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Ephemera Collections

The Ephemera Collection consists of over one million items containing obsolete money and lottery tickets, playbills, invitations, billheads, menus, tobacco labels, match books, bottle caps, and countless other types of  materials that were were created for temporary use but have survived to illuminate everyday life and popular culture. 

The Collection also contains trade cards, flyers, pamphlets, catalogues, labels, and three-dimensional items bearing advertisements for a myriad of products and services dating from the 18th century to the present. 

Printed Ephemera Series

Series B: Businesses and Manufacturers—Includes business cards, advertisements, price lists, bill heads, business stationary.

Seventeen boxes, arranged alphabetically by name of business. Includes elaborate die-cut premiums offered by the Mencken Cigar Company.

Series C: Calendars—includes calendars published by business companies.

Three boxes, 1867-1906.

Series D: Churches-- includes confirmation certificates, lecture announcements, mass tickets.

Four boxes, arranged alphabetically by name of church.

Series E: Local Government—anything pertaining to the government or events in cities and towns.

Three boxes relating to Baltimore City, including the Balto. Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, Maps and Guides, and Baltimore City Events.

Two boxes of county government related items, arranged alphabetically by county.

Series F: Concerts and Entertainment-- announcements and programs of one-time or short-term events

Six boxes of miscellaneous programs.

Eight boxes of Baltimore Academy of Music programs, four containing bound volumes. 1889-1909.

Nine boxes of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra programs, 1897-c. 1988

Eight boxes of other Baltimore musical organizations, including the Music Hall (1894-1903,) Oratorio Society (1883-1914), Paint and Powder Club (1894-1916,1922-1953, 1960) Wednesday Club, and the Baltimore Opera Co. (1971-1981).

Series H: Fine Arts—invitations and programs for art exhibits

Three boxes, arranged alphabetically by the name of the sponsoring gallery, museum, or organization.

Series I: Greeting Cards-- all greeting cards except valentines.

Christmas: eight boxes, 1870- c. 1970.

I19 Birthday: 1 box, Easter: 1 box , Religious and Misc.: 1 box, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Halloween: 1 box.

Series J: Maritime—material pertaining to ships and shipping lines.

One box.

Series K: Maryland State Government

Three boxes pertaining to events sponsored by the state government, including Maryland Day, the state Tercentenary, the State Fair, Homecoming, and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

Series L: Menus—menus and wine lists of dinners given for famous persons and/or dinners given by organizations.

Seven boxes arranged alphabetically by the organization or person honored.

Three boxes of dinners given by Henry Powell Hopkins, 1950-1960.

One box of menus from Baltimore’s Miller Brothers Restaurant.

Two boxes of menus from dinners given by Baltimore’s Wine and Food Society.

Series M: Military-- anything pertaining to the Armed Forces

Two boxes, including one of Civil War illustrated envelopes.

Series O: Organizations—programs, invitations, membership lists.

Eighteen boxes, arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization. Includes three boxes of Maryland Historical Society material.

Series Q: Personal-- calling cards, invitations, marriage certificates

Ten boxes arranged alphabetically by the name of the person.

Series R: Political-- election tickets, campaign literature

Five boxes, 1822-c.1980.

Series T: Schools and Colleges-- diplomas, brochures, commencement programs

Eleven boxes arranged alphabetically by the name of the institution, including

Johns Hopkins University, College of Notre Dame Alumnae Association (1879-1921), Peabody Institute (1929-1930), University of Maryland.

Series U: Scrapbooks-- clippings, monogram albums

U-1 Cocheco Extra Fine Saltines (trade cards) Fannie Boyer (trade cards and stickers)  U-1a Anne Gordon Thom - Monogram Album

Lithographers’ proofs 

U-3 Theatre ephemera 

U-4 Political Ephemera

U-5 Baldwin 

U-6 Adele A. Smith (Mrs. Baldwin) with PP69 

U-7 Blanche Hungerford (with PP58) 

U-8 Teacher’s rollbook, advertising ephemera, valentines, business cards 

U-9 Carroll A. Hill (Was MD 970) 

U-10 Freeburger (Was MD 970) 

U-11 Fusco 

U-12 Marbury/Fendall

U-13 [Annabel George] MSS transfer 75361

U-14 Rosa Rand 

U-15 John F. Hancock & Son 

U-16 Elizabeth Taylor Goodwin (Mrs. Charles E. Rieman) 

embossed designs scrapbook 

U17 Tradecards (Mr.& Mrs. William Merrick) 

U18 Samuel T. Morgan 

U19 J. Winfield Henry Postcard Album 

U20.1-.5 Entre Nous Dance Club 

U21 Harry Scott 

U22 Birkhead Civil War Nov. 1916

M23/M17 Baltimore Tradecards (Frances A. Baldner), 1883

U23 a-c Symington 

Series V: Sports—tickets, programs, baseball and football cards

Four boxes arranged alphabetically by team or institution, including Baltimore Colts football, Naval Academy Football, University of Maryland football.

Series W: Theatres-- programs, playbills

Four boxes pertaining to various theatres, including Albaugh’s Lyceum(1889-1924), Center Stage, and the Charles.

Twelve boxes of programs for Ford’s Theatre and Grand Opera House 1871-c. 1954. Six of the boxes contain bound volumes of programs.

Three boxes of programs for various theatres, including the Front St. (1845-1877), Garden(1915), Guild (1926-1933), Hilltop (1947-1950), Holliday St., (1856-1911), Kelly’s Front St. (undated), Kernan’s Monumental, 1892-1898 (bound) the Lyceum of Hagerstown and Baltimore, Rivoli, People’s, Playhouse, Pythian)

Six boxes of programs from Baltimore’s Lyric Theatre, 1903-1950.

One box of programs for the Maryland Theatre, 1905-1943, and the Morris Mechanic Theatre.

Seven boxes of playbills for various Baltimore theatres, arranged by date: 1781-1796 (transferred to MSS.), and 1812-1858. One box contains the Stanley Theatre (1927), the "Theatre" (1798), and the Vagabond Theatre (1917-1956).

Eleven boxes: Scrapbooks for various theatres 1866-1950 .

Four boxes of miscellaneous theatres and theatrical material, including theatre reviews from newspapers,(1864-1865, 1888-1889, 1891-1892, 1894-1899, 1905-1906). Misc. theatre programs, tickets, etc. (93 items). The Dowell Collection-- Baltimore theatres(1931, 1941-1942, 1956, 1960s-1975). Palace Theatre programs, 1917-1918 

Six boxes of programs for Baltimore-area motion picture theatres owned by Durkee Enterprises, 1921-1965. (See collection description)

Series X: Transportation—tickets, schedules and advertisements

Three boxes arranged alphabetically by company. Includes the B&O Railroad.

Series Y: US Government—anything pertaining to the government of or events in the US.

Two boxes..

Series Z: Valentines

Five boxes, 1845-c. 1950.

Series AA: Juvenilia-- Items made especially for and by children.

One box.

Series BB: Embossed items (die-cuts?)

One box.

Series CC: Dance Programs

One box.

Series EE: Unclassified

One box.

Series FF: Lottery tickets and advertisements

One box.

Series GG: Tobacco-- trade cards, advertisements

One box. See also Businesses: Mencken Cigar Company.

Series KK: Trade Cards

Two boxes—illustrated and without illustrations.

Series II: Financial Documents

One box.

Hoen & Co. Imprints

One box.


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