Didier Collection, 1809-1817, MS. 295

Didier Collection, 1809-1817
Maryland Historical Society

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Didier Collection, 1809-1817
Maryland Historical Society

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Didier Collection, 1809-1817

MS. 295

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Acc. No. 58786.

The Note Book presented by Mr. Edwin Tunis contains:

List of Vessels by Countries
Clearing Odessa in 1816

Pro forma a/sales of following articles in Liverpool:







HHds. Tobacco


Bbls. Tar


Flax Seed


Hogshead staves


Logs Pine Timber






Clover Seed




Querciton Bark


Casks Bees' Wax






Pipe staves


Barrel Staves


Each product is broken down to show all charges included, i.e.:






Duty, Town - Trade


Dock dues




Canvas and Twine




Interest on charges


Insurance from fire




Risk of Debts








Shows four points in South Carolina and three in Georgia where Sea Island Cotton came from.


Interest statement on sales, February 4, 1817.


List of Port Charges at Liverpool on an American Vessel of 400 Tons Register. In addition to those shown in part 2, these are:


Mates and masters - bond and certificate


Measurement certificate






Fees to officers


Refreshments to waiters




Filotage out and in and charges for extra lay over days (demurage).




Charges for shipping goods:


Dock Duty and Town Duty on a cask; barrell; case; trunk; nails; crates, and also for cartage and porterage.




Page of storage charges.


City of Baltimore - Rates of Storage and merchants' commissions on a long list of commodities.


Under heading Outfits and Disbursements Lists nine vessels; shows size of crew; where from and where to; rig and tonnage; amounts of disbursements and insurance; duration of voyage. (Includes the schooners Stafford and James Monroe; and the ships: Aristides, Balloon, and Congress.)


A list of forty-eight items making up vessels' disbursements.


At this point the book reverses itself.


Shows list of six ports for shipping Chinese tea.


1806 List of Merchants at Bordeaux (73).


Officers of Bordeaux Customs House and their salaries.


Pro forma charges on:


Logs of Mahogany


Seroon of Cochineal


Seroon of Indigo


[UNK] of elephants' teeth


Bags of Cocoa


Bales Louisiana Cotton


Barrels Cod Oil


Chest Hyson Tea


Cask of Roucou [Rocou]


Hogsheads of Querciton bark


Hogsheads of Sugar


Hundreds of Coffee


Bags of Coffee


Tons of Log wood


Quintal of codfish


Bale Deer skins


Barrels of potash


Bags of Pepper


Hogsheads Tobacco


Tierces of Rice


Ox hides


Barrels Bees' Wax


Bale of Nankeen


Barrels of Gum




Tariff of Storage at Bordeaux - 22 items.


Brokerage, Duty, and Bank's Commission, Bordeaux.


Then in French, fifteen pages on charges at Bordeaux.


List of 1815 instructions, by dates, of American Rules on Shipping.


Richard H. Randall.



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