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ca. 1900-1941 (bulk ca. 1940-1941)

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There is no information about who made the present collection of photographs, or when or for what purpose. The donor's mother, Leola Earle, had the photographs in her possession, but it is not clear whether she made or collected them.

Elizabeth Bellis (d. 1903) was one of the founders of the Empty Stocking Club, which started as a small Christmas party for underprivileged children, and grew to the point of being held at the Fifth Regiment Armory. She was married to Frederick Dorton, and the couple lived at 2330 N. Calvert St. in Baltimore. Frederick Dorton's father was Henry F. Dorton, an officer in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, who later served as superintendent of foreign mails in the Baltimore Post Office. Their son was Frederick Babcock Dorton, former husband of Elizabeth Tilghman Earle.

Collection Origin

Gift of Mrs. E. Tilghman Earle, 1987 (002036).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 78 small format photoprints, made between ca. 1905 and 1941, with the majority made in ca. 1940-1941. Subjects are mainly buildings in and around Baltimore, with some from Baltimore County and Annapolis. Included buildings are museums, schools, churches, hospitals, monuments, theaters, and service stations.

There are a few identified portraits, including Elizabeth Bellis Dorton (Mrs. Frederick), ca. 1900, and Leola M. and Elizabeth Earle with George Nyce in Washington, D.C., ca. 1925.

Related materials are held in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 1482, the Henry Dorton Diary; and MS. 2773, the Henry Frederick Dorton Travel Diary.


The photographs are arranged according to PP catalog numbers.

Container List

1 Box

Box 1

PP124.1 - Hyde House, Annapolis, ca. 1940

PP124.2 - Greene St., Annapolis, ca. 1940.

PP124.3 - Northway Apartments, ca. 1940.

PP124.4 - Warrington Apartments, ca. 1940.

PP124.5 - Basilica of the Assumption, ca. 1940.

PP124.6-.8 - Emmanuel Church, ca. 1940.

PP124.9 - Church of the Redeemer, ca. 1940.

PP124.10 - First Baptist Church, (Baltimore?), ca. 1940.

PP124.11 - Mt. Calvary Church, ca. 1940.

PP124.12 - Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church, ca. 1940.

PP124.13 - Chanticlare (nightclub), ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1868.

PP124.14 - Longfellow Club, ca. 1940.

PP124.15-.16 - Maryland Club, ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1312.

PP124.17 - Phoenix Club, ca. 1940.

PP124.18 - University of Maryland School of Medicine, ca. 1940.

PP124.19-.20 - Flower Mart, ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1316.

PP124.21 - Fort McHenry, entrance, ca. 1940.

PP124.22 - Baltimore Museum of Art, 1939.

PP124.23 - Peale Museum, ca. 1940.

PP124.24 - Johns Hopkins Hospital, ca. 1940.

PP124.25 - Hospital for the Women of Maryland, ca. 1940.

PP124.26 - Milner Hotel, ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1310.

PP124.27 - Rennert Hotel, ca. 1940.

PP124.28 - Cardinal's Residence, 1940.

PP124.29 - 700 blk. N. Charles St., 1941.

PP124.30 - Flag House, ca. 1940.

PP124.31 - Jencks House, 1941.

PP124.32 - American Red Cross building on W. Mt. Vernon Pl., ca. 1940.

PP124.33 - 100 blk. W. Read St., ca. 1940.

PP124.34 - Enoch Pratt Free Library, Main Branch, ca. 1940.

PP124.34 - Enoch Pratt Free Library, Main Branch, interior, ca. 1940.

PP124.36 - War Memorial Building, ca. 1940.

PP124.37 - War Memorial Building with American Red Cross flag, ca. 1940.

PP124.38 - Washington Monument, ca. 1940.

PP124.39 - Medical Arts Building, ca. 1940.

PP124.40 - Mt. Vernon Place, showing mail box, ca. 1940.

PP124.41-.42 - Eutaw Place, ca. 1940.

PP124.43 - United States Post Office and Court House, ca. 1940.

PP124.44 - Pimlico Race Track, Club House (Jockey Club), ca. 1940.

PP124.45 - Pimlico Race Track, spectator stands, ca. 1940.

PP124.46 - Pimlico Race Track, ca. 1940.

PP124.47 - Friends School, Charles St., ca. 1940.

PP124.48 - Friends School, 1712-1716 Park Ave., ca. 1940.

PP124.49 - Gilman School, ca. 1940.

PP124.50 - Loyola High School, ca. 1940.

PP124.51 - Maryland Institute, ca. 1940.

PP124.52 - Samuel Ready School (was WCBM radio station at time of photo), ca. 1940.

PP124.53 - St. Mary's Seminary, Roland Ave., ca. 1940.

PP124.54 - 235 W. Read St., Betsy Patterson Specialty Kitchen (caterer), ca. 1942.

PP124.55 - MacGillivray's Pharmacy, ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1314.

PP124.56 - The May Company, ca. 1940.

PP124.57 - 800 blk. N. Howard St., Smith's Bookstore and M. Nelson Barnes Plumbing and Heating Contractor, ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1335.

PP124.58 - 100 blk. University Parkway at 33rd St., Texaco and Atlantic Gas Stations, ca. 1940.

PP124.59 - 100 blk. N. Howard St., ca. 1940.

PP124.60 - 200 blk. W. Madison St., west from Tyson St., ca. 1940.

PP124.61 - 1800 blk. N. Charles St., intersection at North Ave., ca. 1940.

PP124.62 - 32nd Street at Greenmount Ave., ca. 1940. Dup/copy neg Z24.1257.

PP124.63 - W. Mt. Vernon Place, showing Engineering Club, 1941.

PP124.64-.65 - E. Mount Vernon Place, north side, 1941.

PP124.66 - E. Mount Vernon Place, south side, 1941. Dup/copy neg Z24.1315.

PP124.67 - Unidentified street with trolley tracks, ca. 1940.

PP124.68 - Lyric Theater, ca. 1940.

PP124.69 - Vagabond Theater, Read St., ca. 1940.

PP124.70 - Washington Apartments, ca. 1940.

PP124.71 - St. John's Church, Worthington Valley, Baltimore Co., ca. 1940.

PP124.72 - Eudowood Sanitorium, Baltimore Co., ca. 1940.

PP124.73 - Elizabeth Bellis Dorton (Mrs. Frederick), ca. 1900.

PP124.74 - Leola M. and Elizabeth Earle and George Nyce in Washington, D.C., ca. 1925.

PP124.75 - Elizabeth Earle in Washington, D.C., ca. 1925.

PP124.76 - Leola Earle in Washington, D.C., ca. 1925.

PP124.77 - Shoe scrapes, ca. 1940.

PP124.78 - St. Thomas Church, Garrison Forest, Baltimore Co., ca. 1940. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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