Ellicott Family Deeds and Land Papers, 1782-1814, MS 1825

Ellicott Family Deeds and Land Papers, 1782-1814

Maryland Historical Society


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Ellicott Family Deeds and Land Papers, 1782-1814
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Ellicott Family Deeds and Land Papers, 1782-1814

MS 1825

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674



Biographical Note

The Ellicott's were responsible for Maryland becoming one of the great centers of flour milling. They persuaded many Maryland farmers to change their crops from tobacco to wheat. They established themselves in the Ellicott City area, and through judicious actions acquired much of the land in what is now Howard County, and vast tracts in Baltimore City.

The family is abled chronicled in Evans: Biographical and Historical Accounts of the Fox, Ellicott, and Evans Families... Buffalo, 1882. (*CS 71 F 79 1882). There is also an account in the Baltimore Sun of March 12, 1905, by Emily Emerson Lantz.


Scope and Content

The papers cover the period 1782 - 1814. During this time it is evident that the Ellicott Family intended to acquire as much land and property as possible - land for future use in the enterprises of the milling company, and property for investment and other purposes. Much of the property acquired was in what is now Howard County, but a considerable amount of property in Baltimore City was hought. Baltimore County is almost invariably mentioned in the transactions, but this is because it was not until 1852 that Baltimore County and City separated in such matters.

The papers are in a very good state of preservation.



Processed by: P.W. Filby

Date: April 1970.



The Ellicott Family Papers were received by the Society as an exchange for duplicate pamphlets and books. The owner of the papers, Paul Eisel, a bookdealer of Libertytown, Maryland, stated that he had bought the volume some years ago, and that he understood that the volume came from the Tyson Archive. It seems likely because the Tyson family was closely connected with the Ellicotts, and although it is known that a Tyson Archive does exist, the present whereabouts is unknown.

The volume is folio, and the papers are mounted on guards.

The exchange took place in April 1970, and all property rights belong to the Maryland Historical Society.

Accession Number: 62873 1 vol.

Ms. number: 1825


Guide to Related Materials

None, but throughout Maryland history books it will be found that the Ellicotts affected the economy of the state, and therefore information on the family is not difficult to secure.