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Processed by Jim Tschen Emmons

November 2005





Provenance:                  The Eliza Coale Funk Papers were given to the H. Furlong Baldwin                                           Library of the Maryland Historical Society in 2004 by the estate of                                                        Ms. Eliza Coale Funk, Accession 006985.




Size:                             2.5 linear feet, 7 boxes




Access:                        Access to this collection is unrestricted




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Preferred Citation:        Eliza Coale Funk Papers, circa 1758-2004, MS 3065

                                    H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society



Biographical Sketch


Eliza Coale Funk (born 1905 October 2), a native of Baltimore, was the daughter of Harry Hughes and Eliza Chase Coale. Eliza, through her mother's line, was a direct descendent of Chief Justice Samuel Chase (d. 1811), signer of the Declaration of Independence, active official in Maryland's early government and court, and most famous for his impeachment trial (1804-5). Given her family background, Eliza developed a life-long interest in early American and Maryland history. She was an active member of several historical associations including the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Maryland Colonial Dames, the St. Paul Cemetery Restoration Project, and the Maryland Historical Society. She also volunteered at the historic Mount Clare and Dumbarton homes as a docent. Eliza was an advocate for the promotion of English as the national language, and was an active member in English First. While she traveled extensively, Eliza was a life-long resident of Baltimore and died there on October 5, 2004.


Scope & Content Note


            The Eliza Coale Funk Papers represent more than 200 years of Maryland history, from roughly 1758 until 2004. This eclectic collection contains letters, legal papers, literary projects, recipes, organizational documents (such as brochures, directories, and newsletters), and associated photographs and ephemera, most of which belonged to the Chase, Coale, and Funk families. Arranged generally into series by family, the collection is also specifically arranged by chronology, with subseries by subject and/or type of document. The last consideration, by type, was necessary given the great variety of materials Ms. Funk bequeathed to the society.


            The majority of the material concerns the Coale family, and in particular, Samuel Chase Coale (b. 1818), a native of Harford County and, through his mother Elizabeth Chase Dugan, a descendent of Justice Samuel Chase, an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court (1796-1811). His relationship to a signer of the Declaration of Independence fortuitously meant inheriting papers connected not only to the Chase family, but also concerning the famous impeachment trial of Samuel Chase (1804-5).


            While some of the material dates from the last half of the eighteenth century, the bulk of the collection spans the years 1815-1879, years associated with the life, activities, and relations of Samuel Chase Coale, and from 1960-2004, when the donor, Eliza Coale Funk, was most active in various organizations. The Chase and Coale family letters are valuable sources of social, family, and nineteenth century history. Thanks to Eliza Coale Funk's participation in various historical organizations, the collection also contains a wealth of information-- newsletters, directories, and bulletins--about the activities of groups like the Sons of the American Revolution and the Colonial Dames.


            As rich as the collection is, there are significant gaps, some of which are mitigated by causal remarks in several documents. The bulk of the material deals with the decades prior to and after the Civil War, but there are few documents specifically related to that conflict. The Samuel Chase Coale divorce documents only include two letters to his wife, so the collection reveals little of Chase's side of the story or his responses to her letters. As regards the Samuel Chase impeachment material, probably the most significant set of items within the collection, the lack of provenance for the editorials to "The American" and especially for the "Remarks" of Samuel Chase will challenge the researcher interested in this important case. Despite these historical and personal lacunae, the collection is a goldmine of Maryland history, genealogy, the culture of correspondence, and the story of early Marylanders like the Coale and Chase families.


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Series Description


            The Eliza Coale Funk Papers consist of four major series: I) Samuel Chase Impeachment Documents; II) Chase/Coale Family Correspondence & Papers; III) Eliza Coale Funk: Activities & Organizations; divided into two subseries, 1) Colonial Dames, and 2) Other Activities & Organizations and  IV) Eliza Coale Funk: Family Papers. The papers in this collection range from 1758-2004.


            Due to the variety of materials, the lack of order in which they arrived, and the large number of creators, each series is arranged by subject (e.g. Samuel Chase Coale Divorce Papers) and chronologically.


Series I: Samuel Chase Impeachment Documents, 1804-1805 (Box 1, 6 folders)

This series includes several items pertinent to the impeachment trial of Justice Chase, including a letter from a friend in England concerned for Ann Chase during that period, a copy of Samuel Chase's remarks on the topic of his impeachment, and two editorials written nearly three decades later by the "Friends of Samuel Chase." It also contains a Chase book plate.


Series II: Chase/Coale Family Correspondence & Papers, 1758-2004 (Boxes 2-3, 25 folders)

This series contains a number of letters belonging to various family members, such as Elizabeth Dugan Coale, daughter of Chief Justice and Hannah Chase, Elizabeth's son Samuel Chase Coale, and her daughter, Eliza M. Jackson. Samuel Chase Coale's letters (written from 1845-1854, the bulk from 1850-1852) concerning his divorce from his first wife, Sarah English Coale, chart the course of their separation, but also offer valuable information about the daily life of a woman of means circa 1850, and snippets of the emotional state of  a mid-nineteenth century gentleman going through the scandal of divorce. This series is particularly strong for genealogical material. In a genealogical fragment written by Samuel Chase Coale, for example, there is a note that explains why half of it is missing—it was torn off to conceal the birth date of his nephew, Skipwith H. Coale, son of Samuel's brother Isaac (Harford County), to spare him from the draft during the Civil War. In addition to the letters, which comprise the bulk of the series, there are literary pieces, legal documents, and a few materials that provide a window into everyday life, such as recipes, pamphlets, and sections of almanacs.


Series III: Eliza Coale Funk: Activities & Organizations, 1963-2001 (Box 4-5, 19 folders)

This series highlights many of the groups with which Ms. Funk was associated.


            Subseries 1: Colonial Dames, 1972-2001 (Box 5, 10 folders)

            This subseries represents Eliza Coale Funk's significant participation in the Colonial        Dames, Maryland Chapter. It contains several directories (1972, 1986, 1992-3, 1995),      bulletins, newspaper clippings concerned with their activities, and nearly fifteen years of          the "Clarion," the organization's newsletter.


            Subseries 2: Other Activities & Organizations, 1963-2001 (Box 4, 9 Folders)

            This subseries contains a variety of items associated with the many organizations with     which Ms. Funk was involved. In addition to documents pertaining to docent activities at        historic homes like Mount Claire and Dumbarton House, there are papers for the Peale    Museum, the Sons of the American Revolution, English First, the St. Paul Cemetery             Restoration Project, the Baltimore Country Club, and the Bryn Mawr School, from which          Ms. Funk graduated in 1924.


Series IV: Eliza Coale Funk: Family Papers, 1904-2004 (Boxes 6-7, 20 folders)

This series contains papers belonging to Eliza Coale Funk and her parents, Harry H. and Eliza C. Funk. Her personal effects contain a travel diary, a number of postcards, and important family documents, everything from wills to her father's financial records concerned with the Bruce, Co. whiskey distillery.



Container List


The container list provides box and folder numbers primarily, but also includes additional, more specific information to delineate the more complex series within the collection. Each series title is underlined, folder names are in normal print, and individual items, when listed, are denoted by a double hyphen and italics.




                                    Series I: Samuel Chase Impeachment Documents

1-1                               Samuel Chase, Impeachment "Remarks," circa 1804

1-2                               Letter from Charlotte Giles to Ann Chase, 1805 February 15

1-3                               Family Testimony, Samuel Chase's Impeachment Defense, undated

1-4                               Friends of Samuel Chase, "For the American," 1831 November 29

1-5                               "For the American," 1832

1-6                               Chase Bookplate, undated


                                    Series II: Chase/Coale Family Correspondence & Documents

2-1                               Letter Fragment, "To my Sister, " undated

2-2                               Chase/Coale Newspaper Clipping and Fragments

--Almanac, Fragment, undated

                                    --Two Newspaper Clippings, undated

2-3                               Chase/Coale Papers, Various

--Temperance Letter, post 1838

                                    --Undated Note

                                    --Letter, 1825 March 26

                                    --Letter, Fragment

                                    --"For the Hartford Madisonian," undated

                                    --Letter, undated from Richmond Exchange Hotel

2-4                               Elizabeth Coale Letters, 1830 Sept. 13-1847 June 10

                                    --Letter to Elizabeth Coale, 1830 September 13

                                    --Letter to Elizabeth Coale, 1845 August 25

                                    --Letter to Elizabeth Coale from Samuel Chase Coale, 1849 October 15

                                    --Letter to Mrs. Eliza Coale, undated

                                    --Letter to Aunt Coale from Matilda S. Ridgely, 1845 October 11

                                    --Letter to Aunt Coale from Matilda S. Ridgely, 1847 June 10

                                    --Letter to Eliza from Mattie, Daughter of Charles Carroll of Carrolton,                                           undated

                                    --Letter to Mrs. E. Coale from Skipwith Coale, 1830 November 29

2-5                               Chase Family Correspondence

                                    --From Miss Eliza Chase to Mrs. Ann Chase, circa 1796

                                    --Letter Fragment from H.A. Chase

                                    --Letter to Samuel Chase, 1802 June 15

2-6                               Letters to Mrs. Eliza Chase Dugan 1817 June 20-1817 June 26

                                    --Letter to Mrs. Eliza Dugan, 1817 June 20

                                    --Letter to Mrs. Eliza Dugan, 1817 June 26

                                    --Letter to Mrs. Eliza Dugan, 1817 August 16

2-7                               1810-1831 Pamphlets Belonging to Ann Chase

                                    --The Resurrection of the Body: A Discourse Delivered in the Presbyterian                                        Church in Georgetown on Sunday, October 22, 1809 (dated 1810)

                                    --Register of the Officers and Cadets of the U.S. Military Academy, June                                           1830

                                    --The Christian Almanac for Maryland and Virginia, 1831

2-8                               Family History of Marriage of Thomas Chase and Ann Birch, undated

2-9                               Chase Family Correspondence, Fragments

                                    --1799 February 13, Letter Fragment, undated

                                    --Letter Fragment, undated

2-10                             Chase/Coale Family Recipes circa 1810

                                    --Recipe Fragment, 29 January 1810

                                    --Collection of Several Recipes, undated

2-11                             General Coale Family Correspondence, 1817 June 14-1862 April 24

                                    --From R.M. Coale to his Cousin, May 21

                                    --Letter to H. Coale, June 14 1817

                                    --Letter to Dr. Skipwith H.Coale from R. Barnes, June 21 1830

                                    --Letter to Dr. Skipwith H. Coale from Mary Chase Coale (?), dated                                                  December

                                    --Letter to Mrs. E. Coale from Skipwith H. Coale, circa 1845

                                    --Letter "to mother from y.E" June 21 1852

                                    --Letter to Dr. Skipwith H. Coale, 1845

                                    --Letter to Miss Mary B. Ambercrombie from Skipwith H. Coale, undated

                                    --Letter to Skipwith H. Coale from Samuel Chase Coale, April 23 1845

                                    --Poem dedicated to Skipwith H. Coale from his Friend, Reynolds

                                    --Letter from Eliza Chase to her Brother, April 24 1862

2-12                             Samuel Chase Coale Correspondence, 1827 July 24-1879 October 21

                                    --From Samuel Holland Coale to Samuel Chase Coale, July 24 1827

                                    --From Eliza Chase Coale to Samuel Chase Coale, June 7 1847

                                    --From Mrs. Sarah E. Coale to Samuel Chase Coale, March 24 1854

                                    --To Samuel Chase Coale from his Sister, July 18 1860

                                    --From Samuel Chase Coale to his Sister, September 10 1869

                                    --From Samuel Chase Coale to Mattie, October 15 1879

                                    --From Samuel Chase Coale to Mattie, October 21 1879

2-13                             Jackson/Coale Correspondence, 1833 March 4-1855 December 14                                                    --D. Harmey's Farewell to Savannah, undated

                                    --From D. Jackson to wife Eliza, March 4 1833

                                    --Letter to Mrs. E. Jackson from Samuel Chase Coale, August 9 1852

                                    --Letter to Mrs. E. Jackson from Eliza Coale, August 13 1852

                                    --Letter to Mrs. Fred D. Jackson from D. Jackson, December 14 1855

                                    --Letter to Frederick D. Jackson from Eliza Jackson, June 27

                                    --"Agreement" between E. Coale for daughter, E. Jackson, June 12 1852

                                    --Letter from E. Jackson to her brother, April 18 1861

2-14                             Coale Family, Various Legal Documents, 1842 April 1-1893 October 13

--Samuel Chase Coale, State of Maryland, License to Practice Law, April

   14, 1842

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, Cincinnati, Ohio, Statement of Change of                                                       Residence, May 5 1847

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, Hamilton County, Ohio, License to Practice Law,                                          May 13 1847

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, Hamilton County, Ohio, License to Teach,                                                      December 19 1854

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, School Register, Beginning Quarter December 22                                           1858, School Nine, Springfield Township

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, Hamilton County, Ohio, License to Teach,                                                      December 20 1862

--Insurance Agreement between Samuel Chase Coale and Cincinnati

   Home Insurance, April 7 1865

--Memorandum of Agreement between Robert M. Proud and E.M.

   Jackson and Samuel Chase Coale, February 2 1871

--Deed, Ambrose Heart and Charles D. Thompson, Cumberland Illnois,

   July10 1873

                                    --Deed: Agreement between Charles D. Thompson and Samuel Chase                                                Coale, County of Cumberland, Illinois October 6 1873

                                    --State of Illinois, Answer of Defendants, Samuel C. and Martha Caole vs.                                                   Charles D. Thompson, August 10 1874                               

                                    --State of Maryland, Harford County Circuit Court, Certification of Legal                                                    Practice, June 2 1873

--State of Illinois, License to Practice Law for Samuel Chase Coale,

   January 20 1874

                                    --Agreement, Isaac W. Coale of Harford County, Maryland, and Eliza M.                                          Jackson, October 13 1893 (typewritten)

2-15                                                         Elizabeth M. Jackson, Mexican War Pension, 1887 June 23-1896 Aug. 3

--Pension Voucher, 1896 August 3

--Form Letter from A. Parlett Lloyd, Attorney at Law

--Pension Certificate, Duplicate, 1887 June 23

--Pension Certificate, Duplicate, 1887 June 23

--Pension Documents Folder

2-16                             Correspondence between Samuel Chase and C.C. Harper, 1825 September 3 & 26


                                    Series II: Chase/Coale Family Correspondence and Papers, cont.

3-1                               Document Concerning a Ball, undated

3-2                               Coale Family, Various Documents

                                    --Letter complaining of Women and Money, undated

                                    --Letter Discussing Religion, undated

                                    --Recipe Fragment

                                    --Map, entitled "My Plot"

                                    --Family Who's Who, undated

                                    --Love letter, undated

                                    --Samuel Chase Coale, Poem to his Mother, 1850

                                    --Essay Fragment

                                    --Plea of Not Guilty, Eliza Chase vs. John Stoops

3-3                               Samuel Chase Coale, Addresses to Various Societies, circa 1844-1860

                                    --Draft of PAM 1845, MdHS

                                    --Address to the Concord Literary Society, March 1860

                                    --Address to the Literary Society of Pleasant Ridge, Ohio, 1861

                                    --Address, Unknown Audience, undated


3-4                               Coale Family Literary Manuscripts, circa 1852-1873

                                    --"Tristram Humphries or a Glance at Real Life," by Timothy Scratch

                                    --Unknown manuscript of poem "To Whom it May Concern"

                                    --Poem, "To David"

                                    --Poem to T. Buckler by Skipwith H. Coale

                                    --"To Good Madam Budget"

                                    --Poem, 1852

                                    --Letter to the Editors, August 13 1873


3-5                               1845 October 1-1849 December 16 Samuel Chase Coale, Divorce Papers

                                    --To Samuel Chase Coale from Sarah E. Coale

                                                October 1 1845

                                                October 14 1845

                                                October 17 1845

                                                November 18 1845

                                                February 2 1847

                                                May 2 1847

                                                May 17 1847

                                                October 24 1848

                                                August 2 1848                        

                                                December 20 1848

                                                February 23 1849

                                                June 8 1849

                                                July 6 1849

                                                October 14 1849

                                                December 16 1849

3-6                               Samuel Chase Coale, Divorce Papers, 1850 February 23-1852 October 16

                                    --To Samuel Chase Coale from Sarah E. Coale

                                                February 23 1850

                                                May 30 1850

                                                August 6 1850

                                                August 28 1850

                                                October 8 1850

                                                May 4 1851

                                                April 4 1851

                                                April 13 1851

                                                August 1851

                                                October 8 1851

                                                September 1 1851                              

                                                September 17 1851

                                                September 28 1851

                                                December 17 1851

                                                January 31 1852

                                                February 23 1852

                                                March 2 1852

                                                March 12 1852

                                                March 31 1852

                                                April 15 1852

                                                May 20 1852

                                    --To Sarah E. Chase from Samuel Chase Coale, October 10 1852

                                    1852, date not specified

3-7                               Samuel Chase Coale, Divorce Papers, 1853 January-1869 June

                                    --To Samuel Chase Coale from Sarah E. Coale



                                                January 1853

                                                February 1853

                                                March 5 1853

                                                July 9 1853

                                                April 14 1853

                                                May 27 1853

                                                May, date not specified

                                                October 22 1853

                                                November 30 1853

                                                February 11 1854

                                                November 30 1854

                                    --To Sarah E. Coale from Samuel Chase Coale, December 10 1854

                                    --Confirmation of Divorce, June 1869, Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton                                                    County, Ohio


                                    Series III: Eliza Coale Funk, Activities and Organizations

                                    Subseries 1: Colonial Dames

4-1/2                            Colonial Dames, Various Documents 1978-2001

4-3/4                            Colonial Dames, Clarion Newsletter 1978-1992

4-5                               Colonial Dames, Directories 1986 & 1995

4-6                               Colonial Dames, Newspaper Clippings 1976 December 5-1998 October 8

4-7                               Colonial Dames, Bulletins 1981-1985

4-8                               Colonial Dames, Directories 1992-1993

4-9                               Colonial Dames, Christmas 1978-1980

4-10                             Colonial Dames, Directory                               


                                    Subseries 2: Other Activities and Organizations

5-1                               Sons of the American Revolution 1991 May 26-1994 June 26

5-2                               Baltimore Country Club Records 1975 March 12-2000

5-3                               Bryn Mawr 1984-2001

5-4                               English Speaking Union 1981 April 27-1998

5-5                               Dumbarton House 1980 August 19-1991

5-6                               Maryland Historical Society 1959-1993

5-7                               Peale Museum 1982 May 13-1982 December 30

5-8                               Mount Clare 1976-1981

5-9                               Eliza Coale Funk, Membership Cards, 1963-2001


                                    Series IV: Eliza Coale Funk, Family Papers

6-1                               Eliza Coale Funk, Baptism and Funeral Documents 1905-2004

6-2                               Harry and Eliza Funk Wedding & Funeral Documents 1904 September 15-1957 November 10

6-3                               Funk Genealogy, undated

6-4                               Eliza Coale Funk, Will, 1970-1982

6-5                               Harry Funk, Financial Records, Bruce Co., 1906 May 15-1913 January 11

6-6                               Eliza Coale Funk, Greeting Cards, undated

6-7                               Eliza Coale Funk, Trip Diary, 1981

6-8                               Eliza Coale Funk, Correspondence 1957-2002

6-9                               Eliza Coale Funk, Will/Trust Documents, 1979-2001

6-10                             Roland Park Assisted Living, 1996-2000


7-1                               Bills and Receipts of Furniture, 1950-1991

7-2                               Harry H. and Eliza Funk Cemetery Documents, 1905-1972

7-3                               Eliza Coale Funk, Cemetery Documents, 1958-1970

7-4                               Eliza Coale Funk's Copy File re Estate Settlement of Harry H. Funk, circa                                            1959

7-5                               Publications, circa 1960

7-6                               Harry and Eliza Funk Estate Sale and Will, 1956-1960

7-7                               Legal Papers, J. Alice Gernand, 1947 September 4

7-8                               Eliza Coale Funk, Check Stubs, circa 1960-1999

7-9                               St. Paul's Parish, 1986-1991

7-10                             Gilman Documents, 1995-1999












Eliza Coal Funk Papers, circa 1758-2004

MS 3065


Subjects Represented



Ambercrombie, Mary B.


Baltimore Country Club


Barnes, R.

Bruce, Co.

Bryn Mawr

Buckler, T.

Carroll, Charles of Carrolton (d. 1832)

Chase, Ann (?-1776)

Chase, Samuel (1741-1811)

Chase, Elizabeth Dugan (Eliza) (1784-?)


Coale, Eliza Chase (see Eliza Chase Dugan)

Coale, Isaac W. (?)

Coale, Samuel Chase (1818-?)

Caole, Samuel Chase, Jr. (1846-?)

Coale, Sarah English (?)

Coale, Skipwith (d. 1759)

Coale, Dr. Skipwith Holland (c.1790-1832)

Coale, Skipwith H., son of Isaac (circa 1845)

Coale, Skipwith H., son of Samuel (1844-1845)

Colonial Dames

Concord Literary Society


Dugan, George (?)

Dumbarton House

English Speaking Union



Funk, Eliza Coale (1905-2004)

Giles, Charlotte (?)

Giles, Hannah Kitty (?-1848)

Greeting Cards

Harford County, Maryland

Hartford Madisonian

Holland, Margaret (?)


Jackson, Frederick D. (?)

Literary Society of Pleasant Ridge


Maryland Historical Society

Mount Claire


Peale Museum


Ridgely, Matilda S., daughter of Charles Carroll (?)

Rolland Park Assisted Living


Scratch, Timothy

Simpson, Mary Ann (?-1868)

Sons of the American Revolution

Stoops, John

Thompson, Charles D.