Enoch Pratt Correspondence, 1875-1887, MS. 1835

Enoch Pratt Correspondence, 1875-1887

Maryland Historical Society


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Enoch Pratt Correspondence, 1875-1887
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Enoch Pratt Correspondence, 1875-1887

MS. 1835

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Contents



Eighteen letters, four cards, three business statements written primarily to Mrs. Preston from Enoch Pratt.



1878 Apr. 13

from Enoch Pratt to Mrs. Preston sending Tax Bills asking her to see him.





arranging an appointment





asking her to meet him at bank and if possible for Mr. P. to come.




Nov. & Dec.

Cards fixing appointments




1879 Feb. 3

Enoch Pratt to Mrs. Preston asking her to meet him, hoping Mr. P. can come





From Mrs. Preston saying Mr. Preston trusts him to do what he wants with Retirement by way of improvements-signed also by Mr. Preston.





Pratt to Preston re: improving and building fence on property.




March 4, 23rd and Apr. 23rd:

Pratt to Mrs. P and Mr. Preston asking them to read accounts carefully. Two business letters to Mr. Preston re: tenants at Pleasant Plains and mortgage at bank. Pratt says he will have to sell the property to meet it.




Aug. 19

(Copy) Letter to Hon. Wm. Alexander from Preston describing his signing of bond in 1865. (Bartlett Case) saying his signature was obtained thru false representation.




Sept. 20, 22, 27, and n. d.

Enoch Pratt to Mrs. Preston saying he has had to Post the property because of public nuisance and put up Sale sign. Wants Mr. Preston's advice on how to get rid of colored people there on the Bel Air land. Will Mrs. P. look up deed to Pleasant Plains and send him any surveys.




1880 Jan.

To Mrs. Preston from Enoch Pratt saying he cannot put in any more money, suggests she find someone else.




June 16

(copy) Letter to Mr. Pratt asking for $1500 in exchange for mortgage of property on Calvert St.





From Mr. Pratt: he does not approve of mortgage. She can't pay her interest or taxes. He feels he has done enough, etc.




Dec. 1, 3 and 7.

Cards asking Mrs. Preston for deeds to Retirement & others. Thanks for deed and he will keep it for her.




1887 Feb. 17th

From Enoch Pratt to Mrs. Preston: Offer for Fish House property has been given up - speaks of [UNK] of Way for R. R. from Annapolis - might enhance value of property. No prospect of sale at present




Apr. 6

Letter from Wm. A. Stewart to Mrs. Preston saying she can sell her property herself at any time. He offers $7,000 but hopes she can get more.




July 3

Enoch Pratt to Mrs. Preston. He has renovated her house and made it more desirable. He hopes she can persuade her friend to buy it. Several others have looked at it, so please keep him informed.




Item 1

Copy of sheet from Assessment Book of Baltimore County, 1866. Wm. P. Preston assessed at $4,750. Note: 13 1/2 acres conveyed in Fee by deed to Enoch Pratt on Feb. 14th 1874.





Wm. P. Preston's notes in favor of Chesapeake Bank: $5, 143.




1874 1878


Two pages of Statements of Wm. P. Preston's accounts with Enoch Pratt.