Digges of Warburton Papers, 1680-1810, MS 246

Digges of Warburton Papers, 1680-1810
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Digges of Warburton Papers, 1680-1810
Maryland Historical Society

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Digges of Warburton Papers, 1680-1810

MS 246

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674




1683, Oct. 27. Act of the Lower House of the General Assembly (Md). An Act limiting extent of Attachments, etc.




1683, Nov. 5. Court Order. Proceedings upon complaint by Wm. Digges vs. Josias Kendall over misrepresentation of amount of land sold by Kendall to Digges.




1685, June 12. Hollyday, Thomas, and Beall, Ninian. Deeds. Ninian Beall assigns 184 acres to Thomas Hollyday from 500 acre warrant.




1688, Sept. 24. Digges, William. Confiscation Order. Taken against goods and chattel of Capt. Josias Kendall to a value of 40,000 1b. of tobacco, until Kendall is shown to come to trial.




1688, Sept. 29. Digges, William. Account. Shows debt of Josias Kendall to Wm. Digges.




1692, Nov. 30. Neale, Anthony, and Parks, Gilbert. Indenture.




[ca 1700]. Fragment of Will. Witnessed by Hollyday, Thomas and Greenfield, Thomas.




1702, March. Lamar, Thomas to Pottinger, John. Deed (fragment). Involves Batchelor's Hope property.




1704, Jan. 24. Chew, Joseph. Will (fragment).




1705, Apr. 25. Chew, Joseph. Probation of Will.




1715, Jan. 23. Chew, Joseph, to Stoddert, James. Deed.




[ca 1729]. Darnall, Henry. Deposition. Witnessed by Greaton, Joseph.




1739, Aug. 22. Digges, William., to Attwood, Thomas. Correspondence (copy). Letter expresses happiness over inter-family marriage.



1745, Nov. 30. Digges, William., to Attwood, Thomas. (copy). Correspondence. In ref. to death of George Attwood and subsequent handling of the property of the deceased.




1805, Sept. 20 and Nov. 20. Brent, Robert. Note by R. Brent describing origin and contents of the Wm. Digges letters he copied, and legal significance there of. (The 1745 and 1805 items are appended to the same piece of paper as the 1739 correspondence.





1742, Jan. 28. Digges, Charles. Will. Establishes son William Digges as Executor of Estate.




1744, Jan. 29. Digges, William. Deed of Release. Details transfer of property from Thomas Attwood Digges to Christopher Lowndes.




1744, Nov. 21. Digges, William and Lowndes, Christopher. Indenture.




[after 1744]. Genealogy. Digges Family.




[ca. 1750]. Will. Missing, 6/21/91.




1754, Jan. 28. Brashears, William. Deed. In ref. to resurvey of Major's Lott area.




1761, Aug. 10. Pottinger, Samuel to Lyles, Zacariah. Correspondence. In ref. to Major's Lott area in Prince George's County.




1764, Aug. 28. Pottinger, Samuel to Bowie, Allen. Correspondence. In ref. to Beall's Reserve tract.




1770, Mar. 3. Fasher, Ami to Farrial, John. Correspondence. In ref. to tract called Enfield Chase.




1778, Nov. 21. Lowe, David to Pottinger, Robert. Correspondence. In ref. to tract called The Beginning.




1780, Feb. 21. Digges, Joseph. Will. Names brother George Digges as executor and sole inheritor of estate, w/ dependents receiving property and payments through George Digges.




1780, July 17. Digges, William. Will. Names son George Digges and his heirs as inheritors of all Carroll County lands, as well as other sites.




[ca. 1780 or later]. Attwood Family. Genealogy. Thomas Digges outlined as heir to Dr. Thomas Attwood.




1785, Feb. 8. Duvall, Joseph. Patent.




[ca. 1785]. Bowie, Fielder. Deposition (fragment).




[ca. 1785, June]. Hall, Benjamin to Hall, Richard Bennett. Deed (fragment). Involves Prince George's County land.




1789. Hall, Richard Bennett. Deposition (fragment).




1792, Nov. 15. Digges, George. Will. Names several executors. Names son William Dudley Digges and his heirs as sole heirs of his property.




1792, Nov. 15. Digges, George. Will (copy of above).




[ca. 1792 or after]. Digges, William. Genealogy. Outline of his immediate descendents.




1794, Mar. Meadowcroft, J. to Digges, Thomas. Correspondence. Legal Opinion.




1794, Apr. 10. Henrick (?), Jarvis to Digges Family Member. Correspondence. Henrick tells of search in Chilham Parish records for Digges family information.




[ca. 1794]. Henrick, Jarvis. Genealogy. An account of baptisms, marriages and burials in the Digges family, from the records of the parish of Chilham.




1794, June 30. Syles, Thomas and Mary and Wootton, Richard. Indenture.




[ca. 1795 or after]. Genealogy of Digges Family from Charles William to William Dudley Digges.




1797, Oct. 10. Hale, Francis Magruder and Pottinger, Robert. Indenture.




1797, Oct. 16. Brent, Robert to Attwood Family Member. Correspondence. Relates family, property interests, tells of growth of Baltimore.




[ca. 1800]. Digges, Thomas. Surveyor's Draft. Potomack River--Swan Creek--Warburton Manor area.




1800, Mar. 20. Brent, Robert to Digges, Thomas. Correspondence. Discussion of tenant on land of Dudley Digges.




1800, May. Digges, Thomas. Family Record. Births and deaths, 1739-1804.




1800, July 29. Digges, William Dudley. Family Record (fragment). Tells of Sir Dudley Digges.




1802, Mar. 2. Carroll, John to Carroll, Daniel. Correspondence. Writes of children's fever, evils of repealing bill.




1802, Mar. 2. Carroll, John toCarroll, Daniel. Correspondence (copy of above).




1804, Sept. 1. Fairfax (?), to Digges, Thomas Attwood. Correspondence. Concerning property questions in Loudon County.




1805, Mar. Robinson, Charles. Map. Shows Warburton Estate property lines.




1805, Aug. 9. Edelen, Richard. Deposition. Edelen testifies that he believes Thomas Digges to be the rightful heir to George Attwood and William Digges.




1805, Sept. 6. Gassaway, John and Gwinn, John. Certificates. Gassaway confirms that George Attwood made a last will. Gwinn confirms lack of marriage record between William Digges and Ann Attwood. (see 1739, Aug. 22, ff.).




1805, Oct. 1. Attwood Family. Genealogy.




1808, Mar. 5. Dearborn, Henry to Digges, Thomas. Correspondence. War Department request for proper remuneration to Digges Family for fortifications made on Warburton property.




1810, June 10. Digges, William Dudley to Carroll, Daniel. Correspondence Asks D. Carroll's sanction for marriage to Carroll's daughter.




1813, Jan. 19. Digges, Thomas to Chandler, William J. Correspondence. About ad to be placed by Digges in the Maryland Republican.




1813, Jan. 27 and Mar. 11. Digges, Thomas and William Dudley. Mar. 11, Marshall William. Notices. Notice of petition advocating a commission to reestablish boundary lines at Warburton Manor. Marshall stated that he had placed notices in various public places.




1813, Mar. 11 and Mar. 13. Digges, William D. and Thomas. Mar. 13, Marshall, William. Notices. Essentially the same as above.




1813, Mar. 10. Marshall, William, Edelen, Joseph, Kirby, Francis, and Mammicy, John. N. Petition. The above agree to serve on a commission to redraw boundaries on Warburton property.




1813, May 27. Magruder, Alexander Contes. Testimony.




1813, Aug. 13. Forrest, Richard to?. Correspondence (photocopy). Forrest has apparently forwarded a letter from James Monroe to Thomas Digges.




1813. Monroe, James to Digges, Thomas. Cover Letter (fragment) -photocopy.




1813, Aug. 23. Mason, W. to Digges, Thomas. Correspondence.




1813, Oct. 28. Digges, Thomas and William Dudley. Notice (copy). Announces approval of commission to reset Warburton boundaries.




1813 (?). Mason, Gen. John to Digges, Thomas. Cover Letter (fragment) -photocopy).




1817, Nov. 27. Bowie, William M. and Hale, Francis. Indenture. Concerning a property named Belle Air.




1818, Feb. 13. Digges, Thomas. Note of Sale- Receipt. Tobacco sold on account of Thomas Digges. Sale amount of $842.12.




1818, Sept. 18. Digges, Thomas Attwood. Genealogical Note. A handwritten copy of a biographical note on Sir Dudley Digges from an old English text.




1819, Dec. 18. Harris, J.W. to Digges, Thomas, and Digges, Thomas to Harris, J.W. Harris and Digges exchange views on Fort Warburton property, especially poor water quality.




1824, Mar. 25. Digges, William Dudley to L'Enfant, Pierre Charles. Correspondence. A settling of accounts and an exchange of papers is discussed.




1829. Robinson, James. Surveyor's Draft (fragment). Concerns Beall's Reserve and Major's Lott properties.




[ca. 1840]. Digges, Norah. Certificate (photocopy). From Washington National Monument Society for $1.00 pledge for Washington Monument.




1849, May 31. Carroll, Daniel. Will (handwritten copy). Bequeaths property equally to his daughters.




1861, Oct. 30. Digges, Julia D. Genealogy. Emphasizes Attwood and especially Digges lines.




1864, Apr. 11. Digges, Charles. Receipt (handwritten copy). Concerning portrait of Thomas Attwood Digges by Sir Joshua Reynolds.




1864, Apr. 11. Digges, Charles. Receipt. Original of above.




1896, May 20. Morgan, Norah Digges. Family History (notarized copy).




1896, May 20. Morgan, Norah Digges. Family History. Memorandums concerning the family and pedigree of Digges lineage to support a claim to Chilham Castle.




1896, May 20. Morgan, Norah Digges. Family History (copy of above).




[ca 18th c.]. Digges, Thomas Attwood. Notes (missing 1/77).




[ca. late 18th c.]. Digges, Thomas Attwood. Notes. Concerning Digges pedigree, in order to support claim to Chilham Castle.




[18th c.?]. Account. Concerns land transfers in Major's Lott, also a list of debts amounting to 3950 pounds sterling.




[18th c.?]. Genealogy. Starts with Sir John Attwood (1392).




[18th c.?]. Fragment. Will and Marriage. Contents. of Charles Digges and Ann Digges.




[19th c.?]. Will (fragment). A List of negroe Slaves Referred to in the above Deed.




[19th c.?]. Edwards, Thomas to? Extract of consent of matrimony between Maurice Digges and Bennett Dixwell.




[19th c.?]. Genealogy. Ancient Digges family pedigree, involving Chilham County, England records.




[19th c.?]. Genealogy. Attwood Family in England, Digges family in Maryland. Also, marriage and issue of William Digges and Ann Attwood detailed.




[19th c.]. Note (fragment). Grandfather Charles Digges Will 1742.




[19th c.]. Fairfax, John Contee. Promissory Note. Concerns? Riggs.




[19th c.?]. Genealogy. Details Clement-Smith-Heall lines.




[19th c, late.] Hall, Francis Magruder. Testimony. Concerns Heall family of Prince George's County.




[20th c.?]. Fragment. Names R.B. Hall and his son Francis M. Hall as being mentioned in will of R.B. Hall, dated 29 June 1802.




[20th c.]. Genealogy. Brief outline of Attwood-Digges-Morgan lines.




[20th c.]. Hill, Richard S. (Mrs.). Extended Brent family history.




[20th c.]. Hill, Richard S. (Mrs.). Family Bible (copy). Made by request of Mrs. Hill.




[20th c.]. Genealogy. Copy of above.




[20th c.?]. Program (fragment). From auction.





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