of recruits sent to Baltimore under the command of John W. Thompson; also, papers regarding the discharge of Charles Price

Col. John R. Fenwick, Col. Alexr. Smyth, Adam Whann, Capt. Clement Sullivan, Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, John McKinny

1812 June 20-30



includes list of recruits under the command of Col. Wm. H. Winder

Col. Richard Dennis, Lt. John Waring, Capt. Nathan Towson, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Lt. Thos. Gist, Ens. Wm. G. Sanders

1812 July 1-14



includes text of Winder's speech, July 4, 1812 in Howard Park; War Dept. notice of Winder's appointment as Col.; list of men inspected by Winder and doctor, and "list of prisoners and their respective corps"

Gen. Wm. Eustis, Ens. Jas. H. Hooks, Jas. Johnston, Lt. John Greene

1812 July 15-31



includes list of officers in the 14th Regiment of Infantry, recruiting instructions, 3 weekly reports of Jt. Jas. McDonald's recruiting efforts, and printed notice of new regulations

Ens. Wm. G. Sanders, Dr. Danl. Sheffer, Lt. John W. Smith, Capt. Kenneth McKenzie, Lt. Geo. Murdock, Lt. Jas. Christie, Robt. Brent, Maj. Geo. C. Mitchell, Lt. Belton

1812 August 1-14




Capt. Nathan Towson, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Gen. Henry Dearborn, Lt. John Randall, Cat. Kenneth McKenzie, Gen. Thos. H. Cushing, Calender Irvine

1812 August 17-31




Lt. Geo. Murdock, Calender Irvine, Gen. H. Dearborn, Gen. Van Rensaeaer, Capt. Henry Grindage, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Maj. Timothy Dix

1812 September 1-12




Anthony Lamb, Col. Parker, Capt. N. Pinkney, Capt. McElvain, Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Gen. Eustis, Capt. Wm.  McElvain

1812 October 1-20



includes invoice for clothing supplied to 14th Regiment

Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Maj. Timothy Dix, Gen. Eustis, Gen. Van Rensalaer, Dr. James Mann, Capt. Leonard

1812 October 12-18




Gen Sheaffer, Gen. Miller, Col. Christo Meyers, Lt. Totten, Maj. Timothy Dix, Capt. Pinkney, J. D. Barnard, Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Thos. Montgomery

1812 October 19-22





1812 October 23-26




Col. I. A. Coles, Maj. Thos. Evans, Lt. Wm. Clarke, Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Henry Grindage, Capt. Isaac D. Stone, Thos. Parker

1812 October 27-31




Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Enoch Malin, Sylvester Day, Jos. Ellicott

1812 November 1-7




Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Jas. Bankhead, Lt. Nathan Nye, Lt. James M. Smith, Gen. Wm. Eustis

1812  November 8-14




Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Thos. Parker, Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Maj. J. R. Mullaney, Capt. Jas. Bankhead

1812 November 15-27




Jas. Thomas, Capt. Peter Mills, Capt. Saml. Lane, Capt. Robt. Kent, Lt. Jos. Marechal

1812 November 28-30




Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Capt. Clement Sullivan, Thos. Parker, Capt. Robt. W. Kent, Harison C. Rogers, Col. Geo. McFeely

1812 December 1-4




Gen. Alexr. Smyth, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Cecil Bishopp, Geo. M. Feeley, Daniel Brour

1812 December 5-9




White, Hiram, Lt. John Waring, Michl. T. Simpson, Saml. Angus, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Gen. Alexander Smyth, Col. C. G. Baerstler, John Chrystie, Armistead

1812 December 12-29




Lt. Col. C.G. Baerstler, Capt. Thomas Montgomery, Col. Thatham, Col. C. G. Baerstler, Lt. D. Cummings, Daniel Parker, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Capt. Henry Grindage

1813 January 2-29



includes printed notice of court martial


1813 January 27 (?)



documents and drafts include  "sketch of the Bill" and "Summary of the Rules to be prescribed by the President"

Capt. Sam. Lane, Lt. Col. C. G. Baerstler, Dr. John Young, Capt. J. Gibson, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Jas. Monroe, Capt. J. R. Mullany, Lt. D. Cummings

1813 Feb. 3-20



includes drafts and plan to establish the military staff of the United Stats letter from Gen. Wm. Eustis suspending court martial for the trial of Gen. Hull

Lt. Col C. G. Baerstler, T. B. Bernabue, Dr. Blake, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Capt. Henry Grindage, Wm. Simmons, Dr. Edw. Harris

1813 February 23-28



includes "Plan of operations", Kingston Gazette Extraordinary report of successful attach by Lt. Col. McDonnel at Prescott on Feb.22, 1813

Capt. Henry Grindage, Lt. Col. C. G. Baerstler, Gen. Wm. Eustis, Maj. T. Dix, Col. Jacob Small

1813 March 4-29



includes Master Roll of Henry Grindage's Company of the 14th Regiment of Infantry, list of appointments to 14th Regiment, notice of Winder's appointment as Brigadier General

Jas. Monroe

1813 March 12



Certificate signed by President Jas. Madison appointing Winder a Brigadier General

Maj. T. Dix, Lt. Col. C.G. Baerstler, Capt. Thos. Montgomery, Lt. Thos. Blackwell, J. D. Barnard, Jas. Thomas

1813 April 6-25




Secretary of War, Lt. Col. C. G. Baerstler, Sir George Prevost,  Capt. Durniff, Capt. Frances Kempt, Maj. Genl. Glasgow

1813 May 3-July 26



includes document and correspondence regarding Winder's parole as prisoner of war in Quebec

Sir Geo. Prevost, Gen. Morgan Lewis, John Armstrong, Gen. Hampton

1813 August 1-28



Winder prisoner of war in Canada

Gen. Hampton, Col. Wm. King, Gen. Geo. Glasgow, A. Collins, Sir Geo. Prevost, Gen. Jas. Winchester, Maj. C. Van De Vinter

1813 September 10-October 29



Winder prisoner of war in Canada

Sir Geo. Provost, Gen. Jas. Winchester, Maj. C. Van Devinter

1813 November 5-27



Winder prisoner of war in Canada

Maj. Gen. Glasgow, Gen. Wilkinson, Gen. Jas. Winchester A. Collins, Maj. C. Van De Vinter, Lt. Col. Myers, Sir Geo. Prevost, Col. Edw. Baynes, Thos. Warring, Col. Thos. Barclay

1813 December 1-30



Winder prisoner of war in Canada

Gen. Mason, Sir Geo. Prevost, Col. Edw. Baynes, Gen. Jas. Winchester, Col. Thos. Barclay, Jas. Armstrong, Alex. McKim

1814  Jan. 4-27



Winder prisoner of in Canada

Gen. Thomas Parker, Office of Commissary General of Prisoners, Col. Thomas Barclay, R. M.  Warring, Levin H. Campbell, Col. John B. Campbell, James Mercer, R. J. Meigs (Ohio Gov.), Gen. D. Parker, John Randall, Capt. Wm. L. Crowther, J. Mason

1814 February 4-28



includes extracts letter from Commissary General of Prisoners to Col. Thos. Barclay; Winder in Washington and Baltimore

P. Latouche Chambers, Col. Thos. Barclay, Gen. John Mason, Sir, Geo. Prevost, Capt. P. Latouche Chambers, Gen. Glasgow, Jas. Armstrong

1814 March 2-26



includes correspondence about prisoners of war

Capt. Frances Kempt, Col. Thomas Barclay, Gen. Geo. Glasgow, Capt. Isaac Roach, Jr., Jonathan Hagars, Capt. D. Cummings, Col. D. Tighman, E. B. Caldwell

1814 April 2-25



includes correspondence about prisoners of war

Gen. Winfield Scott, Thos. T. Gauth, Gen. Geo. Izard, Gen. John Armstrong

1814 May 1-June 30



includes "Marginal Notes" attached to the "Report" Proceedings of the Cabinet of 7th June 1814

Jno. R. Bell., Maj. Geo. Armistead, Gen. John Armstrong,  Edw. Lloyd, Maj.  August Keyser, Capt. Ferd. Morstelles, Decius Wadsworth, Jas. S. Edward

1814 July 2-10



includes "Minutes of Genl. Winders proceedings when in command of the 10th Milty Dist." and General Order indicating boundaries of 10th Military District under the command of Brig. Gen. Winder; printed notice of "Detail for Militia Service under the Requisition of July 4, 1814"

Gen. John Armstrong, Col. Irenée Amelot De Lacroix, Dr. John Young, Thos. Montgomery, Jno. R. Bell, R. H. Winder

1814 July 12-16



includes summons to appear as a witness at the trial of Col. Isaac A. Coles, general order regarding change to medical rules

Gen. John Armstrong, Col. Wm. Scott, Maj. Geo. Washington Biscoe, Capt. E. B. Caldwell, James H. Blake, Col Decius Wadsworth, Lev Winder

1814 July 17-21




Gen. S. West, Capt. W. Harnet, Capt.  J.  Herbert, Gen. Winfield Scott, Col. H. Carberg

1814 July 22




Daniel Parker, Capt. Herbert, Lt. Jos. L. Jones, Capt. E. B. Caldwell, Capt. John Davidson, Gen. John Armstrong, Ferd. Morstelles, Col. Wm. Scott

1814 July 2-24



includes order to Capt. Davidson

Gen. John Armstrong, John Graham, Jno. R. Bell, Capt. John Davidson

1814 July 25-27



includes information about prisoners exchanged and an anonymous letter to the President about an attack on the city

Gen. John Armstrong, Jno. R. Bell, Major August Keyser, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Gen. S. Smith, Col. Wm. Scott, Levin Winder

1814 July 28-31



includes copy of Winder's opinion of the plan to organize volunteer companies of Washington City and George Town

Gen. Stewart, Jas. Monroe,  Capt. W. F. Thornton, Lt. John C. Williams, Dennis Marr, Jno. R. Bell, Col. H. Carberg, Saterlee Clarke, Lieut Henry Dunlap, Capt. John Tayloe, J. Peters (Mayor Geo. Town), Gen.  Mason

1814 August 1



includes "plan of torpedo defense (ammunitions)…" with drawing; copy of Brig. Genl. Stewart's letter to President Madison, order for all absent surgeons and surgeons' mates to return to their regiments

Col. Wm. Tatham, E. B. Caldwell, John Tayloe, Col. Wm. Scott, Gen. Saml. Smith, Mr. Griffith, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Gen. Armstrong, Col. Wm King, Capt. Nicholas,  Lt. Harrison, Capt. McKeon, Jno. R. Bell

1814 August 2-4



includes information about a prisoner exchange and printed general order outlining what officers may purchase from the Ordinance Dept.

Col. Saml. Hughes, Jno. R. Bell, Decius Wadsworth, Capt. Saterlee Clarke, Col. John Tayloe, Simon Snyder (Pa. Governor), Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Capt. Jos. Hook, G. Duval, Capt. Kearney,  Gen. John P. Hungerford

1814 August 5-9



includes a general order regarding a court martial at Fort McHenry

Robt. G. Hite, Col. Wm. D. Beallee, Col. John Tayloe, Gen. Robt. Young, Capt. G. Griffith, Gen. S. Smith, Dr. Wm. Stewart, Wm. W. Bird, Walt. Jones, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury

1814 August 10-12



includes "summary of articles wanting for the Alexandria Artillery"

Col. Wm. D. Beallee, Jno. R. Bell, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, James Monroe, Gen. Alexander Parker, Gen. John Armstrong

1814 August 13-14




Capt. Thos. Carberg, Saterlee Clarke, Irinée Amelot DeLacroix, Lt. Jas. S. Edwards, Saml. Moore, Wm. G. Mills, Col. John Tayloe, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Col. Edw. Lloyd, Lev Winder, Maj. Mastetter, Col. Jas. Monroe, Gen. John P. Hungerford, Capt. Shackelford, Capt. Nicholas

1814 August 15




Gen. John Armstrong, Col. Henry Carberg, Wm. G. Mills, John Read, Gen. John Blackwell, Gen. John P. Hungerford, Gen. Alex. Parker 

1814 August 16-17




Gen. John Armstrong, Gen. Stephen West, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Col. Frisby Tilghman, Col. P. G. Baerstler, Gen. John Stricker, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Gen. Saml. Smith, Eliz. Fromentin, Com. Joshua Barney, W. Jones

1814 Aug. 18-19



includes circulars to Brigadier Generals of the local militia, letter from Barney with "statement of the enemy's force", printed division orders

 B. Oden, Col. Wadsworth, Gen. John Armstrong, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Col. Wm. Scott, Maj. Paul Bentatou, James Monroe, Capt. W. M. Littlejohn,  R. G. Hite, Abraham Bradly, Capt. W.  W. Bird, Col. Tilghman

1814 August 20-21




Gen. John Armstrong, Dr. Wm. W. Hale,  Gen. John Stricker,  Maj. A. H. Williams, Col. Wm. D. Beallee, Irenée Amelot De Lacroix, John Tayloe, Col. Thos. Hood, Gen. S. West, Jas. Monroe, Gen. Geo. Armistead

1814 August 22-23




A. McLane, Gen. Young, Capt. Nath. Grigsby, R. Young, Maj. Charles W. Dorsey, Gen. John Stricker, Thos. Grant

1814 August 24-25




James Madison, Sam Ringgold, Rongus, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Henry Studer, Capt. J. H. Herbert, Gen. John Armstrong, Capt. Jeremiah T. Chase, Maj. Thos. L. Kenney, Lev Winder

1814 August 16-27



Battle of Bladensburg Aug. 24

Col. T. Tilghman, Col. Wm. Tatham, James Monroe, L. W. Winder, Gen. John, Armstrong, Judge Duval

1814 August 28-29




Maj. Geo. Keyser, Col. Scott, James Monroe, Col. H. A. Jay Claps, Capt. W. M. Littlejohn

1814 August 30-31




James Monroe, Geo. Washtn. Biscoe, Capt. D. Cummings

1814 September 1-4



includes document explaining reasons for the movements of the troops [at Bladensburg], letters about Bladensburg, and copy of a letter with information about position of the enemy,

Col. Allen McLane, Wm. Mooney, Gen. Saml. Smith 

1814 September 5-6



includes general orders, ideas concerning defense of Gen. Winder, comments on various general orders, Winder letter to Jas. Monroe

Gen. Watson, Gen. Saml. Smith, Dr. Saml. Agnew, Maj. S. Maynards, Gen. Nathaniel Watson (Pa. Militia), A. B. Borleau

1814 September 7




J. Calhoun, Jr., Col. James Monroe, Thos. Swann, Dr. Saml. Agnew, Gen. Wm. Bates, Gen. Ben. Chambers, Robt. G. Harper,

1814 September 8-9



includes lengthy statement from Monroe and copies of letters from Thos. Swann to Monroe

James Monroe, Geo. Washtn. Biscoe, Gen. Saml. Smith, Maj. Jas. Calhoun, Col. T. Tilghman, Col. Griffin Taylor, Gen. Geo. Armistead, Maj. Maynards, Col. Scott, John Bell

1814 September 10




Jas. Monroe, Gen. Saml. Smith

1814 September 11-12



includes supportive comments from Monroe

Maj. S. Lane. J. T. Chase, J. Stith, Geo. Winchester, Capt. Jos. H. Nicholson

1814 September 13-16




Col. A. McLane, Jas. McCulloh

1814 September 17



includes printed notices from Watchman Office regarding military activity in Maryland

R. G. Hite, Col. Mason, Maj. Tucker, Wm. Wood, Gen. Saml. Smith

1814 September 18-20



includes receipt for 6 British soldiers,  list of prisoners taken by Capt. Bird's  squadron near North Point; instructions to surgeons

G. Winchester

1814 September 20



orders regarding Capt. Evans in command at Ft. McHenry and preparations for defense

Jas. Monroe, Capt. F. Evans, Gen. Saml. Smith, R. G. Hite

1814 September 21-23



includes information about locations of English ships and weather conditions; recruiting service to be reestablished in Baltimore; orders to report to Niagara Frontier

Jas. Monroe, Rep. M. Johnson, Col. Stuart, Robt. G. Harper

1814 September 26-27



House of Representatives' "committee to enquire into the causes of the sweep of the Enemy in his recent enterprises against this Metropolis & the neighboring town of Alexandria" request for information; extensive statement of Gen. Winder concerning his command of Military Dist. No. 10

Rep. M. Johnson, Gen. Geo. Izard, J.R. Mullaney, Jas. Mercer

1814 October 1-30




D. Parker, Gov. Tompkins,  Rep. M. Johnson

1814 December 9-29




Jas. Monroe, D. Parker, Thos. Ewell, Tench Ringgold, Rep. M. Johnson

1815 Jaqnuary 1-29



includes 2 copies of wararnt for Court of Inquiry, notice of meeting date and time, Winder's letter to Sec'y of War

Gen. Mason, D. Parker, Maj. Thos. McClelland, Gen. W. Scott, Jas. Mercer,Capt. James G. B. Romayne

1815 February 8-March 3



includes copy of report of the Court of Inquiry

Lt. Geo. Murdock, D. Parker, James Powers, G. Mitchell, A. J. Dallas, Lt. Thos. S. Bracken, Capt. W .C. Beard, Lt. Rich'd. Arele, Henry Fleming, Abraham Clark

1815 April 1-Nov. 29; 1818



includes printed notice from Adjutant and Inspector General's Office outlining proportions of artillery, infantry, riflemen and corps of engineers being retailed, the 5 military divisions of the north and 4 of the south; also, printed letter Nov. 29, 1815, with list of 40 questions concerning the Battle of Bladensburg [illegible signature]

Pres. James Monroe

1818 May 3 - July 23



copies of Winder's letters to the President enclosing a copy of his reply to Director of United Colonies of South America's request for advice

Jas. H. Gale, Jas. Monroe

1820 May 3-18



includes invitation to at Independence Day celebration

State of Maryland

1824 January 6-May 24, and no date



appointment as Lieutenant Colonel of the first Regiment of Riflemen attached to the third Brigade of the Militia of the State in the City of Baltimore, Address by Wm. Frick on the death of Gen. Winder; also, "copies of the Obituary Notices of the late General William H. Winder, which appeared in the Baltimore papers of that day" [compiled and printed at a later date]

Wm. Frick, Chas. W. Hansen, Geo. Miner, L. N. Stewart, John Neal, [B. B.?] Morris, John Barney, Price

1832 March 26-1847 April 28



responses to request from Wm. H. Winder, Jr. for memories of his father

R. B. Taney

1847 May 27



recollections of Winder, whom he knew in Annapolis

Scharf, Wm. Frick, Chas. F. Mayer, H. M. Brackenridge, E. D. Ingraham, S. Pleasanton, R. L. Stewart, J. Alendith, B. Latrobe

1847-1879, 1946



history of Allston and Wednesday Clubs, research correspondence, and recollections of Gen. Winder






Typescript copies










Gen. John Armstrong, Maj. Geo. Armistead, Capt. Jno. R. Bell, James Monroe, Lt. Edw. Lloyd, Lt. H. A. Fay, Maj. August Keyser, Col. Decius Wadsworth, Lt. Jas. L. Edwards, Capt. Fred. Morstelle

1814 June 7 - July 10



 typescripts include: "'Marginal Notes' Attached to the 'Report' - Proceedings of the Cabinet of 7th June 1814 etc," request for Court Martial with list of soldiers and charges, "Detail for Militia Service under the Requisition of July 4, 1814," intelligence on enemy's location and possible plans,  ammunition supply inadequate

Gen. John Armstrong, Capt. Jno. R. Bell, R.H. Winder (brother), J. Montgomery, Irenée Amelot De Lacroix, Dr. John Young, Col. Wm. Scott

1814 July 12-18



typescripts include: plans to organize and equip militia, enemy has landed in Leonard Town, complaint about too detailed newspaper coverage, plan to destroy enemy flotilla, intelligence regarding Cochran's fleet, report on tour of encampments near Bladensburg, Annapolis, Ft. Madison

Col. Wm. Scott, Capt. John C. Herbert, James H. Blake, Capt. E. B. Caldwell, Gen. John Armstrong, Geo. Washtn. Biscoe, Col. Decius Wadsworth, Lev. Winder, Gen. Stephen West, Col. Henry Carbery, Maj. Jno. Bell, Capt. Edw. Weaver, Daniel Parker, Maj. Fred. Morstelle, Capt. Jno. Davidson

1814 July 19-24



typescripts include: reports of enemy movement and other intelligence, plan to stay between enemy and Washington, Gen. Stewart needs aid near Leonard Town, supplies arrived but many men still lack shoes

John Graham, Gen. John Armstrong, Capt. Jno. Davidson, Capt. Jno. R. Bell, Maj. August Keyser, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Gen. Saml. Smith, Col. Wm. Scott, Levin Winder (Gov. of Md.),

1814 July 25-31



typescripts include: deployment of troops, recruiting instructions, notice of prisoner exchange, general orders, opinion of "the plan of legionary organization of the volunteer uniformed Militia of the City of Washington and George Town"

Lt. H. A. Fray, Gen.Philip Stuart, Maj. Jno. R. [K?]Bell, Saterlee Clarke,  Capt. E. B. Caldwell, Col. Henry Carbery, Gen. John Armstrong, Gen. Saml.  Smith, Col. Wm. Scott, Col. Wm.Tatham, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Capt. Nicholas, Mr. Grffith, Lt. Harrison, Capt. Jay M. Veron, Col. Wm. King, Saml. Hughes, Col. Decius Wadsworth

1814 August 1-5



typescripts include: intelligence reports of enemy strength and position makes pontoons advisable, request for arms, general orders, movement of troops, prisoner of war Saml. T. Dyson exchanged and will return to command Ft. Washington

Jno. K. Bell, Gen. John Hungerford, Capt. Kearney, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Saterlee Clarke, John C. Tayloe, Pa. Gov. Simon Snyder, Friby Tighlman, G. Duval, R. G. Hite, Lieut. Wm. D. Bealle, Richt. Young

1814 August 6-11



typescripts include: general orders, intelligence regarding movement and strength of the enemy, general order, movement of troops, complaint about Col. Henry Carbery, notice of court martial, requisition for munitions of war and "a summary of articles wanting for the Alexandria Artillery"

Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Walt Jones, Dr. Will Stewart, W. W. Bird, Gen. John Armstrong, Wm. D. Bealle, Col. Jas. Monroe,  Gen. Alexr. Parker, Col. Edw. Lloyd, Mr. Levi, Lev. Winder

1814 August 12-14



 typescripts include:  necessary provisions for Ft. McHenry hospital, movement of troops, district orders regarding delinquent drafted militia       

Col. Edw. Lloyd, Capt. Shackelford, Capt. Nicholas, Saterlee Clark, Capt. Henry Carbery, Lt. Jas. L. Edwards, Wm. G. Mills, Maj. Morsteller, Irenée Amelot De Lacroix, Saml. Moore, John Tayloe, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Lev. Winder, Col. James Monroe, Mr. Levi

1814 August 15



typescripts include: troop movement, intelligence regarding the enemy's location, administrative matters,

Gen. John Armstrong, Wm. G. Mills, Col. Henry Carbery, Gen. Alexr. Parker, Gen. John P. Hungerford, Gen. John Blackwell, Gen. Hugh Danglofs, Robt. Read, Gen. John P. Van Ness, Gen. Stephen West, Col. C. G. Boerstler

1814 August 16-18



typescripts include: administrative matters,                                               general orders from Gov. of Va., recruitment quotas, brigades being drafted and assembled quickly to protect the Northern Neck,  immediate threat of serious invasion

Gen. Saml. Smith, Col. T. Tilghman, Eliz. Fromentin, Gen. John Armstrong, Gen. John Stricker, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, W. Jones, Joshua Barney, Maj. P. Bentalou

1814 August 19-20



typescripts include: division orders, intelligence regarding enemy's movements and strength, administrative matters,

Gen. Stansbury, Col. Sterrett, Col. Wm. Scott, N. Harrison, W. W. Bird, W. M. Littlejohn, R. G. Hite, Abraham Bradley, Col. D. Wadsworth, B. Oden, Jas. Monroe, Gen. John Armstrong, Gen. S. West, E. B. Caldwell, Armistead Login, Capt. John Tayloe, Col. Thos. Hood

1814 August 21-22



typescripts include: reports of enemy movement and strength, administrative matters

Maj. A. H. Williams, Gen. John Stricker, Saml. Ringgold, Col. Wm. D. Bealle, Irenee Amelot De Lacroix, Dr. Wm. Willimott Hale, Capt. Nathl. Grigsby, Rich'd Young, A. McLane, Thos. L. Gantt, Maj. Chas. W. Dorsey, Jno. Rodgers, Jas. Madison, Capt. J. C. Herbert, Gen. Tobias E. Stansbury, Henry Studer

1814 August 23-26



typescripts include: movement of troops,  intelligence regarding location and strength of enemy, copy of Court of Enquiry report on Gen. Winder's conduct at battle of Bladensburg, examination of British deserter, administrative matters

Gen. John Armstrong, Maj. Thos. L. W. Kenney, Lev Winder, Capt. Jeremiah T. Chase, L. A. Clark, Wm Tatham, Col. F. L. Tilghman, Jas. Monroe, G. Duvall, Wm. D. Bealle, Col. Wm. Scott, Maj. August Keyser, Capt. W. M. Littlejohn

1814  August 27-31



typescripts include: battle descriptions, administrative matters, intelligence from British deserter, enemy movement

Hon. Jas. Monroe, Thos. Fenwick, Gen. Saml. Smith, G. H. Manigault, Geo. Washtn. Biscoe, Lt. D. Cummings, Col. A. McLane, Wm. Mooney, Lucy May Evans

1814 September 1-6



typescripts include: intelligence reports of enemy strength and position, orders, administrative matters, suggestions for organizational and defense strategies

Gen. Nath'l Watson, Gen. Saml. Smith, Hon. Jas. Monroe, N. B. Borleau (PA Secy of State), Dr. Saml. Agnew, Maj. Maynards.

1814 September 7



typescripts include: suggestions for organizing PA Militia and preparations for the arrival of additional troops

Jas. Monroe, Rob. G. Harper, Thos. Swann, J. Calhoun, Jr., Wm. Bates, Dr. Saml.  Agnew, Gen. Saml. Smith, Irenée Amelot DeLacoix

1814 September 8-9



typescripts include: current arrangements thwart command of 10th Military District, review of Winders’ statement about Bladensburg and advice on clarifying certain points, administrative matters, intelligence regarding enemy strength and location, Monroe makes his advice of Sept. 7 more precise

Jno. R. Bell, Gen. Jas. Singeleton, Gen. S. Smith, Hon. Jas. Monroe, Maj. Maynard, Col. Wm. Scott, Maj. G. Armistead, Col. Griffin Taylor, Maj. James Calhoun, Capt. Jos. H. Nicholson, Capt. Jeremiah T. Chase, G. Winchester, Morris Jones

1814 September 10-14



typescripts include: movement of troops,  intelligence regarding location and strength of enemy, general orders, defense of Baltimore and Annapolis, administrative matters,

Capt. Joseph H. Nicholson, J. B. Morris, Maj. L. Lane, J. Stith, Gen. Saml. Smith, Lt. Wm. G. Mills, Morris Jones, Gen. James Singleton, Wm. Bates, A. M. Lane

1814 September 15-17



typescripts include:  division orders,  Maj. Armistead too ill to command should Ft. McHenry be attacked, Watchman Office "Good News" report, list of British  prisoners captured near North Point

R.G. Hite, Gen. Saml. Smith, Ens. Presley Cordell, J. Stith, Wm. Wood, Gen. Geo. Winchester, Maj. H. J. G. Tucker, Hon. Jas. Monroe, Capt. F. Evans,  Wm. Mooney, Gen. Wm. Bates, Eliz. Fromentin

1814 September 18-21



typescripts include: general orders, request to "suspend Stripes and lashes, and Restore Regular trial by Court Martial to the Camp" with attached petition, movement of troops, administrative matters,

Hon. Jas. Monroe, Rep. M. Johnson, Gen. Douglass, Capt. G. Griffith, Maj. Morstetler, Robt. G. Harper, Col. Stuart,  Dr. Jas. N. McCulloch

1814 September 22-December 21



typescripts include: Winder's services need at Straight of Niagara, notice of House of Representatives inquiry into Aug. 24 events at Bladensburg and subsequent "Enterprises against the Metropolis and the neighboring Town of Alexandria," requests for additional information about the events

Hon. Jas. Monroe, Col. Wm. Scott, D. Parker,  Tench Ruggold

1815 January 4-March 3



transcripts include: warrant appointing a Court of Enquiry hearing, notices of hearing, and report, "when they take into consideration the complicated difficulties & embarrassments under which he laboured, they are of the opinion, not withstanding the results, that he is entitled to no little commendation."

Paul C. Cameron

[1855] June 27



typescript includes recollection of a conversation in 1829 where he said had all the men on that field been such as Winder there was force and numbers enough to have gone into the woods, cut clubs and driven the British forces back.

E. B. Caldwell, D. Cummings, Henry Dunlap, Eliz. Fromentin, Dennis Marr, Mason, Dr. Jas. N. McCulloch, D. Parker, Jno. Peter (Mayor Geo Town),  Capt. John Tayloe, Capt. W. F. Thornton, Col. J. Tilghman, Lt. John S. Williams, Rich'd Young

no date



typescripts include: general orders regarding Surgeon's mates, intelligence regarding enemy location, administrative matters, "Plan of Torpedo defence (anonimous) suppose it to be Genl Gary of Alexandria he having previously mentioned it…"


William H. Winder Papers Name Index

(Box 1, Folder 1 recorded as 1.1)


Aerle, Lt. Rich’d 3.21

Agnew, Dr. Samuel 3.7, 3.8, 4.15, 4.16

Alendith, B. 3.27

Angus, Saml.  1.31

Armistead 1.31

Armistead, Maj. George 2.18, 2.34, 3.9, 4.1, 4.17 

Armstrong, Gen. John  2.9, 2.17, 2.19, 2.20, 2.23, 2.24, 2.26, 2.29,2.31,  2.33, 2.34, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.7, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.13

Armstrong, James 2.13, 2.15


Baerstler, Col. C. G.  1.31, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.8, 2.32, 4.9       

Barclay, Col. Thomas 2.12, 2.13. 2.14, 2.15, 2.16

Barnard, J. D.  2.7

Barney, John 3.25

Barney, Joshua 2.32, 4.10

Bates, Gen. William 3.8, 4.16, 4.18, 4.19

Baynes, Edward 2.12, 2.13

Bealle, Col. William D.  2.28, 2.29, 2.32, 2.34, 4.6, 4.7, 4.12, 4.13

Beard, Capt. W. C. 3.21

Bell, John R. [K?] 2.19, 2.23, 2.24, 2.25, 2.26, 2.27, 2.29, 3.9. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.17

Belton, Lt.  1.17

Bentatou, Maj. Paul 2.33, 4.10

Bernabue, T. B.  2.3

Bird, Capt. W.W.  2.28, 2.33, 4.7, 4.11

Biscoe, Maj. George Washington 2.20, 3.5, 3.9, 4.3, 4.14

Bishopp, Cecil 1.30

Blackwell, Gen. John 4.9

Blackwell, Lt. Thomas 2.7

Blake, Dr.  2.4

Blake, James H.  2.20, 4.3     

Borleau, A. B. 3.7, 4.15 

Bracken, Lt. Thos. S. 3.21

Brackenridge, H. M. 3.27

Bradly, Abraham 2.33, 4.11

Brent, Robert 1.3, 1.10, 1.12, 1.17

Brouer, Daniel 1.30


Caldwell, E. B.  2.16, 2.20, 2.26, 4.3, 4.5, 4.11, 4.23

Calhoun, J., Jr.  3.8, 3.9, 4.16, 4.17

Cameron, Paul C. 4.22

Campbell, Col. John B.  2.14

Campbell, Levin H. 2.14

Carberg [Carbery?], Col. H.  2.21, 2.25, 2.30 

Carberg, Thos. 2.3

Carbery [Carberg?], Col. Henry 4.3, 4.5, 4.8, 4.9

Caton, Mrs.  1.13

Chambers, Gen. Ben 3.8, 4.16

Chambers, P. Latouche 2.15

Chase, Capt. Jeremiah T.  3.2, 3.11, 4.13, 4.17

Christie, Lt. James 1.17

Chrystie, John 1.31

Claps, Col. H. A. J. Claps, 3.4

Clark, L. A. 4.13

Clark, Abraham 3.21

Clarke, Saterlee 2.25, 2.27, 2.30, 4.5, 4.6, 4.8

Collins, A. 2.10

Collins, Wilkinson A. 2.12

Cordell, Ens. Presley 4.19

Crowther, William L.  2.14, 2.15

Cushing, Gen. Thomas H. 1.18

Cummings, Lt. D.  2.1, 2.3, 2.16, 3.5, 4.14, 4.23


Dallas, H. A. 3.21

Danaglofs, Gen. Hugh 4.9

Davidson, Capt. John 2.20, 2.22, 2.23, 4.3, 4.4

De Lacroix, Col. Irenée Amelot 2.19, 2.30, 2.34, 4.2, 4.8, 4.12, 4.16

Dearborn, Gen. H. 1.18

Dennis, Col. Richard 1.15

Dix, Maj. T.  1.21, 2.5, 2.7

Dorsey, Maj. Charles W.  3.1, 4.12

Douglass, Gen. 4.20

Dunlap Lt. Henry 2.25

Durniff, Cat. 2.8

Duval, Judge 3.2

Duval, G.  2.27, 4.6, 4.13


Edward, Lt. James S.  2.18, 2.30, 4.1, 4.8

Eustis, Gen. William 1.21, 1.30, 1.31, 2.1, 2.3, 2.3, 2.5

Evans, Capt. F.   3.15, 4.19

Evans, Lucy May 4.14

Ewell, Thos. 3.19


Fay, Lt. H. A.   4.1, 4.5

Feeley, Geo. M.  1.30

Fenwick, Col. John R.  1.14

Fenwick, Thos. 4.14

Flemming, Henry 3.21

Frick, Wm. 3.25

Fromentin, Elizabeth 2.32, 4.10, 4.19, 4.21


Gale, Jas. H. 3.23

Gantt, Thos. L. 4.12

Gauth, Thomas T.  2.17

Gibson, Capt. J.  2.3

Gist, Lt. Thomas 1.5, 1.8, 1.11, 1.15

Glasgow, Gen.  2.8, 2.10, 2.15, 2.16

Graham, John 2.23, 4.4

Grant, Thomas 3.1

Greene, Lt. John 1.16

Griffith, Capt. G.  2.28, 4.20

Griffith, Mr.  2.26, 4.5

Grigsby, Capt. Nathaniel 4.12

Grindage, Capt. Henry 1.9, 2.4, 2.1, 2.5

Gwinns, Charles 1.12


Hagers, Jonathan 2.16

Hale, Dr. William W.  2.34, 2.12

Hampton, Gen.  2.9, 2.10

Hansen, Chas. W. 3.25

Harnet, Capt. W.  2.21

Harper, Robert G.  3.8, 3.16, 4.16, 4.20

Harris, Dr. Edward 2.4

Harrison, Capt.  4.5

Harrison, N. 4.11

Herbert, Capt. J. H.  3.2, 4.12

Herbert, Capt. John 2.20, 2.21, 2.22, 4.3

Hewitt, Rebecca 1.12

Hite, R. G.  2.28, 2.33, 3.13, 3.15, 4.6, 4.11 4.19

Hood, Col. Thomas 2.34, 4.11

Hook, Capt. Jos. 2.27

Hooks, James A.  1.16,

Hudson, Dr. Daniel 1.5, 1.6

Hughes, Capt. Saml.  2.27, 4.5

Hungerford, Gen. John P. 2.27, 2.30, 4.6, 4.9


Ingraham, D. 3.27

Irvine, Callender 1.18

Izard, Gen. George 2.17, 3.17


Johnson, Rep. M.  3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 4.20

Johnston, James 1.16

Jones, Lt. Jos. L. 2.20

Jones, W.  2.32, 4.7, 4.10

Jones, Morris 4.17, 4.18


Kearney, Capt.  2.27, 4.6

Kempt, Capt. Frances 2.8, 2.16

Kenny, Maj. Thomas 3.2, 4.13

Kent, Dr. Joseph 1.6

Keyser, Maj. August 2.18, 2.24, 3.4, 4.1, 4.4, 4.13

King, Col. William 2.10, 2.26, 4.5


Lamb, Anthony 1.20

Lane, A. M. 4.18

Lane, Maj. L. [S.?] 4.18

Lane, Maj. S.  3.11

Lane, Capt. Samuel 1.5, 1.6, 2.3

Langston, Capt. Thomas 1.11

Langster, Col. Thomas 1.13

Latrobe, B. 3.27

Leonardam, Capt.  1.21

Levi, Mr. 4.7, 4.8

Littlejohn, Capt. W. M.  2.33, 3.4, 4.11, 4.13

Lloyd, Col. Edward 2.30, 4.1, 4.7, 4.8

Login, Armistead 4.11

Long, Joseph 2.22

Luckett, Ens. P.  1.4

Luckett, Thomas 1.10


Macomb, Col. Alexander 1.9, 1.10

Madison, James 3.2, 4.12

Magruder, Lt. Peter 1.4

Manigault, G. H. 4.14

Mann, Dr.  1.21

Marr, Dennis 2.25, 4.21

Mason, Col.  3.13

Mason 4.23

Mason, Gen.  2.15, 2.25

Mason, J. 2.14

Mayer, Charles F. 3.27

Mastetter, Maj. 2.30 [Marstelles, Morstelles or Morstetter?]

Maynards, Maj. S.  3.7, 3.9, 4.15, 4.17

McCulloh, Dr. James N.  2.12, 4.20, 4.23

McDonald, Lt. James 1.8

McKenzie, Capt. Kenneth, 1.11, 1.12, 1.14, 1.17, 1.18

McKeon, Capt. 2.26

McKim, Alex. 2.13

McKinny, John 1.14

McLane, Capt. Allen 3.1, 3.6, 3.12, 4.12, 4.14




Mebrille, Maj. Thomas 2.15

Meigs, R. J. (Ohio Governor) 2.14

Mercer, James 2.14, 3.17

Mills, William G. 1.6, 1.11, 1.12, 2.30, 4.8, 4.9, 4.18

Mitchell, Maj. Geo. C. 1.17

Monroe, Col. James 2.3, 2.25, 2.29, 2.30, 2.33, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.8, 3.9, 3.0, 3.15, 3.16, 4.1, 4.7, 4.8, 4.11, 4.13, 4.14, 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.19, 4.20, 4.21

Montgomery, Capt. Thomas 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.18, 2.1, 2.3, 2.7, 2.19, 4.2

Mooney, William 3.6, 4.14, 4.19

Moore, Samuel 2.30, 4.8

Morris, J. B. 4.18

Morstelles, Ferd.  2.18, 2.22; Morstelle 4.1, 4.3; Morstetler 4.8; Mastetter, Maj. 2.30

Mullany, J. R.  2.3, 3.17

Munroe, Col.   2.34

Murdock, Lt. George 1.8, 1.17

Myers, Col. 2.12


Nelson, Lt. Joseph S.  1.5

Nicholas, Capt. 2.30, 4.5, 4.8

Nicholson, Jos. H. 3.11, 4.17, 4.18


Oden, B.  2.33, 4.11


Parker, Gen. Alexander 2.29, 2.31, 4.7, 4.9

Parker, Gen. D.  1.4, 2.14, 3.18, 4.20, 4.23

Parker, Daniel 1.1, 2.2, 2.22, 4.3

Parker, Gen. Thomas 2.14

Parker, William Simmons, 1.3

Peter[s?], J. (Mayor of Georgetown) 2.25, 4.23

Pinkney, Capt. McElvain 1.20

Prevost, Sir George 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 2.15


Randall, John 2.14

Randall, Lt. Thomas 1.18

Read, John 2.31

Read, Robt. 4.9

Rich, Lt. Peter 1.6

Ringgold, Saml.  3.2, 4.12

Roach, Capt. Isaac, Jr.   2.16

Rodgers, Jno. 4.12

Rongus  3.2

Ruggold, Tench 4.20


Sanders, Ens. Wm. G. 1.4, 1.12, 1.15, 1.17

Scott, Col. William 2.20, 2.22, 2.26, 2.33, 3.4, 3.9, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.11, 4.13, 4.17, 4.21

Scott, Gen. Winfield 2.17, 2.21

Shackelford, Capt.  2.30, 4.8

Sheffer, Dr. Danl. 1.17

Simmons, William 1.13, 2.4, 2.24

Simpson, Michl. T. 1.31

Singleton, Gen. James 4.17, 4.18

Small, Col. Jacob 2.5

Smith, Lt. John W.  1.17

Smith, Gen. Samuel 2.24, 2.26, 2.28, 2.32, 3.6, 3.9, 3.10, 3.13, 3.15, 4.4, 4.5, 4.10, 4.14, 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18, 4.19

Smyth, Col. Alex 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9,  1.10,  1.11, 1.13, 1.14, 1.31

Smyth, Gen. Alexander 1.20, 1.21, 1.30

Snyder, Simon (Pa. Governor) 2.27, 4.6

Stansbury, Gen. Tobias E.  2.27, 2.29, 2.30, 2.32, 2.33, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12

Sterrett, Col. 4.11

Stewart, Gen.  2.25

Stewart, Dr. William 2.28, 4.7

Stith, J.  3.11, 4.18, 4.19

Stricker, Gen. John 2.32, 2.34, 3.2, 4.10, 4.12

Stuart, Col. 3.15, 4.20

Stuart, Gen. Philip 4.5

Studer, Henry 3.2, 4.1

Sullivan, Clement 1.10, 1.11, 1.14

Swann, Thomas 3.8, 4.16


Tatham, Col. William 2.1, 2.26, 3.2, 4.5, 4.13

Tayloe, Capt. John 2.25, 2.26, 2.27, 2.28, 2.30, 2.34, 4.6 , 4.8, 4.11, 4.23

Taylor, Col. Griffin 3.9, 4.17

Thomas, James 2.7, 2.8

Thompson, Lt. John W.  1.5

Thornton, Capt. W. F.  2.14, 2.23

Tilghman, D.  2.16

Tlghman, Col. Frisby 2.32, 4.6, 4.13

Tilghman, J. 4.23

Tilghman, Col. T.  2.32, 2.33, 3.3, 3.9, 4.10

Tompkins, Gov.  3.18

Towson, Capt. Nathan, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.15, 1.18

Tucker, Maj. H.J.G.  3.13, 4.19


Van DeVenter, Major C.  2.10

Van Ness, Gen. John P.  2.24, 2.26, 2.32, 4.4, 4.5, 4.9

Van Rensselear, Gen. Stephen 1.21

Vernon, Capt. J. M.


Wadsworth, Col. Decius 2.18, 2.20, 2.33, 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.11

Wahnn, Adam 1.14

Waring, Lt. John 1.5. 1.15, 1.31

Warring, Thomas 2.12.26, 2, 2.14

Watson, Gen. Nathaniel 3.7, 4.15

Weaver, Capt. Edw.  4.3

West, Gen. Stephen 2.20, 2.21, 2.32, 2.34, 4.3, 4.9, 4.11

White, Hiram 1.31

Williams, Maj. A. H.  4.12

Williams, Maj. H.  2.34

Williams, Lt. John C. [S.?]  2.25, 4.23

Wilmer, Rev. James Jones, 1.6, 1.9

Winchester, George 3.11, 3.14, 4.17, 4.19

Winchester, Gen. James 2.10, 2.13

Winder, Levin 2.20, 2.24, 2.30, 3.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.7, 4.8, 4.13

Winder, R. H. 2.19, 4.2

Wilson, Lt. Edward 1.4

Wood, William 3.13, 4.19

Woodyard, Gen. John 2.22

Wright, Lt. Peter Rich 1.6

Wright, Robert 1.1


Young, Gen.  3.2

Young, Dr. John 1.13, 2.3, 2.19, 4.2

Young, Rich’d. 4.6, 4.12, 4.23

Young, Capt. Samuel 1.7, 1.10