Ethnic Heritage Project Papers, 1977, MS 2269.2

Ethnic Heritage Project Papers, 1977
Maryland Historical Society, MS 2269.2

Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Ethnic Heritage Project Papers, 1977

MS. 2269.2

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Listings of Family Research Papers

Listing of Family History Research Papers MS.2269.2

-- Family History - Bitzelberger, Cilento- by Geraldine Cilento Bitzel; also contains photographs and invitations.

-- A Family History- by Anthony E. Bolard

-- A Social History- Diane Chmielewski

-- What Comes of a Mixing of Old and New?- by Stephen J. DeFino

-- Family History- Joseph M. Finn

-- The Kluges- A German Family in Baltimore- by Gail B. Fiske

-- The Hottle Family History- by Pam Hottle

-- Family History- Vernon W. Metcalfe

-- Family History Project- Martha Catharine Muller

-- My Family History- Claire Loizeaux Nolan

-- Family History- Anthony J. Peroutka Jr.; includes photographs, cards, pamphlets, correspondence all pertaining to interests and work of the Peroutka family; papers relate to the James C. Ludwig Unit no. 139 American Legion Auxiliary, the Augustine Herman Group, Womens Civic League, Czechoslovakian groups; many letters from Theodore McKeldin as mayor of Baltimore and as governor of Maryland.

-- A Family History - Two Harford County, Maryland Families- Regina Rach; also contains war rations book and photographs.

-- A Brief Look at a Typical American Family- Henry A. Schindler Jr.

-- Family History- Robert W. Sullivan III; also contains photographs, receipts, confirmation certificate.

-- Family History - The Immigrant Experience- Lydia Sushko

Added December 5, 1977:

Family History- Mark C. Anderson

A Family History Covering Three Generations (With Emphasis on World War I) - Roy Capwell Russell