Duke and Duchess of Windsor Scrapbooks, 1936-1938, MS. 1938

Duke and Duchess of Windsor Scrapbooks, 1936-1938
Maryland Historical Society


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Duke and Duchess of Windsor Scrapbooks, 1936-1938
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Duke and Duchess of Windsor Scrapbooks, 1936-1938

MS. 1938

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Register for collections containing material related to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Four collections contain material related to the Duke of Windsor (previously King Edward VIII) and the Duchess of Windsor, Marylander Wallis Warfield Simpson (1896-1986), they are: MS. 1772, 1938, 2012 and 2356. Collections 1772, 2012 and 2356 are correspondence, 1938 consists of c. 23 scrapbooks compiled by Jennette Carpenter Parker.


Scrapbook List

Book I.

September 19, 1936 - December 11, 1936--Emphasizes the romance of King Edward VIII and Mrs. Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson. It includes Mrs. Simpson's family background, early life, portrait, divorce perils, with King Edward VIII. Also King's portrait, support for marriage to Mrs. Simpson from Winston Churchill and labor groups, opposition from Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, text of King's farwell to Empire. Also articles on: F. D. Roosevelt, U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis and Jimmy Walker.

Book II.

December 2, 1936 - December 10, 1936--Emphasizes crisis caused by Edward VIII s determination to marry Mrs. Simpson. Includes Cabinet s threats to quit if the King marries Simpson, S. Baldwins speech to Commonsdeclaring government will not consent to King keeping throne if he weds Mrs. Simpson, S. Baldwin's ultimatum, Winston Churchill's defense of marriage, Bishop of Bradford's warning to King re: his private life, text of King's abdication speech. Also Mrs. Simpson's early career, ancestors, clothes, offer to renounce King.

Book III.

Dec. 3, 1936-Dec. 15, 1936, emphasizes crisis caused by King's determination to marry Mrs. Simpson. It includes Mrs. Simpson's early life, former marriages, divorce perils, divided public opinion re marriage, opposition to marriage lead by Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill's plea supporting King, King's abdication, text of speech, reaction thereto, coronation to be May 12th with George VI and Elizabeth in leading roles, George VI proclaimed King, news re new King & his family; Edward receives title Duke of Windsor and leaves England.

Book IV.

Dec. 12-Dec. 23, 1936, emphasizes Duke of Windsor & Mrs. Simpson. It includes Mrs. Simpson's background, her “own story”, divorce problems, activities. Also the Duke of Windsor's abdication, health, exile in Vienna, confrontation with Stanley Baldwin, attack by Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of York, praise by other Bishops, support by Winston Churchill and Rebecca West, his “own story”, his sailing from England on Admiralty yacht. Also Duke of York proclaimed King George VI, coronation plans resumed. Daily Express admission that long press suppression of King's friendship with Mrs. Simpson may have been mistake.

Book V.

Nov., 1936-Feb., 1937, emphasizes Duke of Windsor & Mrs. Simpson. It includes Bishops' split over attacks on Duke, Duke's answer to critics, Lloyd George's reaction to attacks, Bishop of Canterbury's order attacks cease, activitie of King Edward VIII & Mrs. Simpson. Also background of Mrs. Simpson, her cooking, former marriages, portrait, divorce perils, possible title, trousseau plans, controversy over royal gems. Also King Edward's December 10th abdication & flight into exile, visit by his sister & brother in Vienna. Also death of Arthur Brisbane, Stanley Baldwin's retirement & review of his biography, restoration of Baalbek's temples.

Book VI.

Feb. 27, 1937-April 15, 1937, emphasizes pre-coronation activities. May 12th coronation regalia, plans, medal, procession route, rehearsal, ceremony, reaction of Dominions to. Also Portraits and activities of King George VI & family portraits of King George I through King George V, coronation scenes of George V & George IV. Also Dukes of Windsor & Kent meet in Vienna, Mrs. Simpson goes to Monts France, arranges for French divorce, divorce perils. Also text of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Victory Day speech at time of his second Inauguration, articles entitle “The Loves of [George] Washington,” & “[John L.] Lewis Charts his Course for American Labor.”

Book VII.

April 10, 1937-May 11, 1937, emphasizes coronation plans and wedding plans of Duke of Windsor & Mrs. Simpson. It includes coronation rehearsals, fashions, wardrobes, plans, ceremony, preparation, television arrangements, activities of George VI & family. Also Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson's wedding plans, honeymoon, future home. Also Mrs. Simpson's clothes, final divorce decree, threats, denial she had received royal gems, reunion with Duke in France. Also official U.S. delegation to coronation plus other Americans who went, Duke sues Geoffrey Dennis for libel over his Coronation Commentary. Also article on South Africa: “A Jewel in the British Crown,” and the Romance of Mrs. Fitzherbert and George IV (1784).

Book VIII.

May 4, 1937-May 12, 1937, emphasis on coronation. It includes Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson's wedding & honeymoon plans. Also vivid description of coronation rehearsal, preparation, plans. Also abdication of Edward VIII and government's refusal to let royal family be represented at his wedding.

Book IX.

May 12, 1937-May 22, 1937, emphasizes May 12th coronation of George VI & Queen Elizabeth. It includes royal family pictures, robes, procession, rites, [UNK], King's address urging peace. Also Duke of Windsor at Monts, France, with Mrs. Simpson, his efforts to have Britain accept her. Also Mrs. Simpson legally changes her name from Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson to Wallis Warfield, her plans to marry the Duke, her trousseau, opposition to her acquiring a title. Also Neville Chamberlain replaces Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister.

Book X.

May 18, 1937-June 4, 1937, emphasizes events leading to June 3 wedding at Monts, France, of Duke of Windsor & Mrs. Simpson. Rev. R. Anderson Jardine performs ceremony despite opposition of Church leaders, no member of royal family present, honeymoon plans, trousseau pictures, Duchess denied title “Her Royal Highness.” Also coronation pictures & activities of George VI. Neville Chamberlain succeeds Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister.

Book XI.

June 3, 1937-August 24, 1937, emphasizes wedding of Duke of Windsor & Mrs. Simpson. It includes the wedding, honeymoon trip across Europe to Wasserleonburg Castle in Lower Austria. Duchess named World's Best Dressed Woman for 1937. Rev. R. Anderson Jardine resigns pulpit & plans lecture tour in U.S. Also royal family pictures and activities. Great Britain's hugh rearmament program.

Book XII.

July 27, 1937-Feb. 8, 1938, emphasizes activities of Duke & Duchess of Windsor. It includes their travels, exile from England after marriage, Rev. R. Anderson Jardine's justification for performing their wedding ceremony, clothes designed for Duchess by Mainboucher. Also coronation visit of King & Queen to Ireland royal family pictures, visit by American Legionnaires to King & Queen. Also U.S. Army uniforms from 1775-1937.

Book XIII.

August, 1937-March, 1938, emphasizes events in Europe leading up to World War, II. It includes the Nazi march into Austria, their decree of Pan-German union, their purge of Jews. Also Hitler's demand Czechs break military alliance with Russia, London's riot against `war', British acceptance of Nazi seizure of Austria, 3/20/38 N.Y. Times Magazine article re Hitler (unattached). Also Franco's bombardment of Barcelona, Poland's ultimatum to Lithuania, Hitler-Polish War Pact, Lithuania surrender to Polish arms. Also Royal family activities, Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Paris. Duke seeks new way of life, leases French chateau, income. Also George Washington's birthplace, verbal portrait. Cordell Hull calls on U.S. to arm. Mexicans oust foreigners from oil properties. The Lloyd Georges celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.

Book XIV.

March 25, 1938-May 14, 1938, emphasizes broad spectrum of events leading to World War, II. It includes U.S. reaction to Nazi oppression of Jews, its offer to welcome religious & political refugees, plan to build a powerful Navy, concern for Azores. Also Great Britain's refusal to fight to protect Czechoslovakia but willingness to fight for France, speed up of rearmament, defense pact with Eire, Portrait of George VI, British French arms pool. Also Hitler's coup in Danzig, his menace to Czechoslovakia, Joseph Goebbels' background, Nazi anti-Jewish activities in Germany and Austria, Hitler threatened in Vienna, Germans & Austrians vote over 99% for Austro-German union, Hitler's snub to Pope. Also Duke of Windsor threatened, Duke idle, Duchess changes hair style. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy bars American debutantes from Court of St. James. Gen. Wm. Mitchell sees U.S. peril in Japanese air power. Also summary on Spanish Civil War, Loyalists in divided Spain seek British-French aid, women help defend Barcelona. Also Mexican-Japanese oil deal, Alaskan-Japanese fishermen dispute, League of Nations' surrender to Italisn conquest of Ethiopia. Also 1752 A.L.S. by George Washington to Wm. Fauntleroy, Sr., second earliest extant autograph letter, in possession of Dr. Gabriel Wells.

Book XV.

April 3, 1938-May 29, 1938, emphasizes European war crisis. It includes speculation of Hitler's motives, Mussolini's warning to U.S. of war danger, Gen. Wm. Mitchell's warning to U.S. of war, France's war threat if Nazi attack Czechs, Hitler's promise not to attack Czechoslovakia, Germans denounce Gr. Britain & France as peace negotiations fail. Also activities of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, Mexico breaks diplomatic relations with Gr. Britain, Duke & Duchess of Windsor celebrate first wedding anniversary, Italo-French agreement threatened over Spanish civil war, Madrid siege 18 months old, miscellaneous loose articles.

Book XVI.

June 16-Sept. 8, 1938,[UNK] broad spectrum of events leading to World War II as well as activities of royal family. It includes 6/25/38 Life Magazine cover picture of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth's visit to France Also ancestors of Duke of Windsor, Duke & Duchess take Mediterranean cruise, visit Pompeii, plan fall visit to U.S. Also treatment of Jews in Jerusalem, Germany, Italy, Austria. Chamberlain's foreign policy, background of Czech-German struggle, Little Entente seeks German check, Berlin warns Reich may act in Czech crisis, 5 powers warn of war and pledge Czech aid, Nazi put 50,000 troops on Rhine, France sends reserves to Maginot line, Hitler may demand more from Czechoslovakia. Also Mexican-American land seizure dispute, the American Eagle: “Soaring Symbol of Independence.”

Book XVII.

Sept. 5, 1938-Sept. 16, 1938, emphasizes events leading up to World War II It contains Hitler's activities and speeches, text of his speech in Nuremberg warning the world the Reich would fight over Sudeten crisis. Also threats of war, war defenses, crisis caused by battle between Czech gendarms and Sudeten Germans. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain visits Hitler at Berchtesgaden to plea for peace & press reaction to same.


Sept. 15-Sept. 21, 1938, emphasizes war scare caused by Czech-Sudeten crisis. It includes Hitler's speech to Nazi Congress at Nuremberg, French troop maneuvers, Czechs' prepare to fight Hitler to hold their territory and outlaw Nazi Party. Also Chamberlain meets with Hitler at Berchtesgaden in attempt to save peace, Hitler demands rule over all Czechs, Poles seek rights in Czechoslovakia, British split over guarantees to Czechoslovakia, British and French draft answer to Hitler's demand that Sudeten be annexed to Reich, British and French accept these demands and tell Czechs to accept them. U.S. not involved in crisis. Russia will not help Czechs without France.

Book XIX.

Sept. 21, 1938-Sept. 25, 1938, emphasizes war scare caused by Czech-Sudeten crisis. It includes Czech government yields to Angelo-French demand that it surrender Sudeten to Hitler, Czech mobs near revolt, shout for war to save their republic from dismemberment, threat of German invasion of Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain asks Hitler for peace assurances, peace talks collapse, Czechs reconsider surrender and mobilize entire army. Czech reign of terror begins, allies reassure Czech they will aid if attack occurs, Hitler ultimatum gives Czechs truce until Oct. 1st. Foreign reaction to war threats.

Book XX.

Sept. 24, 1938-Oct. 1, 1938, emphasizes war scare caused by Czech-Sudeten crisis. It includes Hitler's activities, Europe arming 5,000,000, Czechs rebuff Hitler with French approval, Britain mobilizes fleet, Paris evacuated, Nazi snub Roosevelt plea for peace, London fears gas raid from air, Germany masses army, Mussolini mobilizes, U.S. to take no part in war. Also Hitler agrees to 4 power Munich meeting. Peace is near.

Book XXI.

Sept. 18-Oct. 2, 1938, emphasizes war scare caused by Czech-Sudeten crisis. It includes 4 power parley at Munich, Hitler's meeting with Mussolini at Brenner Pass. Peace made, terms of 4 power Munich peace pact halt Hitler, pact cedes Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland to Germany, Czechs accept terms of pact, German troops enter Czechslovakia in accordance with pact, Czech refugees flee Nazi-Pole rule. King George praises Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.



(No number)

 April 11, 1937-November 8, 1937, emphasizes American Legion activities. It includes American Legion Sept., 1937 19th annual convention and parade held in New York to celebrate anniversary of declaration of World War I. Also miscellaneous loose articles.



(No number)

June 1, 1937-October 9, 1937, emphasizes American Legion activities. It includes 19th annual convention at Madison Square Garden, N.Y., the program of activities, the Legionnaires 18 hour parade, parade route, spectators, activities, veto of foreign wars by American Legion. Also American Legion's Brooklyn Memorial Day parade. Also pictures of American Expeditionary Force leaving for France in 1917, World War I French battlefields “then and now”, A.E.F. return from France. Also Secretary of State Hull predicts European catastrophe. Also miscellaneous loose articles.