Finding aid to The Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814 and The Schooner Independencia del Sud, November, 1817 – January, 1822 MS 3082

TitleThe Schooner Mammoth Logs, 1814 and The Schooner Independencia del Sud, November, 1817 – January, 1822

Creator - Samuel Franklin, Charles Johnson

Call number - MS 3082

Inclusive dates 1814-1822

Bulk dates 1814-1822

Extent 3 Log Books

Abstract Summary: The Collection consists of 2 log books from The Schooner Mammoth dated 1814, and on log book from The Schooner Independencia de Sud dated 1817-1822. The Independencia de Sud was formerly the Mammoth. Also one reference binder containing print-outs of the digital images from the Independencia de Sud.

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Provenance - The Mammoth and Independencia del Sud Logs were purchased by H. Furlong Baldwin Library of the Maryland Historical Society in 2009.

Accession number 2008-050-LIB

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Biographical Note

The journals cover two of the three known voyages of the schooner Mammoth built in Baltimore by Thomas Kemp in 1813 for $40,000. She was the largest privateer schooner built in Baltimore at the time, weighing 376 tons and her measurements were: 112' x 28'3" x 13'4". The owners of the Mammoth when she was built in 1813 and commissioned on March 7, 1814 were John Gooding, Samuel Smith, James Williams, and James A. Buchanan.

Samuel Franklin was made commander of the Mammoth for her maiden cruise. Jonathan Rowland, her later commander.

The Mammoth first sailed out of Baltimore on March 22, 1814, mounting 10 guns and carrying 100 men (a large crew) but loaded with a cargo for Havana. After selling her cargo there, she cruised in the Caribbean, teaming up with two other privateers, burning and harassing the substantial English trade. She then sailed north, and apparently off Bermuda captured the 160 ton English brig Camelion, which she sent into Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Mammoth herself put into Portsmouth on May 27 and stayed until June 23, 1814.

The Mammoth's second cruise began with a foray of burning English fishing vessels off the Grand Banks, where her attack on an armed English brig (probably the Sinclair) was repulsed. On October 10, 1814 she engaged in a long cannonade against an English transport, the Champion, which resulted in her capture. Mammoth transferred her cargo, and then returned the shot-up vessel to her commander. Franklin then sailed the Mammoth to Ireland, where she cruised, burning a number of captured vessels. She arrived back in Portland on November 15, 1814.

The last cruise of the Mammoth (for which there is no journal) began on January 6, 1815 and she cruised off the Madeira Islands. Rowland replaced Franklin as master, and sailed on January 6, 1815, to cruise off the Madeira Islands. He took no prizes and was chased a number of times by British warships. Although he shadowed a convoy for 40 days across the Atlantic, he was unable to take any prizes. Captain Rowland learned of peace on April 2, 1815 and sailed for home arriving in New York on April 15. After the war the Mammoth, was sold at auction and was "brig-rigged for merchant service." Owned by a consortium which included Samuel Smith, and she took more than 20 ships, disrupting the British cod trade.

The Independencia del Sud was originally the schooner Mammoth. It was bought by James Chaytor of Baltimore in 1816. In May 1816, Chaytor, following Lyde Goodwin’s instructions, sold the vessel at Buenos Aires to himself, Adam Guy (a British merchant living in Buenos Aires), and another, unidentified person. W.G.D. Worthington later confirmed that the vessel was Chaytor’s “private property,” even though it appeared in the Buenos Aires marine records as a government vessel. Between 1816 and 1820, Chaytor made four cruises. He captured at least two dozen vessels including the Royal Philippine Company’s Esperanza.

The MdHS Library holds a collection with Captain James Chaytor in MS 230, which includes several letters and bills relating to the Independencia del Sud dating from the time period of this ship’s log/journal

Scope and Content

The logbooks of the schooners Mammoth span the timeframes March 23, 1814 – May 30 and June 24 – November 1, 1814. Two printed journal form volumes, March 23 – May 30, and June 24 – November 1, 1814, with 34 pp. and 66 pp. of entries respectively, written in several cursive hands, remaining leaves with no additional text. Titled: “Journal Of A Voyage From ___ Towards ___,” New York: Edmund M. Blunt, August 1811, and “The Seaman’s Journal: Being An Easy And Correct Method Of Keeping The Daily Reckoning Of A Ship,” Portland: Arthur Shirley, for Stephen Patten, 1812, Original marbled wrappers; each 13 1/8 x 8 1/8 in.

Condition: scattered spots and smudges; corners and edges worn.

The log/journal of the Independencia del Sud includes the ship’s activities records: weather, latitude and longitude positions, movements, cargo, and actions at sea. This log covers the ships movements while owned and commanded by: James Chaytor, Charles Johnson, and then James Chaytor again. Some of the locations they traveled include ports in Brazil, Uruguay, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The journal is likely a period copy of another log as the pages are beautifully written and there are no water stains or other evidence of hard use or bad conditions that one might find on board a vessel. However the binding of the log is in fragile condition.

See Special Collections librarian for a 363 page reference binder containing print-outs of the digital images from this log.

To view a transcription of the Mammoth logs click here

Box List





Schooner Mammoth of Baltimore (Samuel Franklin) log book

Mar 23 – May 30, 1814



Schooner Mammoth of Baltimore (Samuel Franklin) log book

Jun 24 – Nov 1, 1814



Journal of  Lieut. Charles Johnson  - On Board The Sloop of War Brig Independencia del Sud

Nov 1817 – Jan 1822



Reference binder of digital images from
Journal of  Lieut. Charles Johnson  - On Board The Sloop of War Brig Independencia del Sud (same as above)

Nov 1817 – Jan 1822