Dr. George Hughes Collection, 1819-c.1855, MS 1786

Dr. George Hughes Collection, 1819-c.1855

Maryland Historical Society


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Dr. George Hughes Collection, 1819-c.1855
Maryland Historical Society

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Dr. George Hughes Collection, 1819-c.1855

MS 1786

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674



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Hughes, Dr. George, 1768-1859.

d. 8 February, 1859, at his res. in New Market, Frederick county, of paralysid, Dr. George Hughes, in 92d. year. Sentinel, 25 Feb. 1859.

Dr. George Hughes offers his professional services to the people of New Market and its vicinity. Fred'k Herald, 8 May, 1819.

H. Hanford Hopkins, M. D.

1201 North Calvert Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

March 30, 1970

Mrs. Nancy Boles

Curator of Manuscripts

Maryland Historical Society

201 W. Monument St.

Baltimore, Md. 21201

Dear Mrs. Boles:

You are quite right! It is Dr. Hughes' ledger! How I happened to make the silly mistake I'll never know. Perhaps its because I've had so many Frederick County names running around in my head for so many years, in due course one of them were bound to eventually stop in the wrong place.

Dr. George Hughes built his house on the lot in New Market situated on the northeast corner of the National Road and present day Route 75. It is shown on Isaac Bond's Map of Frederick County, 1858.

West of him, across Route 75, once stood a button factory, which gave way to the town property of William Downey, Jr., in whose home the Hughes' ledger was found after the death of Margaret Jane Downey, one of his grand-daughters, and the last Downey to live in New Market. She was my first cousin, once removed.

I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you.


P.S.: A family of Salmons did live in New Market during Dr. Hughes life time.

ELB to keep.

Bibles to MKM.

Presentation to



H. Hanford Hopkins, M. D.

Copies to: Mr. Stoll Kemp, New Market, Maryland

Mr. R. M. Hopkins, Malvern Avenue, Ruxton, Maryland

Miss Amanda W. Hopkins, Bel Air, Maryland

Mr. William Downey, 4th, 226 Homewood Terrace, Baltimore, Maryland

Mrs. William W. Downes, 6142 Pratt Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland

Jan. 1970

Processed by: Nancy G. Boles

Date: June, 1970



My own relationship to Margaret Jane Downey is shown by the following diagram:


1. H. Hanford Hopkins, 4th


2. Howard H. Hopkins, 3rd. m. Alice E. Wood


Margaret Jane Downey D


3. Frank Downey m. Fanny Lawrence C


4. William Downey, Jr. m. Margaret Jane Wright


5. William Downey, Sr. m. Cordelia Harris Dorsey A


6. Basil Dorsey, Jr. m. Harriett Harris E


E. For Basil Dorsey, Jr. See Anne Arundel Gentry Newman, H. W. p.98


See Hist. and Biog. Record of Frederick County William, T. J. C. Vol. p. 936


Ibid. p.1223


Ibid. p. 940 and 938


Ibid. p. 938


H. Hanford Hopkins

Addendrum: All Lawrence burials in Frederick County, may be found in, Names in Stone,

Holdcraft, J. M., 1966, Privately Printed in Anne Arbor, Michigan.

January 1970

The Dr. George Hughes' Collection was given to the Maryland Historical Society by Dr. H. Hanford Hopkins. The daybooks were given in 1954, from the estate of Dr. Jesse Wright Downey, great uncle of the donor. The ledger, given January, 1954, was from the estate of Miss Margaret Jane Downey, Dr. Hopkins' first cousin once removed. Miss Downey's home was built by her grandfather, William Downey, Jr., and at the time was across the street from Dr. Hughes' property. This proximity seems to explain the Downey's possession of the Hughes' material.

All property rights belong to the Maryland Historical Society.

Accession number: 54132 and 62751 three vols.

MS. Number: 1786



By virtue of the authority vested in me by Mr. Stoll Kemp, Executor of the Estate of Margaret Jane Downey, late of New Market, Frederick County, Maryland, deceased, she being a lineal discendant of John Stephen Lawrence, whose ancestors emigrated to Anne Arundel County, Maryland, from the County of Northumberland in England in the late Eighteenth Century, I present to the Maryland Historical Society certain books and papers pertaining to the Lawrence and related families, of which the said Margaret Jane Downey died seized, a list of which books and papers I set down as follows, viz:--



1. An ancient German Bible, published 1707.




2. Small English Bible, published 1830, New York, autographed by Lilly Downey, aunt of Margaret Jane Downey.




3. Large English Bible, published 1855, New York, property of Ella Lawrence. The Family Record Leaves in the center, shows the birth and death of Fanny (Lawrence) Downey, mother of Margaret Jane Downey, and others.




4. Large English Bible, published 1802, Philadelphia. It contains a short family history, written by John Stephen Lawrence, lineal ancestor of Margaret Jane Downey, and an abbreviated family tree of the Lawrence Family, also a letter written by the signer of this presentation, to Stoll Kemp, Executor, commenting on the Northumberland and adjacent Counties in Northern England, on which the Lawrence Lands are marked; and also on the vain attempt of the American Lawrences to claim and acquire the unclaimed Lawrence Land in England, two generations ago. This letter, furthermore, points out how the first Lawrence Land Holdings south of Unionville in Frederick County can be accurately located on a current present-day Map.



Letter: H. Hanford Hopkins to Stoll Kemp, attached herewith.



1. On Charles Varles' Map of Frederick and Washington County, 1808.

2. On Isaac Bond's Map of Frederick County, 1858.

3. On a Map of the Northeastern Section of Frederick County, Maryland, by H. Handford Hopkins, et al.

All three Maps are in the Maryland Historical Society Library.






5. The Lawrence Map, referred to above, (copy for H. Hanford Hopkins), enclosed in the 1802 Bible.




6. The ledger (account book) of an early physician in New Market, Dr. _____ Hughes, who started practice in 1819, and continued on into the 1830's. The list of his patients is a roster of the inhabitants of New Market District, containing many such well-known names as Burgess, Dorsey, Griffith, Hammond, Hobbs, Wright, Mealey, and many others. The treatment administered, and frequent payment by barter is well illustrated. On the fly leaf in front the physician wrote down the cost in material and labor of building his dwelling house in New Market, the total being $310.00 in 1819.

MS. 1786



I think I may have given to the Society, a later ledger of this village doctor.






7. Two tied bundles of assorted papers, i. e. letters, personal notes, deeds, contracts, mortgages, land surveys, etc., appertaining to the Lawrence dealings, with their relatives and neighbors.

MS. 1794




Sincerely yours,


H. Hanford Hopkins, M. D.


Letter, Hopkins to Kemp:

Dear Stoll:

The account a of someone's visit to England to claim the Lawrence estate seems incomplete. There is no title page, and I don't see any flowing connection between pages 5 and 6; and who is the Author?

The map shows the Lawrence family to have had their domain in Northern England, and not Scotland as I had pre-supposed.

Levin Lawrence was the first in Frederick County, I think, and I believe he lived in or near New Market. He had no land grant in his own name.

Varles' Map shows only John Lawrence in 1808, living east by north east of Linganore Village, about a mile or so. His house, which was completely rebuilt, according to the present occupants, is shown on my, Land Grant Map.

Isaac Bond's Map, 1859, shows Lawrence heirs, in Shrineria, seat of Peter Shriner, and no Lawrence at the older site. b Much of the Shrineria land came out of Resurvey on Cold Friday, a grant to Edward Dorsey, a land speculator of Annapolis. The Lawrences must have bought this place from the Shriners, who built the house; or obtained it by intermarriage with the Shriner family.

The most prominent man produced by the Frederick County Lawrence family, must have been Upton, who moved to Washington County, and lived near Hagerstown, where he practiced law.

Sincerely yours,

H. Hanford Hopkins, M. D.

a. Account in possession of Stoll Kemp.

b. S. Roop was in that house, standong on the Patent, Bite the Biter.

7515 Club Road

Ruxton, Maryland

21 November 1968